For Honor: Year 3 Season 2 - Sakura Patch Notes Highlights | Ubisoft [NA]

  • Published on Apr 26, 2019
  • Check out the latest changes in For Honor Patch 2.08.0, including a new hero and a new map!
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    Carve a path of destruction through the battlefield fighting for guts, glory, and survival in For Honor, a new melee action game developed by Ubisoft Montreal in collaboration with other Ubisoft studios.

    Enter the chaos of a raging war as a Knight, Viking, or Samurai, three of the greatest warrior legacies. For Honor is a fast-paced and immersive experience, mixing skill with visceral, never-before-seen melee combat.

    The Art of Battle, the game’s innovative control system, puts you in total control of your heroes, each with distinct skills and weapons, as you annihilate all soldiers, archers, and opposing heroes who stand in your way on an intense, believable battleground.

    For Honor offers an engaging campaign and thrilling multiplayer. Enjoy the full experience with friends online, in split screen two-player co-op, or solo against AI.

    Key Features:

    Choose your favorite warrior among a variety of unique heroes including deadly Knights, brutal Vikings, and cold-blooded Samurai. Able to turn the tide of battle and make their faction victorious, each hero comes with his or her own weapon set and combat style. Express your personality and inspire fear in your enemies by customizing each facet of your warrior, including your chest, shoulders, helmet, and weapon.

    The memorable story campaign is a tale of warriors in which you will embody heroes of all three factions. Storming castles and fortresses, making the difference in massive battles, and confronting deadly bosses in intense duels, you will need all your wits and skills to ensure the survival of your people and foil the plans of the merciless and bloodthirsty warlord, Apollyon.

    The groundbreaking multiplayer modes will test your skill and take your adrenaline to the next level. In the heart of battle with your band of warriors, coordination and communication will be the keys to victory as you support your allies, slaughter enemies, and own the battlefield.

    Wield the weight of your weapon and feel the power and impact of every strike. Precise and accessible, the Art of Battle system has been designed with the objective of putting you in total control of your combat moves.
    For Honor: Year 3 Season 2 - Sakura Patch Notes Highlights | Ubisoft [NA]
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  • Pxsey 200
    Pxsey 200 24 days ago

    Ubisoft should just remove every samurai hero except Hito at this point

  • Mauii Wowiie
    Mauii Wowiie Month ago +1

    Ok the new for honor background music is *SO F*CKING EDGY*

  • MemeLord
    MemeLord Month ago

    New character should get nerfed already

  • Zhenyu Frosty Hu
    Zhenyu Frosty Hu Month ago

    I’m mailing one of my eyeballs to who ever is in charged of the lb rework, I am done with this game. ABSOLUTELY DONE!!

  • TheMilkMan692
    TheMilkMan692 Month ago

    It’s cancer

  • TheMilkMan692
    TheMilkMan692 Month ago

    Nerf Sakura

  • Meme Lord 420
    Meme Lord 420 Month ago

    How can you call it a LawBringer rework when all you guys did was remove a move a give another move unlockable, like come on soft feints where they at, non existent, where the hyper armour, non existent. Like come on ubi please

  • Saper Buled
    Saper Buled Month ago

    کریم تو دهنت یوبی مادر جندها کیر خر من تو بازی for honor هستم چرا با من لجی کونی موقعی که برنده میشم هی می خوای اتصال قطع کنی ولی دارم میبازم حتی اینترنت قطع کنم بازم نگه میداری مشکل داری سگ ننه برو تیمارستان

  • Nick TheProgrammer
    Nick TheProgrammer Month ago

    1:05 Raider is gonna be suicide fuel saying they just gonna spam heavies now

  • terrell Spicer
    terrell Spicer Month ago

    How much is she going to cost

    • CB
      CB Month ago

      15k steel

  • Less Name
    Less Name Month ago

    So when does it come out?

  • Ambiguous1 Colonel
    Ambiguous1 Colonel Month ago +2

    By the way to all who dont realize it yet - the new weeb can one shot anyone with fourth feat.

