• Published on Dec 7, 2018
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    Hey Everyone! I'm back with another video and ANOTHER food challenge! This is the second OVERLOAD CHALLENGE, you guys all seemed to enjoy the first overload video. So, if you haven't yet, be sure to go check it out! Don't forget to like the video and subscribe!
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    About Erik TheElectric:
    I'm Erik.
    I’m a guy with a HUGE appetite that LOVES food! A few years ago, I discovered my ability to eat large amounts of food and founded this channel to share it with THE WORLD! This channel is dedicated to all of my crazy eating stunts and eating challenges.
    I live in the United States of America, home to some of the tastiest fast food in the world. What you’ll find on this channel are INSANE amounts of food, fast food challenges and INSANE restaurant challenges! Follow me in my journey to continue to go BIG when it comes to food and subscribe down below!
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  • Stephanie Buttermore
    Stephanie Buttermore 4 months ago +1941

    This series is EVERYTHING 🙌🔥

  • possum 1
    possum 1 3 hours ago

    I like you.

  • Lexie Reicherts
    Lexie Reicherts 8 hours ago

    I got diabetes just from watching this🤣

  • Bearded Animal
    Bearded Animal 11 hours ago


  • Shadi Naim
    Shadi Naim 13 hours ago

    Me: lives in Australia and is happy to have a peanut butter cup *watches video*.Mum can we move to America

  • Takayla Briscoe
    Takayla Briscoe 13 hours ago

    Your living my life right now

  • Ed vids
    Ed vids 17 hours ago +1


  • t.j wilson
    t.j wilson 17 hours ago +1

    The ice crem😭😭😭

  • Christian Luyando
    Christian Luyando 19 hours ago

    Are people that stupid?! Men don't get pregnant!

  • Christian Luyando
    Christian Luyando 19 hours ago

    More f word fire! I can't believe you said fire a few times! This is impossible!

  • Christian Luyando
    Christian Luyando 19 hours ago

    Does people really think that crunch from Nestle is really part of the Reese's challenge in this video?

  • Christian Luyando
    Christian Luyando 19 hours ago

    This video right here is one Reese's juggernaut ever! 😆

  • Conner Garrison
    Conner Garrison 21 hour ago


  • Hulk 102403
    Hulk 102403 Day ago

    Is it weird that Erik looks like my dad and eats like him too???

  • poptart master
    poptart master Day ago

    You almost sound like best in class’s mom voice

  • Rilo Robinson
    Rilo Robinson Day ago

    I gotta get my mind out the gutter 😓

  • Bayli Whyde
    Bayli Whyde Day ago

    He says people a lot.. omg.. he is so funny

  • XXXTentacion Fan


  • Kiera Whittaker
    Kiera Whittaker Day ago

    He eats all this and is still slim - I eat one burger and I’m like a bloody balloon ?!? 😂

  • Jenna Lamb
    Jenna Lamb Day ago


  • brandon cooley
    brandon cooley Day ago



    M&M overload challenge!

  • Reese Botha
    Reese Botha Day ago

    Finally I found a video make for me!

  • Daisy
    Daisy Day ago

    i'm a reeses fan

  • mikey mouse
    mikey mouse Day ago


  • Sharon Obiorah
    Sharon Obiorah Day ago

    Roses are
    Violets are
    It starts at 8:38 just so you know to

  • Captain Uncle
    Captain Uncle Day ago

    I'm a new subscriber as of today, so do a Cookies & Cream Overload

  • Nivazy_
    Nivazy_ 2 days ago

    You eat so much and HOW THE HELL you so still skinny

  • Manuel Jimenez
    Manuel Jimenez 2 days ago

    No joke but u went savagr on

  • Kathryn Sasaki
    Kathryn Sasaki 2 days ago

    His dentist must get so angry when he walk in 😔

    RRG PLAYS 2 days ago

    My name is Reece so does that mean u are going to eat me 😂😂

  • jack acciavatti
    jack acciavatti 2 days ago

    Do you have diabetes

  • Nawafل Barge
    Nawafل Barge 2 days ago

    لايشوفك السحس

  • Chelsey Griffiths
    Chelsey Griffiths 2 days ago

    Sour patch kids

  • iliana marie
    iliana marie 2 days ago +2

    erik: “and here’s the breyers reeses icecream”

  • Jordan paul 156
    Jordan paul 156 2 days ago

    Has this ever happened to you guys when you think you are going to poop but you fart?

