Jack Black Just RUINED YouTube and Here's Why

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
  • Jack Black might've just RUINED USclip, and here's why.
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  • Ryan Yerrow
    Ryan Yerrow  2 months ago +1201

    Everyone roasting me for the way i said ePitOmE, but don't let that distract you from the fact that Jablinski IS actually Jack Black!

      AMGAMER AM 17 hours ago

      Freaking hater

    • DVD Screensaver
      DVD Screensaver 11 days ago

      He's doing this only for memes you dumbass 😂😂😂😂

    • Brad Bowen
      Brad Bowen 18 days ago

      Im just complaining about the fact you called pinball machines old time arcades

    • billy fraiser
      billy fraiser 19 days ago

      The kid talking in this video seems very ignorant to the real world. I'm glad to see so many dislikes on this video. By this kid's logic, Jack Black also ruined movies. Jack Black should have just stayed doing commercials on tv because when he came to the movies, he took ticket sales away from other movies that people would have otherwise gone and seen. You're saying Jack Black doesn't deserve his subscribers, he doesn't put in the work....... are you fucking kidding me? What do you think his whole life has been? He doesn't have near 4mil (or there about) subscribers solely because of his youtube videos.... he EARNED those subscribers through his acting and music beforehand. You seem like a very petty jealous little shit of a kid. Welcome to the real world.... make some more crying videos and see if you'll get more subscribers.

    • YouDevilYou
      YouDevilYou Month ago

      PulSe Onix my bad. U right.

  • HotCupOfJoe
    HotCupOfJoe Day ago

    i like his mike wazowski joke herltherlthahaha

    AMGAMER AM 3 days ago

    10 reasons why you ruin youtube so stop hating

  • LiveWire Media
    LiveWire Media 4 days ago +1

    No I haven't been living under Iraq


    What rymes with gum, stum

  • i drink bleach
    i drink bleach 5 days ago

    ehm i prefer the smaller channels they seem more real and less corrupt

  • Jake Fowler
    Jake Fowler 5 days ago

    6:06 obviously not a fan of the d

  • Haley Nicole
    Haley Nicole 5 days ago

    Jack black is one of the only celebrities I appreciate I grew up with him and now he’s on USclip and it’s great

  • supsarah
    supsarah 6 days ago

    Commenting "The Same Ol' Burger King Taste" on every video I watch
    Video: 218

  • Rex fLyZ
    Rex fLyZ 6 days ago


  • XyrilDViral
    XyrilDViral 7 days ago

    Celebrities already put in work, thats how they got famous. Thats like saying its not fair USA BBall Team competing in the olympics because theyre too good already.

  • Rodrigo Pinheiro Portugal

    Holy shiet, that butthut tho. Besides that you making a video on him just shows that you recognize the attention he is getting and that you need some clout

  • kyle wachter
    kyle wachter 7 days ago

    Oh boo hoo ya cry baby. He has more followers than me.. he didnt have to try as hard as me.. guess what dude your here for my entertainment that's it so do that and quit bitchin about other peoples success.

  • Jason Gardner
    Jason Gardner 8 days ago

    You literally are just a hater.

  • Harry Huisman
    Harry Huisman 9 days ago

    Ryan are you getting paid

  • Harry Huisman
    Harry Huisman 9 days ago

    please tell jack to shave his beard it hurts my feelings

  • xGGx Legend
    xGGx Legend 9 days ago

    He’s not a meme lord, he is the MEME

  • LucysTea LucysTea
    LucysTea LucysTea 9 days ago

    I really like Jack black, I think it is him

  • Pixel Treason
    Pixel Treason 9 days ago


  • tbombinator01
    tbombinator01 10 days ago

    “It’s awesome” “it’s cool” “I’m not mad” JaCk BlAcK jUsT rUiNeD YoUtUbE aNd HeReS wHy

  • Alpha Raccoon
    Alpha Raccoon 10 days ago

    Logan Paul, filmed a guy hanging in the suicide forest.
    Jake Paul, annoys his neighbors and causes a lot of problems
    Rice Gum,(idc what he does)
    “Ya but they didn’t do anything wrong, Jack Black is the real problem with this platform”
    Really wannabe jacksepticeye? Jack Black??? How serious

    • Master Darius
      Master Darius 8 days ago

      The title is just clickbait. He's actually cool about it.