  • Frank Jurotich
    Frank Jurotich Month ago

    If they aren’t going to fix balancing they should at least fix matchmaking

  • Tyler Blackwell
    Tyler Blackwell Month ago

    When are we getting cross play

  • Stcrhute Farms
    Stcrhute Farms Month ago

    Fix the shaloin

  • #1 ImToxicity
    #1 ImToxicity Month ago

    When do the characters come up

  • tuan nguyen
    tuan nguyen Month ago

    Dont make it too fast like the wu lin

  • The ShadyCrusader
    The ShadyCrusader Month ago

    Sitting impatiently waiting for my new main •~•

  • Ege Guvenc
    Ege Guvenc Month ago +2

    Heres the map you guys will never play on

  • Ege Guvenc
    Ege Guvenc Month ago

    Fancy way of saying we fucked up lawdaddy

  • Danya Romaniuk
    Danya Romaniuk Month ago

    Do normal axe to a new hero. In Japan werent axes like you make

  • nit0h
    nit0h Month ago

    Raider was already good, but now he'll be basically unstoppable.


    • RyanJB _FH
      RyanJB _FH Month ago

      nit0h raider is only good in ganks wen out of lock.. in 1v1 he is possibly the worst pick in the game rn unless u pure turtle

  • Raoh Sama
    Raoh Sama Month ago

    The new samurai is cool and all but what’s going on with your servers for the PS4. I can’t join my friends group,It won’t give me the option to invite (Any)one to a group,Also it says Requirements Not Met when I try and pick a game mode+It keeps saying Group leader only can choose like I’m in a group. What is going on here?

  • Mryourporn
    Mryourporn Month ago

    Im new and noob and i dont care :D Btw can we get on pc 1 button to do 3 things :D

  • I have been Bamboozled

    Next they need to make some fixes to aramusha please ubi make my boi better

  • Blake
    Blake Month ago +1

    %50 Of this comment section is complaining about lawbringers shove and calling the ENTIRE rework a nerf.
    %40 Is talking about how Lawbringer doesn’t have hyper armor but raider (Who is almost entirely armor-less) has no hyper armor.
    %10 Is talking about sakura.

    • Elijah Wilson
      Elijah Wilson Month ago

      Blake pretty much lb is pretty much the OG of the game and he just died

  • Caelan Sisson
    Caelan Sisson Month ago

    Canopy is the source of many LEDGES!

  • Seçkin Adıkdı
    Seçkin Adıkdı Month ago

    People: Play a game where european knights, roman gladiators and centurions, vikings, samurai, ninjas, shaolin monks and chinese soldiers exist at the same time and fight each other, where they can take multiple hits, get cut, smashed, impaled...etc. with dangerous weapons and still live.
    Also People: Y n0 hYpeRaRm0r lAwbr0, s0 uNreAliStiC.

  • eLNemesis 19
    eLNemesis 19 Month ago

    when the update date

  • savge jack
    savge jack Month ago

    Why law moves so bad in that video that's stupid

  • Anjelo Manoranjan
    Anjelo Manoranjan Month ago +1

    I want to continue or restart the Prince of Persia trilogy

  • Elian Cruz
    Elian Cruz Month ago

    I like how they say that grabs in ganks are annoying so they dont have hyper armor, well if you get 50% revenge then that will not matter and that stuff is supposed to be dodged not interrupted cause I have tried caber tossing people and getting interrupted and it is very aggravating

  • Amatres Şêrvan
    Amatres Şêrvan Month ago

    the mask is horrible, I'm excited

  • Giuseppe Ctrl
    Giuseppe Ctrl Month ago +1

    @ubisoft, hopefully this time will be fix the Highlander with is large swing passing walls..

    SHIKAKA Month ago

    let this trash game die already

  • Squattingturtle
    Squattingturtle Month ago

    As a rep 65 LB im glad Shove on block was removed, but highly disappointed that they didn't make his heavies soft feint into LA or give his side heavies undodgeable.

  • Holden Cross
    Holden Cross Month ago +18

    At this point Ubisoft is just making Lawbringer suffer and making it more difficult to explain why bare chested vikings have hyper armor while armored 6ft long knights like the lawbringer dosen't.

    • Meme Lord 420
      Meme Lord 420 Month ago

      @Old Blood no he really doesn't tho, in comparison to other characters that had rework his is the worst so far, he has lost a move which allowed him to go into moves easier than just using a regular heavy, which can be easily parried, and then into an unlockable, which is easy to parry, so in comparison is he really that good, and when you say mained did you really play LawBringer or was it centurion you meant

    • Name Jeve
      Name Jeve Month ago

      @Old Blood cringe

    • Old Blood
      Old Blood Month ago

      grow a brain and you would understand why..... devs have one you should go to the land of oz and ask for one and some balls. I used to main law your trash if you think you need hyper armor.. learn to feint counter... and punish everything... he has soo many punishes its stupid. Git guud kid or uninstall.

