My Experience Getting Ultherapy | Non-Surgical Neck Lift? | Before & After

  • Published on Sep 14, 2018
  • I had Ultherapy 4 months ago for my sagging jaw & neck so now it's time to see the if it worked...
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Comments • 949

  • HotandFlashy
    HotandFlashy  5 months ago +131

    Good Morning! I guess I forgot to mention how long Ultherapy lasts. Results from a single treatment are supposed to last from 12-18 months. xo ~angie

    • Coach Kersey
      Coach Kersey 13 days ago

      I've heard consistently that Ultherapy results are expected to last up to 5 years. thanks for the video. I had it done for the first time 3 weeks ago, total face and neck. I had some pain meds left over from when I broke my arm 2 years ago and took one of those. My experience was totally fine as far as pain. Only a couple of minor painful points when we took just a 5 or 10 second break.

    • Stephanie James
      Stephanie James Month ago

      +Rhyothemis princeps Maybe Face Yoga Method will tighten it up

    • Irada Ibrahimzade
      Irada Ibrahimzade Month ago

      +IAB 2014 what is the price?

    • Birgit Schenk
      Birgit Schenk Month ago

      The big question would be how much did it cost?

    • Birgit Schenk
      Birgit Schenk Month ago +2

      I had the Ultherapy 2 years ago, cost me about 5000 $ and if there was a result it was veeeery subtle. Dermatologist said to come back in a year.... 10k for hardly any result? She said the treatment is preventive 🤔 for me it was a waste of money in hindsight 😞
      So about 2 weeks ago I had a SMAS face and necklift + blepharoplastic and now I can see a difference, my turkey neck is gone and my hooded eyes also 👍✌

  • Suzie N.
    Suzie N. 8 hours ago

    Thank You for this great video ! You helped me to save lots of money by publishing it ! You are beautiful !

  • vivix Waldo
    vivix Waldo 17 hours ago

    Won’t it burn the skin if one is using Tretinoin the evening?

  • sinisterangelsan
    sinisterangelsan 21 hour ago

    I do see a difference, you can see tighter skin around the jawline.

  • Anne Marie Fisher

    I personally wouldn’t do it I think it’s a lot of money if I want to really get improvement I would just have a neck lift be done with it

  • Alfa
    Alfa Day ago

    which treatment is more effective if you can choose ULTHERAPY VS FRACTIONAL LAZER .... PLEASE ANSWER ME

  • Mel Vern
    Mel Vern 5 days ago

    Thank you for sharing your experience, and all the information. I was hoping this was permanent. A definite option to explore!

  • Linda
    Linda 7 days ago

    Fantastic video. Thank you so much for all the great information and especially the before and after photos and video.

  • Alia Kruz
    Alia Kruz 9 days ago

    You’re beautiful! I see a huge difference and it’s so natural your skin a healthier pigmentation and the movement in your neck is a major change. There’s no way anyone would know you had anything done. I say get your cheeks done and see what happens you look great!

  • Joan Burr Salzman
    Joan Burr Salzman 9 days ago

    Thank you for doing this. A NO GO FOR ME! I hate that for all the expense of having fillers and etc.done it only last for a year or more.

  • Eva Blankenship
    Eva Blankenship 11 days ago

    i had an associate who had Ultherapy done(68+ years old) and she told me (outside of class, of course) that she feels that it tightened her jawline a bit but it also turned the corners of her mouth down a bit as the tightening around the chin and jaw had the consequence of pulling , meaning the corners of the mouth down, i could not tell until she showed me before and afters on her phone. I guess the tightness that ultherapy created had this adverse effect on her mouth corners by way of pulling or something. Perhaps like the opposite of botox? I don't think she needed ultherapy, i don't think anyone needs to do this stuff, but I find it interesting none the less. Thank you HotandFlashy for your honest reviews and intelligent discussions.

  • Laura Sell
    Laura Sell 15 days ago

    Thanks for sharing this experience with such honesty. It was helpful to hear about your perspective and feelings.

  • Love4Life1
    Love4Life1 15 days ago girls are my Tribe! They definitely aren’t in the community on Curology. Hubby and I changed our eating lifestyle in July. We’ve lost enough weight that we now have jowls. I am assuming no other at home treatments worked?

  • Louise Corrans
    Louise Corrans 16 days ago

    The improvement is minimal - is Ultherapy the same as Laser Titan therapy?

    • HotandFlashy
      HotandFlashy  15 days ago

      No, Ultherapy uses ultrasound and Titan uses infrared so they're not the same.

