I Found 9 Wedding Rings Underwater in the Ocean While Metal Detecting! $10,000+ (Returned to Owner)

  • Published on Apr 13, 2019
  • In this video I go metal detecting underwater in Hawaii!
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    DALLMYD  2 months ago +9963

    Drop a thumbs up if you guys would like to see more underwater metal detecting videos! If we can reach 10,000 likes I'll make another metal detecting video in Hawaii!!

    • Unnoticed Wolf
      Unnoticed Wolf Day ago

      DALLMYD they were probably Ariana grandes so soon she will make a song called 9 rings

      THE BIG POTATO 2 days ago

      @dhruvish 08 obviously stayed because in the beginning how would he know he could find a gold diamond ring

    • Yeee Fasg
      Yeee Fasg 3 days ago

      I loooooooove you gies

    • Carlos Ulloa
      Carlos Ulloa 4 days ago

      go to the lake and look there :)

    • Linda Hernamdez
      Linda Hernamdez 4 days ago


  • Eli F
    Eli F 23 hours ago

    shout out to the kid dancing in the background at 6:09

    KRISTINA KIELBASA 23 hours ago

    What did you say after very beginning of the video???

  • Gabrielle Schurig
    Gabrielle Schurig Day ago +1

    This is actually helping the ocean,because you are clearing out trash and things that could harm many animals. A lot of people probably get married or engaged there so it’s likely to find a lot of stuff !!!! keep up the great work and helping the environment!!! Like this so Jake can see,even though like 1% of people who see this.

  • GamerRizYTPlayz
    GamerRizYTPlayz Day ago


  • steven bahaa
    steven bahaa Day ago

    Can you rap rap god

  • Ryan Hendricks
    Ryan Hendricks Day ago

    This is the fakest shit i have ever seen. Ive been metal detecting, you are lucky to find a few coins.

  • Lexi Hamm
    Lexi Hamm Day ago

    That earring is Kim Kardashians. Lol lmbo🤣🤣

  • Levi 3200
    Levi 3200 Day ago


  • Kawaiii Brownie
    Kawaiii Brownie Day ago

    OMG... He found a tooth of megalodon....

  • Skillaz
    Skillaz Day ago

    Sorry people, model of Metal Detector? Thanks

  • nerdygirl70
    nerdygirl70 Day ago

    I want to do this

  • Bilal Jafris
    Bilal Jafris Day ago

    who else thinks that the metal detector sounds like a dog underwater

    D-HAN5 VEVOL Day ago +1

    My friend is poor guy then he going diving on hawaii

  • PigMine 6
    PigMine 6 Day ago

    What is this music, it seems to be on every popular youtube video?

  • Emil Klemets
    Emil Klemets Day ago

    you talk
    sooooo fast

  • Candy Wrapper19
    Candy Wrapper19 Day ago

    I tried a metal detector,I found a rusty screw.

  • ASC o
    ASC o Day ago

    I only swim fabulously draped in gold. What if the sea peasants sighted me.

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    nomz yt Day ago +1

    i hate it is mean

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    ممتاز حلوووو
    اكو عرب

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    mog ren Day ago

    dont put it on ,it might b cursed

  • Phil Swift
    Phil Swift Day ago

    0:00 you speaking another language?

  • Upjohn
    Upjohn Day ago

    He is like the coolest dude on youtube...

    JAMES DEAN Day ago +1

    Wow hi this is my first time here I subscribe ur ch. I pressed like button to u have a pretty nice machine very cool have a nice day!!

  • xDanger JTx
    xDanger JTx Day ago

    Damn sad that these people lose their rings

  • Channel KPD
    Channel KPD Day ago

    Sublittel indonesian

  • Jonathan Campa
    Jonathan Campa Day ago

    This guy is a water bender

  • Ben Hastings
    Ben Hastings Day ago

    His detector sounds like a dogs bark...

