We Wore Vintage Bras For A Day • Ladylike

  • Published on Oct 11, 2017
  • Bra technology has come so far.
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  • Violet Moses
    Violet Moses 5 hours ago


  • Hailey Wilson
    Hailey Wilson 8 hours ago +1

    The first one kinda reminded me of a binder

  • Fashion4ever24
    Fashion4ever24 Day ago

    “Ebeneezer boob” 😂😂😂😂

  • Gloria Barriga
    Gloria Barriga 2 days ago

    Where can I purchase so if these items you try ?

  • Emmy Nester
    Emmy Nester 2 days ago

    Did anyone see the 1d calender and Harry styles pic #directioner

  • Happydollies Studio
    Happydollies Studio 2 days ago

    Did you know Freddie mercury used the bullet bra in the I got to break free video

  • Lily Attrill
    Lily Attrill 3 days ago +1


  • Kpop is life
    Kpop is life 4 days ago

    The first bra looked nice as a shirt

  • Erika Thomas
    Erika Thomas 4 days ago

    It is not a bra if you have another bra on under neath

  • Annette Hughes
    Annette Hughes 4 days ago

    I hate to say but Marilyn Monroe famously didn’t wear bras often and wasn’t averse to proving she was proudly braless!

  • Gaming Girls
    Gaming Girls 6 days ago

    How do you feel about my bullet bra?

  • Evelyn Olea
    Evelyn Olea 6 days ago

    Can someone tell me where I can get the first bra? The strophion, because I'm sure it was made in a certain way and I really wanna buy one

  • big Z Big Z
    big Z Big Z 7 days ago

    Ok this video is hilarious I love it! Finally a channel just for us

  • C Betts
    C Betts 7 days ago +4

    Lol when Devin comments on the bras in the video, in the subtitles it just said blonde woman😂 like she's literally part of ladylike

  • Lylac Styclemayne
    Lylac Styclemayne 7 days ago +1

    11:56 OMG 1D 💙💚💜❤️💛

  • 15 teen
    15 teen 8 days ago

    In simple words...."vintage bra was awful".

  • Ann Thompson
    Ann Thompson 8 days ago

    is Kristen canadian?

  • Lucy Grayson
    Lucy Grayson 8 days ago

    But honestly though... My boobs are already cone-shaped.....

  • GracieTraubXOX
    GracieTraubXOX 9 days ago +2

    Am I the only one who actually thinks bras are comfortable and who wears them when they sleep? No just me? Ok

    • Annemarie Muscat
      Annemarie Muscat 3 days ago

      The only time I am without one is while im showering as I feel uncomfortable without one

  • rainbow girl
    rainbow girl 10 days ago

    5:17 to 5:21 lol soooo funny

  • Apolonia Guerrero
    Apolonia Guerrero 12 days ago

    That second look on Freddie was a look. Slay Queeen *finger snap*

  • Krysley Jaine
    Krysley Jaine 12 days ago

    Am i the only one who has a pointy boobs😭😅

  • Maja_ _
    Maja_ _ 13 days ago

    What's wrong with people? I love bras😂

  • s b c 4 8 0 5
    s b c 4 8 0 5 14 days ago +1

    11:59 is that Harry styles I see 🤧❤️

  • Ella Marina
    Ella Marina 15 days ago

    i disliked purely because kristen said an-sisters

  • brxkenwinqs •
    brxkenwinqs • 16 days ago +1

    K but what is the purpose of the bullet bra?! Your trying to hide your nipples not exaggerate them 😂😂😂😂

  • Susie English
    Susie English 16 days ago +1

    Just been on holiday for the week and haven't worn a boob prison once - its been epic

  • Antelabbit
    Antelabbit 17 days ago

    The bullet bra should be renamed the Kim Possible bra

  • mariah molinar
    mariah molinar 17 days ago

    11:52 who is she I want her to be my best friend

  • Random
    Random 19 days ago

    Freddie looked bomb with the bullet bra!

  • Fanny Dinard
    Fanny Dinard 20 days ago

    Bras haven't been around since the dawn of time....

