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  • Published on Apr 24, 2018
  • Hi guys my name is Pamela also known as mysweetambitions, I have a passion for baking particularly dessert and I love sharing it to friends and family, I started my youtube channel to inspire people to bake and create more at home, I try my best to make simple and easy to understand instructions and I always try my best to answer questions as best as I can.
    For the ingredients
    2 cups palin flour
    1 1/2 cups sugar
    1/2 cup brown sugar
    1 tsp salt
    1 1/2 tsp baking powder
    2 tsp baking soda
    3/4 cup dutch process cocoa powder
    1/2 cup vegetable oil
    1 cup buttermilk (or freshmilk with 1 tbsp vinegar)
    1 tsp vanilla
    1 tsp instant coffee
    2 eggs
    1 cup hot water
    For the icing
    2 tbsp butter
    350 ml whipping cream or heavy cream
    1 can 395 g condensed milk
    1 tsp vanilla
    100 g dutch process cocoa powder
    Optional filling
    395 g dulche powder
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  • Paury Bantog
    Paury Bantog 6 days ago

    I tried this recipe today and the chocolate cake is really moist you can eat it as is. However, the chocolate frosting was too runny. What can I do adjust it? I kept putting it back in the fridge.

  • Sarah Jane Galimba
    Sarah Jane Galimba 6 days ago +1

    thank u so much for sharing ur recipe...:)

  • Analyn Alba
    Analyn Alba 10 days ago

    Thank you for this recipe.. ask lang po ano po ang substitute pag walang whipping cream o heavy cream? Thank you

  • Vanessa
    Vanessa 28 days ago

    Thank you for sharing this recipe. I made this yesterday and I was really happy to the result. It's moist, soft, fluffy and not overly sweet. I did cut the batter in to two after mixing and made a 1 layer cake to first half and cupcakes to the other half. Both turned out really good. I just cut a little baking time to my cupcakes. So happy that it's still soft the next day unlike some I tried that gets crumbly. So thank you so much...

  • Roshell Fernando
    Roshell Fernando Month ago

    Hi I'm your good fan I like your recipes please I want Christmas cake recipe, thanks

  • Esbie Tarrayo
    Esbie Tarrayo Month ago

    Anu po ung pweding e substitute sa heavy cream po?

  • yelrish28
    yelrish28 Month ago

    I tried making this cake and it was a hit! thank you for sharing 😍😍 Can I ask? If I replace the cocoa powder with crushed oreos will it be good for a cookies and cream frosting? TIA

  • bianca xoxo
    bianca xoxo Month ago +1

    My friend made this for my moms bday. We loved it so much. The cake was legit awesome. Thank youu❤

  • Annie Riddick
    Annie Riddick Month ago

    Tell me the ingredients u put on cake first iceing

  • joie lumasac
    joie lumasac 2 months ago

    Hi po san nyo po nabili ung butter milk

    • My Sweet Ambitions
      My Sweet Ambitions  2 months ago

      You can make a homemade version by using freshmilk and vinegar or lemon juice

  • ruthpangan
    ruthpangan 2 months ago

    Hi! I wonder if I can use icing sugar instead of condensed milk for making icing?

  • sugz C.
    sugz C. 2 months ago

    Thanks pam im going to make it tom.😊😊

  • Ruby Francisco
    Ruby Francisco 2 months ago

    Thanks for wonderfull recipe....can I bake in one mold pan?

  • Michelle Castillo
    Michelle Castillo 3 months ago

    Hi can i use the icing for cupcake?how?malambot ung chocolate icing hndi pde s piping bag panu ko po sya mgagamit for cupcake?thanks!

  • Jheng Delarosa
    Jheng Delarosa 3 months ago

    hi po! ask ko lang ma'am itong chocolate moist cake po ba na ito ay dense or light and fluffy? thanks :)

  • Faye Eloisa Fidel
    Faye Eloisa Fidel 3 months ago

    Hi Ms. Pam, Sinubukan ko po gawin yung recipe nyo ng Goldilocks Chocolate Cake at nagustuhan po ng mga guests ko yung recipe nyo. Meron po ako question, pde po ba lagyan ng fondat yung cake after po malagyan ng cohoclate icing? thanks in advance.

