Swim Cap Trick in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

  • Published on May 13, 2014
  • Summer is well on the way! With it, Gav and Dan show you how to save time when you bung on your swimming cap. Then, they show you what it looked like in lovely slow motion. Kind of defeats the purpose of doing it fast in the first place, to be honest.
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    Filmed at 1600fps with a Phantom Flex
    Swim Cap Trick in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys
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  • Let'sArt
    Let'sArt 21 day ago

    The scream at the very beginning scared me lol

  • Chitan Gaming
    Chitan Gaming 2 months ago

    🎶Yar har har a pirate he be, with a blue cap on his head and a face full of sea. The crew all has scurvy but is still full of glee. Yar har har it's the pirate life for me 🎶. ⚓⛵ I thought up a song when I saw the cap on his head because it reminds me of an eye patch

  • Project Overturn aka RareBeeph

    1:29 "I look better in slow motion"

  • Scrab T
    Scrab T 5 months ago

    It is possible, I used to do it with the kids I used to teach.......... and I didn't need a chair either 😂😂😂

  • Chubbs2020
    Chubbs2020 5 months ago

    Dan: Nooo thats stupid!
    *cuts to Dan doing the stupid thing*

  • Wolfling436824 465
    Wolfling436824 465 5 months ago

    Gavin’s small head at the beginning

  • Gabrielle K
    Gabrielle K 6 months ago

    I remember doing this in swim team

  • geoD flattest
    geoD flattest 6 months ago

    Same swimming cap as me

  • Matt Holland Productions

    From a swimmer, that’s horrible technique to do the trick

  • MaryLu Harmon
    MaryLu Harmon 8 months ago

    That's amazing. Swim caps are tight, too!

  • Taylor Steer
    Taylor Steer 9 months ago

    Sponsored by audible and not speedo, huh?

  • Chereen O'Loughlin
    Chereen O'Loughlin 9 months ago

    whats with the two bald patches on Dans chest?

  • Wolfling436824 465
    Wolfling436824 465 9 months ago

    Gavin and his small head at the beginning

  • Coop Shanks
    Coop Shanks 9 months ago

    Heyyyyy youuu guyyssss

  • Marco Makes
    Marco Makes 10 months ago

    speedo cap, in a slo mo video

  • jamcdonald120
    jamcdonald120 10 months ago

    I think gav just wants to throw giant water balloons at dan's head

  • Alexandru Carjan
    Alexandru Carjan 10 months ago

    I hate ad videos

  • Conor Murray
    Conor Murray 10 months ago

    Film a whip cracking

  • Jakob Stegmann
    Jakob Stegmann 11 months ago

    This channel is Gavin’s sadistic sandbox.

  • Truman Sharp
    Truman Sharp 11 months ago

    it looks like Dan waxed his chest haha

  • Wunderful
    Wunderful 11 months ago

    Two things
    Who gave these man children a slow motion camera
    This is why women live longer

  • Gib The Grey
    Gib The Grey 11 months ago

    2:30 and that's when we lost dan

  • Kin3tic -
    Kin3tic - Year ago

    WATER you doing?

  • ShutUpSveinn
    ShutUpSveinn Year ago

    This is the condom challenge, just older.

  • Imo
    Imo Year ago

    Gosh the colour of that shot at 3:08 is stunning

  • Blitzy Dragon
    Blitzy Dragon Year ago

    I know this is a 3 year old video, but I just saw this on TruTV's Top Funniest without any credit or proof of permission provided. They have been stealing videos on USclip and showing them on TV, so I don't know if you guys have given permission but if not, some USclip creators should keep an eye open for this...
    The episode is season 2 episode 14, "Funny Fails 2"

  • Metal Matic
    Metal Matic Year ago

    There are only a few bigger idiots than you two in the world

  • Michael Whiley
    Michael Whiley Year ago

    I just tried this and now my daughter hates me as it didn’t work

  • Abani Kumar Goswami

    Gav and Dan,please do some special things bcoz I see things better in slow motion...........and a notice to Gav(special request)

  • William Mills
    William Mills Year ago

    Are we sure that Gav isn't just trying to murder Dan?

