The greatest 9 darters in World Darts Championships history!

  • Published on Dec 19, 2018
    We run through the best 9 dart finishes from the World Darts Championships at Ally Pally, from Adrian Lewis against Gary Anderson to Michael van Gerwen's comeback against James Wade!
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  • Gas Man
    Gas Man 4 days ago

    Not one of them hit the bullseye..

  • torres rey
    torres rey 4 days ago


  • Latscho Patty
    Latscho Patty 7 days ago

    Wie heißt der song

  • Zakaria Kihiu
    Zakaria Kihiu 9 days ago

    Thats nice i have never seen that

  • Bobby Trill
    Bobby Trill 10 days ago

    Neat game

  • mam241
    mam241 10 days ago +1

    Is Jaundice required to get into the competition or is that just a sign of a lifetime of hard training for the event?

  • Ancient1341 PF
    Ancient1341 PF 10 days ago +1

    Mark Rober: Hold my mars rover.

  • Callum Records
    Callum Records 13 days ago

    The dart board they were using I have the same one

  • 狂就是我
    狂就是我 15 days ago


  • Pakillnaman Unbound
    Pakillnaman Unbound 16 days ago

    **Hits the Caster's head on accident**

  • Adam Kinsinger
    Adam Kinsinger 17 days ago

    This would be amazing without the music

  • Deadkill 3OOO
    Deadkill 3OOO 17 days ago

    The dart was a paid actor

  • ファン9
    ファン9 17 days ago +1


  • Angela Moulton
    Angela Moulton 21 day ago +2

    Who else thought you were supposed to hit the middle 😂

  • Matthew Edgar
    Matthew Edgar 22 days ago

    My 9 was the most historic ☺️👍

  • Marco Chan
    Marco Chan 24 days ago

    Theres nothing wrong with the music, it'd be boring without it. If you don't like it leave. You weren't told to stay.

  • Michael Thackray
    Michael Thackray 25 days ago

    First off everyone complaining about the music, it's there so the video doesn't get copy right strikes
    Secondly this is just all the 9 darters in a row not in order of "the best 9 darters"

  • jj jj
    jj jj 28 days ago

    Damn this is some exciting stiff

  • iCCL G
    iCCL G 28 days ago

    These guy could beat your average dart player with one dart per round, sick

  • Marc Rijkhals
    Marc Rijkhals Month ago

    background music is terrible !!!!...... cut that the next time

  • jay jay
    jay jay Month ago

    Great video, but instant dislike due to the stupid music sorry

  • Luboš
    Luboš Month ago

    Im so bad im darts, i ll throw my darts to scrab. But i ll miss it :(

  • Craig McVay
    Craig McVay Month ago


  • jorge albaso
    jorge albaso Month ago

    Van gerwem?

  • مهستر الشرق
    مهستر الشرق Month ago +1

    Finally we find a sport for us ( overweight people ? :|

  • Muddywater
    Muddywater Month ago

    Didn’t know this was even a thing
    Thanks USclip algorithm .

  • MrKimo62
    MrKimo62 Month ago

    I like huge man boobs

  • LCdrDerrick
    LCdrDerrick Month ago

    These could be the most attractive and most intellectual beeings on earth! Their kind must have been breeded for abusive work in the mines and the mills in the first place.

  • The Hater
    The Hater Month ago


  • Rhincewind
    Rhincewind Month ago

    Mirai nikki?

  • J B
    J B Month ago

    What does a 9 dart finish do? And why is it such a big deal?

  • Vishnu Kumar
    Vishnu Kumar Month ago

    Hearing the commentators go "double twelve" at the end of the sets is super underrated and kinda gets me hype when they hit it

  • Vishnu Kumar
    Vishnu Kumar Month ago

    On the last round, why do they choose to do triple 20, triple 19, and double 12 when you can do 2 triple 20s and a triple 7?

  • TheRoneZone
    TheRoneZone Month ago


  • Black Diva
    Black Diva Month ago

    This could be an anime lol

  • Moises Can Sing
    Moises Can Sing Month ago

    who came here after watching Paul Lim?