    • My Sweet Ambitions
      My Sweet Ambitions  3 months ago

      No you need ganache , the icing is to soft to handle the weight of the fondant

  • khadijah Dimaampao
    khadijah Dimaampao 3 months ago

    Hello po Ilang minutes niyo po niluto yung Icing Instead of 10-15 minutes Yung akin kasi nagiging yema siya eh. Salamat!!! Please Reply po

  • Tita Josan
    Tita Josan 3 months ago

    Bakit po hot water?

    • Tita Josan
      Tita Josan 3 months ago

      @My Sweet Ambitions ok po salamat 😊

    • My Sweet Ambitions
      My Sweet Ambitions  3 months ago

      The hot water is added at the very end because the flour is effectively coated with fat (the oil and eggs), thereby reducing the amount of gluten that can form (flour + liquid). The reason the water is hot is because hot liquid (water/coffee) helps "bloom" cocoa powder, creating a deeper, more rich chocolate flavour. It also might help extract some flavour out of the ground espresso as well. Now you know 😊

  • Rubelyn Espos
    Rubelyn Espos 3 months ago

    hi Madam..un ingrs.po b nitong cake nio pde po b black forest?ggwa npo kc aq bks.THANKSPO😊😊

  • Marlita Pacate
    Marlita Pacate 3 months ago

    hi ms using your chocolate recipe but i've got a problem with my oven. am using electric oven set it 180 degrees but he result was too cracked and it looks like a volcano throwing a lava. i made again and set to 150 degrees in 35 mins. but the result with crispy topping but the inside is still wet. how to adjust my temperature....please need your advice....thanks

    • My Sweet Ambitions
      My Sweet Ambitions  3 months ago

      You need to purchase oven thermometer, its a drastic change if temperature from 180 to 150, ill go 170 first, always check the middle of the cake if its cook

  • Jinjoo
    Jinjoo 4 months ago

    @My Sweet Ambition does it have to be po dutch process chocolate? kasi gamit ko Hershey's cocoa powder pero di xa ganyang ka dark at shiny! pls reply thanks

  • Jinjoo
    Jinjoo 4 months ago

    Thanks Ms Pamela for all the yummy recipes, i've been trying to find out how to make my chocolate icing so shiny & dark like yours and your video answered that question! likewise, i love to baking & the other day i tried your lemon chiffon cake & i must say it came out very nice, moist and really fluffy! do you have a bake shop po? you're so good i think you're doing yourself a disservice if you don't open a bake shop :) kaya lang po sana laging cups ang measurements nyo kc di ko sanay ang grams or mil :)

    • My Sweet Ambitions
      My Sweet Ambitions  4 months ago

      Salamat ❤️ i do combine cups and grams . I don’t have a bakery, busy being a mum 😊

  • secret agent
    secret agent 4 months ago

    I love this recipe sana may vanilla version or kahit ano .....masarap sya .

  • Wendyliz Bongon
    Wendyliz Bongon 4 months ago

    Hi po...can I use cake flour po?
    Thank u po sa recipe...

  • Jamie MAC13
    Jamie MAC13 4 months ago

    I want to try out one of your cakes but I’m curious about something. I have been watching a lot of your chocolate cake recipes and I noticed the ingredients for your Brigadeiro cake icing are The same as this cake but they look like totally different consistencies. What am I missing? I thought maybe the cook time but you kind of worded it the same. Something about coating the bottom of the pan.