  • jayhrod26
    jayhrod26 Year ago


  • Zeitgeist
    Zeitgeist Year ago

    Well normally you don't drop it with power and like from 1 to 2m. Normally it would be 10 to 20cm, right? But I think you did just overdo it for fun huh? Hope so 😂

  • ATMunn
    ATMunn Year ago

    never heard of a "swim cap"

  • Aeros Maugh
    Aeros Maugh Year ago

    Why is it only one of you is the stuntman here? Or does he just have a very high tolerance to pain?

  • Natalie Workman
    Natalie Workman Year ago

    Why is Dan's chest hair waxed off 😂

  • Trahn-Jahn
    Trahn-Jahn Year ago

    "This episode of SlowMo Guys was brought to you, in part, by Speedo. 'Speedo; because swimming shorts don't show enough knob.' "

  • Rain Ou
    Rain Ou Year ago

    More water

  • ChunkyYetFunky Yep

    i know it works because thats how we got our swimming caps on for swim class

  • Frottlemi
    Frottlemi Year ago

    does anybody else get really worried when gav says "lay on your back we'll do it to your face" i'm like seriously worried about his neck.. it can't be healthy doing that

  • Greg 0
    Greg 0 Year ago

    2:00 the face of true fear

  • Monkey Man
    Monkey Man Year ago

    Make your videos longer

  • Chloe Harb
    Chloe Harb Year ago

    I did this with my friend and we got two over her head. We had so many trials. We finally got it and it felt amazing!

  • Charley Bea
    Charley Bea Year ago

    Pretty certain Dan is going to have neck issues as he gets older

  • Tannerted
    Tannerted Year ago


  • Leithans Review
    Leithans Review Year ago +1

    these guys invented the condom challenge

  • Susanne Feddern
    Susanne Feddern Year ago +1

    Wow, good slow motion shot :-)))

  • Russell Malpass-Peach

    The Slow Mo guys do water boarding, you're both nuts. Keep then coming.

  • Ravenal Ravine Gaming Vlogs_Roblox

    Gav looks like Jesse Ridgway.

  • Kibble Gaming
    Kibble Gaming Year ago +1

    Who's watching in 2017!?! Also this is like the original version of the condom challenge!!!!

  • jaredhaden1989
    jaredhaden1989 Year ago

    Drop an idiot.

  • Snoopy Fox1
    Snoopy Fox1 Year ago +1

    Oh the irony da cap says speedo but it's filmed in slow mo

  • Casey Hamm
    Casey Hamm Year ago

    3:29 Dan can count to potato.

  • Elvis Presley Fan Forever

    Well that's one way to get your swimming hat on without pain!

  • Thorns_
    Thorns_ Year ago

    The Beginning scared me because it sounded like someone screaming and then getting shot

  • -wife
    -wife Year ago


  • Alex Holloran
    Alex Holloran Year ago +1

    Water you doing??
    I'll show myself out

  • Cube the Squid
    Cube the Squid Year ago

    2:30 U R sew smrt

  • That Asshole
    That Asshole Year ago

    I like how they decided waterboarding dan was a good idea

  • Brown Ebony
    Brown Ebony 2 years ago

    your lame

  • golf-n-guns
    golf-n-guns 2 years ago +2

    So funny. You both should have jumped in the pool at the end.

  • Daniel Jaen22
    Daniel Jaen22 2 years ago +1

    It's so funny that Gavin is a complete idiot in rooster teeth and AH videos but is the smart one here

  • Trevor C.
    Trevor C. 2 years ago +1

    I did the switch cap thing, It feels wierd

  • ji kook x
    ji kook x 2 years ago


  • RazertexStuff
    RazertexStuff 2 years ago

    4:20 Minutes long

  • Eduardo Manrique
    Eduardo Manrique 2 years ago

    Man, the compression sucks :(

  • Zosia Krasnopolska
    Zosia Krasnopolska 2 years ago

    lol 😋

  • Lucondri
    Lucondri 2 years ago

    They must have reapplied the swimming cap because once it was put on, they then tried the face, and then recorded the ending

  • Aden Clements
    Aden Clements 2 years ago +2

    At swim practice we all have this down and can get it to land perfect like 90% of the time

  • Little BC
    Little BC 2 years ago

    Is so cool

  • Alex
    Alex 2 years ago


  • Hank McStash
    Hank McStash 2 years ago

    You gotta round your face up like a round abound to make the cap go around.
    Pshh...every body knows that.

