Head on Car Crash in Slow Mo


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  • Gr8 m8
    Gr8 m8 Day ago +1

    Watch the crash at 0.25 speed and its kinda scary!

  • anthonyhnj69
    anthonyhnj69 2 days ago

    @5:36 some sort of lizard runs from behind the cars

  • TheJonesChannel11
    TheJonesChannel11 3 days ago

    Aww, you destroyed a pontiac.

  • Numariq Khan
    Numariq Khan 3 days ago +1

    can you slow mo my teacher so that i can cheat

  • Demon Destroyer
    Demon Destroyer 5 days ago

    u could have just put a brick on the gas.

  • Luca Bosi
    Luca Bosi 6 days ago

    BeamNG in real life

  • ArktossGaming
    ArktossGaming 6 days ago

    Well. The damage if two cars with 50m/h hit each other is the same if you would drive with 50m/h into a wall. It's not like your driving with 100m/h into a wall. Why not? Well, the Mythbusters explained it in one of there episodes. If I'm correctly it was in S01 or S02... But I can't remember wich episode directly. The impact with 100m/h is much more impressive.

  • Dimas cahyo.s
    Dimas cahyo.s 10 days ago

    rip watermelon :v

  • Rfbu
    Rfbu 10 days ago

    that was smashing

  • Ângelo Corá Buso
    Ângelo Corá Buso 10 days ago

    did this dude just literally smashed an AER86? ;-;

  • James
    James 12 days ago

    Am I the only one who noticed the sudden appearance of a cast on Dan's arm or what?

  • mycroft16
    mycroft16 14 days ago

    And that, boys and girls, is what we call conservation of momentum.

  • Isa Fenrir
    Isa Fenrir 15 days ago

    Mythbusters, anyone? Mythbusters...? Ok.

  • Gabriel Letterly
    Gabriel Letterly 16 days ago

    I crashed my 2017 Ford Focus with a Chevy Silverado and I was lucky to livid because I got hit by another car behind me and every thing was crunched besides the front seats

  • Scottybravo1
    Scottybravo1 16 days ago

    Put it on 1/4 speed and watch the slow mo guys in slow mo

  • Julie Lamb
    Julie Lamb 16 days ago

    Get a dummy and do it/crash the car

  • Ulyss MJ
    Ulyss MJ 16 days ago

    The second one is not better ...

  • Peter Gilbert
    Peter Gilbert 18 days ago

    Freon is slang for refrigerant

  • الله. واكبر
    الله. واكبر 19 days ago +1


  • Scott Rothrock
    Scott Rothrock 19 days ago

    They should have gotten the airbags to go off for full effect. I understand for a test like this that they remove all the gas, oil and liquids from the car, but come on. All you have to do is put a battery in each car and turn the ignition on and the airbags would have gone off.

  • behnamasid2
    behnamasid2 20 days ago

    Now do two airplanes!

  • Colin Chan ET
    Colin Chan ET 20 days ago

    I can't believe the money it costs. Probably $1000000000

  • Priestley Harker
    Priestley Harker 25 days ago

    If each car is traveling at 50 mph when they impact, they impact at 50 mph not 100 mph.
    You don't double it.

  • Thatguyinthecommentsection

    No cars were hurt in the making of this video
    (there probably was put you don't want to hear about that)

  • Luca Luke
    Luca Luke 26 days ago

    impressive! I'd just like to point out that 2 cars smashing head on at 50 mph gives a 50mph impact, not 100mph

  • Terminok 201
    Terminok 201 Month ago

    The mythbusters Jr

  • Михаил Слепов

    jrtq jrtq c 'atrnjv

  • SotosG227GR
    SotosG227GR Month ago

    *S M U S H E D*

  • Raphael Tusk
    Raphael Tusk Month ago

    They deserve a like they spent so much money on this

  • Legentil Dragon
    Legentil Dragon Month ago

    Gaz from COD4 is proud of you two fruits killers

  • Sajid Biswas
    Sajid Biswas Month ago

    Hello, I want to use a small part (30-40 sec.) of this video in one of my video. I will give the credit of this channel. Would you mind if I do so?

