Building Height Comparison

  • Published on May 24, 2014
  • Update: Compare their Height and Size in 3D, with corrected mistakes and more featured buildings :
    Single shot animated size comparison of the tallest buildings.
    Average Person (1.7m/5.6ft)
    Tool Shed (2.1m/6.9ft)
    Wood Shed (2.4m/7.9ft)
    London Telephone box (2.8m/9.2ft)
    Small Cottage (3.1m/10.2ft)
    Average 2-story House (5.4m/17.7ft)
    Average Mansion (10m/32.8ft)
    Newby-Mcmahon Building (12m/39.4)
    Statue of Zeus (13m/42.7ft)
    Temple of Artemis (18m/59.1ft)
    Colosseus of Rhodes (30m/98.4ft)
    Chichen Itzu (30m/98.4ft)
    Christ the Redeemer (40m/131ft)
    Roman Pantheon (43m/141ft)
    Colosseum (49m/161ft)
    Leaning Tower of Pisa (56m/184ft)
    Giant Wild Goose Pagoda (60m/197ft)
    Sydney Oprea House (65m/213ft)
    Statue of Librety (93m/305ft)
    Big Ben (96m/315ft)
    Lighthouse of Alexandria (120m/394ft) -Tallest Lighthouse ever built
    Spring Temple Budda (128m/420) -Tallest Statue
    Great Pyramid of Giza (139m/456ft)
    Singapore Flyer (165m/541ft) -Tallest Wheel
    Taj Mahal (171m/561ft)
    Kuwait Towers (187m/614ft) -Tallest Water Towers
    Gateway Arch (192m/630ft)
    Carlton Centre (224m/734ft) (Tallest in Africa)
    Costanera Center (300m/984ft) (Tallest in SA)
    Q1 (323m/1059ft) (Tallest in AU)
    Eiffel Tower (324m/1063ft)
    Millau Viaduct (342m/1122ft) (Tallest Bridge)
    Empire State Building (443m/1453ft)
    Petronas Twin Tower (452m/1483ft)
    Taipei 101 (508m/1667ft)
    One World Trade Centre (526m/1726ft)
    Ostankino Tower (540m/1772ft) (Tallest in Europe)
    CN Tower (553m/1814ft)
    Abraj Al Bait Towers (601m/1972ft) -Tallest Clock Tower
    KVLY-TV mast (629m/2064ft) (Tallest in NA) -Tallest mast current
    Shanghai Towers (632m/2073ft)
    Tokyo Sky Tree (634m/2080ft) - Tallest freestanding tower
    Warsaw Radio Mast (646m/2119ft) -Tallest collapsed structure
    Burj Khalifa (828m/2717ft) - Tallest building in the world
    Kingdom Tower (1007m/3304ft)
    Bionic Tower (~1200m/~4000ft)
    Al Jaber Tower (~1800m/~6000ft)
    Shimizu Mega-City Pyramid (~2000m/~6600ft)
    Dubai City Tower (~2400m/~7800ft)
    Ultima Tower (~3200m/~10000ft)
    X-Seed 4000 (~4000m/~13000ft)
    Includes a full scale zoom from 4:00 (Best Part)
    PS: The Taj Mahal height is wrong, it's 73m, the diagonal length then is 171m. Thanks for pointing that out. This is rectified in the updated 3d size comparison.

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  • משה משה
    משה משה 4 hours ago

    3:01 Twin towers 450m 526m
    One world trade center 541m (Just because the antenna).

  • Hello Nguyễn Văn Khẳn

    Bac thanh tower scaffolding finish 1933

  • Hello Nguyễn Văn Khẳn

    Bac thanh tower construction 1895 and bac thanh tower scaffolding repair 1925

  • Guineagirl125 From Roblox

    Average Human
    Tool Shed
    Wood Shed
    Telephone Booth
    Small Cottage
    2 story house
    Newby- McMahon Building
    Statue Of zeus
    Temple of artemis
    Colossus of Rhodes
    Chichen itza
    Christ the redeemer
    Roman Pantheon
    Leaning tower of pizza
    Giant wild goose pagoda

    ill finish later


  • Bonnie The bunny
    Bonnie The bunny 13 hours ago

    Bionic tower is fake the biggest I kingdom tower you lied

  • Bonnie The bunny
    Bonnie The bunny 13 hours ago

    Tallest is kingdom tower I live in Jeddah Sudra arbic

  • Michael Markovski

    The only thing that’s taller than those towers is...

    My Dick👌

  • Jeff Ramos
    Jeff Ramos Day ago

    Me: *sees dumb people debating about the last highest proposed building pretending they know better*
    Me: Are they engineers or something?

