What Hygiene Was Like For Medieval Peasants

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • Although cleanliness in the Middle Ages was primitive compared to what modern people enjoy, it doesn't mean medieval hygiene didn't exist. Despite living in an era long before indoor plumbing, shampoo, and nail salons, people used the best hygiene practices they could. Unfortunately, they didn't have a lot to work with. Peasants had it especially bad and weren't often able to afford luxuries like more than one set of clothing. For the lower classes, personal hygiene in the Middle Ages meant keeping clean however you could, even if it wasn't easy.
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  • Weird History
    Weird History  Month ago +473

    What one item would you take back to Medieval Europe?

  • Jennifer Rivera
    Jennifer Rivera 2 hours ago

    Call me disgusting if you want, but if I take a full bath or shower more than once a week in the winter, my skin literally cracks open all over my body. I take a "Russian bath" daily and wash my hands as needed despite the cracks on them because I still have to prepare food for my family, but yeah. I'm pretty medieval.

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    1 million views

  • R. Ben Bahry
    R. Ben Bahry 7 hours ago

    I ruined my lunch because of this video

  • Cthight
    Cthight 8 hours ago

    14 century kids will remember.

    SOSA THE BOSS 8 hours ago

    This is what Arab Historian Usamah Ibn Munqidh described Crusaders in the Holy Land:
    "I saw Franks as like animals possessing courage and fighting prowess though their character is rude. Their medical knowledge is in a crude state for I saw a Frankish physician cut off a leg on which an abscess has grown, causing the man's death. A woman afflicted with imbecility was diagnosed as possessed by the devil, the physician recommended for her the shaving of her head, and as her case worsened, he made a deep cruciform incision on her head, to chase the devil away, but the woman died in the process."
    Geographer and philologist al-Bakri (d 1094 CE) says of the Galatians:
    "They are treacherous, dirty, and bathe once or twice a year, then with cold water. They never wash their clothes until they are worn out because they claim the dirt accumulated as the result of the sweat softens their body."

    Arab Scholar Sa'id Al-Andalusi's opinion on Europeans:
    "Their temperaments are frigid, their humors raw. They lack keenness of understanding and clarity of intelligence, and are overcome by ignorance and dullness, lack of discernment and stupidity."

  • Ray Parker
    Ray Parker 11 hours ago

    There are nasty people who still only bath once per week!

  • Rafael Gonzalez
    Rafael Gonzalez 18 hours ago

    What about country folks.

  • unjohnnycal
    unjohnnycal 20 hours ago

    Please do a video on what it’s like to be a peasant in the Philippines during the Spanish era!

  • Mountain Brook Farm
    Mountain Brook Farm 20 hours ago

    I have a hard time believing folks would not engage hygiene back then. Humans are very stinky no doubt. I just find it difficult to believe that folks way back then did not practice some kind of hygiene regimen. Sooner or later I’m sure some folks would group together to dunk and wash 🧼 a neglected stinky person.

  • Francisco Ponce
    Francisco Ponce 21 hour ago

    What was hygiene like in the French Versailles and the queen Maria Antoinette.plz make a video 👍

  • Banter Board
    Banter Board Day ago +1

    Geez, people's genitals must've smelled like raw sewage back then!

  • Kelly14UK
    Kelly14UK Day ago

    As long as their souls were cleansed, they cared less about soap and water than they did religion. Stinkards.

  • J C
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    Love this channel 💜
    Glad I found it and subscribed. 👍

  • Randy Jaeya
    Randy Jaeya Day ago

    imagine having a breath of fresh air in medieval times.

  • Brooks Equine
    Brooks Equine Day ago

    Sounds like India ?

  • Eve Palme
    Eve Palme Day ago

    Eeeww I'd go live in a different place alone next to a clean creek grow my own vegies away from the stinkys eeww disgusting

  • Kaidyn Kimble
    Kaidyn Kimble 2 days ago

    oooh the ghetto

  • jnie swartz
    jnie swartz 2 days ago +1

    I rather use a chamber pot in my home. At least I know only my butt was on it. How did they empty a cess pit? Especially in a castle

  • QuantumCh3rry
    QuantumCh3rry 2 days ago

    Thank God I live in the 21st century..

  • Larry Baker
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    You could smell them way before you saw them.

    ELVISFX 2 days ago

    Answer: wasn't

  • GC West
    GC West 2 days ago +1

    “ ahh death......... I remember when I was a wee lad whenever I felt that sneeze comin id just take a lick from my mercury rat and wash me hands with a lead brick “

  • leo
    leo 2 days ago

    5:02 Skyrim bed


  • Friend Chicken
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    Would anyone french kiss a medieval Frenchman or woman?

  • Patrick Petrowsky
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    My hot water heater went out so I had to medieval it for a week.

  • Richard B
    Richard B 3 days ago

    Just ask Mad Maxine waters...she was living in that time

  • Breeshia Wade
    Breeshia Wade 3 days ago +1

    Every European historical account includes proliferating poor hygiene

  • JDMusic
    JDMusic 3 days ago +2

    imagine going down on a girl back in those days

    • JDMusic
      JDMusic 19 hours ago

      Elise Jackson What you talking about they would have went 3 times as much. I like a little tart in my lemon....just kidding

    • Elise Jackson
      Elise Jackson 20 hours ago

      let's hope they never thought about doing that.