  • Doomtooth
    Doomtooth 10 days ago

    I do not watch celeb anything. I find this "celebrities are stealing my potential fanbase" shit just whiny self entitled bullshit. It takes a very long time to become established on twitch or youtube and people just expect to hit that 500,000 mark in a year....that is just not reality for most channels.

  • BB King
    BB King 12 days ago

    What's jabling my jables?!

  • Kelly Loomis
    Kelly Loomis 12 days ago

    You’re adorable, but Jablinski is just one of Jack’s nicknames. JB, Jables, Jaboo, Jablinski. It doesn’t really *mean* anything.

  • Raul Delgado
    Raul Delgado 13 days ago


  • Big Fat ass
    Big Fat ass 13 days ago

    U fat fuck jake black is the best

  • Rin Sonata
    Rin Sonata 14 days ago

    You suck bro

  • Am 14 And this is deep


    GRS_ GRIM 15 days ago

    Jack Black bear jake Paul 6 months vs a week

  • Josh Barwald
    Josh Barwald 15 days ago

    Jablins Jables Gobblin Some Cables

  • Brody Thornton
    Brody Thornton 15 days ago

    I wanted to see what he had to say about jack black but I couldn't make it that far. Old bits and jokes that weren't funny 10 years ago... hard to watch.

  • Stevon Robb
    Stevon Robb 16 days ago

    You're voice is annoying. Its like you never hit puberty.

  • Conker Killz
    Conker Killz 16 days ago

    Now we need an Elon meme channel

  • Conker Killz
    Conker Killz 16 days ago

    Jack black belongs here he is one of us

  • Matthew Mukkala
    Matthew Mukkala 16 days ago

    You Jealous of the greatest man America has to offer

  • Standard Toaster Oven
    Standard Toaster Oven 16 days ago

    Daddy Sakurai is JB's YT banner.... the memes have come full circle, y'all.

  • Junebugg 94
    Junebugg 94 16 days ago

    Your like the only child who gets mad cause he didn’t get a trophy for coming in last place. Don’t be a hater, the followers will come regardless what celebrity is on you tube. If you make good content you can have millions of subscribers. Celebrities with a big following shouldn’t make you that insecure about yourself that you need to tell everyone how unfair it is. Don’t play the victim you won’t get anywhere slice

  • ThatKidThatLikesCars
    ThatKidThatLikesCars 16 days ago

    You uncultured swine..

  • Mr.annoying 4life
    Mr.annoying 4life 16 days ago

    Meme Lord more like MEME GOD

  • Vortex_OP
    Vortex_OP 16 days ago


  • kayfish
    kayfish 17 days ago

    what if there was will smith vs jablinski instead of pewdiepie vs tseries

  • RileysFilms
    RileysFilms 17 days ago

    Check your pronunciation on epitome brother.

  • juliano fakhry
    juliano fakhry 17 days ago

    you're retarded

  • Tikiwizard
    Tikiwizard 17 days ago


  • Bulbazoth
    Bulbazoth 17 days ago

    I think more people should be looking into these Hollywood stars and their pedophile rings.

  • floydpepper70
    floydpepper70 17 days ago

    Jack Black started his "Tenacious D" USclip channel 13 years ago in 2006 so he's hardly new to the platform.
    He's just made this new channel more family friendly as he's doing it with his young son.

  • Sundy King
    Sundy King 17 days ago

    DIdn't watch the whole video, because I had to stop when you talked about youtubers complaining about celebrities getting a lot of subscribers with no content. That's silly. Like REALLY stupid silly. Like so silly I had to stop the video.

    its a bunch of butt hurt youtubers, end of story. But to expand (shouldn't be necessary) Imagine if a big youtuber got on a television show and the movie industry treated them like shit. Oh wait, that has happened repeatedly. And its dumb. So now these youtubers are going to stoop to their level and do the same thing? I get it, but also don't care at all. immature narcissistic people acting snide to each other doesn't interest me.

