Skrapz on why you won't catch him on Snapchat anytime soon | Link Up TV

  • Published on Nov 16, 2015
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Comments • 126

  • samuel leitch
    samuel leitch Month ago

    Im the same

  • Ice City Boyz
    Ice City Boyz 3 months ago +1

    Skrapz talks bare truth about people stunting on the app

  • Aryan Chavda
    Aryan Chavda 4 months ago +1

    X y ze

  • Mr M.A
    Mr M.A 8 months ago

    Full interview???

  • Samuel N
    Samuel N 11 months ago

    he sounds WAVED 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

  • frankie gordon
    frankie gordon Year ago

    Sexy Skrapz is talking facts!! People love to stunt on snap! Smh! Doing loads for the snap

  • danny hussain
    danny hussain Year ago

    My g humble to fuck rated

  • lewis james
    lewis james Year ago

    One of the realist! 💥

  • LondonTown
    LondonTown Year ago +1

    Skrapz is on a old school gangsta ting

  • Myyaa
    Myyaa Year ago +4

    He sounds so sexy....

  • Duck Muzik
    Duck Muzik Year ago +4

    Big point about ppl going out of character

  • Trapper Bilz
    Trapper Bilz Year ago +2

    What's your snap?

  • Jakeey G
    Jakeey G Year ago +1

    My mans real still

  • Ishy Huss
    Ishy Huss Year ago

    nines stuntin

  • Isaac Gabriel Kabega

    Skrapz Is Back With Realness In the speech 👏🏾👊🏾

  • Dragon 100
    Dragon 100 Year ago

    Real talk

  • Chad Muddy
    Chad Muddy Year ago

    Real shit

  • Jay Cartwright
    Jay Cartwright 2 years ago

    Bmt it's true Sleeks &a C biz went out of character bruv they both posted them pissing in the toilet I straight deleted them

    • Gee Stee'lo
      Gee Stee'lo Year ago

      Jay Cartwright a man snap himself pissing in the toilet

  • Victor Adekunle
    Victor Adekunle 2 years ago

    realest talk.

  • First Reichsführer-SS

    real g

  • Tings
    Tings 2 years ago

    Skrapz is the man.

  • Tony Paul
    Tony Paul 2 years ago

    skraps a bait yard ute only icb nigga I fuck wit

  • Kurt Pullen
    Kurt Pullen 2 years ago +2

    Still waiting for that 24 hours with tha industry skrapz

  • Finessaaar t
    Finessaaar t 2 years ago +36

    still waiting for the 24 hour with skrapz....

  • Liam Smith
    Liam Smith 2 years ago +3

    He's up there wid da best

  • Tomo Crosby
    Tomo Crosby 2 years ago +1

    What hat is he wearing?

  • Nass3r. H
    Nass3r. H 2 years ago

    Where is the 24hrs

  • Harlem Steppin
    Harlem Steppin 2 years ago +4

    he is the coolest guy

  • Ch Shabir
    Ch Shabir 3 years ago +15

    He cant be showing YOU his nitty scooping the crumbs up SKRAPZ IS BACK PART 2

  • Imaan Mahmood
    Imaan Mahmood 3 years ago

    whats mo stacks sc

  • Hamza Khan
    Hamza Khan 3 years ago

    whats nines' snapchat??

  • Challis Kelvin
    Challis Kelvin 3 years ago +1


  • SenszR
    SenszR 3 years ago


    GASHI HD 3 years ago +11

    Why does this guy always look high ??? Always zoned out

    • irGuilty
      irGuilty 2 years ago +36

      Cos he's always high lol

  • Kash TV
    Kash TV 3 years ago +9

    The day I logged out my snapchat 🔥🔥 realist shit I've heard

    • mac d
      mac d 2 years ago +3


  • Mr London
    Mr London 3 years ago

    Is this Eastenders. . drop the whole ting (sending shots for C Biz)

  • dnthypeonutube14
    dnthypeonutube14 3 years ago

    0.56-1.03 Realness

  • Gunna
    Gunna 3 years ago +3

    mans waved off his nugget

  • TTV
    TTV 3 years ago

    Ever so real 🙌🏾

  • thetruth7100
    thetruth7100 3 years ago

    He's yacked

  • The Chuffalo
    The Chuffalo 3 years ago +2

    I wonder if Nines will buy any turkeys this year..

