CRISTI CONS & VLAD CAIA aka SIT in The Lab LDN: Neversea Takeover

  • Published on May 18, 2017
  • Mixmag & Coors Light present The Neversea Festival takeover
    The Soundsystem? Void.
    The Mixer? Master Sounds Radius 4:
    More on Neversea Festival:
    The Lab LDN is Mixmag and Coors Light's weekly live stream, powered by Void Acoustics, where we showcase the finest DJs direct from our world famous office party.
    This Thursday we welcome Romanian minimal masters SIT into The Lab LDN for a special Neversea festival takeover.
    Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia formed their collaborative SIT project in 2009, and over the past eight years have established themselves among the foremost duos in electronic music.
    The pair are revered for crafting vast, hypnotic worlds in their music that elevate listeners to transcendent heights. The release of the debut SIT album ‘Sideways’ in 2015 on their Amphia imprint was a landmark record for the global minimal techno scene, comprising tour de force productions such as ‘Angels’, which became a dancefloor phenomenon across Europe. As DJs they’re equally accomplished, spinning trippy, entrancing sets.
    This summer SIT will play at a brand new festival in their home country, Neversea, which takes place across July 7 to 9. Hosted in the Romanian seaside city of Constanța, Neversea combines a breath-taking location with first-rate musical programming, with the likes of Nina Kraviz, Sven Väth and DJ Sprinkles also locked in to perform across its seven beach stages, including the impressive The Temple structure.
    Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased via Neversea’s website.
    In the lead up to the festival SIT will helm an undoubtedly mind-blowing 90 minute set in The Lab LDN to whet our appetites for Neversea. The live stream starts at 5:30pm BST this Thursday, May 18. You can tune in live over on our Facebook page and re-watch on MixmagTV from 7pm BST.
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  • Mixmag
    Mixmag  Year ago +7

    Neversea is Romania’s biggest beach festival set in the incredible backdrop of the ancient city of Constanta and the Black Sea. From Nina Kraviz and the best of Romanian techno to Chase & Status and Pendulum - it has it all. July 5-8 - Tix:

    • Daniels San
      Daniels San Month ago

      @Dan Valentin Bostan Se stie ! Stilul romanesc afterparty people :D Dumnezeu e cu noi

    • Dan Valentin Bostan
      Dan Valentin Bostan 8 months ago

      @Alin Mareom toata lumea cunoaste insa putina intelege. din cat obs. techno nu e asa puternic precum tech house ul sau deep tech ul sau mnml tech ul

    • Dan Valentin Bostan
      Dan Valentin Bostan 8 months ago +2

      @Alin Mareom doar cunoscatorii stiu cu ce se mananca underground ul! Eu unu cred ca in Romania

    • SokA
      SokA 8 months ago

      @Alin Mareom +

    • Alin Mareom
      Alin Mareom 9 months ago +4

      its undg rominimal mtffff not techno..techno is for begginers

  • Daniels San
    Daniels San 21 hour ago

    Calitate suprema, eleganta si selectie muzicala nemaipomenita !

  • Andrė Prietto
    Andrė Prietto 5 days ago

    Track min 15:00 pleaseeeeeee 🤤

  • Efrat Harel
    Efrat Harel 28 days ago

    Closing track
    Amorf- momentum

  • sebastian molina
    sebastian molina Month ago

    What is the track at 51:00 ????

  • Daniels San
    Daniels San Month ago

    Foarte frumos. Sunt mandru de romanasii mei ;)

  • gaXX
    gaXX Month ago +1

    not really sure if the crowd realized what they witnessed on this day

    • Santiago Obscure
      Santiago Obscure Month ago

      Mixpub radio on Friday 19:00 21:00 minimal deep micro house ro minimal.

  • gaXX
    gaXX Month ago +1

    ridiculous...straight up ridiculous.

  • Mrkad87
    Mrkad87 2 months ago +1

    tracklist anyone ?

