The Loneliest Road in America

  • Published on May 8, 2019
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Comments • 8 694

  • Kayla Buss
    Kayla Buss 7 hours ago

    this is very different then what I thought it would be lol

  • OwariNeko
    OwariNeko 8 hours ago

    Longest tesla commercial ever.

  • Amish Jebediah
    Amish Jebediah 8 hours ago

    I was curious to start this video thinking "no way would I watch an hour of his personal life stuff..."
    13 minutes in, I'm hooked baby

  • Tim Mallette
    Tim Mallette 8 hours ago

    Weirdest Mendelssohn violin concerto ever

  • Cotten
    Cotten 8 hours ago

    Such amazing storytelling. Very engaging and kept me watching throughout the entire video. Great video Grey!

  • Ed Moritz
    Ed Moritz 9 hours ago

    this video was brought to you by tesla

  • AndyPandy33
    AndyPandy33 9 hours ago

    300 miles and nothing in sight, living in London I dream about places like that.

  • Harvie Morgan
    Harvie Morgan 9 hours ago +1

    As someone who has a drone, you totally need a drone

  • BuzzVision
    BuzzVision 10 hours ago

    31:16 how do you do that??

  • Dylan Dreisbach
    Dylan Dreisbach 11 hours ago

    Hey, I had my first accident a few days ago also in a Prius. Wasnt that bad except for the Prius was totaled. The other car was perfectly fine so I don't know why it was so damaged.

  • clayton8or_2
    clayton8or_2 11 hours ago

    What's the road called? i dont want to watch a video with an EV in it.

  • MannyXVIII
    MannyXVIII 11 hours ago +1

    283 from 300 maximum miles a tesla can do ... and you plug in like 3 devices extra that drain power from the battery you are driving with?! Now that's what I call a daredevil

  • Señor Stalin
    Señor Stalin 12 hours ago +1

    Elon Musk has joined the server

  • Flameoguy
    Flameoguy 12 hours ago

    48:31 "It's Factorio!"

  • TNTFreddan
    TNTFreddan 12 hours ago

    Never driven anything that doesn't run on diesel (Besides my mopeds, my ATV and MXs) and never anything that doesn't have a turbocharger in it (Besides what I mentioned before). The first car I ever drove had a 1.8L I4 TDI. The second had a 2.5L I5 TDI. The third diesel vehicle I've ever driven has a turbocharged Volvo D13 I6 in it. 440hp and around 2 000Nm of torque. The 4th Diesel driven vehicle I've ever driven had a 500hp Scania DC16 V8 and that was just put in 6th high and release the clutch, no throttle needed, and it would just happily trott along.

  • thequeenofspades
    thequeenofspades 12 hours ago +1

    What was in Moab?

  • Erasmo Rodriguez
    Erasmo Rodriguez 13 hours ago

    Which tesla model is this?

  • CrisURace
    CrisURace 13 hours ago

    why not show your face, this is strange for a vlog :P

  • HisRoyalCarlness
    HisRoyalCarlness 13 hours ago

    My friend and I once did what was supposed to be a 19 hour roadtrip down to Vegas from the Seattle area where we live... We averaged 88 mph, traffic and stops included, with a bunch of roadwork at the end. Beautiful drive.

    • HisRoyalCarlness
      HisRoyalCarlness 13 hours ago

      Stops here meaning gas stops. We did it in one go.

  • andreynaxodka
    andreynaxodka 14 hours ago +1

    I love how humble you are

  • Blitze
    Blitze 14 hours ago

    How much did he pay for every single Battery charge?

  • Lee Nuxunumo
    Lee Nuxunumo 14 hours ago +1

    Man that ending was actually pretty heartbreaking :( Incredible travel vlog!!!

    I hope you and Bailey-chan get back together someday

  • Maks Idzikowski
    Maks Idzikowski 14 hours ago

    the shot at 9:38 would make a beautiful wallpaper

  • HisRoyalCarlness
    HisRoyalCarlness 15 hours ago

    "This hoodie is warm, but it's not 'snow warm.'" That snow is wet as hell, looks warm enough to me lol.

  • JP V
    JP V 15 hours ago

    Beautiful. loved the great story telling. You really are talented !

  • NKBlazer
    NKBlazer 15 hours ago +1

    Imagine lending your friend your Tesla, and then witnessing pure tears of separation as he calls your car Bailey Blue and tells it goodbye.
    Jokes aside, that's pure representation of a good solo road trip. Beautiful drive!

  • guguigugu
    guguigugu 15 hours ago

    i mean yea its great but what happens when all that software starts bugging out after many years of use?

  • Zane_Alto
    Zane_Alto 15 hours ago +1

    watched the whole thing, good job.

