6'9" High School Student Hopes Her Crush Will Ask Her To Prom! | My Giant Life

  • Published on Jun 23, 2019
  • Nancy hopes that her crush will ask her to Prom, but is worried that their height difference might put him off!
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Comments • 23 652

  • TagAlongPillow
    TagAlongPillow 3 minutes ago

    bruh I would shit myself being in a house with all her family members, I’d be hanging around her dad like “how do you do it”

  • Cw Janes
    Cw Janes 10 minutes ago

    I'm a short man I think she should be proud of being tall that the way God made her and her family and she so pretty I would be proud to take her out

  • Nora
    Nora 39 minutes ago +1

    So this what my 5’10 lock down def on 2k20 gonna look like when I make a girl myplayer

  • Myself
    Myself 52 minutes ago

    perfect match for daddy long neck🤣

  • Michael Escobedo
    Michael Escobedo Hour ago

    He like the climb To shay

    FLAVORED MEAT Hour ago

    Prom night comes and after a fantastic night of slow dancing and making out in the hallway at the after party, he takes her home and slowly takes her dress off to find that shes actually 2 midgets in a trench coat...

  • Caroline Mary Frances

    “Oooh yo thighs are long”

  • Jacob Jansen
    Jacob Jansen Hour ago

    One word "giraffe"

  • stxrfish
    stxrfish Hour ago +1

    I hate how staged this is oh boy

  • Rob
    Rob Hour ago

    MuH BaAaBuuEee Guirlll goiiiN tO pRUuUMM

  • A Cure For Wellness

    She should try out for WWE. Vince would have so many great ideas for her.

  • Mazaroth Speaks
    Mazaroth Speaks Hour ago

    Nephalim SnuSnu...

  • The Moisture
    The Moisture Hour ago

    They make 6,3 people look fucking short lmao

  • Isiah Martel
    Isiah Martel 2 hours ago

    I’m saying they both knew

  • Julie
    Julie 2 hours ago

    Give me some height😂😂😂 I need few more inches hehehehe. I'm 5ft😂

  • Bonesareawesome1 YT
    Bonesareawesome1 YT 2 hours ago

    I honestly think 6,4 is a good height or 6,5

  • Vamsi Kumar
    Vamsi Kumar 2 hours ago

    Avatar family 🙃🙃

  • Monisa De'Noir
    Monisa De'Noir 2 hours ago

    The man is 5’6 everyone is taller than him

    No hate tho we love a short king 👑

  • Krispy Toast
    Krispy Toast 2 hours ago

    Big ups liquor Richard

  • Chris John Michael
    Chris John Michael 2 hours ago

    Shea looks like a complete douche bag.

  • Colleen Skiles
    Colleen Skiles 2 hours ago

    Im 5’8’ and a half I have been single for a year and my last boyfriend dumped me because of my height. It crushed me at the time

  • Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH'
    Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH' 2 hours ago +1


  • Aleqs Gecko
    Aleqs Gecko 3 hours ago


  • Lidwiska Díaz
    Lidwiska Díaz 3 hours ago

    Reminds me of pandora movie. They really exist huge people

  • Sped GottaGoFast
    Sped GottaGoFast 3 hours ago

    “Automatically you can tell she’s six nine”

  • Ilana Smalls
    Ilana Smalls 3 hours ago

    Short people can't relate

  • Madara Uchiwa
    Madara Uchiwa 3 hours ago

    The dude will stand on a chair to dance with her.

  • Madara Uchiwa
    Madara Uchiwa 3 hours ago

    Plot twist; *"HE LOST A BET"*

  • Death_ Playz
    Death_ Playz 3 hours ago

    *N E C K*

  • Henri McKeown
    Henri McKeown 3 hours ago +1

    But the trees tho

  • Adrianna Wilkinson
    Adrianna Wilkinson 3 hours ago

    I actually dated her tallest brother Allan, he’s 7’4 and 3” 😂 their real last name is mulkey 👍🏻 he is a fire fighter and she does play basket ball, I don’t remember if the video says that last part. I honestly thought my ex was lying to me about his height (as we only dated online and we did video chat) but then I saw him on tv and I freaked, he just causally was like, yeah, so? I feel like I kinda know a celebrity 😂

  • bambi Slaney
    bambi Slaney 3 hours ago

    Yeah they def paid him by getting him on tv ffs poor girl

  • random videos
    random videos 3 hours ago

    She is out of his league tho. Lol

  • Charles Murphy
    Charles Murphy 3 hours ago

    She’s clearly never been in the hood

  • Arbela Rama
    Arbela Rama 3 hours ago

    Well that’s enough USclip for one day

  • Natalie O.
    Natalie O. 4 hours ago

    I have the same vocabulary notebook as the dude that asked her to prom.