    • Jamie MAC13
      Jamie MAC13 4 months ago

      My Sweet Ambitions ok thank you so much 💙

    • My Sweet Ambitions
      My Sweet Ambitions  4 months ago

      its exactly the same recipe, its just the cooking time of the icing and pouring the icing as soon as the icing cook to the cake

  • Anagrace Castillo
    Anagrace Castillo 5 months ago

    Pwede po ba nestle cream gamitin instead of whipping cream?

  • Jelenne Gulle
    Jelenne Gulle 5 months ago

    Hi Ms. Pamela! I just want to ask, if the icing is runny? Natutunaw po ba sya? I want to try this on New Year’s eve. Thank you💕

  • Raquel De Gueto
    Raquel De Gueto 5 months ago

    pwede po bang all purpose flour na lng gamitin?

  • Raquel De Gueto
    Raquel De Gueto 5 months ago

    panu po bang all purpose flour na lng gamitin?

    • Jinjoo
      Jinjoo 4 months ago

      yun naman ang sabi nya all purpose flour di ba?

  • Maria Flaig
    Maria Flaig 6 months ago

    I lovd Chocolate cake especially my grandson Julian!!! great recipe!!!

  • gie mol
    gie mol 6 months ago

    Hi on the icing can i replace cocoa powder with baking chocolate?😊

  • Porferia Samson
    Porferia Samson 6 months ago

    a friend ask me to make a cake for her childs birthday ..i will make this cake .. thanks for sharing..

  • Kristine Tamayo
    Kristine Tamayo 6 months ago

    How come hindi ko naachieve yung dark color ng frosting? 😭 please help. Thank you!

    • Jinjoo
      Jinjoo 4 months ago

      @My Sweet Ambitions what & where to buy dutch process cocoa? i use the hershey cocoa puede po ba yun? cguro di magiging dark at shiny ano? thanks

    • Kristine Tamayo
      Kristine Tamayo 6 months ago

      My Sweet Ambitions I did! I used Cadbury Bournville Premium dark. Should I cook it longer? Maybe I undercooked it? If I want to lessen the sweetness too should I add more cocoa or cream? Thank you.

    • My Sweet Ambitions
      My Sweet Ambitions  6 months ago

      First did you use dutch process cocoa ?

  • nestlyn pagdanganan maris song

    its verry yummy i love that

  • Jennieline Reyes
    Jennieline Reyes 6 months ago

    Pwde di po ba ito gwing vanilla flavor?

  • Maria Pilar Saflor
    Maria Pilar Saflor 6 months ago +1

    Thank you for this recipe, i baked this twice now and its really delicious 😍

  • test
    test 6 months ago +1

    Thankyou so much for sharing your recipe ginawa ko sya nitong christmas party at naubos...

  • Simple Cutie
    Simple Cutie 6 months ago

    Can i use white sugar instead of brown??pls reply

  • Ding Dong
    Ding Dong 7 months ago

    Is it okay to sub the butter milk to an evaporada milk.

    • My Sweet Ambitions
      My Sweet Ambitions  7 months ago

      To be honest bever tried altering but buttermilk helps with the moisture of the cake

  • Claire Cuebillas
    Claire Cuebillas 7 months ago

    Deleted? Ayaw maplay

  • Daragons Real
    Daragons Real 7 months ago

    Sa ingredients nnyo po, PWede po bang isang 10x3 lang na baking pang gamitin?

  • Emmy Yambao
    Emmy Yambao 7 months ago

    ano pong another cake filling yung pde ko pong ilagay 😁

    • My Sweet Ambitions
      My Sweet Ambitions  7 months ago

      No it will turn into fudge

    • Emmy Yambao
      Emmy Yambao 7 months ago

      @My Sweet Ambitions can i use dark chocolate instead of cocoa powder in the icing mixture?

    • Emmy Yambao
      Emmy Yambao 7 months ago

      @My Sweet Ambitions salamat po from perth po ako 😊

    • My Sweet Ambitions
      My Sweet Ambitions  7 months ago

      Buttercream , whipped cream or the same icing that you have on the cakw

  • Emman Jones
    Emman Jones 7 months ago

    We gonna

  • Madam Alodie Caballero
    Madam Alodie Caballero 7 months ago

    Pwede po ba tong recipe gawin into swiss roll?

