Cobra Kai Ep 1 - “Ace Degenerate” - The Karate Kid Saga Continues


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  • StatiKPlayz
    StatiKPlayz 23 minutes ago

    If this doesn’t say the f word I’m good to watch this in front of my mom XD

  • Mauro games
    Mauro games Hour ago

    El tfue xd

  • Maksim0 Channel
    Maksim0 Channel 3 hours ago

    enter del /f Cobra Kai everything

  • Arturo Baldarrago Roman

    En español no hay?

  • Ralfer -Lee
    Ralfer -Lee 5 hours ago


  • dahaka dark lord
    dahaka dark lord 6 hours ago

    Русские есть

  • Великий Безупречный Супер Задрот

    Бои так себе слишком медленные но сюжет такой атмосферный

  • Великий Безупречный Супер Задрот

    Вот это я понимаю, это круто

  • Яков Руденок

    cringy bullshit plot devices all over

  • kittyand fox
    kittyand fox 12 hours ago

    cliche opening.... let's see the rest... excited!!

  • Lucky Joestar
    Lucky Joestar 12 hours ago

    5:30 You don’t get sparks from a disconnected circuit breaker.

  • HamzA FareSs
    HamzA FareSs 12 hours ago

    Please Arabic Traduction

  • Ragnar Lodbrok/Lothbrok

    Sesson two please!!!!!
    Essa porra não vai ter segunda temporada não ?

  • Angela Walters
    Angela Walters 15 hours ago

    It's funny how we all believed in that one move........and then all did it everywhere....

  • I N F 1 N I 7 Y
    I N F 1 N I 7 Y 17 hours ago +1

    this is exactly how my life is...
    minus the cool car.

    ANTONIO BEBETO zaza 20 hours ago

    buenos años🇨🇱

  • Kirsten hart
    Kirsten hart 22 hours ago

    I chocked when I seen Ralph

  • Canal Clash Power

    Porcaria...série cheia de chavões...o cara ganhou a porcaria de um campeonato na adolescência e por conta disso virou um "vencedor", o derrotado virou um "perdedor". Os caras viveram mais de 30 anos guardando uma "mágoa" que "nunca terá fim"...hahaha...senti vergonha alheia vendo esse "troço" aí... e o youtube ainda quer que eu pague pelos outros episódios? Hahaha...estão de brincadeira. Em tempo: O Ralph Macchio e o William continuaram sendo atores ou foram resgatados do limbo? Pq são dois canastrões que, junto com a direção e o roteiro toscos, fazem a série beirar a comédia. Infelizmente o Pat Morita não está mais entre nós, mas foi poupado desse vexame.

  • Lisa Cribbs
    Lisa Cribbs Day ago

    When is the new season of COBRA Kai

  • Dennis Mondl
    Dennis Mondl Day ago

    Never ever seen such a aaaaah chr chr chr snorrrr.. Chr, chr, (snooooze..)

  • Dennis Mondl
    Dennis Mondl Day ago

    Just boring.. Or does I see it wrong?

  • Guillaume M
    Guillaume M Day ago

    Alan Parsons makes everything better. Nice ending theme :)

  • Rodrigo Silva
    Rodrigo Silva Day ago

    USclip, i will love you forever! What a great show!!!

  • godbluffvdgg
    godbluffvdgg Day ago

    I barely heard of this show...Only because I saw a mention of Ralph Machio talking about it... You need to fire your marketing department youtube...This show needs legs...It's very good...

  • ryan alves
    ryan alves Day ago

    Esse bicho lutando e fei demais pqp kkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Michael Barbadoro

    you know what would have made this scene even cooler and a cool throwback is having No Shelter the song that was playing when Miyagi saved Daniel in the original.

  • Polad Quluzade
    Polad Quluzade Day ago

    Karete kit

  • Will Hobbs
    Will Hobbs Day ago

    Language is horrible. Wish I could watch, but choosing not to. You don't need that language to sell a piece like this.

  • mikistyle78
    mikistyle78 Day ago

    Me enganché, acabo el cap 2 pase al 3 y tuve que pagar, lo justo para seguir la serie...