  • ashley hayward
    ashley hayward 17 days ago

    Results definitely not worth the price and short duration of results.

  • Reva Garrett
    Reva Garrett 19 days ago

    I think u look great! I am not sure if ur aware that there r pictures on the internet where they show lower eye surgery. To take care of bags. I am contemplating having this done and was researching and came upon pictures of u. Not sure if u have covered this in a previous video. Just wanted to make u aware.

    • HotandFlashy
      HotandFlashy  15 days ago

      Unethical companies steal my pictures and use them for everything. It's so unfortunate.

  • Ena Jack
    Ena Jack 19 days ago

    TX . I loved it. So helpful

  • C O
    C O 20 days ago

    I don't think you really had a problem. You didn't have Turkey neck,what you had were lines across your neck, but you don't have loose skin. That's my problem. I think ultherapy works best on Turkey necks, then you see more of a difference. I think you looked fine before. The worst neck is Turkey neck and loose skin, but you don't - so I think you are too critical of yourself.

  • Maribel Aviles
    Maribel Aviles 20 days ago

    It looks very good can see the difference. I’m going through this process in 2 weeks.

  • Helter Skelter
    Helter Skelter 22 days ago

    You should try pdo threads for neck wrinkles or look into it.

  • hijacked symbols
    hijacked symbols 28 days ago

    The results were probably too gradual for you to notice. How soon after the procedure was the "after" photo at the end of your video taken? Trust me, your neck NOW looks much younger than it did before the procedure, and soon afterward. Great job. I still see no mention of the cost (or doctor). That would have helped.

  • Rebecca Black
    Rebecca Black 29 days ago

    For the money I want a longer lasting effect. But glad to see your video.
    Have you heard of facial threading

  • Lora Ovsiew
    Lora Ovsiew Month ago

    Hi!!! I am going for Ultherapy done on my lower face and neck next month. I am only going for one one session. Why did you have two ? I think it worked well for you!!!

  • Michele Bivins
    Michele Bivins Month ago

    Thank you for this informative video. The results show, in my opinion, nicer, smoother skin surface and better elasticity. The lines have diminished and the jawline was better defined and improved. There was less sagging. There is definitely improvement, however, I think it is not worth the price of the procedure. I personally am not a wealthy woman and would not be willing to pay that price. I have given myself radio frequency (RF) treatments at home and my results are as good or better at much less cost since I purchased the device and can use it for years to come at my discretion. It also was mostly painless.

  • Maja Crnjanski
    Maja Crnjanski Month ago

    I cannot even try to guess your age, you look so fresh and healthy so thank you again for this share.
    Results you have had are amazing, no surgery your own body is doing the best it can.You look amazing, nothing less🤗🤗🤗

  • Maja Crnjanski
    Maja Crnjanski Month ago

    Morning Angie, just saw your video and would like to thank you so much.I am just about to do it 😚.
    How does it look now, can you give some update since this was 4 months ago?
    Thank you in advance.Maya fom Serbia,Eu 😉

  • Susan Hogan
    Susan Hogan Month ago

    Read the privacy policy! No thanks!

  • Janet Cole
    Janet Cole Month ago

    Ohhhh ongoing there...sigh

  • Janet Cole
    Janet Cole Month ago

    OMG YOU LOOK FANTASTIC!!! I wish I could have that performed...I’m very self conscious about my neck...

  • David & Janet Leight

    Did you use your Nuface on your lower neck and jawline at the same time last April?

  • Theresa Flynn
    Theresa Flynn Month ago

    Thank you for your honest presentation. It helps a ton!

  • lisa hayden
    lisa hayden Month ago

    Her jawline has greatly improved

  • Vip Cancun
    Vip Cancun Month ago

    If we did this yearly Im sure there will be good results. I wonder if this is what Jlo does besides health and fitness

  • Vip Cancun
    Vip Cancun Month ago

    what happens to the botox?

  • Maria Richey
    Maria Richey Month ago

    I saw a tiny bit of improvement, but not enough to justify the cost. You're gorgeous either way!

  • grizzly deener
    grizzly deener Month ago

    this was very thorough; thank you and i appreciate it... :)

  • gilbert perez
    gilbert perez Month ago

    Very big difference, the surface wrinkles are softer, however those might need lasers that target surface damage/ageing

  • Annie Mayrand
    Annie Mayrand Month ago

    I am 51 and did this treatment 3 times ,after I noticed that my jaw was hanging . When I told my Dr . He told me that yes ,it shrinks the muscle but not the skin so after I had to do RF and C02 resurfacing to correct that.