  • Olek Bonio
    Olek Bonio 2 days ago

    Jeddah tower Will be bulid in 2020 not in 2019

  • Hello Nguyễn Văn Khẳn

    Eco skyscraper do not attack

  • Pinar Gencturk
    Pinar Gencturk 2 days ago


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  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User 2 days ago

    the Spring Buddha isn't the tallest statue. The tallest statue is the Statue of Unity in India lol

  • Amir Lewis
    Amir Lewis 2 days ago

    Burj khalifa?

  • Hello Nguyễn Văn Khẳn

    Eco skyscraper glass new

  • {-dark game-}
    {-dark game-} 4 days ago

    3:22 🕋❤️🤗

  • Pedro Manica
    Pedro Manica 5 days ago

    1:40 big ben

  • Smileyface2603 Lads
    Smileyface2603 Lads 5 days ago

    Mate ur missing out the shard

  • Rhonn YT
    Rhonn YT 5 days ago

    Is that ein klein song like if u agree

  • Ehab Daniel
    Ehab Daniel 6 days ago

    You missed one building in the UAE is bigger than the last one that is one is an API in 2019

    SINGING FASHION 6 days ago

    Hey, Where is the skyscraper?

  • King Pangeran Pangeran

    Monas jakarta mana indonesia????????????

  • TE, GE and GDP Lucas Gabriel Surio

    Warsaw Radio Mast
    Height: 646m (2119ft)
    Location: Poland
    Constructed: 1974
    Known for:
    World’s Tallest Destroyed Structure
    Collapsed in 1991

    I actually feel bad

  • Ładi XD
    Ładi XD 8 days ago

    Pałac kultury? Gdzie!

  • Greenlightgamer Lamar
    Greenlightgamer Lamar 8 days ago +1

    Lil I'm Lucky I'm In Kuwait BUT MY FAM IS EGYPTIAN

    GG IN GAMIN 8 days ago

    U forgot about statue of unity!

  • poptartdogs 1
    poptartdogs 1 9 days ago

    You forgot the Sears tower from Chicago

  • Kindam Art
    Kindam Art 10 days ago

    and Babel tower??

  • MangaComLeiti Malzona
    MangaComLeiti Malzona 10 days ago

    Your mom 73737337837473847487477437483747373883838383747kmh

  • Nursultan Ismailov
    Nursultan Ismailov 11 days ago

    where tashkent tower

  • Coronation anna
    Coronation anna 11 days ago +1

    earths forgotten building is human

  • Bethany May
    Bethany May 12 days ago

    I'm 3cm taller than the average human... nice😁

  • Samuel Beniçio
    Samuel Beniçio 12 days ago


    X - Seed:Hold My Beer

    Burj Khalifa:TRIGGERED

  • Ahmad Muhammad
    Ahmad Muhammad 12 days ago


  • Rakan Yahya
    Rakan Yahya 16 days ago

    Burn Khalifa is taller than the kingdom tower

  • Maxi S
    Maxi S 17 days ago +2

    Where is ,,Brandenburger Tor"?
    Location: Germany, Berlin
    Constructed: ???
    Status: ???

  • RobloxRobot
    RobloxRobot 17 days ago

    Next is the Beanstalk.

  • Alfie Gamer
    Alfie Gamer 18 days ago

    You forgot the “biggest”. Mount Everest. Constructed: N/A Location: ???

  • Porygon Z
    Porygon Z 19 days ago +1

    50% about a man
    48 % about X seed 4000
    2% about daylight savings

  • Sara Olivo
    Sara Olivo 20 days ago

    Statue of Liberty


  • Xx AlawiyXx - GG
    Xx AlawiyXx - GG 20 days ago


  • Gamer of LION
    Gamer of LION 21 day ago

    Creek tower??

  • Vincent Lizama
    Vincent Lizama 21 day ago

    nada que ver que el costanera se construyera en el 65, se inauguró en 2015

  • Shu Kurenai
    Shu Kurenai 23 days ago +2

    Eiffel tower is 306 meters toll im from lithuania and ar tower is 326 meters toll

    LAI CHEONG YEW - 23 days ago


  • Teh angry bird 345
    Teh angry bird 345 23 days ago +5

    Lel the Burj Kalifa is nothing compared to the X seed 4000

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  • Kirby Villegas
    Kirby Villegas 25 days ago +1

    Its says on the thumbnail Jeddah Tower which is the correct one
    But on the video it says kingdom tower which is wrong but yes it is under construction

  • Ricardo Lagos
    Ricardo Lagos 25 days ago +1

    why the costanera center says it was built in 1965 if the 2013 was built

  • Levent Turan
    Levent Turan 26 days ago

    First one is minas tirith of levondanian kingdom

  • Faheem Uddin
    Faheem Uddin 26 days ago

    Oh no wait you forgot Donald trump

  • SSJB Darкsoul
    SSJB Darкsoul 26 days ago

    Wher did you lost the palast of since in Warsaw

  • amin 365
    amin 365 26 days ago +1

    So x seed 400 is like 3 burj khalifas on top of each other um ok

    • Fire Heart
      Fire Heart 24 days ago

      5 burj khalifas*, burj khalifa is 800m, xseed400 is 4000m.

