Building Height Comparison

  • Published on May 24, 2014
  • Update: Compare their Height and Size in 3D, with corrected mistakes and more featured buildings :
    Single shot animated size comparison of the tallest buildings.
    Average Person (1.7m/5.6ft)
    Tool Shed (2.1m/6.9ft)
    Wood Shed (2.4m/7.9ft)
    London Telephone box (2.8m/9.2ft)
    Small Cottage (3.1m/10.2ft)
    Average 2-story House (5.4m/17.7ft)
    Average Mansion (10m/32.8ft)
    Newby-Mcmahon Building (12m/39.4)
    Statue of Zeus (13m/42.7ft)
    Temple of Artemis (18m/59.1ft)
    Colosseus of Rhodes (30m/98.4ft)
    Chichen Itzu (30m/98.4ft)
    Christ the Redeemer (40m/131ft)
    Roman Pantheon (43m/141ft)
    Colosseum (49m/161ft)
    Leaning Tower of Pisa (56m/184ft)
    Giant Wild Goose Pagoda (60m/197ft)
    Sydney Oprea House (65m/213ft)
    Statue of Librety (93m/305ft)
    Big Ben (96m/315ft)
    Lighthouse of Alexandria (120m/394ft) -Tallest Lighthouse ever built
    Spring Temple Budda (128m/420) -Tallest Statue
    Great Pyramid of Giza (139m/456ft)
    Singapore Flyer (165m/541ft) -Tallest Wheel
    Taj Mahal (171m/561ft)
    Kuwait Towers (187m/614ft) -Tallest Water Towers
    Gateway Arch (192m/630ft)
    Carlton Centre (224m/734ft) (Tallest in Africa)
    Costanera Center (300m/984ft) (Tallest in SA)
    Q1 (323m/1059ft) (Tallest in AU)
    Eiffel Tower (324m/1063ft)
    Millau Viaduct (342m/1122ft) (Tallest Bridge)
    Empire State Building (443m/1453ft)
    Petronas Twin Tower (452m/1483ft)
    Taipei 101 (508m/1667ft)
    One World Trade Centre (526m/1726ft)
    Ostankino Tower (540m/1772ft) (Tallest in Europe)
    CN Tower (553m/1814ft)
    Abraj Al Bait Towers (601m/1972ft) -Tallest Clock Tower
    KVLY-TV mast (629m/2064ft) (Tallest in NA) -Tallest mast current
    Shanghai Towers (632m/2073ft)
    Tokyo Sky Tree (634m/2080ft) - Tallest freestanding tower
    Warsaw Radio Mast (646m/2119ft) -Tallest collapsed structure
    Burj Khalifa (828m/2717ft) - Tallest building in the world
    Kingdom Tower (1007m/3304ft)
    Bionic Tower (~1200m/~4000ft)
    Al Jaber Tower (~1800m/~6000ft)
    Shimizu Mega-City Pyramid (~2000m/~6600ft)
    Dubai City Tower (~2400m/~7800ft)
    Ultima Tower (~3200m/~10000ft)
    X-Seed 4000 (~4000m/~13000ft)
    Includes a full scale zoom from 4:00 (Best Part)
    PS: The Taj Mahal height is wrong, it's 73m, the diagonal length then is 171m. Thanks for pointing that out. This is rectified in the updated 3d size comparison.

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    now I know why 70% of humans are dumb and if you are smart you know that if you click this button it becomes blue 🔵❤️

  • holly shit i fucked up

    Burj kalifa means tower of

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    The biggest tower ever made was in ancient babylon it was the babel tower it was three times the Burj Khalifa

    COLIN HOMAN 10 hours ago

    My dick should be number one

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    Langmark 81


    malaysia huhuhu

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    Bionc tower : big burj Khalifa : dubai big Ben : pequeño

  • SonicArthur0407 studios

    *C H I N A*

  • RH Buildings
    RH Buildings 2 days ago

    I now a building taller than Jeddah tower x seed 4000

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    ikea tower: *am i joke to you?*

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    no shanghai world financial center

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    Where's shanghai world financial center

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    You forget about monas

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    Ikea tower

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    Where is Qutub Minar????????

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    The latino american tower of Mexico

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    Im in uae

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    Wait you know what the 1st talking building the pearl in Hong kong

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    So their are some Towers that have an Unknown Year of constructed?
    But how about the jeddah tower?

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    yay warsaw mast is tallest with taipei 101 and more *see more* oh collapsed in 1991

  • Максим Доброходов

    me on the first floor:let's go
    me on the 10 floor:wow i see buildings
    me on the 100 floor:cool i see more buildings
    me on the 200 floor:wow i see clouds
    me on the 350 floor:oh clouds
    me on the 400 floor: mom i reach more floors?
    me on the 525 floor:oh god
    me on the 600 floor:omg
    me on the 700 floor:i'm hungry *eats Apple*
    me on the 800 floor:mom i see the Stars
    (more floors later)
    me on the 100000:floor i'm in the space
    me on the top:oh no *falling*
    *i'm wake up* i'm on 9 floor

  • Γιαννης Κανναβος

    Why the temple of Artemis has location Turkey

  • Harry Denis Momo
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    Who from Malaysia like down there

  • Abu abam / بو آدم

    انا جداوي ☻🤭 jeddah

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    No hks

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    Indonesia kok gak masuk

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    Why temple of Athens are in in Turkey

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    Where is Lotte Tower !!!😡

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    Where monas from indonesian :(

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    give a rele tower *gives manson*

    no sadi tower *gives tiwn tower and word trading senter*

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    hmmmmmmmm mabby mem

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    ok fanlly the twen tower

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    Tower of babel?

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    Excuse me..... Where monas?

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    There is no Monas
    From Indonesia?
    Dari indo comment(bukan ngemis
    Hanya kepo)

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    2:06 they mentioned my country!

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    You forgot auckland sky tower

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    When im watching this,i think about Pewdiepie than i say that WHAT WHERE IS IKEA TOWER?

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    No monas from indonesia? :"(

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    X-seed4000 look like poo 💩

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    You missed the sky tower in NZ

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    x seed vs everest

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    i mean I think you should've put human at the tallest building

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    Some of them I made with magnets🤫

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    Last 4 buildings are fake.

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    And x seed 4000 tower is so insane bro omg the tower is fucking so high bro

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    Average human height: 1.75
    Me 1.35 I am 12 year old

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    Where is landmark81?

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    Height comparison site average human to x-seed 4000

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    Hey where Malaysian twin tower

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    hey IRAN

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    X SEED 4000 the same time and the one I got it and I don't have me a way to have my car in

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      This makes no sense.

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    Mom and Dad:What are you doing there with your girlfriend
    Me:Were building a building

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    Highest buildings from the past to the future

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    Burj Khalifa is actually the tallest building even tough the thumbnail says its not Burj Khalifa, Google it if u dont believe me

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    X seed looks like poo💩

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