• Published on Dec 21, 2018
  • ❤️SUBSCRIBE This is THE one. The chocolate cake recipe that has spoiled my family rotten and made them super picky. My goodness yall, seriously, this is probably one of the best homemade chocolate cakes I’ve ever had. It’s moist, fluffy, dark and downright delicious! And let’s not even talk about that divine chocolate buttercream frosting that sets it off like a boss!!
    I hope you guys enjoy this chocolate cake as much as we do! Happy Holidays!

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  • Rihand Parde
    Rihand Parde 22 hours ago

    Chocolate cake is not a NEED
    It is a DESIRE

  • Destiny Green
    Destiny Green Day ago

    I’m going to eat some chocolate now

  • Destiny Green
    Destiny Green Day ago

    UGH 🤤

  • EpicPanda4u
    EpicPanda4u Day ago

    How come you didn’t give us the recipe or measurements for the chocolate cake? You just threw some ingredients in the bowl :(

  • SHELLY ANN wedding Riley

    Very good cake..but I skimmed some of the sugar😥...big mistake....had to make a simple syrup to replace it. The recipe is very good...thank you Monique.

  • Nada Waheed
    Nada Waheed 2 days ago

    Omg this is to much sugar . but I like the final look 😉

  • chaymiurs
    chaymiurs 2 days ago

    This voice...... 😐😑😪😓😥😢🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫

  • Una Seckler
    Una Seckler 2 days ago

    Man that looks delicious. And you have a fantastic voice, so pleasant to listen to

  • Bipasha Raha
    Bipasha Raha 2 days ago

    your voice is toooo funny...i enjoy it..and cake is so yammmi

  • Angel Quinones
    Angel Quinones 6 days ago

    Sooooo much sugar 😬

  • Chris Churchill
    Chris Churchill 6 days ago +5

    "The only chocolate cake you need"
    Sorry, but I need ALL the chocolate cakes.

  • T P
    T P 6 days ago

    My mouth is 😖😩😩😩😩

  • Areeba Ali
    Areeba Ali 12 days ago


  • tella56 L
    tella56 L 12 days ago

    where's the recipe?

  • LaserFalcon
    LaserFalcon 15 days ago

    That would make a great breakfast cake

  • Muriel Tenney
    Muriel Tenney 15 days ago

    Can you do a caramel cake recipe please

  • Nelcy Vega
    Nelcy Vega 16 days ago

    2 cups granulated sugar
    1 cup brown sugar, packed
    ¾ cup vegetable oil
    4 eggs, room temperature
    2 teaspoon vanilla extract
    1½ cups buttermilk, room temperature
    1½ cups plain hot coffee
    3 cups all-purpose flour
    3 teaspoons baking soda
    1½ teaspoons baking powder
    1½ teaspoons salt
    1 cup dark unsweetened cocoa powder
    6 cup confectioners sugar, sifted
    16 tablespoons butter (2 sticks)
    1⅓ cup dark unsweetened cocoa powder
    1⅓ cup heavy whipping cream (may need more or less)
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    Salt, generous pinch

  • Jaqui Lockett
    Jaqui Lockett 16 days ago +1

    My thighs. Oooooooooh my poor thighs.

  • Lissethe Leiva Alarcon

    This have too mouch sugar

  • k h
    k h 17 days ago

    Did you bake at 325° because you used dark finished pans?

  • Miko Holt
    Miko Holt 17 days ago

    I'm going to make this!

  • Brenda McQueen
    Brenda McQueen 18 days ago

    This cake was truly the bomb diggity I made it for my husband's birthday it was so moist and delicious thank you for the recipe

  • googo151
    googo151 19 days ago

    Your husband must be a brick layer because he knows how to work that spatula, like a trowel.

  • googo151
    googo151 19 days ago

    Alright Diva, will come back and watch this one and see what you mean. Probably gonna be great. Okay I'm back and that cake is off the hook. Can't wait to try making one.

  • Lewis Weiss
    Lewis Weiss 20 days ago

    What is the recipe?

