Ubisoft Club: Your In-Game Progression in Far Cry 5 | Ubisoft [NA]

  • Published on May 7, 2019
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    Ubisoft Club: Your In-Game Progression in Far Cry 5 | Ubisoft [NA]
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Comments • 42

  • Gamerboy 531
    Gamerboy 531 7 days ago +1

    _Yknow, I'm surprised that they are still adknowledging Farcry 5_

  • DeadByNoob Noob2
    DeadByNoob Noob2 13 days ago +1

    What if each region had there own map music just saying....

  • Ariel Betances
    Ariel Betances 20 days ago +1

    Love how you could dodge in new dawn, just wish I had more reason to use it please keep and add melee mechanics to do more melee combat adds a lot to the far cry formula

  • Brad Hoover
    Brad Hoover Month ago

    Worst thing about Far Cry 5 was the forced story progression and the fucking resistance meter. Now the only resistance meter is my internal one that stops me from playing FC5 anymore. First FC (playing since FC 2) I stopped playing before finishing.

  • redfox50184
    redfox50184 Month ago +8

    Add more content to farcry arcade and add more game modes

    • Ariel Betances
      Ariel Betances 17 days ago

      redfox50184 GAME MODES multiplayer was abandoned, such a slap in the face specially in 2019 games have great post launch support as they should, even ign said they had great potential.... no consideration for far cry fans

  • therussian slav Skandinavia spammer

    Hey ubisoft can you make a new uptade to the crew 2 for because the crew 2 is soon 1 year old and that you can make more boat. Planes and cars and more lighting and wether system and crash models need to be better

  • lou
    lou Month ago +1

    If anyone wants to try my arcade map on ps4 it's called Planet Pluto.

  • anthony GameingYT
    anthony GameingYT Month ago +1

    Is it this a 2018 game?

  • Devs
    Devs Month ago +3

    Nordic Viking===> AC refrence?

  • baconboy 447
    baconboy 447 Month ago +23

    It would be nice if you gave Farcry 5 or new dawn some more content. Many like that arena thing you did in new dawn but a survival version. That would be fun and endless. Some kind of survival thing wold be interesting as everything is already set up to do so. Yet the map maker doesn’t fully allow us to make this. Idk if Ubisoft will actually see this but I still felt like sharing this and hear other opinions. New dawn felt a little empty after completing the game in all honesty and I just want to give idea to ale it enjoyable after you do everything.

    • Halifax
      Halifax 17 days ago +1

      They need to bring back the challenges and rewards for live events. There were some people who never got to do them in time.

    • Ariel Betances
      Ariel Betances 20 days ago

      baconboy 447 they blew it they really need to put more effort into far cry like they do AC cuz people would love a first person AC

    • baconboy 447
      baconboy 447 27 days ago +1

      Ariel Betances Same here. I idea of having a survival mode in farcry would be awesome to have. I don’t even care if you get no reward out of it. I just want something that I can do to keep playing the game. That’s why the arena would be something that would make new dawn really fun to have

    • Ariel Betances
      Ariel Betances Month ago +1

      baconboy 447 preach I went back the arena after I beat the game and it blew my mind that I couldn’t do it again

  • Bayek Of Siwa56
    Bayek Of Siwa56 Month ago +1

    Ubisoft still acts like games are recent that aren't are recent.

  • Ancient Nasty
    Ancient Nasty Month ago +9

    *i want splinter cell*

    *NOW!!!* 😡

  • Nimda
    Nimda Month ago +2

    They aren't doing this with New Dawn surprisingly

  • Bunnyrraxx
    Bunnyrraxx Month ago

    Well lost my ps4

    RAULPUL XD Month ago +6

    Rainbow 7 ?? Plase

    • Tyrone Watlup
      Tyrone Watlup 14 days ago

      RAULPUL XD shutup

      RAULPUL XD 27 days ago

      @redfox50184 que ?? In spanish pls

    • redfox50184
      redfox50184 27 days ago

      @RAULPUL XD tf are u on?

    • Scp 106
      Scp 106 27 days ago

      RAULPUL XD lol how old are you

      RAULPUL XD 27 days ago

      @redfox50184 Far cry 5 it's going to be a garbage

  • Syndrom of the Revolution

    Gimme Loot

  • Malek Douik
    Malek Douik Month ago +5

    Who tf is still playing this game?

  • Tucanul
    Tucanul Month ago +1


  • Vex the Mentor
    Vex the Mentor Month ago +5

    Thought they did this already.

  • Jairo Briones
    Jairo Briones Month ago +2