Let Kanye Be Kanye

  • Published on May 21, 2016
  • Stephen makes a valiant attempt to out-Kanye Kanye West with his own realness.
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    Stephen Colbert took over as host of The Late Show on Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2015. Colbert is best known for his work as a television host, writer, actor, and producer, and best known for his charity work teaching English as a second language on Tunisian date farms. Prior to joining the CBS family -- and being officially adopted by network president Les Moonves -- Colbert helmed “The Colbert Report,” which aired nearly 1,500 episodes and required Stephen to wear nearly 1,500 different neckties. The program received two Peabody Awards, two Grammy Awards, and several unwelcome shoulder massages. It won two Emmys for Outstanding Variety Series in 2013 and 2014, both of which appear to have been lost in the move. Colbert is pronounced koʊlˈbɛər, according to Wikipedia. His understudy is William Cavanaugh, who will be hosting The Late Show approximately one third of the time. Good luck, Bill!"
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Comments • 5 191

  • Audrey Koskei
    Audrey Koskei Day ago

    Well. It's 2018 and who's laughing now?

  • Erefuro Stella Amaso-Nedderman

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂, oh man! This thing is catching!! So funny, Kanye has a mental health problem, the soon Kim realises it and gets him help the better.

  • TheSHINE0000
    TheSHINE0000 9 days ago

    Him in Trump smoking the same shit

  • Jean Grimshaw
    Jean Grimshaw Month ago

    Some should tell Kanye to lay off the drugs before he does an interview.

  • MrKingoverall
    MrKingoverall Month ago

    The Kardashians are cursed ...

  • Patrick Marble aka Pat Peezy

    Man, what's wrong with us. I watched that Kanye interview and he's just wanting to help people with certain things he struggled with growing up. Isn't that what we're supposed to do? Too try and help make the world a better place.

  • Birdsong
    Birdsong Month ago

    Wow, why did they let him do that interview? Something is wrong, I can get what he saying in general, but he has incoherent thoughts which are a sign of mental illness. He doesn’t have anything to back up his “ideas”. He sounds manic and needs help.

  • Jojo D
    Jojo D Month ago

    Lmao yyyyeeess just bring this all the way back up!! Lol he makes nooo sense

  • Yoga Sastriawan
    Yoga Sastriawan Month ago

    Woopi woop woop di scoop

  • Suzan mxyzptlk
    Suzan mxyzptlk 2 months ago

    He is way ahead of our time.

  • Li Liu
    Li Liu 3 months ago

    Someone, please give Ellen a baseball bat.

  • Himaryous
    Himaryous 3 months ago

    In retrospect it was mean to make fun of this.

  • Victor Iketalu
    Victor Iketalu 3 months ago

    He is psychotic but you all made him rich bet u have cruise with music or wear his products so wtf u all saying maybe his mad maybe not time will tell

  • Moses Muya
    Moses Muya 3 months ago

    This ain't funny. Kanye is a genius, it's just that dumb people(who are the majority) don't understand him

  • King Konvik Zion
    King Konvik Zion 3 months ago

    Y'all really cut the video up so badly y'all make him look legitimately retarded. It wasn't incoherent at all you dumb ass

  • khuang96
    khuang96 3 months ago

    Stephen was literally rapping 😁 so great, haha

  • Talkindurinthemovie
    Talkindurinthemovie 3 months ago

    Sad seeing this

  • smash mash
    smash mash 3 months ago

    Fuck stephen

  • David Mooch
    David Mooch 3 months ago

    Its funny how the media is so manipulative and plays with perception...we just gobble the shit up. Fucking hilarious. They got it down to a science...they can make or break you.

  • Harris Lidrapranoto
    Harris Lidrapranoto 3 months ago

    Who is he? Kanye musk?

  • daniel Angel
    daniel Angel 3 months ago

    I have ideas too, give me 26.5 million only. I'll make the world feel like heaven.

  • MollieVX
    MollieVX 3 months ago

    I had to skip past the Kanye clip... i just couldn't watch more than the first 15 seconds.

