100 People Tell Us How Much Money They Make | Keep it 100 | Cut

  • Published on Jan 6, 2019
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    100 People Tell Us How Much Money They Make | Keep it 100 | Cut
    #Cut #KeepIt100 #Challenge
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Comments • 10 138

  • WierdKid AsMr
    WierdKid AsMr 4 hours ago

    I make 981,576 a year I own my own music platform and I have my own business

  • cookiekoala
    cookiekoala 5 hours ago

    Doesn't Ilah (sp?) work for the cut?

  • XxGacha KittenxX
    XxGacha KittenxX 9 hours ago

    These people wish they had more money, however they don't know that the amount they have would make me happy,because my mom can barely afford a lot of food. My fridge is pretty much empty.

  • Globalfire
    Globalfire 9 hours ago

    3:32 70.000$ thousand for a Registered Nurse?
    Goddamn where I live they get around 15.000$ per year

  • Emma Bufton-O'Shea
    Emma Bufton-O'Shea 11 hours ago

    I hate how unemployed people can blame more than the employed people I know that unemployed people deserve money but it's strange to think you can work like 6 hours a day and make less money than someone whose sitting at home

  • atrumluminarium
    atrumluminarium 13 hours ago

    100k for an electrician? I should move to the US

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  • TheGamingDawn
    TheGamingDawn Day ago +1

    Honestly, what's the point of getting a job? These mums just live off child support and unemployment and live very comfortable lives from doing nothing but taking tax payers money. What's. The. Point. Of. Getting. A. Job.

  • Aiball
    Aiball Day ago

    I don't get why people get pissed when someone asks this questions, I don't see anything personal.

  • Angela Jung
    Angela Jung Day ago

    61k as a daycare provider?! Idk where she lives but I've never made more than 20k in that career:/ She's making what childcare teachers should all be making! Good for her! (Bad for me lol)

  • Bolt
    Bolt Day ago

    I think what we make a year shouldn't be such a taboo topic. Its counterintuitive to want to make more money while simultaneously bring told to keep it hush hush

  • Mobile Gämer
    Mobile Gämer Day ago

    “100 people don’t tell us how much they make”

  • Bautty
    Bautty Day ago +1

    Damn, I only do like 2.000 per month. Smh

  • Am3i Q.
    Am3i Q. Day ago

    So software marketing is where it's at huh

  • ThexFighterxAce
    ThexFighterxAce 2 days ago

    2:38 ok that guy definitely does more than 100k/year

  • Adan Martinez
    Adan Martinez 2 days ago

    Doctor walks in:” hi, yes I make 360,000 a year”
    “ we’re mugging him right?”
    “ hell yea”

  • A B
    A B 2 days ago

    4:39 i can tell he’s annoying

    • Icynibba
      Icynibba 17 hours ago

      Why? Because you're jealous? Grow up, poorboy.

  • Xvngle
    Xvngle 2 days ago

    My dad makes 119,040 a year and it’s normal

  • Samantha Barron
    Samantha Barron 2 days ago

    Interviewer: how much do you make
    Them: that’s personal I’m not answering that
    Me: it smells like br0ke up in here

  • Carl Lee
    Carl Lee 2 days ago

    Guy at 3:05 yoooo he lowkey sad

  • 1 2
    1 2 2 days ago +1

    @1:20 Really, no comments of her being a yoga teacher?
    Okay, no wonder she doesnt make that much.

  • Yutube SuspendedMyAccount

    Its not how much you make. Its how much you keep. Invest early on specially when you are young. Listen to people like Dave Ramsey , Chris Hogan , jaspreet sighn, grahm Stephen , robert kiyosaki will change the way you look at things in life.

  • yikes butt
    yikes butt 3 days ago +2

    "Run a hip hop streaming service" He said it like he hates the job LMAO

  • Ricklels YT
    Ricklels YT 3 days ago +1

    In the last 15 years i made 100 dollars

  • MyradoGaming
    MyradoGaming 3 days ago

    Why go there and then say u don't wanna tell

  • macacalocaedoida
    macacalocaedoida 3 days ago

    3:15 Damn, Anne with an "E" has a drinking problem

  • Neck Leck
    Neck Leck 3 days ago

    “No amount of money can make you happy”
    Pretty sure if someone sent 1 Billion your way, you would be happy the rest of your life. I know I would LOL

  • purple nugget
    purple nugget 3 days ago

    I make 2 dollars a week, I am 12

  • Lana-Jean Fogel
    Lana-Jean Fogel 4 days ago

    Why are so many people too offended to answer? Is it really that big of a deal? 0.o

  • Gaviota Casas
    Gaviota Casas 4 days ago

    Goddam bih makes more money than me from unemployment,shits wild

  • estoy
    estoy 4 days ago

    i really don’t understand why people don’t like to talk about how much money they have or EARN? maybe because i’m poor???

