Evil Things I Did as a Kid (ft. SomeThingElseYT)

  • Published on Feb 7, 2019
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  • TheAMaazing
    TheAMaazing 6 months ago +10677

    I want Adam to puke on me 😩😩😩👏💦👏

  • Luke Butler
    Luke Butler 11 hours ago


  • Lylah Lee
    Lylah Lee 12 hours ago

    I’m gonna lick ALL the OREOS, you’re not the boss of me!!!! Hdmddkjsndjdiwjdkdhisbxhdinwocvxl

  • Juliano Costa
    Juliano Costa 14 hours ago


    Illymation: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA MY *_B U T T_*

  • Totally normal Fire breathing vulpix

    U so evil gurl

  • 20 Pound Brick
    20 Pound Brick 19 hours ago

    U look like my friend, but blond.

  • Memerzoid 11
    Memerzoid 11 22 hours ago

    The vomit was USclip demonetization symbols

  • Amani771899
    Amani771899 Day ago

    Is it me or when the beginning of the video when Alyssa puke on the kid and the puke had money signs

  • Phantom weeb
    Phantom weeb Day ago

    When I was in kinder I bit,scratched,punched and kicked people because they were either my bullies or they didn't want to be my friend. :>

  • Kara Tinkerbell
    Kara Tinkerbell Day ago

    Why is Something else yt In all the evil ones

  • Hayleys Gacha world

    *happiness noises*

  • Emily Grdic
    Emily Grdic Day ago


  • Savage_E1125 RBX roblox

    Is this Adam from something else yt

  • Papoyo mp
    Papoyo mp 2 days ago +1

    "I fear no man, but that thing, it scares me."

  • oreodoesgachavids 0.0

    My baby sister has learned independence and she JUST turned one.....wtf

  • bass from space
    bass from space 2 days ago

    I loved the animator references

  • Carson Haslerud
    Carson Haslerud 2 days ago

    No spanking lucky

  • Carson Haslerud
    Carson Haslerud 2 days ago


  • Siem de Ridder
    Siem de Ridder 3 days ago

    Spanking = evil and child abuse.

  • Tris Animates
    Tris Animates 3 days ago

    1:57 pure art we have here ladies and gentlemen

  • Kween 2D
    Kween 2D 3 days ago +1

    When I was in pre-k it was clean up time I was pretending to be a “bad girl” so I went to the time out chair just to not clean up

  • Serenity
    Serenity 3 days ago +1

    My parent's didn't think spanking was necessary.
    Meanwhile my mom beats me with anything she get's her hands on:

  • xanxyi
    xanxyi 3 days ago

    funny thing is that i dont like my oreos without the cream


  • BFFGaming
    BFFGaming 3 days ago +1

    Do you have to pay to Watch?

  • Ngina Hardy
    Ngina Hardy 3 days ago


  • Gamergirl 124
    Gamergirl 124 3 days ago

    I like bologna and mustard......

  • SuperKrish
    SuperKrish 3 days ago +1

    You something else yt, odd1sout, jaiden animations and Tim Tom have to play meetup

  • Guillermo Alcántara

    Illy's so cute!! I'd share some Double Stuffed Oreos with her any day :3

  • Mariam Guira
    Mariam Guira 3 days ago +1

    *gets an oreo ,checks oreo, slowly eats it*

  • I want to be a vampire Blood time

    I have always vomit and love mini Oreos

  • Greenie 2879
    Greenie 2879 4 days ago

    *_B U T T_*

  • Giannhs-x1aa3d7 YT
    Giannhs-x1aa3d7 YT 4 days ago

    Somethingelse was in Rebekas video about the time she stole her moms credit card why do you thing he is evil like he is- well he is a little- maybe a bit more than - ok he's bad

  • Normal Person123123
    Normal Person123123 4 days ago

    Well when i was a evil kid i lie to my mom just to play some minecraft but now well i still lie to my mom hahahaa...

  • Estela Salinas
    Estela Salinas 4 days ago

    Yes that do

  • Maria Warburton
    Maria Warburton 4 days ago

    If you listen closley when he ate all the oreos blaghbluagh you here him say aww that hurt my throght

  • JJ Plays
    JJ Plays 5 days ago

    I remember I went to my cousins house and I saw Oreos on the tables.
    I ate all the cream and left the rest on the table.
    Later my aunt asked who ate all of the cream of her Oreos but I didn’t say anything.
    Then my cousin got in trouble for me...
    I watched as my aunt yelled at an innocent child.

