Americans Try Russian Drinks


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  • Misha Roblox
    Misha Roblox 3 hours ago


  • Voltenic
    Voltenic 4 hours ago


  • Mike Geiz
    Mike Geiz 5 hours ago

    Pear Dushess tastes so good

  • Dullen
    Dullen 23 hours ago

    Who came here for Kvass

  • АВА kz
    АВА kz Day ago +1

    Ивангай лайкнул)

  • Ian Brouwer
    Ian Brouwer Day ago

    Haven’t seen this but expecting alot of vodka

  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment Day ago

    I like how u played kalinka

  • JoshDezigns
    JoshDezigns Day ago

    Did he get to pipe?

  • Rico Bone
    Rico Bone 2 days ago

    In Soviet Russia alcohol drinks you

  • MacheteEnima
    MacheteEnima 2 days ago

    No wonder why we beat the commies to the moon.

  • Katya Slater
    Katya Slater 3 days ago +1

    “this is like russian sprite”

  • ad astra
    ad astra 3 days ago +2

    This video speaks lots about Russia. They showed 5 drink and 3 of them wasn't even from Russia. If you don't have enough examples of drinks from your country you shouldn't make videos about them.

  • Boris Yoalkstein
    Boris Yoalkstein 3 days ago

    The Americans are all bred and raised on corn syrup and GM foods, no wonder they can’t drink anything that doesn’t have 200% sugar content

  • Alexandra Panico
    Alexandra Panico 3 days ago

    Borjomi and tarhun are both Georgain not Russian. Love them both though! Please keep that milk far, far away from me though.

  • harpseal
    harpseal 3 days ago

    They forgot the Baikal! That is a great fuzzy drink, they should have tried it

  • Aruzhan D
    Aruzhan D 3 days ago

    I believe that kumis is actually Kazakh drink

  • Mary Anne
    Mary Anne 3 days ago

    Does southern accent
    : I like I loves it

  • RydiaLS83
    RydiaLS83 3 days ago

    i didn't know you can milk Horse lol

  • fransuke12
    fransuke12 3 days ago

    I'll stick to good ol' VODKA!

  • Tongan Daddy
    Tongan Daddy 3 days ago

    "My eyes are open to the Russian culture and my eyes are open to a beautiful Russian bride."

  • jack richards
    jack richards 3 days ago

    In Soviet Russia the Vodka drinks you.

  • RIchard Davidson
    RIchard Davidson 4 days ago

    Love both the girls, super funny.

  • Baxter Beaton
    Baxter Beaton 4 days ago +2

    "russian" drink yes all of these are russian

  • Lars Pettersson
    Lars Pettersson 4 days ago

    "Liquid bread"? Wohoo! I coul'd drink breakfast! (2:27)

  • Ксения Бобовидова

    Even Katya's fake RUSSIAN accent sounds better than her

  • Vaidotas Ratkus
    Vaidotas Ratkus 4 days ago

    2:30 this is how dark matter is explained

  • Lyric Mccutchen
    Lyric Mccutchen 4 days ago

    I love how she said clearly like there aren’t Black Russians

  • Lethal Sonic
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  • alcoholisfreedrink
    alcoholisfreedrink 5 days ago

    damn tarhun is really good. It's available here in estonia.

  • Chase Myers
    Chase Myers 5 days ago

    When she said Russian Sprite i died

  • Dutch Van Der Linde
    Dutch Van Der Linde 5 days ago

    And that’s how the Cold War started

  • Lenik
    Lenik 5 days ago

    2:47 borjomi isn't RUSSIAN!!!! It's GEORGIAN

  • FLE1M
    FLE1M 6 days ago

    Меня же не одного бесит баба чёрная ?

  • Fred Fischer
    Fred Fischer 6 days ago

    Horse milk? WTF

  • Minh RB
    Minh RB 6 days ago +1

    **Western Spies Try to being a slav**

  • manny pardo
    manny pardo 6 days ago

    Зачем вы туда пригласили курта кобэйна

  • Kyle Hazleton
    Kyle Hazleton 6 days ago


  • ANTICHEATERS - fandansk

    Well Borjomi is Georgian drink !!!!!

  • foster foster
    foster foster 7 days ago

    I grew up drinking stolichnaya

  • Umut Unal
    Umut Unal 7 days ago

    kumis is not russian

  • WaKeMeUpByWhIppInGMe -Lee Taeyong

    Dammmm her accent is thick mine is not

  • Väinö -
    Väinö - 7 days ago


  • Vito Andolini Corleone

    Υποβρύχια όλη μέρα ρε μπουρδέλα

  • Nigel Akilimali
    Nigel Akilimali 7 days ago

    Probably healthy

  • anaea1sbanana
    anaea1sbanana 7 days ago

    Кумыс казахский, нет?

  • Thamid Mahdi
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  • M rex
    M rex 7 days ago

    Kvass is drink of my youth ❤️

  • can boskurt
    can boskurt 8 days ago

    Kumis ain't russian is turkic

  • Sofia Nizharadze
    Sofia Nizharadze 8 days ago

    Actually, Borjomi is not Russian drink. It is from Georgia.

  • xX_yeetus Communismo-69

    I love kvass

  • Aidin DIRT
    Aidin DIRT 8 days ago

    Why is background music not hardbass?