  • narmi's kitchen
    narmi's kitchen 22 days ago

    Wow amazing.... Gonna try this 😊

  • Esther Mungai
    Esther Mungai 24 days ago

    Love your voice

  • Sherry Wheatfield
    Sherry Wheatfield 26 days ago

    I just made this cake and it is sooo moist and truly a decadent delight!!! My family is gonna love it for the Memorial Weekend.... although there's probably gonna be a slice or two missing lol

  • Divinefist 90
    Divinefist 90 27 days ago

    What's the best cocoa powder please. 😁😀

  • Betty Valiente
    Betty Valiente Month ago +1

    Omg! Child I made this cake today and let me tell you, this IS the mac daddy of all chocolate cakes! So moist and decadent. I had it with 2 glasses of ice cold milk and tomorrow I'm picking up some ice cream. Thank you baby. You rock girl!!

  • Marrietta Mapou
    Marrietta Mapou Month ago

    Mmmmm ça a l'air délicieux 🇳🇨😉😉😉

  • Tee Bella
    Tee Bella Month ago

    Cake looks awesome. Singing was annoying though lol

  • Adwoa Boateng
    Adwoa Boateng Month ago

    Sorry it's says the only chocolate cake u need more like the only chocolate for adults like why coffee

  • Big Money's Life
    Big Money's Life Month ago

    "I'll probably start leveling off my cakes now!...... probably not, too much work!"
    I DIED! LOL!

    • I Stand with WADA
      I Stand with WADA Month ago

      I think what was funnier was how she temporarily dropped her perky voice to say "probably not, too much work" lmao

  • Ann T
    Ann T Month ago

    Can u make triple chocolate using fudge frosting/ganache

  • Deidra Taylor
    Deidra Taylor Month ago

    Mmm mmm mmm it's soooo bad for you lol

  • E Harper
    E Harper Month ago +1

    Thank you so much! I baked this cake for Christmas but substituted cocoa with CACAO and it was still the BOMB. 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Manju Mathew
    Manju Mathew Month ago +1

    Do you know how many cupcakes this batter will make? I need to make around 100 and I'm wondering if I should double the recipe.

  • Shada W
    Shada W Month ago

    This cake is boooooommmmmmmbbbbbbb! It's so unbelievably chocolatey and is super moist. It was actually too soft for the cake I was stacking but I'll just have to freeze the layers to handle them to stop from breaking. I tried them as cupcakes but I may have overfilled them a little too much because they overflowed. I couldn't take them out of the pan like you did because they were so soft. They started to break. I didn't make the frosting but will next time. I love this cake and it tastes almost like a brownie. Thanks for sharing!

  • Ebony Mitchell
    Ebony Mitchell Month ago +3

    Im not a fan of chocolate but dammit I want a bite

  • Jane Gerow
    Jane Gerow Month ago

    I love cakes where the frosting is not down the sides. Looks so rustic and yummy!

  • Noor bint Fazal
    Noor bint Fazal Month ago

    my dear plz mention the quantity of the ingredients in the vedio

  • Marina Rojas Quesada

    I know what I am going to be making after I get abs hehe😂❤️

  • Flo Jay
    Flo Jay Month ago

    What are the measurements for one 9” pan please?

  • sirennemesis
    sirennemesis Month ago

    😍 *subscribed*

  • jessica pettway
    jessica pettway Month ago

    great teamwork 🙂

  • Marianne Mhasvi
    Marianne Mhasvi Month ago

    Please make a bundt cake edition!

  • Enid Montague
    Enid Montague Month ago

    Lovely cake what's the name of your cocoa powder thank you

  • sleepy snowflake
    sleepy snowflake Month ago +4

    GURL you use so much sugar 😂😭

    • mookiesmith18
      mookiesmith18 28 days ago

      You have to think about everything else shes using. It shouldn't be too sweet because of the salt. A little salt will balance out the sweetness. Just like if something is too salty or has too much seasoning, you put in a little sugar to bring that salty taste down and it balances it out.

    • Jenny Heng
      Jenny Heng Month ago +1

      Yes, That's alot sugar

  • Red Zack
    Red Zack Month ago

    I love it when black people cook!