  • Lucas Lucas
    Lucas Lucas 3 months ago

    want so bad the track between Amorf 3 and The secret

  • Les Volga
    Les Volga 3 months ago

    Id of the incoming track after the piano solo, please?

  • Juan Giraldo
    Juan Giraldo 3 months ago +1

    I just clicked on this while driving randomly just to put something on. Then it hit... this is romanian good stuff!!!

  • Serban Dinca
    Serban Dinca 3 months ago +1

    LAST BIT >> Amorf - Ancient Future EP (AMP019) - min 3 on

  • Carlos Fabbri
    Carlos Fabbri 3 months ago

    1:08:20 id?

  • Eufórico
    Eufórico 4 months ago

    31:00 sickkkkkk

  • Nomi Wen
    Nomi Wen 4 months ago

    Oh yes oh yes!!!!
    Fromout The Netherlands 💜🎈💜🎈💜💜🎈🎈💜🎈💜💜🎈

  • rush1er
    rush1er 4 months ago +2

    Romanian House DJ's are Wizards with +5 Magic and the power of discernment... Supernatural Sounds!

  • iCockaine
    iCockaine 4 months ago


  • Денис Гардеев
    Денис Гардеев 4 months ago +2


  • Jæeins Aparicio
    Jæeins Aparicio 4 months ago +2

    Track ID please 1:13:05

  • Acid Buddha
    Acid Buddha 5 months ago +1

    Wow, brilliant set, not sure how 81 people can dislike this!

  • Cilia Molano Molano
    Cilia Molano Molano 5 months ago +2

    Dewalta - Casuality

  • Pablo V
    Pablo V 6 months ago

    01:03:00 id?

  • Aldana Rios
    Aldana Rios 6 months ago

    track ID 1:27:47?

  • Sophia Goublias
    Sophia Goublias 7 months ago +6

    59:20 guys? this track is epic!

    • Jack Vicars
      Jack Vicars Month ago

      Sophia Goublias wake up synth by timofti

  • Dan Valentin Bostan
    Dan Valentin Bostan 8 months ago +1

    1: 07 : 00 e ceva sublim aici.......

  • jabsona orvelashvili
    jabsona orvelashvili 8 months ago

    59:22 track id ?

  • Rudi Martinez
    Rudi Martinez 8 months ago

    Fuck!!! This set is fire!!!! Can’t anybody point me to some sets with a similar sound. This is that real shit. Creative sounds on the tracks, amazing track selection and super clean mixing. Legit af

    • Woodsi
      Woodsi 7 months ago

      notable names: Ricardo Villalobos, Mihai Pol, S.A.M., IO (Mulen), Ben Rau, Mandar, Herodot, Mihai Popoviciu, Spokenn, Ferro, DeWalta, Barac, Silat Beksi, Wyro, Seb Zito, Lee Burton, Ray Mono, Zendid and many many others. There's a core group who are very much a family and pioneered this sound. Any sunwaves set is a good start too

    • Woodsi
      Woodsi 7 months ago

      check out the Yoyaku instore sessions. This is romanian minimal aka rominimal.

  • Serban Dinca
    Serban Dinca 8 months ago +1

    what's the end track ID ?! it's not BLENDING LIGHT SIT REMIX !

    • Serban Dinca
      Serban Dinca 3 months ago

      FUCK ME :X !!
      Amorf - Ancient Future EP (AMP019)
      like min 3

    • AmphiaRecords
      AmphiaRecords 3 months ago

      @Aleksey A This is not a track belonging to Vlad, might be some unreleased material from other artists. Thanks!

    • Serban Dinca
      Serban Dinca 3 months ago +1

      @AmphiaRecords YASS thank you good sir/madam (: I'm subscribed already checking anything that gets uploaded anyway !!