  • Dalila Romero
    Dalila Romero 4 hours ago

    when she said 🦒 i felt that

  • Kay R
    Kay R 4 hours ago

    i’m proud to be 5’4

  • Rachelle Ranee
    Rachelle Ranee 4 hours ago

    They do anything for clout

  • HozayTheHipster
    HozayTheHipster 4 hours ago

    Her mothers first words made me laugh so hard.

  • Cheese forbidden
    Cheese forbidden 4 hours ago +1

    She reminds me of SCP-096

  • Mario Ramos
    Mario Ramos 4 hours ago

    Fuck prom, Lebron needs help in LA

  • The Crew: Black Ice
    The Crew: Black Ice 4 hours ago

    I’d ask her out !👌🏾👍🏾

  • Crossdaboss02
    Crossdaboss02 4 hours ago

    That neck too long for my liking🦕

  • Lena Kardasi
    Lena Kardasi 5 hours ago

    Your gorgeous just the way you are love your height👌🏿

  • Victor Barrera
    Victor Barrera 5 hours ago

    I thought me bring 6 ft was y’all 😬

  • 1400 800
    1400 800 5 hours ago

    Her moms voice had me dyinggggg that shit was funny 🤣💀

  • Jayden Spriggs
    Jayden Spriggs 5 hours ago


  • Pavel T
    Pavel T 5 hours ago

    4:21 at 0.25x playback speed, thank me later 🤣😂🤣😂💀☠️😭

  • Bubz
    Bubz 5 hours ago

    Her moms voice is so deep!

  • BlankedOutMusic
    BlankedOutMusic 5 hours ago

    Awkwardly tall

  • Mocking Spongebob
    Mocking Spongebob 5 hours ago

    Damn she probaly swallows whole sausages

  • XFXPRO 2
    XFXPRO 2 5 hours ago +1

    Is it me or does he remind me of Tom Holland

  • Gabrielle Gauvreau
    Gabrielle Gauvreau 5 hours ago

    Love how everyone’s height is announced. Even the dress retail workers lmao

  • BlankedOutMusic
    BlankedOutMusic 5 hours ago

    this is a very small high school and very cringe wtf

  • XFXPRO 2
    XFXPRO 2 5 hours ago +1

    She out here looking like the beast Titan

  • Sam Gandham
    Sam Gandham 5 hours ago

    WNBA , volleyball or bust!

  • bennybum
    bennybum 6 hours ago

    She look like a mf giraffe bruh

  • Golgo13
    Golgo13 6 hours ago

    "Thats a HUGE BITCH!"

  • Bonnie Beals
    Bonnie Beals 6 hours ago

    “And.. I’m gonna hurt him for that” IM HONESTLY LAUGHING MY ASS OFF

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha 6 hours ago +1

    It ain't her height that's the problem. It's that neck

  • Jay Comic
    Jay Comic 6 hours ago

    Why does the guy look like eggsy from kingsmen

  • Blake Larsen
    Blake Larsen 6 hours ago

    I'm 6'6" and I don't dwarf everything like she "appears" too. Great camera work

  • Nathan Wharton
    Nathan Wharton 7 hours ago

    This is scripted

  • WhatTH3fuckkkkkkkk
    WhatTH3fuckkkkkkkk 7 hours ago

    2:22 yeah do you think he might of asked you for his 5 mins of fame

  • Dominique Tran
    Dominique Tran 7 hours ago

    imagine them grinding

  • Taylor Speer
    Taylor Speer 7 hours ago

    Plus do they have here in a room with tiny furniture? That’s messed up

  • hi jack
    hi jack 7 hours ago

    I can totally relate I am 5" 11and it's impossible to find clothes and everytime I go somewhere I feel different I like this one boy and of course he is shorter than me and that makes me feel like I am a freak or a weirdo but after hearing her story I realized that being tall is a gift and yea I am worried about not getting asked to prom but if I don't I will go with friends ( if I can make any)

  • Taylor Speer
    Taylor Speer 7 hours ago

    I really hope that he actually wanted to take her and he’s not doing it for the clout

    TRASHGFX 7 hours ago

    I hate fake american tv shows