  • وفي حيدان
    وفي حيدان Month ago

    حرم عليك اموت ع الكامري وخصتآ هذا الموديل

  • saynotocappies commie

    5:38 look at the steam ..... misses lizard

  • brye jankum
    brye jankum Month ago

    Just saying a five point harness a neck brace a helmet and a paycheck I would definitely be in the car on the right

  • brye jankum
    brye jankum Month ago

    A grand am and a alero head to head funny got both those and the alero has already seen a crash

  • Ryanne Garcia
    Ryanne Garcia Month ago +1

    That intro is gav blowing

  • Teddy Bear
    Teddy Bear Month ago


  • Gallopgracie15
    Gallopgracie15 Month ago

    “That was class...That was amazing!” Guess who I don’t want at the scene of a car crash 😂

    4.526.433 views Month ago

    Put a refugee in the middle of the cars and redo the experiment!

  • Kevin burrows
    Kevin burrows Month ago

    What’s with the plaster cast then no cast!!!!! And it reappeared ???????

  • Dantheman 578
    Dantheman 578 Month ago

    6:45 and that’s how they make Arizona watermelon cocktails

  • ebuckenmeyer
    ebuckenmeyer Month ago

    No airbags

  • NovaDelta
    NovaDelta Month ago

    I'm glad you covered up the Pontiac logo so that we can't see it's a Pontiac.

  • Scouting Inc.
    Scouting Inc. Month ago

    *mythbusters vibe*

  • NPP
    NPP Month ago

    What happened to the guy in the blue's arm

  • oliver katz
    oliver katz Month ago

    is there gonna be season two?

  • Courtney Holder
    Courtney Holder Month ago

    the watermelons actually looked like blood

  • Jack
    Jack Month ago

    What happened that a plaster cast joined the video halfway through?

  • Jesse Regnold
    Jesse Regnold Month ago

    dan had a cast and not

  • Pro Skill Gaming
    Pro Skill Gaming Month ago

    you guys should do a person jumping out of a moving car about to crash like in Fast and Furious

  • TheDroidBay
    TheDroidBay Month ago

    No melons were harmed in the making of th .... oh.

  • Yvonne Gilbert
    Yvonne Gilbert Month ago


  • Eliot Sirasharaporn

    The other car with red paint to me just looked like someone exploded when the car smashes

  • paul visneau
    paul visneau Month ago

    that 88 accord did very well for 88

  • Greg Moyes
    Greg Moyes Month ago

    Nah Gav looks like it's the headlight fluid leakin out the bottom, mental mate

  • Lynkane Kowald
    Lynkane Kowald Month ago

    Anyone else see the lizard at 5:38 😂😂

  • Skyler Hubbs
    Skyler Hubbs Month ago

    6:50 wanna replace your windshield wipers?

  • Epic Times
    Epic Times Month ago

    Love ur vidios

  • Elwin Acosta
    Elwin Acosta Month ago

    No my Toyota Camry

  • Katelyn Kilmartin
    Katelyn Kilmartin Month ago

    Did anyone see the thing running across the floor at 5:36 looks like a giant lizard if you did plz leave a like on my comment x
    Edit:NVM it's just a drone shadow I thought I had actually spotted something for once

  • Chris Carter
    Chris Carter Month ago

    This week on MYTHBUSTERS

  • Connor Wilkinson
    Connor Wilkinson Month ago

    Watch on 0.25

  • rusty spoon
    rusty spoon 2 months ago

    Did you guys remove the refrigerant gas from the ac systems?

  • Johnathon Naumann
    Johnathon Naumann 2 months ago

    You can tell witch car is newer by the crumple zones

  • Brent Emon
    Brent Emon 2 months ago

    *late 80’s car smell. Hey, someone had to be that guy. Though in fairness it’s pretty much the same smell.