  • Danny Sir
    Danny Sir 2 years ago

    this pretty much the reason the condom challenge came into play

  • NLkoning aros
    NLkoning aros 2 years ago


  • Austin Weightman
    Austin Weightman 2 years ago +5

    Who else saw this on Tru TV Top Funniest?

  • Evil Toad
    Evil Toad 2 years ago

    As soon as I saw how Dan was laying I said, out loud, "What the--why! That's gonna hurt!"

  • Miguel Gastelum
    Miguel Gastelum 2 years ago

    This is how the condom challenge was invented

  • Joseph McNamara
    Joseph McNamara 2 years ago

    Dan looks like Gerald from Finding Dory

  • Канал AndreiHD
    Канал AndreiHD 2 years ago


  • Glenn Cross
    Glenn Cross 2 years ago

    i think i saw this on tru tv's top funniest

  • Cailox Plays-GD
    Cailox Plays-GD 2 years ago

    im do that

  • TheOPDiamond RO
    TheOPDiamond RO 2 years ago

    1:35 Dan's face :DDDDD

  • JustJesseHD
    JustJesseHD 2 years ago

    2014's version of condom challenge

  • whatever new name i guess

    Dan looked like a pirate.

  • Osmil Oe
    Osmil Oe 2 years ago

    It's just like the condom challenge

  • Bryan Toki
    Bryan Toki 2 years ago

    i have a friend named gavin

  • Gregory Barringer
    Gregory Barringer 2 years ago +2

    drop it, not slam it!

  • Filling In The Blanks -extra room for surname-

    S:Yes mum?
    M:you know the condom challenge?
    M:This was it before someone decided to change to condoms
    S:wow really
    M: yes *chuckles* good old days
    *just a story not real*

  • Nekros
    Nekros 2 years ago

    Don't throw it.

  • Thomas Vugia
    Thomas Vugia 2 years ago +6

    ... These guys aren't even doing it right. You don't have to swing it down onto the guy's head, just drop it and it'll work lol. So many fail attempts cuz u did it wrong ;)

  • Dog Music
    Dog Music 2 years ago

    Ooooo gad

  • Perky
    Perky 2 years ago +19

    I literally get so nervous seeing that camera so close to a pool

  • Pyrexx
    Pyrexx 2 years ago

    the video last 4:20

  • Adan Loya
    Adan Loya 2 years ago +4

    Jurrasic Dan

  • Heeelary Ho
    Heeelary Ho 2 years ago

    What is the point of having a swim cap but your hair is wet

    • Heeelary Ho
      Heeelary Ho 2 years ago

      +Some Simmer Girl I thought it was to keep your hair dry

    • Some Simmer Girl
      Some Simmer Girl 2 years ago

      +Hilary Ho its suppose to make you swim faster

  • Jacqueline G
    Jacqueline G 2 years ago +1

    The day this video was uploaded it was my birthday

  • hey it’s chloe
    hey it’s chloe 2 years ago +2

    My mum did this to me once when I was on holiday didn't end up well went all over the bathroom😹🙌🏽😹

  • Outlier Edge
    Outlier Edge 2 years ago

    Thats not how me and my dad did it lOl

  • Misschicken Nuggets
    Misschicken Nuggets 2 years ago

    did i just hear a rooster?

  • Joe Venables
    Joe Venables 2 years ago

    The funny thing is that swimming caps are meant to keep your hair dry...

  • iSnow20 GT
    iSnow20 GT 2 years ago

    Wow he enjoyed his new hat its called waterballoon he cant wear it cuz his head is fat