  • Forza_mff
    Forza_mff 17 days ago

    Gtfo idiot

  • spikeynator
    spikeynator 17 days ago

    LOL why is everybody so jealous of jack black xD sad noobs...
    he is making YT awesome like really the opposit of your whining xD
    are u so salty that your not making money of YT that u gotta bash somebody else's channel?

  • Dutch Robinson
    Dutch Robinson 18 days ago

    Frick you

  • nyeem 1.0 little
    nyeem 1.0 little 18 days ago +1

    Jack black is making youtube good you making youtube cancer

  • Unrulygamerz 168
    Unrulygamerz 168 18 days ago

    You just jealous because he can get 100k subs in a month and you cant

  • Citrine
    Citrine 18 days ago +1

    lol u gay

  • Cory Daniels 1
    Cory Daniels 1 18 days ago

    Jack black will take over youtube

  • Jk Joker_laugh
    Jk Joker_laugh 18 days ago

    He just jealous of the likes and subscribers jablinski

  • Hop Bullet
    Hop Bullet 18 days ago

    "Old ass prehistoric arcade games" Really? They're not that old.

  • My penis is incredibly small, but

    USclip is made for everyone celebrities can use it too

  • AmbivalentPit
    AmbivalentPit 19 days ago

    Notifications don't work and the bell really doesn't do much either from what i hear.

  • Ethan spencer2133
    Ethan spencer2133 19 days ago

    F this guy Jack Black is funny and amazing in his own way.

  • Sassy Cat
    Sassy Cat 19 days ago

    You’re a pedophile.

  • CraziClutch
    CraziClutch 19 days ago

    who actually laughed while watching this?

  • UlrichFireLord
    UlrichFireLord 19 days ago

    I don't think his channel is taking away any views from anyone else. It's not like you have to choose just one person to watch..if you make good content eventually it will be seen. I'm not sure you get the joke of his channel. I understand the concern and respect your opinion. Nobody wants USclip to be all about celebrities. They already have a platform..but if a celebrity is genuinely someone that's fun to watch, I see nothing wrong with enjoying their content if it seems genuine and in this case, I think it's just about fun and goofing off. Maybe it will make other content creators try harder. Having an already established fan base may seem unfair, but he wasn't always famous. Everyone has to start somewhere. He has already earned his fans. It's not like USclip Gave him a handout. Hopefully this will inspire content creators to try harder and earn their fans as well.

  • Chapister
    Chapister 19 days ago

    Oh, how wrong you were with this video. Don't get me wrong, at the time this was uploaded i totally agreed with you

  • Skelton Slay8er
    Skelton Slay8er 20 days ago

    How dare you question po. Jack black is the only good celebrity USclip channel.

  • burd man
    burd man 21 day ago

    The difference between all these celebrities and jack black is jack black is actually funny

  • Michael Routledge
    Michael Routledge 21 day ago

    Jack black is the best thing to happen to USclip for ages, his content is amazing, yours on the other hand 😴

  • Shoobox Gaming
    Shoobox Gaming 21 day ago

    this is the dumbest shit i ever watched. we have celebrities on twitch every day. so fuckn what, Snoop dog get high on twitch and plays games.
    Will Ferrell use to do skits with his daughter on youtube.
    if your seriously crying over smaller channels not getting attention then just like any other job try harder!

  • KODA
    KODA 21 day ago +2

    Trying so hard to take this video as a joke, but leave jack black alone

  • KODA
    KODA 21 day ago

    No shyt it's jackblack

  • UAssault
    UAssault 21 day ago +1

    Have any birds ever tried to lay eggs in your hair?

  • James Moore
    James Moore 21 day ago +1

    UScliprs freaking out and crying

    • Shoobox Gaming
      Shoobox Gaming 21 day ago

      lmao this is because they now actually have to be creative and do a real job of trying.

  • Bill Ameen
    Bill Ameen 22 days ago +2

    You're just butthurt that JablinskiGames got more successful than you. Jack Black is not Jablinski, get that through your head.