  • sani Safdar
    sani Safdar 7 months ago

    Your recipes r soo amazing and when we make it comes out 100 % testy ❤

  • samantha lim
    samantha lim 7 months ago

    I used this recipe twice and wow It taste delicious!! Thank you for sharing this recipe :)

  • Lara Dane Ouano
    Lara Dane Ouano 7 months ago

    Hello po! Ask ko lang po pano ginawa yung dulche filling. Heat po ba condensed milk in a pan? Gano po katagal? Thank you po!😊

    • Lara Dane Ouano
      Lara Dane Ouano 7 months ago

      My Sweet Ambitions Thank you po sa reply. Will make this tomorrow for my daughter :)

    • My Sweet Ambitions
      My Sweet Ambitions  7 months ago

      Submerge the can if condensed milk then boil for 2 1/2 to 3 hours

  • egg yolk
    egg yolk 8 months ago

    I've tried this recipe. And it was great. Thanks for sharing. ❤️

  • Kcladyjade godspeed
    Kcladyjade godspeed 8 months ago

    Hello po.. electric oven po b gamit nyo? Taas at baba po b ung gngmit nyong init ng oven pag cake ung bbake nyo?

    • My Sweet Ambitions
      My Sweet Ambitions  8 months ago

      I don’t have that option on my oven but i know that you only use the bottom heat for baking the top heat is for broiling

  • Ma. Nelia Eyas
    Ma. Nelia Eyas 8 months ago

    Hi thanks so much for sharing your choco cake recipe... I bake for my employer and it was perfect and delicious. My employer enjoyed so much and they really appreciated it....More power and God bless to you...

  • cristina chavez
    cristina chavez 8 months ago

    Thank u for the sharing this recipe’ love it!,

  • Jennielyn Tapawan
    Jennielyn Tapawan 8 months ago

    Hi i try your recipie ask ko lng bakit kea buhaghag ung cake ko pag inislice nadudurog sia😭

  • Jennielyn Tapawan
    Jennielyn Tapawan 8 months ago

    How about nestle app purpose cream?

  • Roda Llapitan
    Roda Llapitan 8 months ago

    Hi can i use this cake po ba for fondant? Please reply.. thank you

  • Winnie Co
    Winnie Co 8 months ago

    Mam can u make a chocolate dream cake, ung nauuso ngaun. Thanks!

  • Jennielyn Tapawan
    Jennielyn Tapawan 8 months ago

    can i use nestle heavy cream?

  • Ariez Tukraxia
    Ariez Tukraxia 8 months ago

    Pano po ung function sa oven? Up and down po b ung heat? Tska pwede ba sabay sila ibake ung dalwa pong pan? Pls respond po. Thanks

  • Mary Hogan
    Mary Hogan 8 months ago


  • Mizuki de jesus
    Mizuki de jesus 9 months ago

    hi ask kopo sna alin ang mas moist at msrp ito po b or yung brigadeiro cake n gnwa mo po?

    • Mizuki de jesus
      Mizuki de jesus 9 months ago


    • Mizuki de jesus
      Mizuki de jesus 9 months ago

      oh i see.. thank u so more & Godbless u more .. looking forward for many of your videos llo npo ang dream cake😘

    • My Sweet Ambitions
      My Sweet Ambitions  9 months ago

      They are the same the only difference is this cheaper and easier to make

  • Ralp Bracero
    Ralp Bracero 9 months ago

    Did this just now! And it was delish!😍😍😍😍so easy yet so yummy! we got too excited in decorating it tho and end up breaking it.😂 thank you so much!❤

  • love and honey
    love and honey 9 months ago

    Hi. Can i use all purpose cream? Pleae advise. Thank dvance.

