Gucci Mane Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex


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  • Storm Jackson
    Storm Jackson 14 hours ago

    So we’re all just gonna ignore how they said the AirMax liquid gold was priced at $175 at the beginning then put it at $800 at the end 🤦🏼‍♀️ big flex

  • Yung Faness
    Yung Faness 2 days ago

    Gucci Mane Spent 2 Bands On ALotta Brand New Pairs Of Sneakers an Said Burr LoL

  • Yung Faness
    Yung Faness 2 days ago

    in New York i don't go there Never Been Before it Look Nice Though aLL Them TaLL Buildings George Washington Bridge Hudson River an That Big Ass Statue HoLding That Torch straight Up A

  • Yung Faness
    Yung Faness 2 days ago

    We in The Jordan's Section Ah Who That First Pair Was Straight aLL BLack Everythang Though Change The CoLor

  • Yung Faness
    Yung Faness 2 days ago

    Gucci Said Bring These To ATLanta Them Shoes

  • Yung Faness
    Yung Faness 2 days ago

    Big Guwop Goes Sneaker Shopping With CompLex 10$17 Bricksquad Zone 6 EA

  • Ethan Good
    Ethan Good 3 days ago

    Why he have an EA neck tat?

  • Robert Young
    Robert Young 3 days ago +1

    Dopeman Nike's Eazy E

  • Domelgaming
    Domelgaming 4 days ago

    I’m a simple man I see Gucci mane I click


    He has a good spirit about him

  • Kenny Pitt
    Kenny Pitt 8 days ago


  • Tyree Johonson
    Tyree Johonson 12 days ago

    real nigga shit cheese pls

  • graSSdanCiNG iCkey
    graSSdanCiNG iCkey 13 days ago

    dAng "g0Ld-diGgeR"📣aLeErt📢tHat cAsHiEr cHiCk wuS LikE😱hYpE/dR0LL'n🤤wEn hE pULL'd 0Ut tHa💰bANd0'💲💸 🔥Lit-k0NtEnt c0mpLeX👏;)

  • Nrgizd Btw
    Nrgizd Btw 13 days ago +1

    6:47 my nigga said “that’s all”

  • teng jie gan
    teng jie gan 16 days ago

    Did he just threw money

  • Carti Revenge
    Carti Revenge 20 days ago

    Embodiment of turning your life around

  • Bryan O
    Bryan O 22 days ago

    They selling those liquid gold for 400 and the silver for 300 on stock x 😂😂

  • E G
    E G 22 days ago +1


  • Brandon Ohara
    Brandon Ohara 24 days ago +1

    These shoes are way better than the ones future bought on another video like this

  • christian mendez
    christian mendez 24 days ago

    A 4:06 I was buying shneakas this nigga is hilarious without doing non lol

  • joseph medrano
    joseph medrano 24 days ago


  • S leecakes
    S leecakes 25 days ago

    Ok but why he wearing 2007 women's sunglasses 😂

  • Demetrius Burgest
    Demetrius Burgest 26 days ago

    Damn that cashier was bad!!!

  • Kadin Smalls
    Kadin Smalls 26 days ago +1

    That's not the real Gucci mane

    LiL BILLY 27 days ago

    He said at the beginning of the video I’m here with Gucci man

  • Starress McBride
    Starress McBride 27 days ago

    He's the only one so far I seen pay cash

  • SnIpEr_GOAT
    SnIpEr_GOAT 27 days ago


  • Chrisean Elliott
    Chrisean Elliott 27 days ago


  • hamad almulla
    hamad almulla Month ago

    My man did not just say Gucci MAN

  • randomdude69 lol
    randomdude69 lol Month ago

    Thats all? Lmaoooo

  • Ohamba Williams
    Ohamba Williams Month ago

    Overprice store

  • Ogkush74 Ogkush74
    Ogkush74 Ogkush74 Month ago

    Dat nigga can't count or sumthn..Lol that looked wayyyyyy more than 2600 Franks😂😂😂😂 looked like at least 6 bands maybe more frfr

  • Adam Moreno
    Adam Moreno Month ago

    Don’t even. Know u

  • Adam Moreno
    Adam Moreno Month ago

    Drakeo the ruler will take u guys to Nemas Marcus

  • Jalen Pittman
    Jalen Pittman Month ago +1

    Clone in full affect

  • F4ta1 DoggZ_
    F4ta1 DoggZ_ Month ago

    His teeth look so fake

  • retardno002
    retardno002 Month ago

    This Joe La Puma dudes says some insanely stupid shit sometimes. Like at 3:03 'Running sneakers, you know, traditionally they used to be kinda bland, now what do you think of all the colors you see for runners?' and proceeds to point towards a shoe model designed in 1987!!!

  • Bionicle16
    Bionicle16 Month ago

    You never wear sunglasses inside...

  • Frederik M.J.
    Frederik M.J. Month ago


  • SuperSoldierRom
    SuperSoldierRom Month ago +1

    You can't tell him he ain't fly!

  • Sonja Okis
    Sonja Okis Month ago

    Pls do BTS goes sneaker shopping
    And POST MALONE goes sneaker shopping

  • Wesley Brake
    Wesley Brake Month ago

    Stadium Goods Be Taxin Mfs With That Resale

  • Set Typhon
    Set Typhon Month ago

    Should be just called "Nike shopping" instead of sneaker shopping, only nike that sucks

  • demetry trofimchik
    demetry trofimchik Month ago

    Neegah look like he smokin base

  • demetry trofimchik
    demetry trofimchik Month ago

    Dem teef is 2 big fo his mouf

  • Ann Katrin Ladewig Piscoya

    gucci mane is the GOAT

  • Seon
    Seon Month ago

    This Guy So Humble 🔥💯.

