Billionaire Bill Gates Guesses Grocery Store Prices

  • Published on Feb 21, 2018
  • Ellen tested Microsoft mogul Bill Gates' knowledge of grocery store prices with a game of "Bill's Grocery Bills."
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  • MinerMaster
    MinerMaster 12 hours ago

    *Bill* should be on a thousand dollar *bill*

  • Briannah Rice
    Briannah Rice 14 hours ago

    Bill sounds like Glen from Superstore at 2:59 😂

  • uhh
    uhh Day ago

    They both deserve a public execution

  • black spring
    black spring 2 days ago


  • Christian Solano
    Christian Solano 2 days ago

    70% of all men would lose at this too lol

  • Cqzx YT
    Cqzx YT 2 days ago

    Giving money to bill gates is like taking food from a starving kid

  • Mosx21
    Mosx21 2 days ago +2

    NASA: The ISS costs 150b dollars
    Bill: 0:58

  • Allyson RR
    Allyson RR 3 days ago

    He seems really nice

  • Fans, speakers, and more

    You know the price of the best cassette tape boombox in 2019? $59.88. Yeah, that's at Walmart. The Sony CFD-S70.

  • nebneb 5813
    nebneb 5813 3 days ago +1

    It’s not funny that a person can be so out of touch. It’s sad.

    • nebneb 5813
      nebneb 5813 18 hours ago

      No one should have that much money. It’s not endearing that he doesn’t know the cost of milk. It’s indicative of a larger issue within our oligarch country.

    • SubstanceD91
      SubstanceD91 19 hours ago

      How is it sad? He helps a lot of people with his money and doesn't have time to go to the grocery store, he probably has had an assistant do it for the past 20 years.

  • masterjack animation

    Bill Gates probably has a grocery shop in his bedroom

  • Chantal Bellmont
    Chantal Bellmont 3 days ago

    this is sad

  • ĸaιne
    ĸaιne 4 days ago +2

    "Bill Gates Gets Help Off The Audience To Guess Prices About Products He Has No Clue About How Much They Cost" 😂

  • Lucas Krzywdzinski
    Lucas Krzywdzinski 4 days ago +4

    ... yeah this looked like a slap in the face to the middle/lower class...

  • Jacob Harvath
    Jacob Harvath 4 days ago

    Giving a penny to Bill Gates is NOTHING.

    QUANTUM 4 days ago

    3:55 Hahahahaha 😂😂😂
    The blonde girl in black shirt...
    Nobody want to hug you 💩

  • Ryuichiro Suzuki
    Ryuichiro Suzuki 4 days ago

    TBH, Ellen can't guess right either

  • sugermare katy
    sugermare katy 4 days ago +1

    When last time Ellen has been to a supper market

  • Allen Worrell
    Allen Worrell 4 days ago

    Having to give bill the answers on the last two has to be a typical boomer reaction. Now he will preach the virtues of how he did it all on his own through hard work and pulling himself up by his bootstraps.

  • Aidan Spence
    Aidan Spence 5 days ago

    Seller this house is 1 billion dollars
    Bill gates 0:58

  • Adrian Unicycle Adventures

    Well, he's got all the money in the world, but there's one thing he can't buy.
    What's that?
    A dinosaur.

  • Eagles Landin
    Eagles Landin 5 days ago

    Haha, he’s so filthy rich that he is out of touch to how to the other 99.9% of people in his society live.
    Welcome America’s politicians.
    Billionaires as presidents? Maybe he’s next!
    Corporate America always has the best interests of people and society 😂

  • TheAfricanPrince
    TheAfricanPrince 5 days ago

    Bill: goes on the internet to buy clothes, selects his size
    Quantity: 1-20
    Bill: I was expecting one to be $1000, so I’ll take 20

  • eNoff Music
    eNoff Music 5 days ago

    "I'll take half"

  • Edgy Shrexbox
    Edgy Shrexbox 5 days ago

    He must buy alot of expensive stuff to think pizza rolls cost $22

  • Anime Lover
    Anime Lover 5 days ago +1

    2037: Trillionare Mr Beast guesses grocery bills!