  • Tom Slatter
    Tom Slatter 3 years ago +162

    His snapchat story would be like an episode of NARCOS lol

    • Samuel N
      Samuel N 11 months ago

      you sound like a top fan are u his boy how do you know about bodies, and if u was his nigga why would u expose man like that for feds and cps to start preein

    • Adal Javad
      Adal Javad Year ago

      eath nowen these they can spell you illiterate fuck silly fucking white boy talking shit no one ask for you input

    • You're Not That Guy
      You're Not That Guy 2 years ago

      Tom Slatter why you white boys always talking

    • AKMAN 699
      AKMAN 699 2 years ago

      +Gass​ ur right uno I just clocked

    • Gass
      Gass 2 years ago +1

      +0 tru your right still. People only think Biz is kervin cuz dailymail slapped his face in the middle of the article but the article even tells you hes not him

  • moremoneymore problem
    moremoneymore problem 3 years ago +1

    whys he sending for biz

  • MrAkMontana
    MrAkMontana 3 years ago

    Real talkk

  • ineed bandsz
    ineed bandsz 3 years ago

    whats C BIZ snapchat

  • Mike Luke
    Mike Luke 3 years ago

    what country is Skrapz from?

  • BsFinalXMagikz
    BsFinalXMagikz 3 years ago +1

    Real nigga

  • ExpectBass
    ExpectBass 3 years ago +6

    lol big up skrapz don is trill

  • David Malbranque
    David Malbranque 3 years ago

    C Biz is the number 1 trapper on snapchat right now he's getting it in

  • 44 Both
    44 Both 3 years ago +1

    Scrapz is an old man you know

  • staysaved1990
    staysaved1990 3 years ago +8

    24 hours with the industry skrapz💯💯💯

  • john Blow
    john Blow 3 years ago +79

    Only white boys and excited yutes snap all day leave that shit for those feminine yutes

    • Will pepr
      Will pepr Year ago

      Nines say leave that shit to the feminine yutes but he has snap chat so stop gassing 😂

    • Young C
      Young C Year ago +2

      Na it's true that mostly black yutes Are on snap
      Smokin in the camera with a song playin or drivin around I don't really kno any of my white friends to bang snapchat like the bruddaa loooll

    • Lewis
      Lewis 2 years ago +8

      john Blow only white boys yeah but I see hella black dons begging it 10x more alright then son

    • Calum SweetOne
      Calum SweetOne 3 years ago +3

      moaning coz you don't get that pum

    • Rikki Panero
      Rikki Panero 3 years ago


  • Badmantv
    Badmantv 3 years ago

    What country is he from

    • john Blow
      john Blow 3 years ago +13

      Jamaican and ghanian

  • Sajid Akram
    Sajid Akram 3 years ago

    anyone know any grime artist names on snapchat got section stormzy and krept and konon so far

    • manoftheyear
      manoftheyear 2 years ago +1

      Can u comment any uk artists snap chat i just made mine do u know nines snap chat or mists

  • Becky P
    Becky P 3 years ago +7

    loool I love him

  • Lurks Online
    Lurks Online 3 years ago +51

    Big Boy Skrapz The One And Only

  • USER01237
    USER01237 3 years ago +4

    Tru alotta people just doing things so their snapchat story bangs lol

  • GuidedPirate
    GuidedPirate 3 years ago +9

    real nigga here

  • Teddy Strangler
    Teddy Strangler 3 years ago +14

    Too real

  • DarkSamuraiHD
    DarkSamuraiHD 3 years ago +222

    He talks hella wavey

    • Finessaaar t
      Finessaaar t Year ago +1

      fam its a west london accent. alot of man from west/northwest speak like that

    • Stop
      Stop 2 years ago

      +amtownsyou510 Ghanaian

    • 93 til infinity510
      93 til infinity510 2 years ago +2

      +ZenqiOJ and ghanian

    • RunAManDoWn
      RunAManDoWn 2 years ago +2

      coz hes Jamaican

    • H S
      H S 2 years ago +6

      nah g they got da jamaican dialect only a little bit tho ygm

  • Tyrel Reynolds
    Tyrel Reynolds 3 years ago +43

    real talk skrapz

  • Kiid Chris
    Kiid Chris 3 years ago +2

    Please Check Out My Music Im Broke

  • Djai Morris
    Djai Morris 3 years ago


  • Chunkz
    Chunkz 3 years ago +195

    He don't wanna show you him trapping

    • Kyz Kyz
      Kyz Kyz Year ago +1

      Chunkz bro plz fuck off jheeeeze what a can't, stop snitching on us the feds they already on us

    • Arif Hussain
      Arif Hussain Year ago +1

      Hold tight asznee

    • Ali Hussain
      Ali Hussain 2 years ago +1

      Sam Wooto You stupid?😂

    • peepee
      peepee 2 years ago +10

      do you really think hes selling hard drugs in real life and telling the world/police about it in his music?

    • Sam Wooto
      Sam Wooto 2 years ago +2

      +Chunkz doubt he traps now his music is popping, be too high profile for him to actual sell