  • swi tin
    swi tin Month ago

    Too much talk

  • Tricia Severin Holleman

    I really appreciate how much attention you put into the details. Thank you for all of those video and photo angles!

  • jennifer garcia
    jennifer garcia 2 months ago

    Thank you for showing this. I wonder if the pain is deep or just on skin. Are you or did they use Emla cream which numbs your skin? Thanks so much and Merry Christmas.

    • HotandFlashy
      HotandFlashy  2 months ago

      The pain is deeper... I asked about numbing gel but she said it would only numb the surface, not the deep tissue where the pain is generated.

  • Leslie Gardner
    Leslie Gardner 2 months ago

    I had Ultherapy in my neck area in 2015 and it did hurt and i was bruised. I bruised worse on one side. It lasted around 18 months.

  • CinemaScoper
    CinemaScoper 2 months ago

    Not worth the expense. There's not that much improvement in your appearance but you look beautiful anyway.

  • S. Morales
    S. Morales 2 months ago

    It does make a difference. Good job

  • Nick Dees
    Nick Dees 2 months ago

    Perhaps women in general would possibly notice a change after your treatments. However for me the change is so subtle that perhaps only you would notice. Has anyone who was unaware of what you had done, noticed the change?

  • Ld Lutzow
    Ld Lutzow 2 months ago

    I can see it, I think it was a success. Go, why not. I'm gonna check into it!

  • Jacqueline Burazin
    Jacqueline Burazin 2 months ago

    I just bought a nuface ....
    So this is better? If newface works so well .......?
    Maybe nuface doesnt and dont get my hopes up?
    Has anyone done a comparison? Please help

  • Gloria Reynolds
    Gloria Reynolds 2 months ago

    Ultherapy hurts like a MoFO

  • Carol Ferguson
    Carol Ferguson 2 months ago

    I had my full face done only place I had pain was my lower jaw attheend because I have a silver filling I love it had it done twice at my friends clinic on maryhill road Glasgow just about to have myb3rd as tags the supposed amount per year for 3 years

  • Paula Dimicello
    Paula Dimicello 2 months ago

    I'm so bummed. I've used all her products spent a lot of money on them and I see no improvement in my face at all. Bummer

  • Ronnie Roo
    Ronnie Roo 2 months ago

    1/10 score from me for ultherapy from me. 😆

  • eugeniagraham2012
    eugeniagraham2012 2 months ago

    Another over priced procedure. I would not do this. Anything close to the lymph nodes seems risky

  • L Snow
    L Snow 2 months ago

    You talk way way way too much. Do what you have to do, THEN talk!!!!

  • Elaine theRainbow
    Elaine theRainbow 2 months ago

    I think the doctor did a wonderful job that worth of the "money, time and pain", a quote from your words, lol. see, even your daughter thought it looks much better, right? b/c it is. actually, you're very good looking for your age, thought you were in your early 30s. thanks for sharing.

  • JWitty RN
    JWitty RN 2 months ago

    no difference at all!

  • pancakewaitress
    pancakewaitress 2 months ago

    Now that some time has passed, have you noticed any changes?

  • Julie M
    Julie M 2 months ago

    Thank you for sacrificing yourself, LOL, and all of the excellent before and after comparisons! A very through review!

  • Tova Feder
    Tova Feder 2 months ago

    If a woman is really concerned about lower face/neck droop then get a neck/face lift. It's the only thing that will work. All these other "therapies" are half-hearted expensive procedures that eat your money, consume your time and show marginal results (like cool sculpting.) Surgical procedures are not for everyone. But if you're looking for results, and you have the money, find a competent cosmetic surgeon (interview several) and proceed thoughtfully.

  • Enid Hutchinson
    Enid Hutchinson 2 months ago

    for THAT KIND OF MONEY, (which is the cost of a mini face lift) there should have been more dramatic results

  • Lydia Arcos
    Lydia Arcos 2 months ago +1

    What was the cost$ on the neck erea?

  • Irina Hernandez
    Irina Hernandez 2 months ago

    Your neck looks better than before, but this procedure is to expensive for the result.

