Driving a Tesla Across The Loneliest Road in America

  • Published on May 8, 2019
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Comments • 10 984

  • Shining Emeralds
    Shining Emeralds 9 minutes ago +1

    I've never seen snow
    Click like if you can relate

  • Thundernixx 2017
    Thundernixx 2017 38 minutes ago

    This was one amazing video and I hope to driven in this road someday . Congrstulations for had archived it !!!

  • MatthewPlayz
    MatthewPlayz 41 minute ago

    Why did i cry over a car at the end

  • Mike Collins
    Mike Collins Hour ago

    What was your average driving speed? And what was the total distance covered?
    What was your accumulated time spent charging?

  • Swampy Emerson
    Swampy Emerson Hour ago

    Love the vid!! (Also you sound like you are a electric type of guy!! Time for a Tesla!!)

  • Rodrigo Morais
    Rodrigo Morais 3 hours ago


  • Catalin Chira
    Catalin Chira 4 hours ago

    wakes up in the morning, his first reaction is "omg", takes a shit "omg", drinks 1 litre of the cheapest by all means coffee, "suckbucks" "omg", drives the car through the dessert "omg", goes to sleep "omg" . ffs stop acting like a moron

  • Arun Unnikrishnan
    Arun Unnikrishnan 5 hours ago

    Who else did not realise that the video was 50 minutes long

    MAN_ON_WHEELZ 5 hours ago

    Everyone saying this vlog was amazing and beautiful, I'm going to say this. I watch a lot of videos like this by car-channel UScliprs and this whole experience would've gone a lot different than this had they done this drive. More risky challenges taken, less worry about the things you worried about, more prepared for the possibilities, etc, etc. Though the other commenters are right in that this video was beautiful, I do feel it was a bit more dramatized than I anticipated, solely because I've seen automotive UScliprs do far more risky things with Teslas and other cars. Trust me, I know this was a world of an experience for you, and I do sympathize, don't get that confused, I would've been mostly the same way had I been in your shoes during this trip, and THIS WAS A VERY INTERESTING AND ENTERTAINING VIDEO I thoroughly enjoyed it, gave it "like" and everything. But had it been an automotive USclipr this would've gone quite different. Nice job jumping into a different pool for this video. (the automotive journalist pool) I still greatly enjoyed it.

  • Jay22
    Jay22 6 hours ago +1

    "We have some serious snow to drive through" proceeds to drive through a tiny bit of slush on the road.

  • Canucks Fan
    Canucks Fan 6 hours ago

    Bailey Blue, the Tesla that's god damned magic

  • August Osani
    August Osani 7 hours ago

    CGP Grey presents: The 50 Minute Tesla ad.
    Edit: this is actually really good

  • Awsomenot Clover
    Awsomenot Clover 7 hours ago

    alright now go get a motorcycle my guy
    feel the difference

  • J Lee
    J Lee 8 hours ago

    What is the song that starts at 40:04 ???

  • Damba Dwismara Nugroho


  • ReSpawN
    ReSpawN 10 hours ago

    Felt like watching a series. I feel it bro, really do! Man and machine, a man and his car: women or people without cars won't understand.
    It's been a joy watching you get behind the wheel - thanks for a nice video!

  • Harry Lenakakl
    Harry Lenakakl 10 hours ago

    Back in 2003 was exploring UTAH I thought MOAB DESERT was a pure spiritual experience!
    BTW Awesome video !

  • Yaniv Eidelnant
    Yaniv Eidelnant 12 hours ago

    "I need every last Percent or else im stranded"
    *Charges Laptop from the battery of the car*

  • Cédric Vibert
    Cédric Vibert 12 hours ago

    This man obviously never been in a Canadian winter.

  • Pibblet Squad
    Pibblet Squad 14 hours ago

    i could watch 10 hours of driving toward the storm

  • VideoArchiveGuy
    VideoArchiveGuy 15 hours ago

    So if you have lots of time to be inconvenienced by your car, a Tesla is a good purchase. Right.

  • droopmodMRC
    droopmodMRC 15 hours ago

    You made a great video. Not a fan of the Tesla at all. But you somehow made that flimsy yuppy car, seem almost interesting. Bravo!

  • David B
    David B 15 hours ago

    Awsome vid man, The most I have seen of america in one vid, have car will travel.

  • TerrorWest
    TerrorWest 16 hours ago

    u should live inside Weenie Hut Jr. and never leave

  • Rick Harker
    Rick Harker 18 hours ago

    What is the cost of super charging?

  • Hello
    Hello 19 hours ago

    24:44 this is the type of music that they put on when ur on hold

  • RideNV
    RideNV 21 hour ago

    16:47 0/2 on pronounced names

  • Steven Stotts
    Steven Stotts 21 hour ago +1

    Frick it’s pronounced “elee” not “eli”, and Nevada, not nevahda.

  • Anthony Pirrone
    Anthony Pirrone 23 hours ago

    Hey I was just in a bad accident myself after getting my license for the first time a month ago
    Nobody was hurt but i hate driving now

  • lime boss
    lime boss Day ago

    forgot ur seetblet safety first(3:00)

  • Asunib
    Asunib Day ago

    instructions unclear

  • Mitchell Dennis
    Mitchell Dennis Day ago


  • Nathan Williams
    Nathan Williams Day ago

    This video gave me the dream of buying an electric car (Probably 10 years in the future though, I still live in the middle of nowhere, the nearest supercharger is 80 miles away).