  • RM F
    RM F Day ago


  • adrenaline
    adrenaline Day ago +1

    11:55 guys that is my ring and I would appreciate it you could send it back to me. I lost it when I was on vacation to Hawaii in 2016 when I married my left hand.

  • Gregory Gomez
    Gregory Gomez Day ago

    That’s cool I’m from El Paso and that’s crazy you found it and it’s from here

  • bea ventura
    bea ventura Day ago

    That's 10 pesos!!!!

  • TheAverageChelios

    Anybody ever comment and say "yo, i want my Shit back".. ????

  • Jeronimo Hernandez

    6:30 when u cant find the baby

  • Abbster 11
    Abbster 11 Day ago

    It’s Kim K’s diamond earring😂😂

  • bro ski69 87
    bro ski69 87 Day ago +1

    Metal detector sounds like sad pupper

  • Fourleafclover kingdragonkillr

    Makes me feel jealous ! Who knows how much his equipment costs let alone the stuff he gets money for too

  • Ronchy Rocket
    Ronchy Rocket Day ago

    Does anyone else think the metal detector sounds like a squeaky chicken?

  • i_are _smert
    i_are _smert Day ago

    My dogs at 2 am

  • Jasper Beasley
    Jasper Beasley Day ago +1

    I talk realy fast like him

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    Chân vịt đẹp quá sao ông không thêm vào những phụ đề nhỉ như vậy sẽ có nhiều lượt xem hơn đấy hi vọng vào lần tới sẽ có thêm phụ đề Việt Nam tui rất thích những video mà ông làm đấy

  • Thomas Tool Company LLC.

    Everyone who is alive should be like this group of kids.. I think these guys are totally awesome I am quickly becoming a huge fan. you guys keep it up. Every one should watch these videos

  • Karna priya
    Karna priya Day ago

    smeagol lives

  • jeremy meneses
    jeremy meneses Day ago

    We not gonna talk about how the detector sound like a dog

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    Spqlone Day ago

    Look at all those midrolls damn

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    Brittany Teague Day ago

    Wtf y in see

  • Crazy Dayz
    Crazy Dayz Day ago

    Translate the first few seconds of this video

  • Roy Frady
    Roy Frady Day ago

    Hilton Hawaiian Village. I'll be back there next month.

  • Glenda Wati
    Glenda Wati Day ago

    Meanwhile Jakes friend is looking for Jake.. Haahaha Jake is having fun finding all the rings.

  • Issa SR
    Issa SR Day ago +1

    Cookie world cookie world it’s time for new Game

  • Häžäxd _KP
    Häžäxd _KP Day ago

    Speed it up to 2x it sounds way to fast

  • Häžäxd _KP
    Häžäxd _KP Day ago

    DALLMYD inspires me and many people everday 🥀

  • Ryker Kanter
    Ryker Kanter Day ago

    14:00 I believe it is a two dollar coin from canada

  • Pedro Alvarez
    Pedro Alvarez Day ago

    The little metal detector looks like a vibrator

  • SebyGAnimatron
    SebyGAnimatron Day ago

    These guys are and will always .. and I mean ALWAYS be my favorite HEROS they"re like the embodyement
    of what humans should be like. Returning stuff to there owner is the most wonderful thing someone can do and I seriously RESPECT poeple like them. This summer i'm gonna try to be like them and go treasure hunting in Gaspésie's rivers (I'm from Quebec) and if I find stuff that belongs to someone, I'm going to find them and return there stuff back just like my heros JAKE , BRANDON and TRISTAN. Thank you for being who you are guys and continue doing what you do best.

  • sierah arredondo

    Lol I wanna see the guy who lost his ring, Facebook post hah

  • Tasha Adolph
    Tasha Adolph Day ago

    This looks so fun

  • Wagner Alan
    Wagner Alan Day ago

    2:37 dente de um megalodonte

  • Tracy Abbott
    Tracy Abbott Day ago

    Thats so sad. I feel sorry for ur friend! NOT funny!