  • Kai Vlogs
    Kai Vlogs 4 days ago

    Im even more proud of my mom now!
    She makes 70 thousand

  • Emma Whyte
    Emma Whyte 4 days ago

    So my parents make 160k each

  • Tomm
    Tomm 4 days ago

    1:28 "i heard you bitches were looking for me"

  • LeLaB Bracko
    LeLaB Bracko 4 days ago

    this girl makes 12k a year ... and this guy makes 400k a year

  • Michelle Wilde
    Michelle Wilde 5 days ago

    I thought it was illegal to fire someone for discussing their salary

  • Rethabile Molefe
    Rethabile Molefe 5 days ago

    Not including the daddies 😹😹😹

  • Oh Alexis
    Oh Alexis 5 days ago

    4:14 she’s beautiful 🥺

  • Tatum Adams
    Tatum Adams 5 days ago +1

    Last bitch definitely a hooker

  • Rita Daou
    Rita Daou 5 days ago +1

    2:36 this girl is a big phatt mood

  • Sayf Ali
    Sayf Ali 5 days ago +1

    Wait how do you make sandwiches and get 35k a year😑😕

  • Anthony Higgins
    Anthony Higgins 5 days ago

    3:15 weed and drinking

  • Spakev
    Spakev 5 days ago

    4:57 i do adidilil this adililil tha

  • kennyy the spade
    kennyy the spade 5 days ago

    The people so didn’t answer were offended asf...lmao

  • 21C Wyvernn
    21C Wyvernn 5 days ago

    *iS ThAt sUpPoSeD To bE SoMe kInD Of pErSoNaL AtTaCk?!*

  • Lord Tachanka
    Lord Tachanka 6 days ago

    Jeez ashleen at 4:18 back at it again.

  • Lord Tachanka
    Lord Tachanka 6 days ago

    Jeez my dad makes 3000$ a month for picking tomatoes and cucumbers

    • Lord Tachanka
      Lord Tachanka 3 hours ago

      @Tamás Kálmán the thing is he works 12 hours a day and its exhausting and his daily salary is about 100 chf. He gets sunburned and he caught a kidney disease which sent him to hospital luckily for only 3 days. This happened last year. And now he is in our home country and he doesn't know if he will work there again.

    • Tamás Kálmán
      Tamás Kálmán 8 hours ago

      @Lord Tachanka yess, tell me more about that

    • Lord Tachanka
      Lord Tachanka 8 hours ago

      @Tamás Kálmán k dont belive me he works in Switzerland and he makes 3000 chf which is similar to 3000$.

    • Tamás Kálmán
      Tamás Kálmán 3 days ago

      Yeaaah sure lol

  • boy watchu looking at

    I don’t really understand why people have such a big problem with saying how much they earn.
    Also if I job says you not allowed to say how much you earn isn’t that weird 🤔

  • polychridae
    polychridae 6 days ago

    How are people making more off of unemployment than others are with jobs?

  • fayedoodles
    fayedoodles 6 days ago

    Capitalism and Corporate business is the only reason people “think it’s a personal question” - it’s only through discussion with your coworkers that you can standardise and determine what the pay for your job should be and fight for it.
    If companies can deter its employees from finding out what everyone else is on then nobody is gonna question why “X Person” is on 8k more a year than “Y Person” doing the same job.
    Breeding mistrust and dividing the work force like this is only a benefit to the people at the top who have more money than sense. Unionise. Redistribute the wealth.
    Eat the rich, people. ✌🏻

  • Nillo
    Nillo 6 days ago

    I make 400000 a year ,would you like more money
    Guy always

  • Tryhardgummybear sub to pewdiepie

    400k a year most people lied in here cause some lf those jobs dont get you like that much money

  • Alex Rivas
    Alex Rivas 6 days ago

    It’s surprising how many pathetic individuals are too embarrassed by their own income to be able to openly discuss it. More than half of these people will all be failures in life.

  • Olivia Thompson
    Olivia Thompson 6 days ago

    Okay wearing a nice north face vest but on food stamps...?

  • Anne-Mette Pedersen
    Anne-Mette Pedersen 6 days ago

    I make 11k before tax as a student in Denmark

  • SiimplySarah
    SiimplySarah 6 days ago

    Thumbnail tho

  • Lizzze 07
    Lizzze 07 6 days ago +1

    Notice that everyone who earns a lot was very quick to say that while the others wanted to type not respond to it. Someone agree?🤨🤨

  • peter scorciolla
    peter scorciolla 6 days ago

    Trade school for 3 years cost me about 7500. No debt and all the jobs pay amazing with plenty of overtime. If you’re willing to put in the effort you can make money. College is NOT the only answer.

