The greatest 9 darters in World Darts Championships history!


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  • Joel
    Joel 4 hours ago

    Even though I know what's coming, my heart still races and I still cheer at the end of each 9 darter

  • ContemnoDE
    ContemnoDE 21 hour ago

    What's the name of the darts can Barneveld uses against Dolan (beginning at 0:37)? Want to buy these :)

  • Herschel Squirts

    I love how Winstanley pulled a Wayne Mardle and just took off running!!

  • M W
    M W Day ago

    I'd love to be a darts player. Can eat and drink as much as u like and no one will care.

  • Steve Godley
    Steve Godley 2 days ago

    Could have done without the Bollywood belly dancing music. Otherwise a great video.

  • Máté Belényesi
    Máté Belényesi 2 days ago

    This is so boring. Everyone is 7xT20 T19 D12. Van Gerwen combined the order of the T19 and a T20 but its pretty much the same. There are a lot of way to throw a 9 darter. It should be in the history some more interesting. And if there is in the history, it should be in this video. E.g. : 3xT20, 3xT19, 3xBULL

  • Blue-Eyed Pagan
    Blue-Eyed Pagan 3 days ago

    Hideous bitching from some in what is a Pub game.....
    ......sly sports at their classless worst🎯

  • Omar Szypusz
    Omar Szypusz 3 days ago

    We all read the title wrong...

  • Shalom Njenga
    Shalom Njenga 3 days ago

    Have you noticed most dart players are puffy.. I don't know why but people are afraid of me coz I'm puffy tooo😂😂.. But I love this game..

  • Chorlo oo
    Chorlo oo 4 days ago

    Gary Anderson is the best

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  • 詳細
    詳細 6 days ago


  • Marius Rasmussen
    Marius Rasmussen 6 days ago

    His face at 0:50

  • Boxing Fan
    Boxing Fan 7 days ago

    Whats up with the music? Fury got robbed

  • vivek sharma
    vivek sharma 7 days ago +2

    Seems like Darts is Bigger than Cricket in England

  • Mark Donoghue
    Mark Donoghue 9 days ago

    Turn off back round music

  • Ties Tv
    Ties Tv 9 days ago +1

    Van gerwen number 1🇳🇱💪

  • Paweł
    Paweł 10 days ago +2

    I am from Poland, but I like dart

  • Djnormandy14
    Djnormandy14 10 days ago +2

    Disliked the video, Not because of the darts, because of the music..

  • ᄆᄂᄆᄂᄆ
    ᄆᄂᄆᄂᄆ 10 days ago

    please tell me game's rule

  • Youri Vonk
    Youri Vonk 11 days ago

    the sportmansship is great

  • Landshut 1948
    Landshut 1948 11 days ago

    Van gerwen❤️

  • majesticc
    majesticc 11 days ago

    The music is good for me chill music

  • David A Townsend
    David A Townsend 11 days ago

    There have been hundreds upon hundreds of 9 darters - this one is good but nothing more!

  • Dominic Downs
    Dominic Downs 11 days ago

    I don’t know how darts works but this looks very impressive

  • iamtiddler
    iamtiddler 11 days ago

    didn't now mvg used Adrian lewis' darts:p

  • XxUmutCan24xX
    XxUmutCan24xX 12 days ago

    2:34 one punch man playing darts now, I see you saitama, I see you...

  • Martijn Vv
    Martijn Vv 12 days ago


  • Sorab
    Sorab 12 days ago +1

    Afschin ist ein Huhn

  • Ton Eighty
    Ton Eighty 12 days ago +10

    Where can I find The worst 9 darters in World Darts Championships history? I just want to compare.

    • 265lbs
      265lbs Day ago

      Haha I was thinking the same

  • roy ashman
    roy ashman 12 days ago

    Love the way the crowd noise goes up a notch on every dart...

  • hollywoodsfinest
    hollywoodsfinest 12 days ago

    00:29 min. Like a Boss !!!

  • Dunkler Titan
    Dunkler Titan 12 days ago

    without phil taylor 9 darter are badest in the world

  • Replicated Media
    Replicated Media 12 days ago

    One fat athlete is missing

  • thomas075
    thomas075 12 days ago

    the music ruined the video

  • Ronnie Civella
    Ronnie Civella 13 days ago

    I’m here as a joke to remind you dart people know you’re losers.