  • xAyane
    xAyane Month ago +1

    She’s so cute omg. And that cake looks amazing 😩😩😩

  • Tye M
    Tye M Month ago

    Amazing!!!! I made it today and it was perfect!!! Everyone loved it

  • Jabu Nxumalo
    Jabu Nxumalo Month ago

    If onlyg I wouldn't gain weight I love choc cake

  • Roxanne Isaac
    Roxanne Isaac Month ago

    Hello Monique. Beautiful chocolate cake recipe. Just wanted to know if this chocolate frosting recipe calls for room temperature whipping cream?

  • sid_ Emailgrouping
    sid_ Emailgrouping Month ago

    Shitty video... no measurements on ingredients. Truly a BOMBSHELL of FAT ... next!

  • sassy
    sassy Month ago

    I’m addicted to chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I love chocolate period and that cake looks so good. It’s been a few months since I made a cake and I think I’m going to make one very soon.

  • Yee Yee
    Yee Yee Month ago

    What are the quantities?

  • Fatima Del Valle Jaime
    Fatima Del Valle Jaime 2 months ago

    Para la crema usaste,azúcar impalpable,cuanto de manteca y de leche?

  • Livinnpjs
    Livinnpjs 2 months ago

    You need to get some cake strips. Your layers will be flat, no having to cut off the domed tops. This video shows you how to make some if you don't want to buy them.

  • Sharon Mignone
    Sharon Mignone 2 months ago

    Hello dear madam.. I'm so delighted by your chocolate recipe that I've been watching this video several times.. Well I'm from Mauritius a very small tropical country (island) in the Indian Ocean where heavy cream and buttermilk are not available. Hence I wanted to know if there are other alternatives to those two ingredients that I mentioned while making this heavenly cake and its frosting. I was wondering if I can use little yogurt and milk to replace the buttermilk in the cake batter and use normal whipping cream for the frosting. Do you think I can still succeed in making a beautiful and as dense & moist cake as yours???

    Thank you.

  • Bria Diamond
    Bria Diamond 2 months ago

    Yes girl I like the camera the angles are so good 😊 I cannot wait to make this cake

  • corinne lee
    corinne lee 2 months ago

    I made the cake. It is absolutely delicious!!! Thank you thank thank you!

  • Choco Let
    Choco Let 2 months ago +3

    "I might start leveling my cakes now... prolly not tho too much work"
    I died laughing.

  • Sam Wilson
    Sam Wilson 2 months ago

    Next time let me watch this without talking mich haha.

  • Ashli Vlogs
    Ashli Vlogs 2 months ago

    I've tried this recipe 2 times. It comes out so amazing. I made my managers wedding cake with the frosting and it was perfect!! Also i just made a version. With some xo cafe patron in the wets and I made a peanut butter frosting to go with it. Definatly try this recipe guys.

  • Zozo Ahmed
    Zozo Ahmed 2 months ago

    I just needed comfort after watching demon videos

  • Deja Joyner
    Deja Joyner 2 months ago

    that cake looks good but Everytime she says the m word (moist) I cringe I hate that word just typing it is just ewwww 🤢

  • Deja Joyner
    Deja Joyner 2 months ago

    what are the measurements???

  • Ellie Viscusi
    Ellie Viscusi 2 months ago +1

    I’m actually obsessed with your personality. You seem lit to be around.

  • x0princessq0x
    x0princessq0x 2 months ago

    for cupcakes less time or same time?

  • Sweet Heart
    Sweet Heart 2 months ago

    This is the only chocolate cake you’ll ever need ♥️

  • Beauty. Singz
    Beauty. Singz 2 months ago

    What is the brand name of the baking pans you used in this video?

  • turbocat1984
    turbocat1984 2 months ago

    Hubby knows his cake!

  • Catherine M
    Catherine M 2 months ago

    Wow lots of sugar!! It’s good but no for my hubby.

  • Nonofo Seobakeng
    Nonofo Seobakeng 2 months ago


  • Caribbean Paradise
    Caribbean Paradise 2 months ago

    ur hubby is really sweet ...he helps u ice cakes

  • Jimmy Sams
    Jimmy Sams 2 months ago

    The Matilda cake comment is soooooooo funny

  • Ajant91
    Ajant91 2 months ago

    So much sugar...

  • _InkWellz_
    _InkWellz_ 2 months ago

    Is it possible to skip the coffee with it still tasting good? Or does it need the coffee?