    BABYGIRL ĶÅYŁĖ 23 days ago


  • Alyson Cronquist
    Alyson Cronquist 25 days ago

    Why did she wear a tight turtleneck if she was so self conscious?

  • dragonbreath cosplay
    dragonbreath cosplay 26 days ago

    the wrap one reminds me of foot warps

  • T3R3PY_P1P3S
    T3R3PY_P1P3S 27 days ago

    Freddie looked like a cartoon mom in the bullet bra and honestly I’m living for it

  • BalefulHead
    BalefulHead 27 days ago

    "You're going to catch a lot more crumbs..." LOL - truth right there!

  • Brynleigh Hill
    Brynleigh Hill 27 days ago +1

    *gasp, jessabelle*

  • Alexandra Giambastiani
    Alexandra Giambastiani 28 days ago +1

    Lol why does Freddie sound almost exactly like the Buzz Feed intro sound? xD 0:23 1:13

  • A's World
    A's World Month ago

    Kristen was my mood after that

  • Davrie Caro
    Davrie Caro Month ago

    Where can you get that 1910s bra ( i am into histprical costuming ) and I want to know where to purchase them.

  • Britt any
    Britt any Month ago

    I really want the second bra

  • Marley Hampton
    Marley Hampton Month ago

    “Jezebel!” XD

  • ella
    ella Month ago

    Omg I feel like you guys are my friends because I binge watch lady like so much!

  • Heather Smith
    Heather Smith Month ago

    Freddie and Kristen are both so beautiful.

  • Escape Playz
    Escape Playz Month ago

    all my bras are just a piece of fabric..no. padding.

  • Mozzarella
    Mozzarella Month ago

    11:55 Harry Styles at the back

  • trey dean
    trey dean Month ago

    OMG your shirt that say RVA means Richmond Virginia that’s where I live

  • coocoo rocko
    coocoo rocko Month ago

    I hate wired bras and large, rounded hard bras. I always wear tight sport bras morning noon and night. I hate the feeling of my boobs bouncing. My boobs r shaped like the bullet bra in summer,but when winter comes my boobs r non-existent 😂.

    Edit: also I want to know if there r any boys watching...🤣

  • Alexandra Cople
    Alexandra Cople Month ago

    I love female empowered videos like this!

  • Lunar Gacha world
    Lunar Gacha world Month ago

    This is so far the weirdest video if commented on

  • amos111977
    amos111977 Month ago +1

    I think the Roman bra should have went over your neck then Cris crossed. It may have worked better as a hold up

  • natasha hernandez
    natasha hernandez Month ago

    That’s exactly what my boobs looked like after puberty. There was nothing i could do about it. I had bullet boobs.

  • Lina La
    Lina La Month ago


  • Yuri Chr
    Yuri Chr Month ago

    I'll say this now,
    I used to bind with bandages. 😂
    And all the time, every time you move, it would slowly slip it's way down your torso.

  • Bleuu’ss TeaCup
    Bleuu’ss TeaCup Month ago

    Broo I’m In Love with you guys and this is only my 2nd time watching yu guys omg 😉😉

  • Abbie Harrison
    Abbie Harrison Month ago

    At 10:42 I GASPED lol

  • Maxy Ko
    Maxy Ko Month ago +5

    I am watching this in May of 2019 Throwback!

  • Kayla Briggs
    Kayla Briggs Month ago

    the bullet bra is basically what Rachel from friends looked like 95% of the time 😂

  • leah-marie lloyd
    leah-marie lloyd Month ago

    Kristen's boyfriend yeahhhh

  • Cookie_Mish
    Cookie_Mish Month ago

    1:13 ‘seatbelt’ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Melisse Clark
    Melisse Clark Month ago

    Hey - Madonna liked it. ; )

  • b
    b Month ago

    the 1914 bra was soooo cute

  • Bia vörös xd
    Bia vörös xd Month ago


  • Breanna Branson
    Breanna Branson Month ago

    "Learn from the past Ebenezer Boob!" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • cj222100
    cj222100 Month ago

    I don't find bras uncomfortable or torturous at all, but in all fairness, I don't have much on top lol so maybe it's different for bigger busted ladies.

