Top 10 Scary Abandoned Lighthouses

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
  • Top 10 Scary Abandoned Lighthouses
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    Going to a lighthouse is a great way to get the perfect view of a lake or an ocean. However, these lighthouses on this list, you don't want to step foot in them because of their scary background story. Get scared as we talk about the Top 10 Scary Abandoned Lighthouses.
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  • Sythen
    Sythen 6 days ago

    2:02 "That's what she said." I am so sorry. :P

  • Kirstie Hartley
    Kirstie Hartley Month ago

    I was totally OCD about those strings....and the stripes only being on one arm...they were the first things I noticed 😆

  • Aaron Price
    Aaron Price Month ago

    Cayman Hasan is my favorite😘 f*** Rebecca 😂

  • Ro 17
    Ro 17 Month ago

    Aymen in beautiful....I hate her

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright Month ago

    Another video nailed ayman great job ❤😁👍🏿👍🏿👍

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    Boses OfTok Month ago +1

    Alit Boi gotta be the dopest name ive ever heard in my life!! 🔥🔥👶🔥🔥

  • suzukablade
    suzukablade Month ago

    Urns? As in burial urns?

  • Firstjimmy Lasthedgecock

    Wow it is a ghost it looks like one

  • Taylor Akers
    Taylor Akers Month ago

    2:02 that's what she said!

  • 2011Account22
    2011Account22 Month ago

    Watched with sound off.

  • デンデxlosthopesx デンデ

    Bro I haven’t watched this channel in about a month

  • Kat Lee St. Julian
    Kat Lee St. Julian Month ago

    Resting place for urns!?
    wow, but then how can the families visit?

  • Tim Madsen
    Tim Madsen Month ago +1

    The Danish one at Rubjerg Knude is being moved 70 meters inland right now. in hope of saving it from going into the sea, crossing my fingers that it goes well!

  • Rheanna Marie
    Rheanna Marie Month ago

    Ayman is one of my favorite

  • Tony Emerson
    Tony Emerson Month ago

    Lighthouses are cool af. Haunted lighthouses are even cooler but even as much as i like snakes it'll be a cold day in Hell before i ever go on snake island. The only 3 snakes i kno of where i am that are poisonous are the Timber rattler (never seen one jus heard em), cottonmouth (have seen several of those, luckily not close enough not to get bitten tho) and the copperhead (also have seen several of those almost got bit by one but i got lucky) lol

  • Eddie Gomez
    Eddie Gomez Month ago

    You are so funny. I love beautiful 😉

  • Mike McMullen
    Mike McMullen Month ago

    The Lady has jokes!

  • ScissorMeTimbers
    ScissorMeTimbers Month ago +1

    Fml, Ayman's a dime.

  • menotsane75
    menotsane75 Month ago

    really great vid! I knew about snake island but the other ones sounded really cool. A solid thank you to the gal's and guys who make these wonderful vid's're brilliant!! And to Ms.Hasan… I wish you luck with the broken heart. Take care-M

  • Angela Beal Beal
    Angela Beal Beal Month ago

    I thought that was just your style

  • fnaf luna moonstar
    fnaf luna moonstar Month ago

    I love this channel other than the other USclip channels.

  • Iccassini -5
    Iccassini -5 Month ago


  • TOP:internet
    TOP:internet Month ago +1

    Estonian urban legends

  • Signe Flyvholm
    Signe Flyvholm Month ago

    Rubjerg Knude is pronounced with the K. Knude, not nude 😂 Actually it's gonna be moved on Tuesday (22. Oktober 2019). They will move it about 80 meters indlands from the edge 😊

  • gene milstead
    gene milstead Month ago

    Your so beautiful and love your voice and have a great day

  • Donna Robinson
    Donna Robinson Month ago

    Who would have thought there would be 10 abandoned lighthouses to talk about. Hell, I wouldn’t have even thought there would 10 lighthouses x

  • Šîłvĕř Linës
    Šîłvĕř Linës Month ago +1

    I've been inside a light house before~ Luckily it wasn't abandoned

  • MystiqueHorizon
    MystiqueHorizon Month ago

    Bouy is pronounced boo-e Ayman 😁👍

  • Benjamin Hurlburt
    Benjamin Hurlburt Month ago

    I recommend myself!

  • Benjamin Hurlburt
    Benjamin Hurlburt Month ago

    Sure I do! I’m a lit boy!

  • Denix
    Denix Month ago

    You are the most cringest person ever.

  • taishaomg
    taishaomg Month ago

    I Live In Curaçao ☺ And Yes You Said It Right And Yes I'm Late

  • Jersey Girl Jay
    Jersey Girl Jay Month ago

    Ayman ya too cute even when the damn video is creepy ASF

  • The fastest milkman in the West

    Irritating presenter.
    Bring back sexy bexy

  • Hurcinio Rivera-Lourido

    nice to see you again

  • The Fart Analyst
    The Fart Analyst Month ago

    I can read ayman better then abbey 😥

  • King James
    King James Month ago

    Team Ayman

  • Troy Grant
    Troy Grant Month ago

    I am a litte boi😋

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    Ronald Romo Month ago +2

    Ayman is my favorite host now

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    old school girl 😎

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    Ric Salas Month ago +2

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    Toad Skywalker64 Month ago +1

    They should've added the race rock lighthouse

  • The O.G King Fyre
    The O.G King Fyre Month ago +3

    The great Issac cay lighthouse is really haunted and I will not go there again

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    Christian MGTOW Month ago

    time to get high in Somilia.

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    Shiny llamas Month ago

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    Kelly Gonzalez Month ago

    Ayman....your so goofy and beautiful! I wasn't sure about you at first but that's it, you've made up my mind. Your now right up there with Che. you guys have a certain pizzazz about your personalities and hoping for a collab between the both of you!... please help out abby… she needs more confidence and I think you can help her. she has potential

  • Heated Ice
    Heated Ice Month ago

    Anyone else hear her southern accent? It truly made me consider if she's British or southern

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer Month ago +1

    how do you get that theyre getting 15 minutes of fame here? this video is onely 12:38 long LOL :-)

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    raymond terry Month ago +2

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