    • Holden Cross
      Holden Cross Month ago +1

      @Milan Bulatt his poleaxe and his ....

    • Milan Bulatt
      Milan Bulatt Month ago +2

      Not 6 foot TALL, but 6 foot LONG

  • Enigma Kage
    Enigma Kage Month ago


  • João Vitor Dickmann

    The most important change was: tenebris rising (BP shield bash) now has 500ms recovery from 300ms, i think you still can't GB him after a miss but at least you hit a dodge attack

  • Santino Kortright
    Santino Kortright Month ago

    Ik what 3 I'm going to play

  • Darian Hughes
    Darian Hughes Month ago

    Where in the hell is the Orochi light spamming Nerf we all know Orochi only do that 😤

    • Darian Hughes
      Darian Hughes Month ago

      @GOLDENMARVELGAMES because cuz we can't Parry The Light attacks because of keep on going and going and going we can't do anything and it cancel out every single move we have and it barely takes any stamina


      Why should they nerf something that doesnt work :)

  • Thirsty Z
    Thirsty Z Month ago +5

    Raider>no armor>has uninterruptible attacks
    LB>Heavily armored>no uninterruptible attacks
    *Sad mortem hours*

    • Old Blood
      Old Blood Month ago +1

      Person who doesnt know how to play the game always has a similar opinion. L2p the fucking game..... law is hybrid he is mixup intensive counter attacker. No he does not have hyper or a full block but what he does have is alot of punishes.... get good. HE know that word? means they attack first you counter attack. So parry counter guard break ect.. ect. plus laws full kit. IF he had hyper armor he be broken and op and they would nerf him to the ground. They would have to delete his entire kit and rework it. Not happening they dont wanna change his play style but making him marginally better. SO they added more combos for him to feint. Learn that button. That and block/parry cause he does alot of that with GB.
      Hyper armor characters usually are given the manslayer playstyle their kit is designed not to tank but to kill things.... Lawbringer is more designed around tanking and punishing... thats why no hyper armor... now why does shug have it? his playstyle is that of a killer.... conq doesnt have it...why cause his play style is that of a tank. LEARN THE FUCKING GAME>

  • Johnni Silva
    Johnni Silva Month ago

    Só foi liberar o jogo pro ps4 e aumentou a audiência em 80%

  • TomekrolYT
    TomekrolYT Month ago

    When will you be able to buy a new figure for steel?

  • hubjump
    hubjump Month ago +3

    Can I move my 70 reps out of Lawbringer and into someone else please?

  • RagingRaven 5678
    RagingRaven 5678 Month ago +18

    "This season hero improvements to The Lawbringer and Raider"
    Dont you mean just Raider?

    • Old Blood
      Old Blood Month ago

      Its funny how many idiots think lawbringer needs hyper armor.... hes not meant to be a killing machine like raider or highlander.. he is just meant to be a punish tank, I agree they could have done better giving him a better doge attack or giving him some extra tools to his kit but hyper armor is unneeded. Raider honestly needs hyper armor cause he basically gets turtled cause he has no real mixups besdies his stunning tap cancel into zone.. still a good combo but easily predicted and parried. OH yea he pick people up... yea its not much use unless you wall splat or ledge.. its helps in team fights but not immensely. The fact he can chain his lights into heavys and gain hyper armor now is a blessing! and he can zone attack in any direction he can parry and stunning tap now cause his tap speed was increased to 300ms lights.
      Hes actually going to be good soon he was alright before took alot of skill to play but now he is going to be a straight noob stomper people better learn to parry and counter guardbreak quick is all im saying raider is coming! * applause* Law daddy sorry but your hybrid your not supposed to be the best of both worlds just medicore at best. No hyper armor sorry. Maybe you can learn to play the game though law daddy and learn what your punishes do cause lawdaddys playstyle is different than raider. or highlander you dont man slay everything.... you shove everything... soon that shove will be nerfed too so learn the rest of your damn kit...

  • Franses Namrud
    Franses Namrud Month ago +1

    At 1:01 theres no gold thing when he hitted an unblockable move

  • VolePasMonKill -_-
    VolePasMonKill -_- Month ago +1

    When will the patch come out please?

  • VolePasMonKill -_-
    VolePasMonKill -_- Month ago +4

    I'ts not cool, I wanted To play Because the people who playing him was so good with the Lawbringer...

  • Alexandre voorhees
    Alexandre voorhees Month ago

    Omg ubi , r u dumb ? The raider is already too powerful but no he need a buff , omg

  • Sir Butternuts
    Sir Butternuts Month ago +2

    Anyone know how to uninstall lawbringer from my game? Asking for a friend, and me.