  • Lillian Franco
    Lillian Franco 2 months ago

    i went to a presentation of this tonight. I was very interested and asked lots of questions. Guess what!!!!??? I won a free ultherapy treatment for my eyes!!! I was very excited and i'm having it done next week. I am hoping to look refreshed. I couldn't believe i won. The women at the presentation couldn't believe i wasn't screaming my head off when they called my name. I was in shock really. You look great as you always do though. Thanks for the video

  • Donna Johnson
    Donna Johnson 2 months ago

    I'm 2 months to late for any conversations, but I did watch the video and decided to have Juvederm Voluma which dermatologists say can last up to 2 years. If I'm going to pay that kind of money then I want results and lasting results with basic maintenance. I do believe she has a video on this product and I'm very glad she had this done to show us. I'm also glad for the comments on here they really helped me with my decision. Reading back, I sound like Pollyanna and her glad game lol.

  • loanna pham
    loanna pham 2 months ago

    Hi there, who would you suggest to go for Ultherapy in Florida ? Thank you so much.

  • Maral Namin
    Maral Namin 2 months ago

    I have read that the complete difference shows after 180 days. How many days after your treatment did you take the after pictures?

  • Liz Valentine
    Liz Valentine 2 months ago

    How long does this procedure last

  • laurierz
    laurierz 3 months ago

    Angie, I decided to go for it and had this done yesterday. I did the 2nd option you mentioned for $2,200 (lower face and neck). One thing I wanted to mention is they told me not to ice it. They said you don't want to do anything to stop the inflammation process. Also, the office I went to prescribed Ativan and Hydrocodone-Acetamin. I'm not going to say it didn't still hurt, but it made it a lot more tolerable.

  • Maite Herrera Abreu
    Maite Herrera Abreu 3 months ago

    Have you try Fractora Forma?

  • taritamily
    taritamily 3 months ago

    Love the yellow nails!! the treatment yes improve a a quit bit!

  • Cat Tate
    Cat Tate 3 months ago

    You are so thorough. I love your channel. I do see some improvement, not as much hoped for. I could see this really showing up after 3 treatments. The cost though. Ouch!

  • SEK4110 Susan
    SEK4110 Susan 3 months ago

    Your facial muscles do not move at all when you talk and smile. Botox central going on.

  • Nickey M
    Nickey M 3 months ago

    Who is her plastic surgery? She looks amazing ❤️

  • Dora Ganem
    Dora Ganem 3 months ago

    The cost is to expensive and the results is not a big difference.

  • Alexandra Stratan
    Alexandra Stratan 3 months ago

    excuse me the fillers in the hand is creepy, just creapppy and I must bounce rt now, like rt now, I am done watching this nonsense of yours , and A huge thumbs down to you as a woman.

  • terri Binkley
    terri Binkley 3 months ago

    Hi, I am also in the "hot and flashy" time of my life. I have similar facial skin and tone as yours, so I love watching your videos and your ethics and honesty. I have very strong brow, jaw, and "frown line" muscles. I know 100% what you mean about looking down and the reflection of sagging skin is shocking. I am surprised at how fast it has happened! I recall my GRANDMOTHER's skin like this. I also suffer from the unapproachable, resting "B" face, which is the motivation behind all my research. It is devastating for others to be offended by me before I have even said a word!
    I am a nurse and love that your research is evidenced based, peer reviewed studies.
    Re your one tx: I believe it looks fabulous, but I do understand you expected more results for the cost. I am curious if you would have had better results if you had the other regions of your face and forehead done. I am also very curious if the results after the 2nd tx in 12-18 months will build on the first treatment, or if the result will be less noticable and less effective..? Do you know if there is a max number of treatments before the skin says, "I'm done!"?

  • Lis Bodil Karlsson
    Lis Bodil Karlsson 3 months ago

    it Will continiously omprövar a Couples of months

  • xodarapaki
    xodarapaki 3 months ago

    I really like the results. It seems that your face responds well to this treatment. I think if you did this once a year or so you had great results over time. You don't need of course. You look so beautyful!

  • Moi S
    Moi S 3 months ago

    I guess I'd either have to pay for two or more sessions or consider the knife. UGH!

  • ZSrz
    ZSrz 3 months ago

    The improvement was nice, but in comparison to the cost, it should have done more.

  • chetna andhale
    chetna andhale 3 months ago

    Mam please make a vedio on hair thickness

  • 30Summers
    30Summers 3 months ago

    Have you ever done filler for your neck lines? I’d like to see a video on that!

  • Diane marie
    Diane marie 3 months ago

    they ripped you off sorry

  • Prayer & Passports, The Road to Freedom

    Looks about the same tbh. Thanks for your detailed video!