  • Jesus wants u
    Jesus wants u 5 days ago

    Anyone who is gawking at this hasn’t been to Publix, HEB, Giant Eagle etc...
    But I’m not gonna argue that bill gates has more money than he could ever spend and enough to feed the whole world.

  • One Two
    One Two 6 days ago

    He doesn’t need to or care to guess since he buys what he needs or want and price is the last of his concern.

  • Some guy
    Some guy 6 days ago

    Money talks
    Wealth whispers
    Bill Gates is a primary example of that

  • Reon Eade
    Reon Eade 6 days ago

    Notice his responce when she mentioned paying off his student loans ?
    He said don't endanger them.... he knows all too well they are indocrination centres

  • Dr Delicioso
    Dr Delicioso 6 days ago

    Now he knows how some people feel with computers...clueless...

  • Dallas Piorkowski
    Dallas Piorkowski 6 days ago

    Anyone else come back to this video to see if there are any new funny comments?

  • 7Andrew
    7Andrew 6 days ago

    Well that was a big waste of my time...

  • Raya Boicey
    Raya Boicey 7 days ago

    And that was when he realized he was 5 times richer than he thought he was.... 😂

  • Crocodile Toes
    Crocodile Toes 7 days ago

    Ok Ellen the video is 4:20 long I see you

  • maverick207
    maverick207 7 days ago +4

    3:15 The girl in the front looks like Camilla Cabello!?!?!??!?!?!??

  • Nathan Swisshelm
    Nathan Swisshelm 7 days ago

    Kinda sad

  • niceuser1234
    niceuser1234 7 days ago

    got to love and Respect Mr. William Gates

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian 7 days ago

    I don’t think I could do that

  • Crep3y
    Crep3y 7 days ago

    when you notice this was a year ago

  • DarkGhost
    DarkGhost 7 days ago

    She Said The Audience Because She Knows He Will Buy Her Show

  • DoggyStyle
    DoggyStyle 7 days ago +1

    Bill "You guys think let's that ten dollars?" Gates.

  • roald dahl
    roald dahl 7 days ago

    theyre all jumping and dancing like kids lol to see ellen.

  • OverVixia
    OverVixia 8 days ago

    I guessed more everytime because i live in Norway and its super expensive living here

  • YoungPal LoL
    YoungPal LoL 8 days ago +7

    Ellen: What do you buy from supermarkets??
    Bill Gate: YES

  • Nicholas Mitchell
    Nicholas Mitchell 8 days ago

    I want to be this rich 🤣

  • Claude Akel
    Claude Akel 8 days ago

    0:58 he should have said "I'd take the whole company."

  • SirWillEvoKING
    SirWillEvoKING 8 days ago

    I just came here's for the potato chips

  • Drk SiLver StoRM
    Drk SiLver StoRM 8 days ago

    I literally work in a grocery store and got all of these wrong except the first one...

  • Steve Robertson
    Steve Robertson 8 days ago +1

    When you have billions of dollars, but still dress like Mr. Rogers...

  • sebastian Roberts
    sebastian Roberts 8 days ago

    A dollar to bill gates is like a piece of dirt

    Its a joke

  • Vanessa Vooris
    Vanessa Vooris 8 days ago


  • Gygabiite
    Gygabiite 8 days ago


  • DuckMan
    DuckMan 8 days ago

    Bill Gates flexing for four and a half minutes

  • Chris
    Chris 8 days ago

    brain washed audience hahahaha

  • Tomasz Kantoch
    Tomasz Kantoch 8 days ago

    new car....4 dollars

  • Melanie Blake
    Melanie Blake 9 days ago

    Bill gates, the sexiest man alive. Lol

  • Yu Wu
    Yu Wu 9 days ago

    Bill:Time to buy Tide. I mean the company.

  • Jack Cutler
    Jack Cutler 9 days ago

    I love watching Ellen pretend like she's just a normal middle-class person next to Bill Gates, and not worth a half a billion dollars herself. Sure, half a billion isn't $110 billion... but it's still a HALF A BILLION DOLLARS.

  • Jack Cutler
    Jack Cutler 9 days ago

    It's one banana, Ellen. What could it cost? $10?