Americans Try Russian Drinks

  • Published on Sep 23, 2017
  • "It's just horse milk!!!"
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    Switzerland-US-Russia-Syria-Conflict -Diplomacy
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    Gary Cherkassky

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  • Kalle Laakso
    Kalle Laakso 23 hours ago

    If they would taste Finnish alcohol no one of them would see anything after the video😆

  • Klim Chugunkin
    Klim Chugunkin Day ago

    тупые ангосаксы

  • Danielius Repovas
    Danielius Repovas 2 days ago

    Borjomi water you can find in Lithuania too.....

  • Boii227 -Gaming and stuff-


  • First Latin
    First Latin 3 days ago

    Vodka is polish kurwą

  • the unknown soldier
    the unknown soldier 3 days ago

    Where is kompot?

  • Burt Gummer
    Burt Gummer 4 days ago

    How can someone not like kvass ?

  • Mr. Viking
    Mr. Viking 6 days ago

    Why that guy doesnt drank anything and a "*Not 21" under his face appers ?

  • елена баженова

    Horse milk🤣🤣🤣 ewwee its not russian idk anyone who drink it lol i almost got vomit haha

  • nataly raz
    nataly raz 8 days ago

    because you disrespected Georgian culture and youve been politically incorrect for 5 minutes straight, DO A VIDEO ABOUT GEORGIAN CULTURE!!!!!!! i am very offended by this!

  • Juli
    Juli 8 days ago

    Idk why but i ship them

  • sailor zhenya
    sailor zhenya 8 days ago

    FAKE ACCENT, I’m Russian, and there’s NOT that much tongue rolling in our accents when we speak English 😒😒😒

  • Khaliunaa Т
    Khaliunaa Т 8 days ago

    You made them all drunk and then give them soft drink???? Whahahahaha

  • John Wang
    John Wang 8 days ago +5

    9/10 Russians can confirm that tarhun is from the rivers of Chernobyl

  • Harmik Makertoomian
    Harmik Makertoomian 9 days ago

    Ugh!! Why do russians have to take all the caucasian things and call it russian?! Borjomi is Georgian and has nothing to do with russia охуели вообще !!!

  • Dikembe Mutombo
    Dikembe Mutombo 9 days ago +1

    Oh Blin

  • Light Beam
    Light Beam 9 days ago

    Чорт! Я хочу прочитать нормальные комментарии, а не одну фразу про то, что вода не из России. Кумыс тоже, что вы так пристали. Увидели, что уже написали, так зачем повторять?! Вжвдвжадвдажвдажвдажвдажв

  • Hey Stay out of my Channel

    That girls accent is fake af

  • Infamous
    Infamous 10 days ago

    0:46 bwhahahhahhahahahah.

  • abrikosovayaa
    abrikosovayaa 10 days ago +11

    this girl's accent is FAKE af
    (from Russian,who is kinda fluent in English))

    • Cody Brown
      Cody Brown 6 days ago

      From Russian. Lol

    • Cody Brown
      Cody Brown 6 days ago

      She's beautiful though. 😂😂sounds like Lana from shameless

    • Kubena
      Kubena 8 days ago


  • James Eadmer Dela Cruz

    3:35 when you say he is russian he also regrets other russian drinks.

  • Josh Spivey
    Josh Spivey 11 days ago

    Guy in brown and teal plaid shirt looks like Tobias Beecher from OZ hahaha

  • Truett Neathery
    Truett Neathery 12 days ago

    What is there like seltzer that isn't seltzer, little hiphopper ???

  • Mr. Burn
    Mr. Burn 12 days ago

    1:59 Traditional Drink from Georgia. *Images of Stalin pop up* *USSR INTENSIFIES*

  • PondPond
    PondPond 13 days ago

    why is the girl faking the accent? as a Russian linguist I can tell that this is fake. couldn't you find someone who has a real one at least?

  • Diana21692
    Diana21692 13 days ago

    That girl is probably bulgarian

  • Communist Koi
    Communist Koi 13 days ago


  • kut52
    kut52 14 days ago +5

    Feel like half of "Russian" drinks are actually Georgian

  • LyricalXilence
    LyricalXilence 14 days ago

    Where can you get some Russian alcohol in Texas?

  • Tox1c Gam3r
    Tox1c Gam3r 14 days ago

    they don't sound Russian (only the first 2 guys) but the woman sounds polish.