  • Al-Bruce Martinez
    Al-Bruce Martinez 9 months ago +2

    yung whipping cream po ba is APC po?????

  • martee bermudez
    martee bermudez 9 months ago

    What is the size of the pan? Anyone???

  • Rechelle Salazar
    Rechelle Salazar 9 months ago

    Anu po pwede isub sa whipping cream o heavy cream?

  • syeda sanjida
    syeda sanjida 9 months ago

    Where you from?

  • Ann T
    Ann T 9 months ago

    Puede po ba kau gumawa ng ibat ibang flavor na pang filling s mga cake?lagi me nag iisip anu lagay s mid ng cake eh hehe.
    Paborito nmin yan dulce msrap sya sa chocolate cake at pati s red velvet cake

  • Faith Eunice Brana
    Faith Eunice Brana 9 months ago

    Can i use all purpose cream?

  • Belinda Flores
    Belinda Flores 9 months ago

    i wanna try this

  • mitch ramos
    mitch ramos 10 months ago

    Thank you for sharing this recipe. I tried this last Monday, Aug 20 and it's perfect. The cake is soft and like a real cake of goldilocks. We love it! Although, my frosting is not perfect. Anyway, i will pratice more on frosting decoration.

  • simply ME
    simply ME 10 months ago

    1 1/2cup sugar at 1/2 cup brown sgar??

    • nonita channel
      nonita channel Month ago

      Yeah because she used unsweetened coca powder, otherwise the cake won't be that sweet!

  • simply ME
    simply ME 10 months ago

    can i steam this instead use oven

    • simply ME
      simply ME 10 months ago

      This is my ultimate fav cake recipe ever!! I bake it in stove using improvised oven and it's cooked as oven does .. Please let me know one more recipe i want to make vanilla flavour this time.. Thanks alot!🤗

    • My Sweet Ambitions
      My Sweet Ambitions  10 months ago +1

      never tried steaming the cake before

  • lalalove 1011
    lalalove 1011 10 months ago

    natry ko po ito kahapon sa bday ng anak ko sobrang sarap po iniskip ko po ung dulce de leche . pero sobrang moist at sobrang sarap ng icing .thankyou po

  • Maricer Remolin
    Maricer Remolin 10 months ago

    Hi po, can i use all purpose cream instead of heavy or whip cream for frosting?

  • secret agent
    secret agent 11 months ago

    Okay lang ba Kong Nestlé cream gamitin ?

  • Edelle Joy Lumanog
    Edelle Joy Lumanog 11 months ago +1

    Where can I buy the dutch process cocoa powder?

    • FateZero
      FateZero 6 months ago

      @Christopher Viray it is not a brand, it's a specific process for cocoa. where they add a strong base to the cocoa powder that makes it much much stronger. it is way darker than normal cocoa powder

    • Christopher Viray
      Christopher Viray 8 months ago

      That's only a brand name of chocolate powder..You can use any unsweetened chocolate powder like Hershys..

  • Maricer Remolin
    Maricer Remolin 11 months ago

    Hello po..Can i use all purpose cream instead of whip cream?

  • Gian Nobitnom
    Gian Nobitnom 11 months ago

    anung engredients sa ung pang filling?

    • My Sweet Ambitions
      My Sweet Ambitions  11 months ago

      its just condensed milk that is boiled in its can for 3 hours

  • Hunter dela Calzada
    Hunter dela Calzada 11 months ago

    So glad I came across your channel. Can you tell me if this cake or any of your cake can be covered with fondant? Can’t wait to try your ube flan cake. 🤗

  • Jhie Castis
    Jhie Castis 11 months ago

    Nag try ako kanina gamit ung recipe MO po kaso binawasan ko po ng sugar 😊 nagustuhan nilang lahat thank you po ang sarap daw po sabi nila hehhehe wala ako natikman kung hindi ung tinangal ko lng sa ibabaw haha😂😂😂

  • Kristina Anderson
    Kristina Anderson 11 months ago

    Ateng can I use all purpose cream in the frosting? I really need it for a party next week!