  • Whale Man
    Whale Man 5 days ago

    Ughh *all the days*

  • Smith Toons
    Smith Toons 5 days ago

    Me too

  • honey mustered
    honey mustered 5 days ago

    One time my mom spanked me for the first time and I cried and then she cried cuz she felt bad

  • Jack Vlogz
    Jack Vlogz 5 days ago

    I luv demon illy

    HAILEY ZAVALA 5 days ago

    When u have a child...the evil demon inside you will be inside your child and your Minnie self will take over the OREO KINGDOM WAHAHAHA

  • OneStop Tripreports
    OneStop Tripreports 6 days ago

    PDNY wants to know ur location

  • Sakuraデーモン
    Sakuraデーモン 6 days ago +1

    When I was little I got grounded for using my moms credit card for games and game money

  • James Roberts
    James Roberts 6 days ago

    Anyone else noticed how the puke has a bunch of demonetization symbols😂

  • Mikara Coleman
    Mikara Coleman 6 days ago

    It's ok I was a evil kid too.And I regert it :C

  • SerenityHeart
    SerenityHeart 6 days ago



  • Kiana B
    Kiana B 7 days ago

    That is white people shit 1:51

  • Grey _Dream
    Grey _Dream 7 days ago

    So if her mom was actually beating her then she still wouldn't call the police? That's a bit biased :/

  • Maddie G
    Maddie G 8 days ago


  • PinkPandaNation
    PinkPandaNation 8 days ago

    ill still eat the oreo without the cream. what can i say,i like the cookie part

  • Mandy Comeau
    Mandy Comeau 8 days ago +1

    Yes, I would like an Oreo please. UwU

  • DynomitePunch
    DynomitePunch 8 days ago

    my parents whooped me, i turned out fine *twitches before consuming the souls of the dead through a bong, and exhaling their screams* just fine, no but really i dont' think theirs anything wrong with it, within reason of course, good vid, don't know how i missed it

  • Sherayah Cornwall
    Sherayah Cornwall 8 days ago

    So funny I'm crying 😂😂😂😂

  • Alicia Tamayo
    Alicia Tamayo 9 days ago

    3:11 lol

  • margarita pacheco
    margarita pacheco 9 days ago

    I love something else yet and I'm so happy you put Adam in this videoa

  • it's a bully
    it's a bully 9 days ago

    i hate balony sandwich

    meh to dogg

  • Esther's Weird World

    The only video that cusses that I can watch in front of my parents and siblings 👌👏

  • Jessica strawbez
    Jessica strawbez 9 days ago


  • Rod Harp
    Rod Harp 9 days ago

    Best way to plugin your sponsor

  • pretty peachy
    pretty peachy 9 days ago

    I was watching and laughing and at the end the moment you appeared on scream I just smiled you make me really happy I’m cramped in a little car and this video made me feel a lot better thank you

  • Rilie Silva
    Rilie Silva 9 days ago

    I swear I thought I heard Adam mutter into his mic, and I quote” oh I think I’m gonna throw up” in the background

  • Jamilette Delgado
    Jamilette Delgado 10 days ago

    Lol 😂 😆 😝

  • Vicky Rodden
    Vicky Rodden 10 days ago

    2:09 when you have a pack of lollipops and your friends wants some be like:

  • Vicky Rodden
    Vicky Rodden 10 days ago +3

    0:23 he's puking the demonitized logo so he will stop swearing

  • Stuff
    Stuff 11 days ago

    Licking the cream off an Oreo is like not eating the crust from a pizza

  • Judy Black
    Judy Black 11 days ago

    I have some oreo beside me now

  • Adriah Cox-Garcia
    Adriah Cox-Garcia 11 days ago

    Hi I am new

  • Amarria Taylor
    Amarria Taylor 11 days ago

    Licking the cream out of the Oreos ARE SOOOO GOOOD!!!😂

  • Nicholas Challenger
    Nicholas Challenger 12 days ago

    “I don’t f*cking care, Kaley.”

  • Stick Battle's
    Stick Battle's 12 days ago

    Ye haaw

  • Biamond ._.
    Biamond ._. 12 days ago +1

    *I dont Fuccing care Kayle*

  • Keri Remon
    Keri Remon 13 days ago

    My sister tried to kill my entire family as a kid. Except she was 10.

  • Thë Ünknøwn ツ
    Thë Ünknøwn ツ 14 days ago +2

    *pulls out Oreo*
    Dad: “Chase. Can I have a Oreo?”
    Me: *DONT. TAKE. MY. FOOD*