  • Padraigh
    Padraigh Day ago

    The 2 euro coin is just casually sitting there. the Peso

  • Rapid
    Rapid Day ago

    btw im pretty sure the k means karats as in 18 karat gold.

  • lulu critt
    lulu critt Day ago

    i say try to find kim kardashian’s earring

  • the skull
    the skull Day ago

    14:01 Poland Coin

  • Luke Holbak
    Luke Holbak Day ago

    the Metal sounds like my dog

  • W. Robertson
    W. Robertson Day ago

    I dont see a link to the peep beep... can you say which pin pointer this is? Is all this equipment your best choice?

  • Belinda Cisneros

    Who else saw the boy in the back dancing 😂

  • Aymane Choukri
    Aymane Choukri Day ago +1

    why tf would u return it

  • Xander Rouwet
    Xander Rouwet Day ago +1

    6:09 lol the kid left of him

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    Hoaxe Day ago

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    Patrick Frost Day ago

    Mail my 10 peso coin back

  • elie Saliba
    elie Saliba Day ago

    Good guys

  • DatDerpySniper Squad

    Plot twist, that man goes around dropping rings and when people go to his lake house he kills them.

  • Daphne Zhu
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  • Leo Baldesten
    Leo Baldesten Day ago

    Best video 🤩🔥

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    Squeezey Day ago

    He sounds like ceeday

  • Trippinツ TNV
    Trippinツ TNV Day ago

    Be a good boy and keep all the rings

  • Z0mbie
    Z0mbie Day ago

    The muffled screams of joy, I can't xD

  • Amoor Alassam
    Amoor Alassam Day ago

    That is just deep

  • Nexus Shadower
    Nexus Shadower Day ago +1

    Instead of honey I lost the kids it's Honey I lost the ring

  • jackie smith
    jackie smith Day ago

    crypes! take a breath for crying out loud!!!

  • soiledBL00D
    soiledBL00D Day ago

    14:00 im pretty sure that's a 2 Euro coin

  • Route 66 Texas
    Route 66 Texas Day ago +2

    3.20 you have a cute boyfriend
    That's why your in Hawaii?
    Honeymoon? Cute couple.
    Perfect couple. He is cute .
    He could find my "treasure "
    Any time he wants it ...lol

  • Michael Suhendra

    Me:Hey! I found 10cents!
    DALLMYD: i found 9 rings

  • Bleach
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  • اكستر تايم

    سوي ترجمه عربيه

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    Luke Conner Day ago

    5 pesos is only worth 25c

  • One_salty_boi 1
    One_salty_boi 1 Day ago

    Dam your so nice I probly would of taken it and not give it back

  • kenshindoman
    kenshindoman Day ago

    When you find expensive rings and you can't trace the owner, where do you sell them for good money without being probed for stolen goods or anything? If you found a 3k ring for example, what would you do with it? Great video as always!

  • Voidrive ‣
    Voidrive ‣ Day ago

    lmao the metal detector sounds like a screaming chicken toy letting out air

  • T00kFaZe The no1


  • Shavan Irving
    Shavan Irving 2 days ago

    Plot twist, he placed them there

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    Darryl Hilton 2 days ago

    You never know how much of a profit you can make just by spending 30 dollars

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    no wonder ur rich XD

  • ThatGaminZombie
    ThatGaminZombie 2 days ago

    bro you thicc no homo

    GORDON WALTERS Sr 2 days ago

    I too, metal detect in S.W. Florida. Of rings found, I too find mostly plain wedding rings. When peoples ask me about detecting and what kind of stuff I find. I tell them about the wedding bans,that I find mostly wedding bands. Then I throw in the fact I find mostly wedding bands, that I not sure if people are losing them or throwing them away. Ha!!!!????

  • Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday 2 days ago

    *I swear it feels like i'm in a game!* 😂

  • Sarkis
    Sarkis 2 days ago

    6:14 random guy just starts dancing on the left

  • Cornelia Arnold
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    Love ❤

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    4:38 the clicks is actually fish talking