  • Lonzo Ball
    Lonzo Ball Month ago

    Kyle kuzma

  • Jake harris
    Jake harris Month ago

    The shoes look so fake

  • Lucky Strike
    Lucky Strike Month ago

    I swear this guy Gucci is one of the rappers who knows how to dress and who rock best clothes nowadays

  • thesanitsrowx
    thesanitsrowx Month ago

    he fresh buurr

  • woh man woh man
    woh man woh man Month ago

    gucci man

  • moodyy1k
    moodyy1k Month ago

    3:11 that kid in the background though

  • andrew tran01
    andrew tran01 Month ago

    gucci man?!?! fawk u mean

  • Jt_mastermind
    Jt_mastermind Month ago +1

    $2531.34 and this man said that’s all

  • obidi anudokem
    obidi anudokem 2 months ago

    Fuck LBJ sneaker, their ugly as hell .

  • Perfecto Diaz
    Perfecto Diaz 2 months ago

    So nice

  • Xander T Saint
    Xander T Saint 2 months ago

    so ballin og of a mahfk

  • Xander T Saint
    Xander T Saint 2 months ago

    I fucking love gucci he is somethin else man

  • Larry Jacobs
    Larry Jacobs 2 months ago

    1:06 ankle jewelry fashion statement

  • Eric Torres
    Eric Torres 2 months ago

    McDonald's knew Gucci Mane was get Complex a lot views

  • Mauricio Navarro
    Mauricio Navarro 2 months ago

    If Gucci was a clone he wouldn’t have had that memory of when he wore mismatched shoes 🤓

  • ethan hill
    ethan hill 2 months ago +1

    Gucci man

  • Famelove Youth
    Famelove Youth 2 months ago

    That's not Gucci

  • Anne Mwadime
    Anne Mwadime 2 months ago

    Grandma glasses

  • Ezzyfire neatteam
    Ezzyfire neatteam 2 months ago

    The whole dashing money on the counter ting was obnoxious and not called for though still. That lady be smaddi daughter yo. #humilityiskey

  • Jay-G StuNZeeD
    Jay-G StuNZeeD 2 months ago

    How are the Jordans called that he weares

  • Lonely Kid
    Lonely Kid 2 months ago

    Man those ain't running shoes 3:06 lmfao. You trying to get blisters?

  • Jonah Davis
    Jonah Davis 2 months ago +1

    Gucci man 😂😂

  • The One
    The One 2 months ago

    Do any rappers have fucking credit cards¿

  • Jonathan Pape
    Jonathan Pape 2 months ago

    Was that an ankle bracelet at 0:17 😂

  • Keyboard Warrior
    Keyboard Warrior 2 months ago +1

    imagine somebody went on here then bought like some cheap adidas😂

  • Sebastian Gonzalez
    Sebastian Gonzalez 2 months ago

    Gucci was in Highschool in 2006 ??????

  • Elliot Lambert
    Elliot Lambert 2 months ago

    Respect going out to Gucci !! 🤜🏾🤛🏾

  • Officer Oinker
    Officer Oinker 2 months ago

    Clone goes sneaker shopping.

  • Jordan H
    Jordan H 2 months ago

    Gucci always had a fuckun hunch back even when he was fat. Dude would be like 5 inches taller if he stood up straight

  • Yimar Ruiz
    Yimar Ruiz 2 months ago

    Gucci man? Tf

  • Mikres Notheies
    Mikres Notheies 2 months ago

    He owns Gucci brand?

  • lucyantoma
    lucyantoma 2 months ago


  • Augustine Atuegbu
    Augustine Atuegbu 2 months ago +2

    I like it when they pay can't rap about moving around with money but then you use card. Shit

  • Stephen Stephenson
    Stephen Stephenson 2 months ago

    Card for what.

  • Stephen Stephenson
    Stephen Stephenson 2 months ago

    4:05 shneakers.

  • The House
    The House 3 months ago

    Bro that was the most richest transaction I have ever seen.. nigga eyeballed thru his money and jus gave it to her like “bitch count that shit up”

  • Jamaya Amarie
    Jamaya Amarie 3 months ago

    I feel like this was the only episode where I didn’t cringe when it was time to swipe that card😂🤦🏾‍♀️

  • HeelKid Forever
    HeelKid Forever 3 months ago

    Can you get lil pump or ddg on the show please

  • teneriffatane
    teneriffatane 3 months ago

    6:40 ppl outside taking pics

  • Charlotte Dogtooth
    Charlotte Dogtooth 3 months ago

    1 of 1 Limited edition Jordan 5 "House Arrest"

  • Andres Martinez
    Andres Martinez 3 months ago

    Y’all should ask Bruno Mars and/or lil pump

    DWAYNE JOHNSON 3 months ago

    Wop 💯

  • Mr 1099
    Mr 1099 3 months ago


  • Gabby Simmons
    Gabby Simmons 3 months ago

    Hahahahha the ones with the wings

  • Javier Torres
    Javier Torres 3 months ago

    Gucci actually hade money instead of using the credit card🥶

  • NBANobby77
    NBANobby77 3 months ago

    gucci man? whos watching in 2018

  • Sara Righetti
    Sara Righetti 3 months ago

    all this diva nigas arived with limousine and paparazzi, Gucci entered in this bitch lonely and low key with style

  • kk beam
    kk beam 3 months ago

    I could act like a better Gucci mane then this dude he lame af and his style basic this ain't him. bur.

  • 버고하이
    버고하이 3 months ago

    With gucci man

  • Ruben Jurgensen
    Ruben Jurgensen 3 months ago


  • 4nus
    4nus 3 months ago

    LOOOOL she fully extends her hand to take the cash and he deadass slaps it on the table😂😂