  • SkvlliQ
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  • Teguh Sotardodo
    Teguh Sotardodo 26 days ago

    Singapore Flyer is bulding same as Singapore Grand Prix

  • zaffrulla shariff
    zaffrulla shariff 26 days ago

    X-seed 4000 has not been started.It is located in Japan and its height is 4000km.It will be the tallest building in the world.

  • Rajesh Vishwakarma
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  • IR. Niazie Gani MSC
    IR. Niazie Gani MSC 26 days ago

    Where is indoneisaa

  • Zeth Rafael Ortiz Alanis

    Y la torre latinoamericana >:v?

  • GAMING Channel
    GAMING Channel 27 days ago +2

    U forget Indonesian building at Jakarta its about 132 meter

  • haikal weh
    haikal weh 27 days ago

    Wtf monas tower nothing!

  • El Mamba
    El Mamba 27 days ago

    Where is PBcom tower

  • JadoLive - berat
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  • Greenlightgamer Lamar
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    Lel I'm Egyptian But I'm In Kuwait #KUWAITOWERS4LIFE

  • glob Glo gab galab
    glob Glo gab galab 28 days ago

    I live in Jeddah it’s the kingdom tower location and it doesn’t look like the pic over here it’s soooo fat lol

  • Mati Gaming
    Mati Gaming 28 days ago

    Te faltó el obelisco

  • Atom Alexander
    Atom Alexander Month ago

    The last one Japan is pretty much building a mountain that’s insane! If they build this I’m expecting it will be finished sometime in the 2050s.

  • zamasu XI
    zamasu XI Month ago


  • zamasu XI
    zamasu XI Month ago +1

    Salió chile...wooo
    A los peruANOs envidiosos les duele el ano al ver a papá chile en top

  • Dark Cake
    Dark Cake Month ago +1

    Where is signature tower from Indonesia??

  • 030 number gaming lucas

    Where’s Willis tower?

  • Vickie Moberg
    Vickie Moberg Month ago

    Who thought the Dubai tower was last

  • Langit Biru
    Langit Biru Month ago

    Garuda wisnu kencana

  • P.C Hacker3
    P.C Hacker3 Month ago +1

    where is chonjin boldog statue

  • P.C Hacker3
    P.C Hacker3 Month ago

    one fake

  • Oyun Şarjörü
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  • Alif Shafar
    Alif Shafar Month ago +3

    Where's monas?
    "from indonesian"

  • StarOceanSora360
    StarOceanSora360 Month ago

    u forgot tower of babel, that shit will be 30,000 ft tall

  • TH3 RAV3N
    TH3 RAV3N Month ago

    And we wonder why were such large targets

    LTRIGMRK 16 Month ago

    2:22 Mi pais alv

  • Khairil Ezwan
    Khairil Ezwan Month ago +3

    Imagine how residents that lives at 800th floor would react if they forgot something at ground floor.

  • mousty34
    mousty34 Month ago

    hey where is turkeys building?

  • Beka's lives
    Beka's lives Month ago +1

    Мог бы и байтерек поставить

  • Fil Pav
    Fil Pav Month ago

    I made comparison of building height comparison it has more proposed buildings

  • RaspyRigged
    RaspyRigged Month ago

    Space needle the tallest

  • Ronald Dejaro
    Ronald Dejaro Month ago

    " Is man a building? "

  • كاي- Kai
    كاي- Kai Month ago

    Baghdad tower it's not in video why:(

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    Achitecht : lets build 4000 meters in to sky name X Seed 4000

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    I never know a human is a building

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    Bangsat kenapa monas ga ada anjing!! Bajingan bajingan

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    Where is creek tower

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    Im finding monas from indo and Thailand highest Building

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  • Rayan Singh
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    So the shard is 800 Feet and 340 meters and it's in london

  • Rayan Singh
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    You forgotten the shard in london ok fine I will tell

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    You offended me >:(

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    what is the music name??

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