    Medieval peasant is a luxury than living with a mongol horde... they don’t believe in washing their clothes or bathing... YUCK! 😅😅😅

  • come get
    come get 4 days ago

    Why didn't you just walk around California an ask them.....same thing happening the black death will soon show up over there.

  • GGG
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    And white people say they civilized us lmfaooo

  • Olivia V.
    Olivia V. 4 days ago

    Imagine having sex back then 😲

  • Howtomove
    Howtomove 5 days ago

    You’re a peasant.. USclip channel owner

  • Jess Frankel
    Jess Frankel 5 days ago

    I read somewhere that many women used rags and attached a string to them which they wrapped around their upper thigh to prevent the makeshift tampon from going in too far and made it easier to pull out. The things you do when researching a book you're writing...

  • danni ragu
    danni ragu 5 days ago

    Smelt like shit look like shitbate shit fuck all dat

  • Fresh Beginnings
    Fresh Beginnings 6 days ago

    Medieval times: Who's fucking? *N O B O D Y*

  • Ncyim
    Ncyim 6 days ago

    When did turpentine come into play? I use it in my liniment mix w/ excellent result. Can also be used w/ ice cream 1x per week for gut health per Dr Jen Daniels. Please talk about Thieve's Oil too.

  • sophalino brown
    sophalino brown 6 days ago +1

    They had to have HUGE tolerance for bad smells especially with women....

  • Crystal Ankeny
    Crystal Ankeny 6 days ago +2

    I can't imagine trying to cram a twig up there! My husband accidentally bought me the tampons w/the cardboard applicators and I side-eyed him like he had handed me a box of twigs 😂 smooth plastic for me please! I'm so grateful!!

    • Elise Jackson
      Elise Jackson 20 hours ago +1

      my mom did the same thing. i hate those ones.

  • John Sweeney
    John Sweeney 7 days ago

    This is like India today. Shit piss berry bodies throw rubbish in your water supply then drink cook wash swim out of it.

  • sarikatimmi
    sarikatimmi 7 days ago

    was that bam margera’s dad phil?

  • MadAnth0ny C
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    Romans where cleaner

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    "Hey, got a tampon?"
    *picks branch off tree* "Sure!"

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      "hey, got a dildo?"
      Picks up a branch

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    B-hole sex 😏 must've been a real turn off, dingleberries every where...

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    Good lord. Our race has come far! Lol.

  • Phillip Dinan
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    In 1492 they came to the New World .

  • MakerO'chilD
    MakerO'chilD 9 days ago

    All i got from this was medieval people were incredibly stupid and lazy..

  • gustavo mitre
    gustavo mitre 9 days ago

    Just imagine living a life and not knowing you were ugly as shit cus you didn’t have a mirror

  • Chanel Hati
    Chanel Hati 9 days ago

    rotten teeth, crotch rot, sootkins no wonder they got the plague dirty buggars at least natives bathed in river and didnt need stinky sweaty clothes

  • Jo-Anne Price
    Jo-Anne Price 10 days ago

    Antibiotics 😊

  • Bernard Bernabe
    Bernard Bernabe 10 days ago

    Any proof? Did you time travel?

  • Wesley Slippers
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    9.08 Is that the future Captain Smith of Titanic fame?

  • Wesley Slippers
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    Good 'ol days. Remember them well.

  • GhostMacross01
    GhostMacross01 10 days ago

    It sounds a lot similar to the Indian subcontinent of Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh where despite all that modern infrastructure society facade there was pollution and poverty and limited in both sanitation and plumbing. Yes they have electricity and lighting, can see that on Google Earth on night time but their standard of living was low and their mentality and behavior was unreliable and untrustworthy towards one another and towards foreigners. They strongly believe that outsiders with dark skin were thieves and violent troublemakers. I bet they might even assault Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, Laurence Fishburne, and Will Smith on vacation tour outside the modern and tourist parts of the Indian subcontinent. And proud of it to even participate in harming an innocent Black African from Africa or even a Black African American. Hey it is local meant for local consumption. It is a sick joke to even suggest much less support the notion that the Asian Indian could have uplifted themselves to an economically stable modern industrial state without the Europeans and East Asians. Ramesh "Sunny" Balwani the Asian Indian almost murdered hundreds of thousands of patients but instead arrested for massive fraud in a blood diagnostic device.

  • Kimberly M
    Kimberly M 10 days ago

    4:00 "go over it with a fine-toothed comb"

  • alexander younes
    alexander younes 10 days ago

    If you had to choose between living homeless today or living a normal life in medieval times. Which one. I would choose homeless today.

  • Cindy Howe
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    Not anybody
    Peasant: see this parasite coming out of my leg😂😂

  • Indiana Jones
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    The face that my sexy and beautiful wife made at a certain point in this video will entertain me for the rest of my life.
    Thanks for being a child of the late 20th century.

  • Murakami
    Murakami 12 days ago

    Lots of women back then just free bled. They also had fewer periods...