  • kate Fernandez
    kate Fernandez 11 months ago

    Hi! I accidentally saw your video and im so thankful. I will definitely try this.. but is it ok if i will put a wafer edible paper on this kind of icing? Hope to hear from you. 😙

    • My Sweet Ambitions
      My Sweet Ambitions  11 months ago

      I actually haven’t tried but i think its possible but you have to let the icing cool down completely before adding the wafer paper

  • Rubelyn Espos
    Rubelyn Espos Year ago

    Pde po bmg All purpose cream ang substitute sWhip cream? if noano po ang pdeng gamitin

  • Maganda ako
    Maganda ako Year ago

    I love you po tlaga..nakalagay n po ang ingredients sa description sa baba..gagayahin ko po I so love it!

  • Miriam Ganiban
    Miriam Ganiban Year ago

    thank you very much for sharing this recipe! God bless you!

  • Jin Sy
    Jin Sy Year ago

    Ano pong pang edit ang gamit nyo salamat po! Btw sarap po ng cake wahhh😍😍

  • Emma Noel
    Emma Noel Year ago +1

    oooo chocolate

  • Kberly Flores
    Kberly Flores Year ago

    Hi mrs sweet ambition i want to ask what size cake pan do you use? And where did you buy it in australia? Thank you

  • Bankero 80
    Bankero 80 Year ago

    Hi can u teach me how make merang one time i make merang but after i mixed to based it turn more bubbles and watery what will i do?

    • Bankero 80
      Bankero 80 Year ago

      My Sweet Ambitions ok thanks by the way do you have a facebook account so i will add you thanks

    • My Sweet Ambitions
      My Sweet Ambitions  Year ago

      Just make sure that everything that touches the meringue is grease free, clean all the utensils well, and make sure there is no egg yolk in the eggwhite a single drop of egg yolk will ruin the meringue

  • Miss Steffani
    Miss Steffani Year ago

    Hi, I like your recipes but can you pls add the Oven time and temperature in the description box since u dont have a site(?). Thank you!

  • joeffrey guinto
    joeffrey guinto Year ago

    Can i use all purpose cream if i do not have whipping cream in making frosting?

  • Brecie Torino
    Brecie Torino Year ago

    This is the best chocolate cake i ever tried thanks for the recipe

  • Ydalg
    Ydalg Year ago

    hello po! ok lang po kahit hindi dutch process cocoa ang gamitin? Wait po ako sa reply,thank you po!

  • Jheng Delarosa
    Jheng Delarosa Year ago

    ma'am fool proof Marshmallow Fondant recipe po meron kayo? pwede po pashare?

  • Kathlyn Mae Montaño

    Hi maam can i use all purpose cream instead of whipping?..please reply..thank you😊

  • cess Valdez
    cess Valdez Year ago

    ilang minutes po need i.pre heat ang oven ?

    • My Sweet Ambitions
      My Sweet Ambitions  Year ago

      +cess Valdez atleast 10 minutes but I usually start pre hearing it before I start making the cake

  • Amboy Raquiza
    Amboy Raquiza Year ago

    I’m gonna try this! Thank you for sharing! Hope next time you gonna make their Brazo De Mercedez cake.

  • marissa acosta
    marissa acosta Year ago

    Hi ma'am Pwd ba gamitan ng cake flour..... At Salamat pag share mo sa recipes

  • Lu Yisha
    Lu Yisha Year ago

    Ask ko lang po kung ano maganda klase ng oven pang bake,thank you

  • Jezel Gernan
    Jezel Gernan Year ago

    pwede po bang gumamit ng nestle cream?

  • Cheska Vasquez
    Cheska Vasquez Year ago

    So its chocolate ganache?

    • My Sweet Ambitions
      My Sweet Ambitions  Year ago

      +Cheska Vasquez no chocolAte ganache is made of just cream and chocolate