  • Sophia Cuesta
    Sophia Cuesta Month ago

    The first one is basically binding

  • Lauren
    Lauren Month ago

    RVA shirt?

  • Athena Hart
    Athena Hart Month ago

    The greco-Roman bra’s was tied wrong by you

  • \\Sage\\
    \\Sage\\ Month ago +1


    • Emily
      Emily Month ago

      Lindsay Webster - webbylinster on Instagram 💞

  • Austin Hindenburg
    Austin Hindenburg Month ago

    I love both Freddie and Kristin and I think their outfits are great! But Freddie looked like a goddess in the last outfit! She SLAYED!

  • GachaGalaxy 4Ever
    GachaGalaxy 4Ever Month ago

    Fred wearing a bullet bra is me on a regular basis XD

  • Elizabeth Lassiter
    Elizabeth Lassiter Month ago

    “Like daily?” 😂

  • Liz C.
    Liz C. Month ago

    **runs into someone while wearing bullet bra**
    “Oh fuck, did I just stab you?! I’m sorry.”

  • Angel Avi
    Angel Avi Month ago +1

    I wonder if men found bullets a-rousing 🙈

  • Elaina H.
    Elaina H. Month ago

    Can I just say that like all of those look like you could use them as shirts

  • Laceykat66
    Laceykat66 Month ago

    Actually, "Bras" are only from the 1920s and evolved from women taking on more manufacturing jobs during the "Great War."

  • Chrissy Carnes
    Chrissy Carnes Month ago +1

    Every trans guy relates to the first bra

  • addison braden
    addison braden Month ago

    am i weird? i dont like wearing bras, but i also don’t like not wearing bras.

  • Anita Fugate
    Anita Fugate Month ago +5

    Gasp Jesabel now that cracked me up

  • HighwayCurse
    HighwayCurse Month ago +1


  • Ms.TianaMischelle
    Ms.TianaMischelle Month ago +1

    Love them all! Vintage

  • aesthetically pleasing
    aesthetically pleasing Month ago +13

    seems like the bullet bra would be the bras that the girls wore in Danny Phantom and Kim Possible

  • ReallyGoodEgg
    ReallyGoodEgg Month ago

    Vintage ‘over the shoulder boulder holders’!!!!

  • niqhtinqale
    niqhtinqale Month ago

    this video is too Damn long. just watch from 7:30 to 13:15 seriously, the rest ain't worth it.

  • Alexis HI
    Alexis HI Month ago

    The Strophion I like🤷‍♀️

  • The Cute Crazy
    The Cute Crazy Month ago

    "Call your mother!"

  • Hayley Ashsparrow
    Hayley Ashsparrow Month ago +1

    The first two bras could be shirts

  • Nirvana,Green Day,Ramones fan

    Who thought of bandages or binding when they saw the first bra? I did

  • Ximena
    Ximena Month ago +2

    Im the only one who like sport bras and support bras feel uncomfortable?

  • Max Well Well
    Max Well Well Month ago

    Y I'm I here?

  • Olivia Rosman
    Olivia Rosman Month ago

    Freddie’s shirt confuses me

  • PlayingWithLizzie Kitty

    Kristin at her house...... omg he said that in front of the camera! 😮

  • Maia Mgeni
    Maia Mgeni Month ago

    Kristin: Do you need help?
    Freddie: Eeeeee😬
    Lol! Freddie is sooo cute!

  • Keira Gerstley
    Keira Gerstley Month ago

    Guys must be so uncomfortable right now😂😂 #girlpower

  • The Sweet Forever
    The Sweet Forever Month ago

    Only at buzzfeed can you touch your coworkers boobs and not get sent to hr 😂😂

  • Amira Young
    Amira Young Month ago

    9:40 She looks like the girl from as/is

  • oreoemsa
    oreoemsa Month ago +1

    Minimizers kind of shapes like that! 😂🤣

  • MinaSeulgi MoonbyulYuju

    1:13 best part in da vid

  • _Lexully _
    _Lexully _ Month ago

    New york city people just RUN into you (sorry but they do). Wear a bullet bra, solves all ya problems.

  • Iris Meyer
    Iris Meyer Month ago

    All the ads i got were bra ads