  • factorX50
    factorX50 Day ago

    Does anyone know if it would be worth watching the rest of the series

  • José Elias Carmo

    Tive se en português erra massa

  • Leo Cardoso
    Leo Cardoso Day ago

    Me lembrei da minha infância, karatê kid é um clássico.

  • Leonardo Rezende

    This is just so good. Brought me back so many years...

  • Christopher Styles

    Love the first establishing shot that transitioned out of the old and into the new and sympathetic montage of Johny Lawrence, flipped the script! Er uh, well Done team.

  • mik mak
    mik mak Day ago

    If you like corn you will love this show, its so corny you will be full in no time.

  • 拾萬字鏡
    拾萬字鏡 Day ago

    so cool!

  • James Dick
    James Dick Day ago

    is it just me, or does Daniel come across as extremely arrogant at times?

  • MK &MM
    MK &MM Day ago

    Hi, can you help?

  • Neftali De La Torre


  • bill teix
    bill teix Day ago

    This is the stupidest show i have seen in ages. Grown men acting like kids. Karate kid over and done with. Time to growup.

  • juzero2
    juzero2 Day ago

    Are teenagers no nice like these fellas in America?

  • Otacilio Lourenco

    Golpe da garça é f...!

  • Motorteeth
    Motorteeth Day ago

    You get to watch the first two episodes for free... after that it's premium only. What's the matter USclip? Not enough money from all of the advertisements, you have to bait people to pay for premium?

  • Mr. Anderson
    Mr. Anderson Day ago

    I recommend u guys watch the real reason why this cobra kai guy really hated Daniel so much. just search it up ll find the vid

  • Furia de players IW

    Copia carate kid

  • abdel f lghorba
    abdel f lghorba 2 days ago

    Hola quiero ayudarme de mi canal

  • ITz Lechero Op
    ITz Lechero Op 2 days ago +2


  • T J
    T J 2 days ago +1


  • ngish ngosh
    ngish ngosh 2 days ago +1

    Whuttt?? Will Smith is on this too??

  • 哲
     2 days ago +1


  • Diego Trajano
    Diego Trajano 2 days ago +1

    Cobra cai de onde?

  • Gregory D
    Gregory D 2 days ago +1

    Toxic masculinity and entitled White man privilege blaming other people for your shitty life decisions. Now turn it into a TV show!

  • 직구아
    직구아 2 days ago +1

    저욱일기는 뭐냐 진짜 영화망했자

  • Chapolin PL
    Chapolin PL 2 days ago +1

    Essa porra tem em português ?


    Doido demais cara!!!

  • 富士さん
    富士さん 2 days ago +3


  • Android 16
    Android 16 2 days ago +1

    Holy crap, a youtube original actually worth watching!

  • John L.G.
    John L.G. 2 days ago

    Barney Stinson approves ! :p

    DA_BLU3_STRIKER 2 days ago

    El acento español es horrible, pronuncian muy mal las palabras

  • franiell
    franiell 2 days ago

    para que pones el nombre y la descripción en español si el capitulo esta en ingles? eres bruto o algo asi¡?

  • 깔깔유머
    깔깔유머 2 days ago

    뼚신 같은거에 욱일기 차곡차곡 잘 넣었네

  • Willian Brandão
    Willian Brandão 2 days ago

    Muito bom

  • ItBe Lynndsae
    ItBe Lynndsae 2 days ago

    why tf is johnny still angry about a child’s tournament from over 30 years ago like calm down sis 😂

  • 큐나인의따까리

    썸네일 대놓고 전범기냐? 에반데

  • Raul chimborazo
    Raul chimborazo 2 days ago

    En Español por favor ,y pago lo Premium

  • 고진우
    고진우 2 days ago

    썸네일 전범기뭐냐

  • claudio torres
    claudio torres 2 days ago

    en castellano por favor

  • SamarSharma
    SamarSharma 2 days ago

    My name is Jeffy

  • Anderson santos Santos

    Pena que não tem legenda

  • Renz Reiniel Revilla

    One of my favorite movies of all time. I’m really glad they made a series out of it. Kumiko and Mike Barnes for Season 2 please. 😊

  • alexandre pasheko
    alexandre pasheko 3 days ago

    Y esta en español???