  • Dats a good one
    Dats a good one Month ago

    4:11 debt or credit

  • SlickCalf
    SlickCalf Month ago

    Olympic sport

  • SlickCalf
    SlickCalf Month ago +1

    Such good sportsmanship shown in darts

  • Hyakkimaru - Aniki
    Hyakkimaru - Aniki Month ago

    Those guys are so concentrated that their eyes doesn’t have feelings.

  • Tree
    Tree Month ago +2

    And Jimmy is out for the season with a slightly pulled hamstring, and a severe hangnail...

  • Tree
    Tree Month ago +1

    How in the phuck this is a sport... is beyond me.👎🏼

  • NuttyNu
    NuttyNu Month ago

    Why are they not hitting bulls eyes?

    • Mark toad
      Mark toad 11 days ago

      NuttyNu cause you don’t get many points

  • La Gatita
    La Gatita Month ago +2

    Son: "Love you mum!" 3:24
    Me: "She loves you too" :,)

  • Harish Harsh
    Harish Harsh Month ago

    USclip God has chose this video to me

  • Jayce Ftw
    Jayce Ftw Month ago


  • ML BB
    ML BB Month ago +1

    The music is actually pretty good... Welp some people really have different taste when it comes to watching epic moments like these

  • Nick De Las Alas
    Nick De Las Alas Month ago

    Lol the guy that opens his mouth before every throw

  • Dkfk Lfkx
    Dkfk Lfkx Month ago

    is this sport only for ugly people?

  • Aaron Cisneros
    Aaron Cisneros Month ago

    Paul Lim?

  • anarawad
    anarawad Month ago

    bloody music!!!!

  • Shen Yang
    Shen Yang Month ago

    He looks so dead inside

  • Abel Alejandro
    Abel Alejandro Month ago

    These announcers are amazing

  • emperorkaranda
    emperorkaranda Month ago

    Brendan Dolan hit the best 9 darter in THE HISTORY OF DARTS

  • beachman
    beachman 2 months ago +1

    First guy was like "what is all the fuss about?" 😂

  • Eric So
    Eric So 2 months ago

    A sport for obese fat fucks

  • Curt Sheldon
    Curt Sheldon 2 months ago

    These guys make it look easy. Can a lot of people throw 9 darters?

  • zesound
    zesound 2 months ago +1

    Pretty cool.......I guess?

  • Ptyler Beats
    Ptyler Beats 2 months ago

    It’s just a bunch of people doing the same exact thing. No tension at all lol
    T20, T20, T20, T20, T20, T20, T20, T19, D12. Wow... cool. I saw the last 12 guys do the same thing.

    • Ptyler Beats
      Ptyler Beats 2 months ago

      @HotsonBotson There's no question that it's impressive. But it's impressive after the first three people in the compilation do it. And then when it's a compilation of like 20 different dudes doing the same thing, you pretty much get the idea. This is one of those things that would only be cool to see in context. Because this compilation gets boring after the first couple clips.

    • HotsonBotson
      HotsonBotson 2 months ago

      You know how impressive it is ? Hardly any players have done it before and they play the sport for a living

  • Authentic
    Authentic 2 months ago

    So is this like a hole in one in golf?

    • Rob G
      Rob G 2 months ago +1

      Far harder.

  • siemon pryns
    siemon pryns 2 months ago


  • ShadowBanned
    ShadowBanned 2 months ago +1

    Can't help but watch this with a massive smile on my face

  • Dweezles Gang
    Dweezles Gang 2 months ago +2

    *aim bot enabled

  • Harry Foster
    Harry Foster 2 months ago

    mvg’s is goosebump stuff

  • BornToCatch16
    BornToCatch16 2 months ago

    The most hype video of all time

  • Gabby Dela Paz
    Gabby Dela Paz 2 months ago


    ENES ÖZDEN 2 months ago

    What about Jason Statham.

  • Paul Dashwood
    Paul Dashwood 2 months ago

    This is great .

  • Doug Carroll
    Doug Carroll 2 months ago

    Love this

  • Callum Cansdale
    Callum Cansdale 2 months ago

    Had to be at least one against james wade 😂