  • Fenway Fan
    Fenway Fan 13 days ago

    No 19-darters from Frimley Green lol

  • bwg bwg
    bwg bwg 13 days ago

    Daumen runna für die scheiß Musik

  • MV4301
    MV4301 14 days ago


  • paddyfitz
    paddyfitz 14 days ago

    Barney's we're the best ones , completely effortless

  • M74 BG
    M74 BG 14 days ago

    The darts looks like such a good piss up🤣defo on my to do list this year

  • Araton
    Araton 14 days ago

    missed tyler's double 9 darter against wade right there

    • Ant R
      Ant R 11 days ago

      Pretty sure that was in the premier league mate, could be wrong.

  • stephen steward
    stephen steward 14 days ago

    Anyone know the music sky used when advertising MVG vs Gary Anderson before the semi final

  • Ryan Bugden
    Ryan Bugden 15 days ago

    Just out of excitement,
    I wanna see one of these guys throw his darts into the crowd 😂

  • Ryan Bugden
    Ryan Bugden 15 days ago

    Just out of excitement,
    I wanna see one of these guys throw his darts into the crowd 😂

  • BARUtubbig
    BARUtubbig 15 days ago

    Is there a version without the music?? Its better to just hear the game

    PARAGON COUNTRY CLUB 15 days ago

    I didn't know sloth from The Goonies was so good at darts.

  • Japvin
    Japvin 15 days ago

    2019 🎉🎉🎉

  • I shoved a lollipop up my ass then sold it

    1:32 Anderson "Im outta here"

  • Jesse cumbee
    Jesse cumbee 16 days ago

    Pshhhhhh I’ve done this with my opposite hand while smoking a cigar in my mouth after 12 beers standing on one foot! Easy Peezy

  • MCA Freestyle
    MCA Freestyle 16 days ago

    Yo creo que este deporte es para puros guatones culiaos flojos

  • kashattack
    kashattack 16 days ago

    The 2 reactions from Barney couldn't be more different! First one he was cool as a cucumber, the 2nd he was jumping around like a madman!

  • Andreas Widiker
    Andreas Widiker 16 days ago

    Bro waht kind of sport is this

  • Spriggan Requiem
    Spriggan Requiem 16 days ago

    There are Missing the 2 9Darters in a row by Phil the Power Taylor

  • Israel Lett
    Israel Lett 16 days ago

    Everyone complaining about the music there’s nothing you can do about it now so stfu. Thank you

  • Yousuke Hada
    Yousuke Hada 16 days ago

    lean on

  • Barthakus
    Barthakus 17 days ago

    Phil Taylor?

  • Anthony Currie
    Anthony Currie 17 days ago

    What do they get for it being televised nowadays ? Is it same for all tournaments and money shared if more than 1 player does it in the tournament ?

  • Luke Fallon
    Luke Fallon 17 days ago

    Im 16 my dream is to go to a darts competition

  • Michael Zopf
    Michael Zopf 17 days ago

    Gratulation 👏 🎯

  • RP
    RP 17 days ago

    Dislike for the idiotic background music.

  • Ryan Lewis
    Ryan Lewis 17 days ago +1

    Can you do van der Voort beats Michael van Gerwen

  • Stephen Fegan
    Stephen Fegan 17 days ago

    Do dart players get a cash bonus if they hit a 9 darter??

  • Jewan Ibrahim
    Jewan Ibrahim 17 days ago

    Winstanleys reacting are the best

  • Matt Wake
    Matt Wake 17 days ago

    I thought the middle was the best?

  • Nimorius
    Nimorius 17 days ago

    17 perfect darts by MvG is the most impressive. everyone held breath in that moment.

  • Alvin Johnson
    Alvin Johnson 18 days ago +4

    This is why i love Darts

  • Astronautilus 14
    Astronautilus 14 18 days ago

    3:40 you should also show the next leg

  • EG
    EG 18 days ago


  • Martin Dumayas
    Martin Dumayas 18 days ago +44

    i cannot be one of them. im not fat

    • Dieu Donné
      Dieu Donné 9 days ago

      +Andrea Rebek
      Beer becomes fat.
      Bat becomes fear.

    • Andrea Rebek
      Andrea Rebek 15 days ago +1

      that's not fat, it's beer

  • Mike Hydropneumatic
    Mike Hydropneumatic 18 days ago +1

    Awesome darts.
    Stay healthy everybody.
    Greetings from The Netherlands.

  • DigBick
    DigBick 18 days ago

    Double 12!

  • Wesal Maroof
    Wesal Maroof 18 days ago +9

    I liked the background music tho

  • Alexander Steiner Fotografie

    Completely unnecessary background music, way too loud, too.The commentary and the crowd is the best in these videos. So please leave it as it was.