  • Angelo Barton
    Angelo Barton 3 days ago

    You are very good but macetoney

  • Loida Alvarez
    Loida Alvarez 3 days ago


  • MKP. silme
    MKP. silme 3 days ago


  • king ang
    king ang 3 days ago

    U will get diabetes

  • Cooper Reese A.
    Cooper Reese A. 3 days ago

    My allergy acted up just by watching this

  • Soud Hussein
    Soud Hussein 4 days ago

    We only have normal reese's in my country... I WANT THE CEREAL

  • Tyrone Simon Jr
    Tyrone Simon Jr 4 days ago

    You should do a dark chocolate challenge

  • The ComputerBeast
    The ComputerBeast 4 days ago

    It’s like a workout for Erik’s mouth

  • The ComputerBeast
    The ComputerBeast 4 days ago


  • Sarah pearl
    Sarah pearl 4 days ago


  • AnnaAmber Vazquez
    AnnaAmber Vazquez 4 days ago

    Do a w/o
    Watermelon ch

  • Joshua Keeton
    Joshua Keeton 4 days ago

    *Not Sponsored by Reese's*

  • Coro Lorza
    Coro Lorza 4 days ago +2

    You need to do a milka challenge

  • Selina Sanchez
    Selina Sanchez 5 days ago

    Meant plz

  • Selina Sanchez
    Selina Sanchez 5 days ago

    A Starbucks overload cleans

  • sanfication
    sanfication 5 days ago

    i’m on a sugar free diet and your channel is a place where i kill my cravings ☺️

  • Ravenclaw Ivy
    Ravenclaw Ivy 5 days ago


  • Archie Gillies
    Archie Gillies 5 days ago +1

    how didnt he have a heart attack

  • Kellie Sherriff
    Kellie Sherriff 5 days ago

    Does your jaw hurt after eating

  • Ashley Y
    Ashley Y 5 days ago


  • Junior Sunia
    Junior Sunia 5 days ago

    Hows bout if i said its pronounced (rEEE-sEEss)

  • Kathy Gillett
    Kathy Gillett 6 days ago

    I like the crunchy chips ahoy cookies

  • Prison Break
    Prison Break 6 days ago

    track at 15:06??

    LISTEN TO FX 6 days ago

    Little debbies challenge please

  • High_ Princess_
    High_ Princess_ 6 days ago

    I‘ve missed the ,,Reese‘s White‘‘😢🍫

  • Kayla_dank_meme Meme

    Lol I got a Reese’s ad

  • Muqadas Aquili
    Muqadas Aquili 7 days ago

    U got everything but recces milk

  • Stefan Pejovic
    Stefan Pejovic 7 days ago

    W O W Video

  • Kwnstantina Tsanaka
    Kwnstantina Tsanaka 7 days ago +2

    I ate 3 & 1/2 slices of pizza and I feel sick and that I will explode any minute ..and this guy over here is like...

  • jake davo
    jake davo 7 days ago

    i just remembered you get paid for eating

  • Romy Bedejo
    Romy Bedejo 7 days ago

    Wow this amaising

  • Brianna and Madison Vlogs

    I wouldn’t eat food after this for 1week🍯

  • Rayen Lt
    Rayen Lt 8 days ago

    It’s currently 9pm i been in the hospital since lunchtime I only had a light breakfast I’m starving, I couldn’t eat anythin idk y I’m watchin this :’3

  • SlickHenry22 Henry
    SlickHenry22 Henry 8 days ago +1

    Skittles overload challenge

  • Healu1102
    Healu1102 8 days ago

    all that sugar 🤢

  • The Fun Life
    The Fun Life 8 days ago


  • Martha White
    Martha White 8 days ago

    You are the best and REESE’S , YESSSS !!!!

  • XXX isa
    XXX isa 8 days ago

    U talk too much 😖

  • LastTram 90
    LastTram 90 9 days ago

    When the challenges start I get excited, but after the mid of it when they start getting obviously uncomfortable by the amounts of food and sugar they've eaten, it's not a fun video anymore

  • chocoholic choc
    chocoholic choc 9 days ago

    Cadbury chocolate overload

  • Lacey-Jane Still
    Lacey-Jane Still 9 days ago

    Chips a hoy

  • kyesha jones
    kyesha jones 9 days ago

    Thats bat shit crazyyy i felt full just watching this

  • Noel Winald
    Noel Winald 9 days ago

    Do a candy calender calorie challenge

  • Max H
    Max H 9 days ago


  • Mikella Conyers
    Mikella Conyers 9 days ago

    team chewy all the way!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex Mueller
    Alex Mueller 9 days ago

    chewyyy all the way

  • Lotu&Bam Seumalo
    Lotu&Bam Seumalo 10 days ago


  • mallory stewart
    mallory stewart 10 days ago

    dude i’d be full after those first 2 donuts

  • makyia thomas
    makyia thomas 10 days ago

    No afence but you must have diabetys

  • FurkanPro721 Cool
    FurkanPro721 Cool 10 days ago

    Did you guys know that he ate 1 kg 80 g like 1.80 lb THATS UN HEALTHY

  • Jennifer Plays
    Jennifer Plays 10 days ago +1

    You should have weighed yourself before and weighed yourself after...

  • Elin CRAZY
    Elin CRAZY 10 days ago

    Have somebody seen izpmbie here? because this guy looks like Blaine and Major mixed

  • Holidays-Aliciaowen
    Holidays-Aliciaowen 10 days ago

    Do a pop tart overload challenge 😂

  • Carmen Fierro
    Carmen Fierro 10 days ago

    We relate a lot with the Reese

  • Jessy Grisez
    Jessy Grisez 11 days ago

    Diritos overload

  • Noor Gacha
    Noor Gacha 11 days ago +4

    Me: *eats one cookie* well now I’m going to have diabetes

  • John Snow
    John Snow 11 days ago

    18:07 Not Safe For Work

  • Buff Chef
    Buff Chef 11 days ago


  • Buff Chef
    Buff Chef 11 days ago


  • SpongeBob SquarePants
    SpongeBob SquarePants 11 days ago

    You Just Gain A New Subscriber!!

  • justina sawrie
    justina sawrie 11 days ago

    Stoner combination vibes

  • Ana Lacast
    Ana Lacast 11 days ago

    Pieces. Lol. Eric I love that u truly product. U. Can. Get. For. Ur reeses

  • Ana Lacast
    Ana Lacast 11 days ago