  • Grimo Knobel
    Grimo Knobel 6 days ago

    As a swiss, I am triggered

  • Nessie
    Nessie 6 days ago

    Damn my dad used to get 124k

  • Andrew Torres
    Andrew Torres 6 days ago

    Some of these people making me feel like a millionaire

  • Chuy Ibarra
    Chuy Ibarra 6 days ago

    I’m 19 and nearly make 50k a year and dropped out of high school sheesh

  • Eanna Carr
    Eanna Carr 6 days ago

    Crazy how people care more about keeping their finances secret than sex lives

  • sparkly chum
    sparkly chum 6 days ago

    i love bobby

  • Jacob Makowski
    Jacob Makowski 6 days ago

    Dang I’m 16 and I make 20000 a year

  • shinta kirana
    shinta kirana 6 days ago

    1:08 thats me when they ask about school.

  • the_executioner
    the_executioner 7 days ago

    him: I make sandwiches

    me: Definitely myth

  • TQM_nasty19
    TQM_nasty19 7 days ago


  • Dan Wood
    Dan Wood 7 days ago +1

    "I'm an aircraft painter"
    "That's awesome"
    "It's not that great,"
    Don't we all my dude, don't we all.

  • infuLXTrate FN
    infuLXTrate FN 7 days ago

    Anyone fucking else see this when right after they did on ig ? 😂

  • Jen “luvinchocolate”

    I dont get the people who didnt want to answer.

  • JustAGuy
    JustAGuy 7 days ago

    They come on the show, and are complaining about being personal

  • Kyle Speer
    Kyle Speer 7 days ago

    Most these people are so full of shit

  • DaniloKING 2
    DaniloKING 2 7 days ago +1

    In America for not working you get as much as we do here in Serbia for working

  • KVN
    KVN 7 days ago

    I work at my parents farm. Hard labour. I make about $300 a week, or about $1000 a month. I was a top student but I drop out of college dropout last year.

  • Alpha Critics
    Alpha Critics 7 days ago

    People that don’t make money get offended people that worked hard their whole life proud of what they make and say they will make more 😂

  • iTs eMmA :3
    iTs eMmA :3 7 days ago

    oml the last man was my dad...

    i wish..

  • alexandra d
    alexandra d 7 days ago

    Girl just said she gets 1600$ a month off unemployment... damn that’s like 13.50 an hour full time. Imma be unemployed now 😂

  • Ken Kaniff
    Ken Kaniff 7 days ago +6

    3:39 her facial features makes her look 12, her face as a whole and her hair makes her look 60, her voice makes her sound 20


  • Lemmy Kilmister
    Lemmy Kilmister 7 days ago

    My father makes 24k
    But im piece of shit that doesnt do shit

  • dimsumboi
    dimsumboi 7 days ago +1

    My mom makes 300,000 a year tf I thought I was poor

  • Leon
    Leon 7 days ago

    Is it just me or do people in the US just make a lot of money. Is the cost of living just as high? I have a college education, a masters and a very good government job and i make like 50k a year....

  • Mishaka MD
    Mishaka MD 7 days ago

    Ask a hit man how much money they make "You know I'm getting about 45k...for 1 person..."

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M 7 days ago

    Sandwich guy seems chill

  • Chris lolno
    Chris lolno 7 days ago

    The opening of the video proves how fucked America is
    Corporate America made talking about wages taboo and they won
    Americans are so afraid of talking about wages so businesses can pay whatever the fuck they want because no one knows what people are supposed to make.

  • julia olstad
    julia olstad 7 days ago

    I make 180k a year in a vet

  • Karlakee
    Karlakee 7 days ago

    I think people should be more open about how much they get paid so other people can use those stats as reference points so they dont get underpaid.

  • Saif Malik
    Saif Malik 7 days ago +3

    You guys noticed how all the people making peanuts dressed well but all the people making a killing dressed normally

  • Greg Dundee
    Greg Dundee 7 days ago

    The people that says it's personal are poor fuckers

  • Hessel Kok
    Hessel Kok 7 days ago +4

    2:57 "i make 48.000 a year"

    *not including the money from the daddies*

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo 7 days ago

    Not wish but I will. Love your vibes

  • Sam Cannon
    Sam Cannon 7 days ago

    (employers don't like employees talking about how much they make because then they'll figure out some people are getting paid less for the same amount of work)

  • ExphazedGames
    ExphazedGames 7 days ago

    You can just tell that the ones who won’t say make shit

  • ExphazedGames
    ExphazedGames 7 days ago

    Last one a hooker lol

  • ExphazedGames
    ExphazedGames 7 days ago

    How much is in your savings? That’s personal! So like 1100 lmaooo

  • Trace
    Trace 7 days ago

    This makes me happy I chose an engineering major in college 😂

  • Hermanosponce9
    Hermanosponce9 8 days ago

    Him: is it weird telling people your income?
    Her: no, I don’t give a fuck😂

  • NBA Eli
    NBA Eli 8 days ago

    Lets see who getting robbed first

  • TTV zXck13
    TTV zXck13 8 days ago

    2:44 what the actual fuck am I looking at

  • Joel Andres Velazquez

    The last guy sounds like Steve-O