  • Joe Hernandez
    Joe Hernandez 16 days ago

    Who is that Russian lady 😍😍

  • gorgeous nurik
    gorgeous nurik 16 days ago +1

    kumis and borjomi are not even russian drinks

  • its nadya
    its nadya 16 days ago

    Some of these drinks you need to grow up to like them lol

  • Luis Diego Garcian
    Luis Diego Garcian 17 days ago

    Vadim blyat

  • NoneOfYourBusiness
    NoneOfYourBusiness 18 days ago

    3:29 she didn't drink it because she knew it was coming

  • Tunev
    Tunev 19 days ago +21

    80% of the comments are talking about that Georgian drink
    15% about the guy falling in love with that Russian girl
    5% random stuff

  • Cooper
    Cooper 19 days ago +71

    So, for Americans does "Russian" mean anything east of Germany?

  • Ey3dontkn0w
    Ey3dontkn0w 19 days ago +25

    The Russian drink we all know and love


  • Andy1930
    Andy1930 20 days ago

    Kvass... True craftsmanship from those russians

  • Совунья Ёпты


  • Marko Stalker
    Marko Stalker 21 day ago +1

    Lmao i through all of them are Russian excpet girl

  • MineMineCraft LP
    MineMineCraft LP 21 day ago +13

    Borjomi Is a Georgian drink.
    I am from Czechia and we have a type of drink we call: " Minerálka" And it is the same thing like borjomi. I don't know which came out first, but not only Georgians are drinking mineral water.

    • iStrong
      iStrong 2 days ago

      Yeah it's called mineral water. Don't english speaking people have it? We have tons of different mineral waters in the Baltics. Borjomi, Vytautas, neptunas, värska to name a few

  • Sommy Bunny
    Sommy Bunny 21 day ago


  • sammy bubba
    sammy bubba 21 day ago

    i listen to russian videos every day, and none of them sound like that. rolling r's....sounds like natasha from rocky and bullwinkle.

  • AznGuy Jr.
    AznGuy Jr. 22 days ago

    u let a -21 year old drink alcohol?

  • GamingGoldstein
    GamingGoldstein 22 days ago +1

    "my favourite childhood drink"

    wait what!?

  • inox1ck
    inox1ck 22 days ago

    kvass hardbass

  • SnowCone
    SnowCone 23 days ago

    yOu hAvE been BanNeD fRoM TexaS

  • Shaii/ шай
    Shaii/ шай 23 days ago +1

    Bruh, that ladies accent was so fake it’s funny.

  • vikk vixter
    vikk vixter 23 days ago

    Ok the “Kumis” is not a Russian drink 😂 It’s a Kazakh drink comes from the steppes of Kazakhstan which happens to be my birthplace I’m hurt 😂😂😂😂

    • vikk vixter
      vikk vixter 23 days ago

      And yes indeed it’s horse milk

  • Ogen De Witt
    Ogen De Witt 23 days ago

    Vodka must be last

  • tears of joy
    tears of joy 24 days ago

    that girl isn't Russian

  • Super Mojo
    Super Mojo 24 days ago

    It's been a w huile i havn't seen Eric naked.... Is he all right??!

  • chris cutler
    chris cutler 24 days ago +1

    That boi tryin to sliiide

  • soloslava
    soloslava 24 days ago

    Russians sound like this: eeey vlad where’s the bomb 💣

  • bruh bruh
    bruh bruh 25 days ago

    favorit child hood drink?????? im pretty sure the drinking age in the us is 21, this these are from russia the drinking age is 4

  • Юла Вафлина
    Юла Вафлина 26 days ago

    Что за акцент у этой украинской мадам? Они бухнули и развеселились сразу,по-нашему,аххаха. Бляяя ну шо за рррррр у них нет таких твёрдых звуковввв,кровь из ушей,проститееее.

  • Vincent Russo
    Vincent Russo 26 days ago +1

    Kvass is more better than Coca-cola

  • Irrelephant
    Irrelephant 26 days ago +1

    WHERE IS KEFIR???????? 🥺

  • Thomas Anderson
    Thomas Anderson 27 days ago

    2:51 Her reaction is priceless LOL LOL LOL :)

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith 27 days ago

    I’ll take the Russian chick with vodka

  • Mr. Viking
    Mr. Viking 27 days ago

    Borjomi and tarhun are georgian , kumis and vodka came from mongolia ( the true russian drink is kvass ! )

  • Rooster Boy
    Rooster Boy 27 days ago

    The guy has a pimple

  • Doughnut
    Doughnut 27 days ago


  • RoBoVader
    RoBoVader 28 days ago

    Oh my god Tarragon Soda is the best Russian drink ever, I recommend Americans to drink it!