    • Sir Butternuts
      Sir Butternuts Month ago

      @Meme Lord 420 I was bluffing in my comment. I really dislike his rework but I'm still gonna play him even if they gutted his offense.

    • Meme Lord 420
      Meme Lord 420 Month ago

      Doesn't matter you won't see him being played anymore unless they rep 30 and above so

  • Meme Review
    Meme Review Month ago

    When is the next game even gonna come out

  • Tom Forrest
    Tom Forrest Month ago

    When does this come out and how is that a rework for lb they just made him worse like wtf he has a full set of armour but a man with bare chest and a helmet gets hyper armour real great job ubi you really know what your doing why do all the Viking characters get buffed more than the others think they are your favourite

  • Elba MTCH
    Elba MTCH Month ago +1

    *Shut up, and take my Money*

  • Caleb Cortez
    Caleb Cortez Month ago

    Not the push for the lawtroller

  • Tim Mularkie
    Tim Mularkie Month ago +5


    • Tim Mularkie
      Tim Mularkie Month ago +1

      when this releases I'm not going to be surprised if I delete cause of this what am I gonna do top light everyone to death cause u guys can't pull ur heads outta ur backsides... UBISOFT .... THOU MAY INGEST A SATCHEL OF RICHARDS AND CHOKE ON IT

  • Max2ds
    Max2ds Month ago +7

    Oh man I can’t believe that lawbringer is getting more openers in combat, I’m glad they did this *checks notes* by removing shove on block?

  • Matsu Ichikage
    Matsu Ichikage Month ago +3

    Can we pay Respect to the fallen lawbringer aka daddybringer for he was a legend throughout the whole season up till now?

  • Gaige Mcgann
    Gaige Mcgann Month ago


  • Balsells 15
    Balsells 15 Month ago

    Plz let us change our zone attack to whatever button we want on console :/

  • Thomas Cooke
    Thomas Cooke Month ago

    If anyone should have got hyper armor though it should have been the giant knight in full plate armor, law bro, am I right

  • Thomas Cooke
    Thomas Cooke Month ago

    Dude this is Axe Boi season

  • Gabriel Fagundes
    Gabriel Fagundes Month ago

    Black priors nerf shoul be the biggest highlight of this patch note.

    • Gabriel Fagundes
      Gabriel Fagundes Month ago

      @Amerikanovich same, but bigger, last season patch was recovery from 200ms to 300ms, now its from 300ms to 500ms

    • Amerikanovich
      Amerikanovich Month ago

      Isn't it the same one that was supposed to be in last mid season patch?
      Do they mean it this time?

  • Jarodbarnes 69
    Jarodbarnes 69 Month ago

    when do the new characters come out some help me

    • pointy lance
      pointy lance Month ago

      Hitokiri comes out may 2nd for season pass owners and may 9th for non owners.

  • Ludovic Figuiere Memba Massoko

    No sirve de nada tener nuevos personajes. Jugar más a vuestro juego, y jugarlo online sino no os enterareis de los mil errores que tiene.

  • jonee140
    jonee140 Month ago

    Wen do we get the patch

  • Milliam Tommy
    Milliam Tommy Month ago +1

    If i saw Raider high rep in my game, i restart my game and start matchmaking again..

  • Yuki Terumi
    Yuki Terumi Month ago

    Okay just read patch notes for Lawdaddy. I'm....okay with it, I'll have to get my hands on it to fully decide. But I feel this will finally reward my aggressiveness. Rather than punish it, I can parry with the best of em. But two turtles dont make a right. You know what I'm saying. I feel I can punish shugoki now.

  • No one boils a potato better than your mom

    Cant wait to execute this new hero

  • res hammington
    res hammington Month ago

    Long Arm

    Can now be interrupted by other players

    Impaling Charge / Impaling Riposte

    Can now be interrupted by other players
    Decreased “Impaling Charge” damage to 10 (from 15)
    Decreased “Impaling Riposte” damage to 10 (from 20)


    “Shove” now causes a normal Light Bump reaction This means that “Shove”, and “Shove Mix Up” guarantee a free Light Attack.