  • Beverly L
    Beverly L 3 months ago

    If you really want to see a difference, ablative laser is the way, Ematrix is the best out there, but, you had better know the operator is
    very well trained.

  • Beverly L
    Beverly L 3 months ago

    Sorry to say, my dermatologist is Douglas Hamilton and he is a well known researcher as well as practitioner. Every known break through product on the market today goes through him, all FDA trials, and we recently talked about this procedure. THIS IS A FAIL, SO MUCH SO THAT THE TRIAL WAS ENDED. Hamilton and some others were involved in the study which took place in Arizona and it was such a fail they stopped. Why are the machines on the market? Because doctors jumped the gun and purchased the machines and are stuck with them and you get to pay for it. Most of those in the medical industry who know how these machines work will tell you the same. Ultra sound is not used like it was once in physical therapy because the long term effects.

    • Lisa Stettner
      Lisa Stettner 2 months ago

      Did he mention better treatments for sagging jowels? Most of the reviews are negative and I would like to find something effective! Thanks for your post.

  • Jenny Wang
    Jenny Wang 3 months ago

    Dear Angie i has been following you for the pass 3 years, you just look younger and younger each time i see you new chapter! and you are beautiful the way you are inside and outside. you have done your make up very naturally and nicely that you looks like 20 years old now !! Thank you for trying many beauty ideas and share with us. xo!!

  • Susan Morris-Smith
    Susan Morris-Smith 3 months ago

    Hey Angie... now that some time has passed are you noticing a greater difference?
    Thanks for responding... I’ve been researching this treatment as well!
    Sincerely, Susan

  • Trina Long
    Trina Long 3 months ago

    Looks better; improvement for sure.
    I’m wanting to get this done as well

  • artistcg
    artistcg 3 months ago

    Have you tried threading, or would you? My jowls and turkey neck are what trouble me. I've heard about the pain with Ultherapy, and not so great results, so I'll pass on that treatment. I enjoy your videos, and you always look radiant. :)

  • Eliza Dolittle
    Eliza Dolittle 3 months ago

    I had a mini lift done - basically a neck lift. I had it done nearly six years ago when I was 50. I ended up looking 35, which believe it or not made me very uncomfortable - like I was lying to the world. Even thought it made me feel good about myself, it creeped me out. The doctor told me not to get too used to it because the resulting firmness will not last long. He said my skin will settle although it will not revert to pre-procedure condition for at least 10 years. Well, he was right, my jaw-line is already starting to become squarish again and it's only been 6 years. Was it worth the money? All I will say is this: nothing can stop the aging process. We just have to take the best care of our skin as we possibly can and let nature take our hand. I'm not going to fight against it anymore. I'll stick to derma-rolling as part of my skin care routine from now on. I will also say HotandFlashy, you are a beautiful woman - you don't have a thing to worry about!

  • Kellie Kirkpatrick
    Kellie Kirkpatrick 3 months ago

    Amen looks better but for the money...I don't know ... and how long does it last...?

    • Kellie Kirkpatrick
      Kellie Kirkpatrick 3 months ago

      just saw the last amount time thanks...still a lot of money for a short term fix

  • Rosa Rodriguez
    Rosa Rodriguez 3 months ago

    You had a great jaw line, thanks for video I've been trying to see actual before and after pictures. I see alot of offices use same pictures. Ps have you ever used derma wand? Or is that total waist of money.

  • Salima
    Salima 3 months ago

    You are getting prettier each day... I have been watching your videos for the past few years and I am in my early 30s :D ... B/c of you I use Retin-A :)

  • Asa Olsen
    Asa Olsen 3 months ago

    jawline 55% improvement..braclett lines on neck 33%. ..In any cosmetic procedures a 50% improvement is a realistic expectation..You are a beautiful woman regardless...and with the courage of a lion :)

  • Nora Robles
    Nora Robles 4 months ago

    need more information

  • JZ M
    JZ M 4 months ago

    I can't wait for the follow up video!!!

  • sunflowerist
    sunflowerist 4 months ago

    What we do for

  • LauraByrdInk
    LauraByrdInk 4 months ago

    There is definitely some improvement. However is it $1,000 to $2,000 worth? With the pain? And the length of time it takes to see results? No. Thank you for this. Very informative.

  • Dena p.
    Dena p. 4 months ago

    So helpful Angie! Thank you for your videos.

  • Marlène Martel
    Marlène Martel 4 months ago

    A much the traitement?