  • TheFallingFlamingo
    TheFallingFlamingo 15 hours ago

    It's like a romantic take on Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance if it were sponsored by Tesla.

  • Rogier Maas
    Rogier Maas 16 hours ago +1

    Amazing trip. I really felt I was there with you the whole way. Well done.

  • AKzebraMiner
    AKzebraMiner 16 hours ago

    Why did you change the title of the video?

  • EliWCoyote
    EliWCoyote 16 hours ago

    48:30 All this and a Factorio shout-out?!

  • Mr. Wolf
    Mr. Wolf 16 hours ago

    41:05 "Take nothing but pictures. be respectful ffs" the first sentence is literally the format of the story :D

  • echoed1337
    echoed1337 16 hours ago +1

    I didn't look at how long this was before I started it. I made it to 40 minutes before I even considered the fact that I felt like I'd been watching for a while, which is quite a testament to how simply pleasant this was to watch.

  • JustLovett0
    JustLovett0 16 hours ago

    6:14 "To You Bailey Blue" *Holds up Piss Bottle*

  • aster n.
    aster n. 16 hours ago

    Joel: "Hello chat and welcome to another Desert Bus stream"

  • Robert Eckhart
    Robert Eckhart 16 hours ago

    y doesn't he show his face?

    BLKBRDSR71 17 hours ago +1

    41:12 reminds me of something right out of a Mad Max movie.

  • tankredworst
    tankredworst 17 hours ago

    Excellent choice of music, very matching! And - as everyone else said - I didn't thought I would watch this full length when I clicked it, but I did!

  • Evian Tube HD
    Evian Tube HD 18 hours ago

    This was the old town road they warned us about

  • tuğba çınarlı
    tuğba çınarlı 18 hours ago

    ı don't understand why somebody would dislike this video?????????????

  • Happy Potato
    Happy Potato 19 hours ago

    What if he slapped some solar panels to the roof? Or would that just do absolutely nothing...

  • tuğba çınarlı
    tuğba çınarlı 19 hours ago +1

    best vlog ever...

  • Rashith Jayakody
    Rashith Jayakody 19 hours ago

    This is andy from the office :)

  • Jaster 53
    Jaster 53 19 hours ago

    I have never seen snow in my life

  • Asep Maulana Nuriman
    Asep Maulana Nuriman 20 hours ago

    why i watch this, i even can't ride a car

  • Snacking Piece of Trash


  • Aaron Cowley
    Aaron Cowley 20 hours ago

    that is a really long boring road

  • Yearls
    Yearls 21 hour ago

    Teslas are amazing. I don't drive, and scared to do so (there are psychos on the roads around here) but I'd definitely learn if I could afford a Tesla.

    Holy crumpets, that's a lot of money, well, maybe one day :(

  • John Cargoshorts ka man

    in the beginning i thought grey naming the car was ridiculous and childish
    in the end i got emotional about him and bailey blue having to part ways

  • GiraffeStrafe
    GiraffeStrafe 22 hours ago

    Don’t run the Tesla through the everyday auto wash. The bristles can really destroy your cars paint

  • Mateo Vukoje
    Mateo Vukoje 22 hours ago

    Never electric over pure horsepower

  • Mark Shan
    Mark Shan 23 hours ago

    32:28 color grading for your eyeballs

  • Deep_Dive
    Deep_Dive 23 hours ago

    Waxes lyrical on how much he loves the car then subjects it to an automatic carwash.... The poor paint! Obviously CGP isn't a car guy.

  • sajan sj
    sajan sj 23 hours ago

    What a great video, It feels awesome.

  • Ayush
    Ayush Day ago +1

    Jesus christ this video was amazing! One of the best I've seen recently! ❤️

  • Nebonit
    Nebonit Day ago

    Moral of this road trip - don't do Australia in a Telsa (especially you grey).

  • Vladimir Vladimiroch Putin

    3 words: I. Want. One.

  • Václav Piskáček

    I have the feeling there needs to be video how comfortable is drivinge ICE vehicles on a trip, how fast it charges and how much heat yaou can heat inside...

  • Bob Bemis
    Bob Bemis Day ago

    Happy to know you're a factorio fan

  • John Peric
    John Peric Day ago

    iTs pRoNounCed MoWb and p0w-wo0L, not "moAB" and "poowool"

  • Brandon Rafuse
    Brandon Rafuse Day ago

    lol this is nothing compared to winter in southern Canada

  • Nathan Honn
    Nathan Honn Day ago +2

    This is one of the best videos iv ever seen on youtube.

  • Lincoln Nelson
    Lincoln Nelson Day ago

    why Paganini?

  • Caden Kimball
    Caden Kimball Day ago +1


  • LifeAccordingToAlyssa

    What model is the car? (I haven’t watched the entire video yet, maybe he says)

  • Austin A
    Austin A Day ago

    Screw any cop who does speed detection on a road like that!