  • Geert Matthys
    Geert Matthys 18 days ago

    The only sport that makes alcoholics believe they can be athletes too

  • Herry Masdirwan
    Herry Masdirwan 19 days ago

    Wtf, no " The power " ?? What a joke... 👎👎🤣🤣

  • DemonLama
    DemonLama 19 days ago

    Golden nail to the end Gary Anderson. Very nice video . :)

  • paulyrides11
    paulyrides11 19 days ago

    Notice how each opponent congratulates the 9 darter , except for Wade , god he’s such an arrogant prick

  • Bob Boo
    Bob Boo 19 days ago

    Where’s Phil Taylor

  • FINN B
    FINN B 20 days ago +3

    Awful music

  • angler1960
    angler1960 20 days ago

    Diese Kneipenatmosphäre ist zum Kotzen... Bauerntheater für Saufsportler, widerlich!

    • Leon Schneider
      Leon Schneider 18 days ago

      Wo ist denn das bitte "Kneipenatmosphäre"? Diese Männer sind Präzise, witzige und vorallem faire Sportsmänner. Stell dich mal vor ne Dartscheibe und versuch mal ne 180 zu werfen. Seh dich in ner woche wieder.

    • Deutschrapjoker YT
      Deutschrapjoker YT 18 days ago

      Ich hoffe du verreckst bei deinem nächsten Alkoholfreien Bier

  • Lucas Jørgensen
    Lucas Jørgensen 20 days ago

    Who else is dutch

  • Goat Boi
    Goat Boi 21 day ago

    First guy looks like that one autistic Canadian weather reporter, the one that likes hot dogs and dancing.

  • Frickes
    Frickes 21 day ago

    Wird es noch eine offizielle Stellungnahme und entsprechende Personelle Konsequenzen zur frauenfeindlichen Kommentierung im aktuellen Turnier geben?

  • lukas.schagl
    lukas.schagl 21 day ago

    Wade could have actually appeared more times

  • Lukas O
    Lukas O 21 day ago


  • Red Rum
    Red Rum 21 day ago +2

    Greatest is the first, Paul Lim.

  • Hells Gift MB
    Hells Gift MB 21 day ago

    Greatest 9 darters...once you've seen one you've seen them all. Not like getting a 147 in snooker.

    • Hells Gift MB
      Hells Gift MB 11 days ago

      That is quite possibly the most moronic thing I've ever read.
      Anyway, I have got much closer to a 9 darter (and don't even play) than I have a 147 (which I played a fair amount).

    • Ant R
      Ant R 11 days ago

      Maybe so, but I'll guarantee you can't do either...

      ...which makes your opinion irrelevant!

  • blank
    blank 22 days ago +12

    Me: *"Is it possible to injure yourself playing darts?"*
    Arthritis: *"Hold my beer"*

  • der clash of clans boss Boss boss

    Terrible music

  • Chris Filkins
    Chris Filkins 22 days ago

    Not klaasen's fault like but he must be cursed 😂

  • Deniz Dinli
    Deniz Dinli 23 days ago

    The atmosphere..

  • Zitox
    Zitox 23 days ago +1

    To make 141, why he does not make 3*20 + 3*20 + 3*7 ?

    • Graeme Macintosh
      Graeme Macintosh 9 days ago

      Or the bull

    • OxygenGaming
      OxygenGaming 13 days ago

      You cant end on a triple, has to be a double.

    • Timmy Schreiner
      Timmy Schreiner 23 days ago +10

      Because you have to end up a leg with a dart on double, thats the rule ^^

  • Javanoviccc J
    Javanoviccc J 23 days ago

    why the hell the music

  • Flippy1565
    Flippy1565 23 days ago

    backgroundmusic sucks

  • Kobe Cheung
    Kobe Cheung 23 days ago

    I dunno about ruling so I have a question that might sound dumb: For the last 3 throws, does the player have to hit 3 different spots? I mean, if there is 141 points left, why not T20, T20, T7?

    • Anton Peterson
      Anton Peterson 17 days ago

      There are various ways to achieve a 9 darter but T20 T19 D12 is the most used and as Ralf said you need to finish on a double.

    • Kobe Cheung
      Kobe Cheung 23 days ago

      +Ralf Schell Oh, I see.

    • Ralf Schell
      Ralf Schell 23 days ago

      It is double out. Which means you can't finish with t7. It needs to be a double.

  • VO Loo
    VO Loo 23 days ago

    this video made my day the crowd is awesome

  • mark kinrade
    mark kinrade 23 days ago +2

    2 in 1 match by Taylor thats the best 2 iv ever seen. Theyll never be another Taylor

  • Hekarius 44
    Hekarius 44 23 days ago