  • Valerianne Slyth
    Valerianne Slyth 3 months ago

    Stephen is one of the few TV persons that make me actually laugh out. Brilliant stuff.

  • Ava F
    Ava F 3 months ago

    Kanye’s voice is much more high pitch than I imagined

  • Jesus F.
    Jesus F. 4 months ago

    I have 2 questions.

  • Uwais Motala
    Uwais Motala 4 months ago

    be aware of mental health issues..with individuals and collections of people. hope kanye gets well. he still has issues but now u know.

  • Deux Exmachina
    Deux Exmachina 4 months ago

    Scoopity poop.

  • Amone KD
    Amone KD 4 months ago

    I want the public to look at this interview from the point that this is not a human speaking, but a Demon a spiritual being trying to act HUMAN. Then you will understand this in a better light. Don't look at the flesh, Hear the Spirit speaking.....it is SCARY! They want more authority and Power over all of us!

  • Vic S
    Vic S 4 months ago

    Looking back at this, I remember wanting Kanye to jump on Ellen's couches

  • Daisygirl1217
    Daisygirl1217 4 months ago


  • Doppelganger
    Doppelganger 4 months ago

    Is Kanye addicted to cocaine or whatever Sarah Palin's on...

  • Robert D
    Robert D 4 months ago

    Take any part of Kanye's rant (or the whole thing) and close your eyes and imagine Donald Trump saying it from behind the podium. You can actually do it. That's scary.

  • palmieres
    palmieres 4 months ago

    2:05 Ellen is like "I wish I was Dory for real so I could enjoy the bennefits of short-term memory loss right now"
    The delusion is strong with this one...

  • nancykerrigan
    nancykerrigan 4 months ago

    Best clip of Colbert. Ever!

  • Jake Rose
    Jake Rose 4 months ago

    Kanye was high!

  • Robo Cop
    Robo Cop 4 months ago

    Lol, gay fish, look it up, thank me later

  • KaapseKind Keijzer
    KaapseKind Keijzer 4 months ago

    haha....love Ellen's expression

  • THAOFFCIALFC channel
    THAOFFCIALFC channel 4 months ago

    what funny about guy talking about how he wanna change the world most people who change the world are the crazy ones cause sane people dont think they can thats why people need a leader to tell them how they should feel

  • attacktyson007
    attacktyson007 4 months ago

    My ears are bleeding because they want to protect my brain from igniting from insult to humanity 😭😭😭😭😭😭😦😠😠😠😠😵😵😵😵😢😢😢😢😢

  • An Marllo
    An Marllo 4 months ago

    Wow, I feel high just listening to him, and I don't like that feeling!
    He should test the water he drinks!

  • Laura Elizabeth
    Laura Elizabeth 4 months ago

    He's a crazy narcissistic moron

  • This is Laflare Tv
    This is Laflare Tv 4 months ago

    That nigga crazy

  • Gladys Estela Hernandez

    Poor Kanye. He honestly appears to be manic. The pressured speech, the wandering subjects ideas, and feeling of grandiosity, it all seems to point towards a manic phase of bipolar disorder. I really wish people in his camp would help him instead of just being “yes” men.

  • Nischol Suresh
    Nischol Suresh 4 months ago

    stephen you're is AMMMMMAZING!! lol XD yuo should never run for president Mr. Colbert

  • I'm Golden
    I'm Golden 4 months ago

    Stephen Colbert--- a better Kanye than Kanye

  • Kaladhar Battepati
    Kaladhar Battepati 4 months ago

    *Stephen... You're awesome! You expressed the words that I was thinking in my head.. KW is too Overrated!*

  • Anjana Devi Kumar MHT
    Anjana Devi Kumar MHT 4 months ago

    Look at Ellen’s face! 🤣

  • Snails
    Snails 4 months ago

    It was like bad lip reading but actually real life, so weird.

  • Jfrench_ Gutta
    Jfrench_ Gutta 4 months ago

    Crazy & lame as fuck u not Steve jobs or fucking Picasso or fucking real your artificial fake mofo

  • Goobye USA
    Goobye USA 4 months ago

    His ego, lack of self-awareness, way of speaking/gesticulating and general mannerisms....Black Donald Trump!!!