    • Aleksey A
      Aleksey A 3 months ago

      just before Amorf on Amphia...i bet its some Vlad Caia's work...? )

    • Aleksey A
      Aleksey A 3 months ago

      @AmphiaRecords thanks for the info guys...i remembered now that i saw a rehearsals video before their performance at fabriclondon for WetYourSelf’s anniversary. What about the track on 1:24:00 maybe also some upcoming Amphia? )

  • stelios ioannou
    stelios ioannou 9 months ago +5

    Track ID around 26:20???

  • zohra allahyarova
    zohra allahyarova 9 months ago


  • alexandru caragea
    alexandru caragea 9 months ago

    last track id?

  • Alex Webb
    Alex Webb 9 months ago

    ID around 48:10???

  • octa
    octa 10 months ago +2

    cleanest set i've heard in a whiiile.

  • Dan Valentin Bostan
    Dan Valentin Bostan 10 months ago

    min 59: 30 ???

  • Viață
    Viață 10 months ago

    18:00 id ? Definately sounds like vlad caia bcuz of the percussion

    • Viață
      Viață 6 months ago

      @Aleksey A found ?

    • Viață
      Viață 9 months ago

      @Aleksey A leave a msg bro

    • Viață
      Viață 9 months ago


    • Aleksey A
      Aleksey A 9 months ago

      yeah np, leave your telegr id here.

    • Viață
      Viață 9 months ago

      @vexeddanigga telegr maybe we can discuss about production, music :) ya knoww

  • Mike Kramer
    Mike Kramer 10 months ago


  • Jonathan Petit
    Jonathan Petit 10 months ago +1


  • JB PIT
    JB PIT 11 months ago


  • Lanijiro
    Lanijiro 11 months ago


  • NasteeJo
    NasteeJo Year ago +1

    1:09:00 track id pls ?

    • NasteeJo
      NasteeJo 11 months ago

      thx :)@Abel Soleil

    • RayBen555
      RayBen555 11 months ago

      @Abel Soleil Thank you very very much :D

    • NasteeJo
      NasteeJo 11 months ago

      @RayBen555 if you find it let me know please

    • RayBen555
      RayBen555 11 months ago +1

      Ye I'm lookin for it too.

  • Five4Nine
    Five4Nine Year ago +1

    This set sucked me into it. Very good. But i got distracted by this man.
    What is he doing? Pulling out his own hair.

  • porno09080908
    porno09080908 Year ago

    What is the headphone they use?

  • stelios ioannou
    stelios ioannou Year ago +4

    hi...Track id 4:20???

  • Никита Романов

    1:00:00 Please, ID anyone

  • Ianco Vic
    Ianco Vic Year ago +2

    Multi dintre mai ''marii'' industriei ar trebui sa vina sa ia lumina de la acesti baieti! Premium stuff :D

  • Cristea G
    Cristea G Year ago +1

    Min 42:00 id ?

  • Sebastian Cocor
    Sebastian Cocor Year ago

    1:27:20 ăștia nu-s normali la cap. N-ai cum să scoți ceva așa bun.

    IT'Z ABORIGINAL Year ago +2

    the criterion is how to describe this music :)

  • Brayan Aguilar
    Brayan Aguilar Year ago +2

    27:30 track ID please

  • Sorin
    Sorin Year ago

    you can't SIT while they are around

  • Irina M
    Irina M Year ago

    track id 17:00?

  • Bogdan S.
    Bogdan S. Year ago

    min 17:00?

  • Depster
    Depster Year ago +2

    1:13:00 track idddd ?

  • Muliano Seventeen

    My niggas

  • Luke Brophy
    Luke Brophy Year ago +3

    Anyone any idea on the last track yet? Thank you

  • t
    t Year ago +1

    The sound here is dope

  • eduardo sanchez
    eduardo sanchez Year ago

    Gracias!! Gracias !!! Gracias!!! Increible sonido!!!

  • Nino Trigoso
    Nino Trigoso Year ago

    track id 59:00 ???

  • Karen Quintero
    Karen Quintero Year ago +1