  • Mark Humphreys
    Mark Humphreys 3 days ago +1

    Just 18 minutes in and it's making me miss the 80s and 90s like a mfer!

  • Criolo Kondogbia
    Criolo Kondogbia 3 days ago

    Cobra levanta

  • Daniel Zamora
    Daniel Zamora 3 days ago

    pretty cool

  • Sonic Putasso
    Sonic Putasso 3 days ago +1

    A cobra cai no seu Ku kkkkkkkkkk

  • Sajan B
    Sajan B 3 days ago +1


  • M L
    M L 3 days ago

    Surprisingly good, I couldn’t help watching the whole first season in a single day haha

  • mr. Очевидный

    Когда уже закончится эта херня??? Мне заебала мельтешить уже эта реклама с этим фильмом, ооо типа 30 лет спустя малыш каратист! Да ёпта все похуй уже!!! Ничего лучше оригинала не делается!!! Все это залупа полная!!!! Блять даже оригинал не был охуеть каким успешным!!! И блять среднечкового фильма ещё делают продолжение, вы блять серьезно??? Это если бы сняли зелёного слоника 30 лет спустя! Чё это за хуйня??? 😡😡😡 Нахуй оно надо??? Я более чем уверен что он у нас нихуя не соберёт, эти блять трейлеры заебали. С прошлого начала года!!! Идите нахуй со своей хуетой!!! У меня всё!

  • 신대현
    신대현 3 days ago

    배경사진 나만 불편해?

  • 스윙스악당
    스윙스악당 3 days ago

    In the video thumbnail, you can see the Hackenkroitz pattern in Asia, which means that the symbol is called the war flag used by Japan during the war, and Korea and the victim country hate war criminals. Because I am not good at English, I am not able to explain more. Please change the thumbnail that can offend many people.

  • The Supporter
    The Supporter 3 days ago

    K mierda

  • うるめいわし
    うるめいわし 3 days ago +1

    ( ✌︎'ω')✌︎✌︎('ω')✌︎✌︎('ω'✌︎ )

  • Nj Murderface
    Nj Murderface 3 days ago

    That one crane kick caused a life of misery.

  • cindy mananzala martinez

    its still karate kid. but in a totally different prospective... Well done. I thought at first youre going to ruin the franchise but you actually did well

  • Mr.Fönster
    Mr.Fönster 3 days ago

    Lad cobra conchetumare lad cobra rechuchetumare

  • gilberto felipe
    gilberto felipe 3 days ago

    Tem legenda em português ?

  • Geo GamerLife
    Geo GamerLife 3 days ago +1

    No veo comentarios en español

  • Sergej Vlasov
    Sergej Vlasov 3 days ago +11

    I study karate for about 30 years... Karate Kid is classic for me. Some time ago I wrote an article, that there is no karate movies anymore. But this one made me almost cry from happiness )) Great series, thanks to everybody involved!

  • resember gameplay
    resember gameplay 3 days ago

    Não vi nada de karatê

  • 찬돌성님
    찬돌성님 3 days ago

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    • 찬돌성님
      찬돌성님 2 days ago

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    • 고진우
      고진우 2 days ago

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  • Coole1973 Po
    Coole1973 Po 3 days ago

    Na cagata tremenda!!

  • Cavid Heshimov
    Cavid Heshimov 3 days ago

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  • Time To Fap
    Time To Fap 3 days ago

    2:10 sec. This movie is trash

  • Bambu 3d
    Bambu 3d 3 days ago

    Aiiiiii que delicia cara aaaiii

  • Roberto Lopez Montes
    Roberto Lopez Montes 3 days ago +2

    Ever since I watched this show, I realized that both Daniel and Johnny were good boys who were just victims of circumstance by the sensei of cobra kai back in the 80s that brought both of them pain in their lives

  • Макс Гром
    Макс Гром 3 days ago

    Курли на англиском

  • 안기현
    안기현 3 days ago

    전범기틱한 디자인 지겹다

  • YouthFreedomFighters

    5:13 as we know from the first movie Johnny doesn't react well to being soaked, good thing the kid got away unlike Daniel.

    ALEX MERCER 3 days ago

    아 씨발 욱일기 좆같네