  • Jfrench_ Gutta
    Jfrench_ Gutta 4 months ago

    Why n da fuck he sounds like a white men? WTF bruh he's brainwashed an embarrassment

  • Sheila Atchison
    Sheila Atchison 4 months ago

    He needs more RESOURCES??? WTF??? Tell him to spend his own damn millions before he goes asking for more.

  • W P
    W P 4 months ago +1

    If you put Kayne and Trump together you might get one coherent line in oh say 4 hours. Maybe.

  • daddyrichten
    daddyrichten 4 months ago

    The funny thing is that Kanye may look crazy, and Cobert ridiculed Kanye, but the reality of these two guys is that Kanye really wants to help, and Colbert couldn't care less about people and just wants to make punch line of everything.

  • The ½ øƒ 9, Firmware of Unimatrix 01

    I rarely clap on USclip videos but this one.. I really clapped on Stephen"s rap.. I am too drunk to type more or correct punctuations. so treat me as u wish ... Good night internet.

  • Brian Pace
    Brian Pace 4 months ago +1

    What in the fuck is going on with Kanye West????? Somebody please Flash the camera get the real Kanye West back.

  • PD 47
    PD 47 4 months ago

    Kanye spoke about how people pull each other down and Stephen unknowingly showed it! Shame on you Colbert!

  • Nourhanne Mkh
    Nourhanne Mkh 4 months ago

    😂😂😂😂HAHAHAH WOW kim Kardashian made kanye lose his mind , the dude lost his mind or is the dude totally mentally ill super crazy.

  • Upjohn
    Upjohn 4 months ago

    Its really hard to keep up with the Whoredashians, Kanye is a crazy mofo

  • mihiuh uihiu
    mihiuh uihiu 4 months ago

    Omg he's like the dumb big head kid on the Wayans tv show

  • Elisabeth G
    Elisabeth G 4 months ago

    Steven one-uping Jeezus. Love it!

  • Mustard Seed
    Mustard Seed 4 months ago

    Or Nutz.

  • Mustard Seed
    Mustard Seed 4 months ago

    he was High As Fk.

  • gabrielle garzotto
    gabrielle garzotto 4 months ago

    definitely on drugs

  • Hope Sanford
    Hope Sanford 4 months ago

    Kanye has gotta be on Oxycontin. Nutzoid.

  • Justin Mc
    Justin Mc 4 months ago

    Let’s enjoy coke! Fight on dragon blood!

  • Amber Moogeun
    Amber Moogeun 4 months ago

    Kanye turned Ellen in to a tomato just by speaking!!!! If that ain't Dragon energy I don't know what is. 😂😂

  • Elizabeth Trainer
    Elizabeth Trainer 4 months ago

    Soooooo, "Clothes" are going to save the world?? Riiiiight. Take a fucking seat man.

  • John Frenette
    John Frenette 4 months ago

    They added a laugh track over Kanye when he's talking. It makes it look like the audience is laughing at him like he's crazy. If you watch the original you get a very different impression.

  • Weird Al Yankovic
    Weird Al Yankovic 4 months ago +1

    This man is a real gem. Protect him at any cost

  • Gnostic Waheed
    Gnostic Waheed 4 months ago

    He needs some help, he's never recovered from the loss of his mom and it's evident. Because he's all over the place.

  • Nadia barati
    Nadia barati 4 months ago

    Kanye sounds manic psychotic. He needs treatment with medication.

  • M. Ael
    M. Ael 4 months ago

    Ellen's expression is the REALEST on TV ever.

  • Jim Wilson
    Jim Wilson 4 months ago

    Like Trump crazy as a fox, brothers in arms.

  • hefeelslikeivan
    hefeelslikeivan 4 months ago

    Feels like yesterday.

  • Nameless Entity
    Nameless Entity 4 months ago

    Mein Gott, I could only dream of getting this high.

  • chibangin007
    chibangin007 4 months ago

    Chicago hates kanye

  • G C-BOSS
    G C-BOSS 4 months ago

    BIPOLAR alert!