  • Gagandeep Singh
    Gagandeep Singh 2 months ago

    Not fast enough I want those car destroyed all the way from front to back!!!!!!
    I feel naughty

  • Alisfulltv Paw
    Alisfulltv Paw 2 months ago

    4:07 a tire poped

  • Travis Brown
    Travis Brown 2 months ago

    Two cars hitting at 50 mph is still only a 50 mph collision.

  • Chris Bleurgh
    Chris Bleurgh 2 months ago

    How does slomoguys have 11 million subscriptions but this vid only has a tenth of that in views?

  • Parker Gray
    Parker Gray 2 months ago


  • Dom Somers
    Dom Somers 2 months ago

    what did you do with the cars that did not crash. did you ask someone to fix it like flash and never told anyone like if it never happend. how dare you. Lol. but seriously, what did you do with them?

  • Cody skates
    Cody skates 2 months ago

    He is wearing a cast at the beginning and then he wasnt

  • Leo Berg
    Leo Berg 2 months ago

    5:36 what is that animalrunning away from the cars

  • Lewis Job
    Lewis Job 2 months ago


  • speedy 151
    speedy 151 2 months ago


  • Goncalo Ferreira
    Goncalo Ferreira 2 months ago

    What are those cars

    • Goncalo Ferreira
      Goncalo Ferreira 2 months ago

      +jemimallah Thanks

    • jemimallah
      jemimallah 2 months ago

      first two are a pontiac grand prix and an oldsmobile alero
      second two are a honda accord and a toyota camry

  • eco gaming
    eco gaming 2 months ago

    The air bags didn't go off ???

  • John Malone
    John Malone 2 months ago

    great video lads but I don't believe anybody was wondering how you were going to crash the cars because we've all seen Mythbusters

  • gaming owl Bosna
    gaming owl Bosna 2 months ago

    I saw a tire poped

  • The Steampunk Machine
    The Steampunk Machine 2 months ago

    Should have had the engine on

  • Isaiah Irving
    Isaiah Irving 2 months ago

    Did anybody else see the lizard

  • spag
    spag 2 months ago +1

    The impact is actually still 25 mph, due to Newton’s 3rd law. They tested it on mithbusters.

  • cat tomson
    cat tomson 2 months ago

    Fun fact watermelons are similar to the human skulls so yeah 💀

  • Matthew b
    Matthew b 2 months ago

    How come in one of the cars it said airbag but they did not deploy

  • Hollinger Slade
    Hollinger Slade 3 months ago

    I didn't realize the slo mo was in reference to the hosts.....

  • Bonezee
    Bonezee 3 months ago

    "You're like a car crash in slow motion. It's like I'm watching you fly through a windshield!"
    -TF2 Scout

  • 인한
    인한 3 months ago

    Where's the airbags?

  • Roberto Saldana
    Roberto Saldana 3 months ago

    What was that at 5:37 running to the left? Looks like a lizard.

  • Kalakanta Chhatria
    Kalakanta Chhatria 3 months ago

    I love you dan

  • EARTH is my home___________

    Do u guys live in the us now?

  • SebastjanD
    SebastjanD 3 months ago

    omg. back to school 4 u. 50mph + 50 mph is just 50 mph impact...

  • Garrett Holland
    Garrett Holland 3 months ago

    Best on so far was the wrecking ball

  • Feanix Vixen
    Feanix Vixen 3 months ago


  • Matt Yuran
    Matt Yuran 3 months ago

    “Windscreen”. Thank god we won our independence...

  • Saif PS
    Saif PS 3 months ago

    5:29 whoooa ooooooo
    5:31 whoooa ooooooo

  • Mr Frick
    Mr Frick 3 months ago

    Looks like blood splattering 6:40

  • Joseph Agrane
    Joseph Agrane 3 months ago

    Good thing we have crumple zones...

  • FirstName LastName
    FirstName LastName 3 months ago

    Oldsmobile Alero vs the Pontiac equivalent.

    R.I.P. Oldsmobile, Pontiac

  • Zackary VanNess
    Zackary VanNess 3 months ago

    Fun fact: a car crash has more G Force than a rocket launch