  • Gussief1
    Gussief1 22 days ago

    The people who still have a hundred subscribers and that good sorry to be brutally honest

  • Shadow
    Shadow 22 days ago

    It's fine cause I love Jack Black

  • kwon lok
    kwon lok 22 days ago +3

    you're not funny and you're just salty that Jack Black made a better and funnier video that got on trending

  • Morgan Mendyk
    Morgan Mendyk 22 days ago

    you really just said epitowm instead of epitome

  • Bailey VanderWal
    Bailey VanderWal 22 days ago

    Jack black is actually funny get over the fact that your a humourless no one with 131k subscribers just $tfu and try posting your own videos leave popular celebrities alone

  • BigJayPlay
    BigJayPlay 22 days ago

    one second over 10 minutes, wow

  • Ryguyking
    Ryguyking 22 days ago

    U ruin youtube

  • raymond fausto
    raymond fausto 22 days ago

    Jack,Jablinksi and Tenacious D should make a video together.

  • Mr. Mister
    Mr. Mister 22 days ago +1

    The background was Masahiro Sakurai.

  • WhatEver
    WhatEver 23 days ago

    8:15 nice save bro

  • justNikolai
    justNikolai 23 days ago +1

    Hey there, sorry I can’t agree with your rant about how it’s not ‘fair’ that he gained so many subs so fast for ‘doing nothing’ Jack black is an entertainer, like a lot of you tubers are, he’s put thousands of hours into his reputation and career, and I don’t see a problem with him being on USclip. He’s not taking away your money or potential subscribers, if anything bringing more attention to USclip brings more viewers and possibly MORE subscribers for you. that’s just my thoughts. People shouldn’t get jealous that celebrities are coming to USclip, no one seems to care when people BECOME celebrities or famous from USclip. JustinBieber and his guitar vid is a perf example of what I’m talkin about.

  • MegaBOBGEN
    MegaBOBGEN 23 days ago

    Lol. This guy is worried about what is going to happen to his channel. Maybe get a real job

  • Big dog With torpedo win

    The only celeb I will allow on yet is jack black

  • I Gaming
    I Gaming 23 days ago +1

    He’s making USclip better I wouldn’t be talking with your 130k subs 😂

  • gray the dumb kid
    gray the dumb kid 23 days ago


  • Jamie Peter Valentine Curran Farrelly

    Fuck you jack black made USclip a million times better

  • A VR
    A VR 23 days ago

    You ruined USclip

  • this comment was made
    this comment was made 23 days ago

    Who doesn't love Jack black?

  • Big Funk
    Big Funk 24 days ago

    He actually worked for his game as an actor it’s not his fault that Jack Black is so successful if you want and work hard enough you can be as popular as Jack Black

  • majin lamp
    majin lamp 24 days ago

    He’s actually pretty funny though

  • PowerLifting 101
    PowerLifting 101 24 days ago

    Thats a dumb argument brian shaw has a youtube channel where he makes great content about his training and his family so just because someone is a celebrity and comes on youtube and gets alot of subscribers makes sence because people want to watch their favorite celebrity more. Its getting yoitube money the celbrity and the fans of said celebrity

  • knowledge of time
    knowledge of time 24 days ago

    So the title is Jack ruined USclip but the whole video is how he is a good USclipr

  • Henry Kirkwood
    Henry Kirkwood 24 days ago

    Don’t be mad just because he has more subscribers than you

  • ItsMeMax312
    ItsMeMax312 24 days ago

    Yeah, but Jack Black is a gamer not a famous normie.

  • Sneaky Squirrel
    Sneaky Squirrel 24 days ago +2

    Could only stand 2 minutes of this video before pausing. You're an idiot and Jack black is amazing. Go fuck yourself.

  • Cannabis Caleb
    Cannabis Caleb 24 days ago

    Fuck off Jack Black didnt ruin USclip have you seen your content

  • windpotato
    windpotato 25 days ago +3

    Video title: This thing is AWFUL
    Video content: This thing is pretty all right actually
    A+ clickbait my dude.

  • Nick Perugini
    Nick Perugini 25 days ago

    That’s why in real life you become famous and then when you do things people recognize you whether it’s a Instagram Facebook I’m going to an event in real life it’s just the way the world works you’re being mad that you’re a nobody and that he’s a somebody you’re a somebody on USclip but a nobody in real world in the real world he’s a somebody but on USclip he even bigger