  • JC Prov
    JC Prov Day ago

    I grew up in Roseville, CA. I now live in the Seattle area, and man this brought back some memories when I saw you in Roseville..

  • barebare
    barebare Day ago

    Luckily you dont have to worry about indians anymore, or else an empty battery would be nerve wracking!

  • Jochem V
    Jochem V Day ago +1

    I didn’t think I would watch all of this video, but somehow I did. Great video, man!

  • Andrew Daley
    Andrew Daley Day ago

    All worth it at 50.57.

  • Aceraloth
    Aceraloth Day ago

    It a madman

  • ARAH
    ARAH Day ago +1

    Wow, snow during late spring/early summer

  • Sukma Mwarni
    Sukma Mwarni Day ago

    The longest Tesla's commercial

  • Sorenkair
    Sorenkair Day ago

    32:11 why do those spinning turbines look weird??

  • PC SeShE
    PC SeShE Day ago

    did u just watch a 50 minute video

  • Keith Newton
    Keith Newton Day ago

    You are such a poor driver, where did you pass your driving test. Because youre danger to other becsuse off your nervousness.
    That was not poor visibility you could see more than 100m

  • Duckyyy ɞ
    Duckyyy ɞ Day ago +1

    15:06 "I am not really 2 people."

    You are two:
    "Am I a joke to you?"

  • The Lion Artist
    The Lion Artist Day ago

    How the hell did him leaving the car make me tear up?? Like wtf the music to

  • Mo S
    Mo S Day ago +1

    On the loneliest road,was the tesla or you driving?

  • hypercoder
    hypercoder Day ago

    Hey Grey, great video, thanks.
    Im very curious! ¿what would different about your "humans need not apply" video after using a self driving car ?

  • Joseph Reynolds
    Joseph Reynolds Day ago

    This is amazing. What a treat!

  • angela_flute52689

    When you said "Feedee, Utah" or however you pronounced Nephi at 33:51... it's actually pronounced NEE-fy (fy rhymes with pie). (Unless you were talking about Fountain Green or Freedom, but those don't seem to be where you're indicating on the map, and they're down a different road.) Glad you made it! Nice to see you could visit Dead Horse Point--such pretty views. Thanks for the informative vlog.

  • KNighTErRanTry Wang

    Lmao, Terrible Cup holder position...you cant even put ur elbow if theres drink. Nice video, loving it

  • Entrex _
    Entrex _ Day ago

    love the excitement

  • Nissan Skyline GTR R34

    Won’t be the loneliest road when the Area 51 raid happens on September 20

  • broomsterm
    broomsterm 2 days ago

    Fuck these cars. Communists drive them. Christ, your life is about finding charging stations and killing time waiting. Go gasoline; go hydrogen! Also, how did you pay for the charge at the trailer park?

  • fitnesspoint2006
    fitnesspoint2006 2 days ago

    What is up ith all these youtube vids using this sped-up music genera ?

  • David m
    David m 2 days ago

    Worst car ever made its tied with Prius fyi this requires no driving skill whatsoever

  • raferb
    raferb 2 days ago

    So cringy!

  • Get me 169 subs and I will reveal something

    If this guy likes the American rest stops, he should see the british ones.

  • X X
    X X 2 days ago

    I can't believe 3.8 million people watch your dumbass. PS, you're a pussy.

  • chrisadeth
    chrisadeth 2 days ago +6

    If I had the funds... I would own an electric car for in city driving, but for the road trips I take, I would own a traditional gasoline powered car. The reason being, those long multiple hundred mile stretches of road with nothing in between are a whole lot less scary with a couple of large jerry cans of extra fuel in the back.

    I love electric cars and believe they are the future of cars, but until charging stations are at least as common as gas stations, I will continue to trust a gasoline engine for a trip like this.

  • WhiteGoth
    WhiteGoth 2 days ago

    As a malaysian, I've never seen such an amazing view of mountain ranges while on a road trip nor experience snowfall my entire life. This video brings me joy and happiness I never knew needed.

  • JT h
    JT h 2 days ago +2

    I did not think this could be exciting but here I am... Still watching

  • Diego Rovaglia
    Diego Rovaglia 2 days ago

    8:30 Mendelssohn violin concerto wtf?

  • Chia Huang Yen
    Chia Huang Yen 2 days ago


  • Pat Shala
    Pat Shala 2 days ago

    You made me cry at the end.

  • Avishek Paul
    Avishek Paul 2 days ago

    Hey, it's route 66 to Radiator Springs!!

  • quirkykid770
    quirkykid770 2 days ago +5

    Lonely roads
    Take me home
    To the place
    I belong
    Moab utah
    Canyons and shit or whatever

  • Jorell Croft
    Jorell Croft 2 days ago

    I dont like the look of them, they look bubbly and ugly in my opinion 😂😂

  • JTMM
    JTMM 2 days ago

    See Area 51?

  • Japheth Bonnema
    Japheth Bonnema 2 days ago

    30:00 you forgot to yield lol

  • Japheth Bonnema
    Japheth Bonnema 2 days ago

    never seen someone so exited to wait 40 mins before they could drive again