  • Not_Yuuji p
    Not_Yuuji p 8 days ago

    I know the drinks because i whatch boris

  • Elene Samadashvili
    Elene Samadashvili 8 days ago +1

    It really throws me off how they stole Georgian traditional drink tarhun and call it “Russian sprite” when it’s “Georgian sprite”
    And “Borjomi “ too?! It even has Georgian writing on the bottle “ბორჯომი”

  • Jade Warrior
    Jade Warrior 8 days ago

    The Russian guy , is hot idc idc

  • R S
    R S 9 days ago

    " tarxuna " and " borjomi " are drinks from Georgia (Sakartvelo) not from russian

  • tomas pavliunas
    tomas pavliunas 9 days ago

    Borjomi is Georgian water

  • Noah Lopez
    Noah Lopez 9 days ago


  • Haru OoO
    Haru OoO 9 days ago

    Kumis is not a Russian drink😒😒😒
    Its a drink from Central Asia wtf?
    Cant you do more research or smt?

  • Luka Stojanovic
    Luka Stojanovic 9 days ago +1

    Why all non slav people dont like kvass?

  • XxxDaRkLeGenD
    XxxDaRkLeGenD 9 days ago

    Kumis is good wtf

  • Sport City
    Sport City 9 days ago

    Kvass is Ukrainian !!!!!

  • PhotoBomb
    PhotoBomb 9 days ago

    Love how the russian women is like "its so good and healthy." To everything and honestly big mood

  • Davosama
    Davosama 9 days ago

    @Life of Boris you need to do this the Gopnik way

  • LENTA dinka
    LENTA dinka 10 days ago

    I am so happy that they liked pinocchio soda it was made from my grandad

    SHARPY 10 days ago

    *So thats how RUSSIANS and AMERICANS get along* ❤️😂

  • Naruto Souw
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  • Lucas Lucas
    Lucas Lucas 10 days ago

    3:00 that is georgian drink

  • Graf Fefchanskiy
    Graf Fefchanskiy 10 days ago

    блинб они хотябы кумыс попробовали, а я даже кефир не усваиваю

  • Confused Arthur Morgan

    That accent though

  • A for average gamer
    A for average gamer 12 days ago

    How does she know what breast milk smells like

  • Shipwreck Diving
    Shipwreck Diving 12 days ago

    Please show me what "mother russia" can do !!! She seems to be very nice and out of country boy's league though...

  • peachy
    peachy 12 days ago


  • teri h
    teri h 12 days ago

    Kumis is a breast milk 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭

  • Андрей Кленов

    Russian drinks top

  • Angus McFife
    Angus McFife 12 days ago

    In Soviet Russia, vodka drinks YOU!

  • Papla Yvera
    Papla Yvera 12 days ago

    Morons do some research or smth before uploading

  • IONUT4K2 ,
    IONUT4K2 , 12 days ago

    Come to romanian 70%alchool

  • Of All My Intention
    Of All My Intention 12 days ago

    I have a Bulgarian friend (who is very pro-Russian)...and, let's just say that I have seen him down a 12-pack in less than one hour...
    When he went back to Bulgaria once, he came back with some Bulgarian moonshine...Now, I am German, Scottish, Swedish, and English; and the stereotypes are true for my family...
    But, compared to this brandy, regular vodka or even American moonshine was like baby formula. I barely finished a shot, and my friend would sip it like it was whiskey.
    Slavs don't mess around.

  • Sveta Makoveeva
    Sveta Makoveeva 13 days ago

    I miss salty mineral water but I do not miss my mom force feeding me kefir

  • Jimin Chimchim
    Jimin Chimchim 13 days ago

    You mother fuckers borjomi is Georgian

  • Joseph Rose
    Joseph Rose 13 days ago

    Beats are awesome, Have you ate squirrel. We at Rabbits, You evil Basterds.

  • nikusha japaridze
    nikusha japaridze 13 days ago

    tarahun and borjomi are not from russia they are from georgia it's different countries

  • Vor Porevo
    Vor Porevo 13 days ago

    Они впервые пили воду, молоко, пиво, газировку, кефир, во долбаебы, им обяснили, шо почти все это они точно пили)

  • Akagami Imu
    Akagami Imu 13 days ago

    Hahhaha @1:23 BURAt

  • Антон Толокнов


  • Антон Толокнов


  • Max Mulder
    Max Mulder 14 days ago

    How can a jew be russian

    ВИКТОР COOL ツ 14 days ago

    Кто от ивангая

  • Cassandra Morbid
    Cassandra Morbid 14 days ago

    So, I've been drinking vodka and beer for years and now I learn that it's actually a drink. That's it, I'm going to Russia man.

  • D.A. Risse
    D.A. Risse 14 days ago

    Someone's hunting a green card !

  • irina korolkova
    irina korolkova 14 days ago

    I know the tarhun

  • batsy -
    batsy - 15 days ago

    Actually Borjomi is Georgian🇬🇪

  • Trollars Gamer
    Trollars Gamer 15 days ago

    Yeah let’s try vodka with a W

  • Starchy One
    Starchy One 15 days ago

    Listen this is just harsh on Russians.
    Edit: I am a Russian btw

  • fatima farraj
    fatima farraj 16 days ago

    I died at 1:18 Russian Sprite

  • Nala
    Nala 16 days ago

    oh please. a true russian is never cold.

  • Kasun Bro
    Kasun Bro 16 days ago

    That Russian girl knew about horse milk . Look at her face 😒😂

  • Don Julio
    Don Julio 16 days ago

    No russians to see here!
    I see two dirty BuzzFeed Jews, and a girl with a ridiculous accent.

  • Akekskey ChknBoi
    Akekskey ChknBoi 16 days ago

    Baba fira is gonna beat his ass

  • Titus Priz the Wiz
    Titus Priz the Wiz 16 days ago +1

    Her face at 3:48.