    Shove Mix Up

    “Shove Mix Up” (after a Heavy Attack Hit) can now be done after a Block or a Miss
    “Shove Mix Up” is now 500ms (from 300ms)
    “Shove Mix Up” now has Super Armor during the Strike

    Zone Attack

    Zone Attack Strike is now 700ms (from 900ms)
    Zone Attack now has a 200ms parry window (from 400ms)
    Hit Reaction caused is now Medium (was Heavy). This prevents Zone Attack into Guard Break from failing

    Make Way

    Is now Unblockable
    Reduced damage to 22 (from 25)
    Has increased Knockback
    Hit Reaction caused is now Medium (was Heavy). This prevents Zone Attack into Guard Break from failing

    • Old Blood
      Old Blood Month ago

      so.... raiders charge and shugs hug can be stopped too now

  • Ubi Psowak
    Ubi Psowak Month ago +3

    0:11 WOW that prononciation !!!😂😂😂

  • Sky Stalker
    Sky Stalker Month ago

    Lawbringer improvements :
    "Removing shove on block ."
    i like how he was honest and didn't mention the useless buffs in this one
    disappointing ...

    • Crimsonmoon113
      Crimsonmoon113 Month ago

      That's not just his rework. Look the clip up were they show it fully

  • Hervis Daubeny
    Hervis Daubeny Month ago

    Lawbringer got improved?

  • Colby Wickersham
    Colby Wickersham Month ago

    When does he come out, I’ve been waiting all day

  • Sebas The wildcard
    Sebas The wildcard Month ago +1

    Should have changed the line Lawbringer update to Lawbringer nerf his shove on block removed to make way for combos that everyone has

  • Dead Vortex
    Dead Vortex Month ago

    Hearing Justin’s voice is different from hearing and seeing him at Finals

  • ov_penta_illudi
    ov_penta_illudi Month ago

    Rip lawbringer huh? You sound mad ignorant. Probably don't even play the game

  • redneoN tnarG
    redneoN tnarG Month ago +10

    Yeah, can Ubisoft refund all the steel I’ve ever invested into Lawbringer, I change my mind about maining him, I wouldn’t have if I knew he was going to get shafted like this

    • scooby Doo
      scooby Doo Month ago

      Or all the steel we put into getting max refined gear, then they take away the point of the gear stats and replaced them with perks, that dont even do much.

  • Jackson Dill
    Jackson Dill Month ago +1

    Okay so lawbringer did actually get some improvements, including 500ms side lights, a 400ms top light, attacks no longer bouncing on block, new chains with all heavy finishers being unblockable, and shove guaranteeing damage that acts as the second move in the chain.
    Why didn’t they say any of this in the video? That’s a very good question.
    There are many positive changes applied to these heroes, most of them not being mentioned. Definitely check out the patch notes. At least when it comes to raider, I think ubi did deliver what they promised.

    • Sky Stalker
      Sky Stalker Month ago

      maybe cuz they are useless (free parry)

  • brand0703
    brand0703 Month ago

    When's it coming out?

  • ToiletBrush
    ToiletBrush Month ago

    Am I the only one who thinks side ad Mortems should have undodgeable?

    • The Holy Guardian
      The Holy Guardian Month ago

      I would agree but it's unblockable so that would kinda be op

  • Lord Tachanka
    Lord Tachanka Month ago +2

    I hated lawbringers shove on block and I'm glad they removed it, but damn they could of done a lot better for him

  • b0x0d
    b0x0d Month ago +2

    *"Remove Shove on Block"*
    Yep im remove this game from mah ps4

    • Pickle Wart
      Pickle Wart Month ago +1

      Bye scrub, thanks for all the free kills you provided over the years.

  • Luis Eduardo Victoria

    No aramusha rework :(

  • Davis S
    Davis S Month ago

    I hope Centurion gets a rework next. Poor boy needs more than his cutscene and kick.

  • Red King
    Red King Month ago

    People still play this

    SALMANDER- NS Month ago

    U give centurion hard but he is so weak

    SALMANDER- NS Month ago +2

    Wen we can get rework for centurion ubisoft??

  • Just Fox
    Just Fox Month ago +2

    Another uninteruptal legend!! How nice! Cuz we love those right?!

    • Just Fox
      Just Fox Month ago +1

      @Thomas Cooke check ingame dud; i didn't came from apex "mah dude"

    • Thomas Cooke
      Thomas Cooke Month ago

      Do you mean hero. This isn’t apex mah dude

  • Godgutten
    Godgutten Month ago +1

    Sad Mortem for rework

  • derpywaffle 247
    derpywaffle 247 Month ago +3

    3 years...Lawbringer and Raider mains waited 3 years for Ubisoft to make these characters fun to play with/against. To make them viable. And what do they do? Gave Lawbringer worthless combos, and made Raider a discount Beserker...