  • Albert Shamigulov
    Albert Shamigulov 28 days ago

    The horse milk. Do you like it?

  • Nuriddin Mirodilov
    Nuriddin Mirodilov 28 days ago

    you forgot mors

  • budak______ok_______tak ___

    Not 21

  • samuils
    samuils Month ago

    Americans try Russian drinks -"This is a traditional drink from Georgia," when did Georgia become Russia?

  • toko the gummy
    toko the gummy Month ago

    How tf is it russian drink taste test if yall just tastin’ georgian drinks? Smh

    ZZQ ARK Month ago

    Dam I’m 12 and my mom let me drink 2% alcohol kvas

  • yung morty
    yung morty Month ago

    Wait.. 1:33 Russians start drinking as kids too?

  • Comander
    Comander Month ago

    in USA you can drive when you are 16 but cant drink untill you are 21

    That seems to strange to me as a Dane
    I can legally drink at all ages but can only buy when im 16
    and drive when im 18

    And our age of censent is 15...

    its rreally a big cultural diefrence

  • Ataberk G.
    Ataberk G. Month ago


  • M4RT1N KRS05
    M4RT1N KRS05 Month ago

    U know Kvass contains alcohol

  • Kid Goku
    Kid Goku Month ago

    To you what

  • Vasiliy Popov
    Vasiliy Popov Month ago

    The woman never had the horse milk

  • nika datashvili
    nika datashvili Month ago

    buzzfeed.........Borjomi is Georgian NOT russian.

  • Barbecue Sauce
    Barbecue Sauce Month ago

    hah western spy cant handle good drink

  • menckencynic
    menckencynic Month ago

    I don't watch the videos, I just come to watch the people tell everyone how much they hate Americans and repeat the same things over and over like robots.

    • menckencynic
      menckencynic Month ago

      Very strange. I just read the comments and got NONE of that. I am man enough to admit I was just flat wrong. Well done, Easterners! Very classy.

  • Alex Giblin
    Alex Giblin Month ago

    Horse milk is the reason ghengis khan was so successful

  • luke threatt
    luke threatt Month ago

    Shout out to the guy who went all jerry Seinfeld on the horse milk

  • OneMan ARMY
    OneMan ARMY Month ago

    Liquid brread, the accent tho 😂😂😂

  • Sam
    Sam Month ago


  • Anna Korsakova
    Anna Korsakova Month ago


  • SomethingTabz AJ
    SomethingTabz AJ Month ago +3

    "it doesn't taste like a nailsalon"
    Best thing i've heard all week

  • Lemon Rick
    Lemon Rick Month ago

    Как ты можешь не любить квас Я грязный западный шпион и мне это нравится

  • Remy
    Remy Month ago

    why you dont like kvass :( сука

  • Lil Bich
    Lil Bich Month ago +2

    I looove тархун.
    Буратино soda is so rare cause its from the 20th century.
    Квас is good in small sips.

  • masyanya
    masyanya Month ago

    I am Russian and do not like Russian drinks. my favorites are iced tea and plain juice. yes, I don't drink vodka either

  • Simon Hope
    Simon Hope Month ago

    BuzzFeed check your info қымыз kymyz орыстардыкі емес наху (kymyz isn't a Russian drink )

  • человек
    человек Month ago

    my aunt is incredibly Russian accent

  • yjos kowmar
    yjos kowmar Month ago

    What the hell? Tarhun is ukrainian. Why russian? Are you idiots, buzz?
    Edit: and Borjomi is Georgean. You srsly idiots?
    Edit2: Kumis is Kazakh. Why you call it russian? Are you idiots, buzz? (2)

  • Alpha Beta
    Alpha Beta Month ago

    So many drinks NOT from Russia. Do your research jizfeed.

  • Pille-Riin R
    Pille-Riin R Month ago +7

    Americans try Russian drinks!
    "This is Tarhun, it's from Georgia."

  • Rus Sia Sia
    Rus Sia Sia Month ago

    йес! зэтс райт! щоу зэм вот мазараша хэз ту сурпрайз зэм!!!))))

  • Kevin
    Kevin Month ago

    “Have you ever had milk from a horse..?”
    Hold up🤨

  • Kevin
    Kevin Month ago

    “This is my favorite childhood drink”

  • nadia2883
    nadia2883 Month ago

    georgia is no more part of russia though neither is ukraine lol except for sevastopol and now the anexed don bas