  • Sabrina Sauceda
    Sabrina Sauceda 4 months ago +2

    no wonder he and Trump get along. They
    are both morons

  • Junior Perez
    Junior Perez 4 months ago

    Hahaha nailed it

  • Robin Garrett
    Robin Garrett 4 months ago +53

    Summing him up: he wants to Be Best.

    • Fidgety Rock
      Fidgety Rock 3 months ago +1

      its funny I heard one song of his, he mentioned his own name 50 times in the song ^^

    • Christian Schjött-Quist
      Christian Schjött-Quist 4 months ago +1

      Anyone who has a problem with that, has to realize the problem is selflove ;)

    • spannyma kroncke
      spannyma kroncke 4 months ago +1

      Robin Garrett haha good one

  • Abby Castañeda
    Abby Castañeda 4 months ago

    He's a narcissist ... such an idiot

  • Evelynwashere 1
    Evelynwashere 1 4 months ago

    Poor Kanye...😢😢😢

  • Crusty Plunger
    Crusty Plunger 4 months ago +1

    Poor Ellen 😂

  • Suci Retnowati
    Suci Retnowati 4 months ago


  • vivid flower
    vivid flower 4 months ago

    Don't watch anything edited.

  • gabbie8319
    gabbie8319 4 months ago

    He wasted almost 56 million on his failed houses. He could’ve invested that in making the world better. Smh...

  • Craig Gomez
    Craig Gomez 4 months ago

    We are living in very strange times. When I came up, we took action in any form necessary. The 60's was an activist decade. The 20 teens are overrun with pussified lunatics rambling on about psycho-babble that is self-absorbed and arrogance multiplied by one thousand. Hey Kanye, the way this works is, you go on TV to brag about success and the millions you have earned. You don't brag about being a failure who blew 53 million dollars and not man enough to own it. What a piece of shit you are.

  • Dalia Rota
    Dalia Rota 4 months ago

    You're brilliant and good looking! Love you Stephen, you make my day!

  • Amy Park
    Amy Park 4 months ago

    Stephen, you are so hilarious. Watching this in May 2018. Bipolar disease. Sad....

  • Al SKmr
    Al SKmr 4 months ago

    Uma lastima o que ele disse. Tem efeitos em varios paises como Brasil em que o movimento negro unificado ainda luta por direitos iguais na vida real. / A pity what he said. It has effects in several countries like Brazil in which the unified black movement still fights for equal rights. Actually he is one of the guys that hangs out in the other side of the fence for so long, he becomes a frustrated version of himself. We must embrace who we are and where we really came from, dig in to the real history of our people and find our dignity there and tell our kids so they reject the sign of exclusion and inferiority, recognize the injustice, fight to achieve the change on school history including the real history of African people and their great contribution to society and make them recognize the holocaust of the slavery and bring more people from all groups to this understanding and systematic Racism(structural and institutionalized) ideology that was though thru in a Berlin Conference, to justify those atrocities, because tomorrow those atrocities can happen again if we are not careful and most of all never give fuel to justify or perpetuate the excuses other group finds to justify such atrocities.

  • Bamidele Adedapo
    Bamidele Adedapo 4 months ago +1

    Punchlines like that, Kanye better sign him.

  • Total Failure
    Total Failure 4 months ago

    too much xanax

  • wratched
    wratched 4 months ago

    Is it just me, or does Kanye sound like Oprah?

  • Leanne Voysey
    Leanne Voysey 4 months ago

    Psychotic break

  • Deba Dev
    Deba Dev 4 months ago


  • Beavis emoji here
    Beavis emoji here 4 months ago

    Someone needs to help Kanye. I swear he has undiagnosed mental issues. Reminds me of the Charlie Sheen/Diane Sawyer interview.

  • #mood
    #mood 4 months ago

    Stephen's impersonation of Kanye's rant was spot on tho

  • nayim hasan
    nayim hasan 4 months ago

    He talks like my addicted cousin.... when he needs money....

  • pinkwonder power
    pinkwonder power 4 months ago

    It's 2018 ......and he still crazy.