  • Barke Said
    Barke Said 2 months ago

    In icing can I use milk?

  • Cindy Windy
    Cindy Windy 2 months ago

    I can't wait to try this cake. It looks sooo good.

  • Small Chic
    Small Chic 2 months ago

    OMMG u are so cute and ur voice is so sweet, u have such positive vibes! I have to subscribe

  • Small Chic
    Small Chic 2 months ago

    Is it too sweet ? Bc it looks like a lot of sugar but it looks really delicious and I want to make it so please can someone answer

  • My Name
    My Name 2 months ago

    Narrator is obnoxious

  • Emi Pellegrino
    Emi Pellegrino 2 months ago

    It's the Red Lobster chocolate wave !!! 😍😍😍😍

  • Rightsideofthelaw7
    Rightsideofthelaw7 2 months ago

    This is a really great recipe... all her proportions are spot on! GREAT buttercream recipe TOO!

  • Laura L.
    Laura L. 2 months ago

    I made your devil's food cake. So dang delicious. How does this cake compare to the devils cake?

  • Amina Bibi Yacoob Munnee

    I made
    My family like it ,it's gone in a minute
    Super yummmmmmmm
    Thanks for sharing

  • Clifford Putnam
    Clifford Putnam 2 months ago

    God. Such an annoying voice. Should of just done it in silence! You can always tell people that know nothing about food. Five minutes of fame done!

  • wendywu
    wendywu 2 months ago

    I used this recipe to make a Black Forest cake for my hubbys bday and it was amazing. This really is the only chocolate recipe you’ll ever need! It was perfectly rich, moist and stayed moist, and decadent. It wasn’t overly sweet and just so divine. If you’re on the fence about making it, just do it! You won’t regret it

  • mystique rose
    mystique rose 2 months ago

    This is the best chocolate cake Ever!but why did you add salt in your frosting plz?thanks

  • Lukas Brodérus
    Lukas Brodérus 2 months ago

    I cant stand you

  • Carmona Gómez
    Carmona Gómez 2 months ago

    it was great what you would share the recipe below. since not all of us open the link 😔😔😔😔

  • Bryant Dorsey
    Bryant Dorsey 2 months ago

    Really great looking cake. I will try this cake because you've made it look soo easy............
    PS: If yours not careful, your husband is going to turn you into a true professional cake decorator.

  • Tasha Lachez
    Tasha Lachez 2 months ago

    I made this cake yesterday and let me tell y'all... This cake is THE TRUTH!! I can honestly say I've never been a fan of double chocolate cakes because the ones I've tried were crumbly and dry. Honey!!!!! This cake right here... Moist, rich, absolutely DELICIOUS. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Michelle Henry
    Michelle Henry 2 months ago

    That looks so amazing. Wow.

  • MYA
    MYA 2 months ago

    Love your videos...🙏

  • Amina Bibi Yacoob Munnee

    Confectioner sugar and icing sugar are same
    Can make the cake ahead four to five days ?????
    If so have to put it in fridge or freezer ,please reply
    Thank you

    • Amina Bibi Yacoob Munnee
      Amina Bibi Yacoob Munnee 2 months ago

      @Laina Nambinga where should i upload pic of cake ??

    • Amina Bibi Yacoob Munnee
      Amina Bibi Yacoob Munnee 2 months ago

      @Laina Nambinga thank you

    • Laina Nambinga
      Laina Nambinga 2 months ago +1

      Hi, yes they are the same. Yes you can make it in advance, its actually good for the cake because it keeps the cake moist. I usually let the cake cool for a bit and then wrap it in that clear sticky wrap. About 2 layers and then in foil. Some people dont wrap it in foil, im just afraid of any smell accidentally sticking in. When you want to take the cake out, take it out of the freezer and let it thaw for 3 hours? i think, and it will be good. If you still have questions, you can just google, its where i got my instructions from

  • God'sangel 25
    God'sangel 25 2 months ago

    Has anyone made this cake just using the butter instead of the oil? And if so did it come out the same moist texture? Or can I just melt the butter I'm using then it will be as moist as this?

  • Rebaone Lakwa
    Rebaone Lakwa 2 months ago

    You didn’t give us any measurements 😬