  • Orrus Fellin
    Orrus Fellin Month ago +1

    And all people are whining about LB changes dispite the fact that they don't know the whole set of changes.

    • Carson Lada
      Carson Lada Month ago

      @Devin Espinoza lol not the first time ive heard sakura refered to as dbd character

    • The Holy Guardian
      The Holy Guardian Month ago

      I actually do I watched the part of the stream were they showed of LB rework multiple times

    • Devin Espinoza
      Devin Espinoza Month ago

      @Carson Lada I'm actaully terrified by sakura she seems like a perfect dead by daylight killer

    • Carson Lada
      Carson Lada Month ago

      right i think LB rework will make him better and more fun to play and raider needed to be a little faster. and i am excited to see how sakura does

  • Yegor Larychev
    Yegor Larychev Month ago +1

    *sees Lawbringer’s buff*
    It is time my brothers.

    • Yegor Larychev
      Yegor Larychev Month ago

      Sam Varner keep faith, brother.

    • Sam Varner
      Sam Varner Month ago +2

      @Yegor Larychev trust me. I would like to feel the same way XD

    • Yegor Larychev
      Yegor Larychev Month ago

      Sam Varner DO NOT BREAK MY DREAMS!

    • Sam Varner
      Sam Varner Month ago +2

      Not so much a buff

  • redfox50184
    redfox50184 Month ago +1

    So how come they support this game forever but stopped supporting ac unity? The game is almost a masterpiece

  • båmböøzləd Ågąïn

    Listen all I want is for Lawbringer to get armor on an attack, like his unblockable or something

    • Old Blood
      Old Blood Month ago

      @Iron Hands Terminator its never happening cause of the abuse it would cause... law daddy doesnt need it. And shugs getting nerfed buddy.... no more hug spam.

    • Iron Hands Terminator
      Iron Hands Terminator Month ago

      MaJay-_-Yumi it’s not like we’re asking for much, anyways. Just some fuckin hyper armor on Lawbringer is all we’re asking for. I mean, the dude’s 7 feet tall and struts around in full body plate armor with chainmail to back it up. If anyone deserves some new shugoki style hyper armor, it’s Lawbringer

    • MaJay-_-Yumi
      MaJay-_-Yumi Month ago

      Well with the backlash his rework is getting right now they might end up adding more or changing him entirely cause this is literally turning out like the voice changes thing. Everyone just trashed it and said it was bad because of a few voices and they just scrapped the whole thing so who knows maybe they will give him more with the amount of whining they are getting from us lol hopefully

    • Chalk
      Chalk Month ago +1

      He doesn't have armor on his openers, which makes opponents feel more comfortable attacking him (that's good for Lawbringer since he's a counter-attacker), but I see no reason he shouldn't get it on his finishers.

    • Iron Hands Terminator
      Iron Hands Terminator Month ago +3

      båmböøzləd Ågąïn I’d say he deserves new Shugoki style hyper armor, considering he’s covered from head to toe in plate steel with chainmail underneath

  • Yuki Terumi
    Yuki Terumi Month ago +1


    • Yuki Terumi
      Yuki Terumi Month ago

      @res hammington lol

    • res hammington
      res hammington Month ago

      woooooo a new heavy chain... wooo atleast i have shove on block am i rite or am i rite

  • Yuki Terumi
    Yuki Terumi Month ago +1

    I hope one day we get a martial artist hero. Snapping necks and bones bare handed would be sweet.

    • Yuki Terumi
      Yuki Terumi Month ago

      @KNOW YOURSELF I mean like monk who has those vambracers.

      KNOW YOURSELF Month ago

      Maybe spiked gauntlet assassin? Bare hands seems too little. Simple block with a bladed weapon ad your hands are fucking gone.

  • anakin Skywalker
    anakin Skywalker Month ago +1

    Wow no new armor for bp

  • Dont be Hater
    Dont be Hater Month ago +19

    Ubisoft hate knights so much that they nerf lawbro even more

    • Ramses Lopez
      Ramses Lopez Month ago +5

      lawbro is the new shugoki the only difference is that lawboi was far worst than shugoki for a long time

  • Wolphcake
    Wolphcake Month ago +4

    I dont know if you guys read the comments but litterally all you need to do for LB is give his heavies HA, everyone would be satisfied.
    But if you really insist on not doing that at least allow heavies to be soft feinted into bash. It would go a long way to give LB a viable opener.