  • Nathan Lindberg
    Nathan Lindberg Day ago +1

    I love that the ‘bread’ for the sandwich is cheese.

  • Rllylovesrobloxs19312 Michael

    Wow this is sooooo loooooonnnnnggggg.

  • LouisChiaki
    LouisChiaki Day ago

    I thought I will see "sponsored by Tesla" in the end! Best Tesla commercial ever!

  • Battle Angel
    Battle Angel Day ago

    Nice gripe about the cup holders. It's the FIRST thing I found irritating about my 2011 Honda Insight EX (with Navi). Sure an 8 oz. coffee fits. But a travel mug? it just jams against the dashboard. Plus my right cup holder is occupied by a phone holder securing my Koonlung K1S DVR recorder. And leaves little room for a coffee of any size.

    Other than the cup holders... a great view of what to expect should I ever own my dream vehicle. I totally didn't expect the amount of room under the rear behind the 3rd row seats. Nor the generous space of the frunk. I'm a little alarmed at the force of the front doors closing automatically, but it sounds like the force I'd normally use to close my driver door.

    Even though it's not your vehicle, thank yo so much for sharing!

  • kareemarwani
    kareemarwani Day ago +1

    i was not expecting to watch the entire video, but here i am 50 minutes later

  • Dr. Anonymous
    Dr. Anonymous Day ago

    Sponsored By Elon Musk btw

    I Wish it was

  • WantedSavage777
    WantedSavage777 Day ago

    I feel so happy being alive after watching this video.

  • The Biscuit man
    The Biscuit man Day ago +1

    Grey: coffee time

  • Eugenia OL
    Eugenia OL Day ago

    These were the most engaging and interesting 50 minutes I’ve ever spent on a USclip video.

  • Andrew
    Andrew Day ago +1

    Great video and trip! Tesla runs on electricity. I run on caffeine! I've tried chocolate with caffeine, but made my joints hurt without liquid intake.

  • TherealGeorgeSt-Pierre

    what a pussy , you come out yet?

  • slm5292
    slm5292 Day ago

    That was such a great story.

  • Flash 🇿🇦
    Flash 🇿🇦 Day ago

    You've got a TV mounted to the dash... But you still use a phone mount

  • ZdrytchX -{Reference

    I looked it up in Australia and there is only one official charging station in my state. Unofficial charigng stations are so far apart that you can't even drive outside of the state without going through 1000km+ stretches which is beyond the range of the tesla car.

  • daniel benton
    daniel benton Day ago

    Not even close to the loneliest road or roads in America.

  • Haiko
    Haiko Day ago

    In my Audi A3 Diesel, when i have 0km left, somtimes i still drive about 10km lol

  • bigbigcheese2
    bigbigcheese2 Day ago

    This could be made into a film and it'd be okay actually.

  • Pusher _13
    Pusher _13 Day ago

    Very Mad Max/Fallout esc

  • Owl.
    Owl. Day ago

    God you should do more vlogs this was really enjoyable

  • I am Here
    I am Here Day ago

    Let's start a fundraiser to get Grey his own Bailey Blue

  • Alex Katz
    Alex Katz Day ago +1

    I just watched a man fall in love

  • bigbigcheese2
    bigbigcheese2 Day ago +1

    Now I just really want a tesla. I'm not even legally old enough to drive and have never driven in my life but I still want one. Damn, guess I better hope I strike it rich.

  • Sean Davis
    Sean Davis Day ago

    God damn was that a maniacal laugh to start it off Grey

  • Utkarsh Raj
    Utkarsh Raj Day ago

    It is a effing movie. And boy what a movie. Still better than Twilight.

  • Diego Galvez
    Diego Galvez Day ago

    3:35 - *does not blur out license plates*

  • All Cars United
    All Cars United Day ago

    I never wanted a tesla, no I really do not want a tesla!

  • Chocola En pupies
    Chocola En pupies Day ago +1

    Damn this hit me harder than titanic.

  • Tomas T
    Tomas T Day ago

    You can catch a glimpse of his face in the coffee machine reflection

  • Chocola En pupies
    Chocola En pupies Day ago +1

    She ain’t needed a car wash!

  • astrokid
    astrokid Day ago

    im not crying, youre crying

  • Diabolus_Musica
    Diabolus_Musica Day ago

    This video is about my life

  • Micha Kurtzflet
    Micha Kurtzflet Day ago

    I'm crying

  • MelodyStark
    MelodyStark Day ago

    Well, I drove this with my overly religious grandmother and my meth fueled uncle in 2004 to go from Missouri to Lake Tahoe. Worst. Trip. Ever. Never drive it. Fly.