Head on Car Crash in Slow Mo

  • Published on Apr 2, 2018
  • Second time’s a charm for one of Dan and Gav’s most difficult and crushing experiments yet- a slow motion car crash. Everyone’s going to be rubbernecking this one. Watch The Super Slow Show, only on USclip.
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  • Jacob Neufeld
    Jacob Neufeld 2 hours ago

    It's Slomolon!!!!!!

  • Enzo Palmer
    Enzo Palmer 3 days ago

    There was like a rat or something in that video after the second car crash running to the left I don’t know if you saw it

  • Xaptus_4 Living Mice∞

    1:00 yeah, that’s totally not a Pontiac Bonneville with duct tape over the emblem >__

  • hombero
    hombero 7 days ago

    the melons were a perfect substitute for heads. Good choice

  • Phil Kessel
    Phil Kessel 9 days ago

    Would of been better if you were able to do it with 2 cars from the 40s or 50s cause they’d get absolutely destroyed they aren’t as safe

    • Jacob Neufeld
      Jacob Neufeld 2 hours ago

      No. Old cars should be kept for history and they are worth a lot of money.

  • S G
    S G 10 days ago

    Did the nerd guy broke normal guy’s hand for failing the experiment? There was no cast on normal guy’s hand till 4:30 but there was after that.

  • robinbacon24
    robinbacon24 10 days ago

    What happened to your arm?

  • PSmusic
    PSmusic 10 days ago

    refrigerant going into the atmosphere no good

  • Blake Likens
    Blake Likens 13 days ago +11

    I swear at 5:37 a freaking lizard ran out from behind the car.

  • Jeremy Schweitzer
    Jeremy Schweitzer 14 days ago

    A lizard ran off in the background behind the cars at 5:38!

  • Ambedkar Jaibhim
    Ambedkar Jaibhim 16 days ago

    How you guys are getting crazy ideas

  • Lil Guay
    Lil Guay 18 days ago

    These are the type of videos I actually drop a like cause I feel bad when they have to spend even more money and time to get a shot we all wanna see

  • Kenji Lol
    Kenji Lol 18 days ago +1

    Accord pls survive

  • Kenji Lol
    Kenji Lol 18 days ago +1

    No airbags?

  • Kenji Lol
    Kenji Lol 18 days ago +1

    Why would you destroy a accord

  • Kenji Lol
    Kenji Lol 18 days ago +1


  • Kenji Lol
    Kenji Lol 18 days ago +2

    Noo you destroyed a poor Accord

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    I feel like i'm watching a Discovery Channel show...

  • RapidRrobert
    RapidRrobert 20 days ago

    Drop a piano from 100 feet onto concrete.

  • snaTTir
    snaTTir 20 days ago

    Veritable beamng.drive !

  • CorsolaPharoh
    CorsolaPharoh 22 days ago

    6:16 And now we kiss

  • alex alex
    alex alex 23 days ago

    guys at 5:36 if you look at the car on the left trunk there on the floor you will see a lizard I suppose running away from the scene 😂🤣🤣😂

  • Maverick Kret
    Maverick Kret 23 days ago +1

    Were did you get the cars

  • Felipe Ribeiro
    Felipe Ribeiro 25 days ago

    Que pecado, no Brasil os carros são tão caros...

  • Sayyad Adeel askani
    Sayyad Adeel askani 26 days ago

    Why you dont check the car after crashing check them that can be drive or not

  • Hightidefishin with CJ Mason


  • According To Honda
    According To Honda 29 days ago

    u suc! poor lude...

    AWSOME CAKE MAN 29 days ago

    Wow the people that created BeamNG drive did a great job. This looks exactly like the crashes in that game

  • Lt_Rainbow Slash
    Lt_Rainbow Slash Month ago

    The only differnce between you guys and the Mythbusters is that the Mythbusters blow stuff up to solve myths, while you guys blow stuff up cause it looks cool.

  • Daniel Thomas
    Daniel Thomas Month ago

    I noticed you guys didn't show the balloons full of paint wonder why not

  • Timothy Judkins
    Timothy Judkins Month ago

    I wanted to see the go pro footage lol

  • Zaltic
    Zaltic Month ago


  • Amit Dhanokar
    Amit Dhanokar Month ago

    Now 2 airplanes in the air💥💥🤩🤩🤩

  • Christopher K
    Christopher K Month ago

    were these perfectly good used cars or were they from a salvage yard?

  • Adrijus THE POOP MAN!!!!

    can't you just get 2 cars with automatic gearboxes and put a brick on the pedal? XD

  • Sans Skelebones
    Sans Skelebones Month ago

    They said steam not lizard

  • Raptor Maverick
    Raptor Maverick Month ago

    This is why you don’t melon and drive

  • CladMTN ツ
    CladMTN ツ Month ago

    At least a Camry destroyed

  • LotchLin
    LotchLin Month ago

    5:52 look how that melon got crushed by the window. that could be your head. Wear a seat belt.stay safe guys.

  • iibella
    iibella Month ago

    highly thought y'all were gonna drive the art into each other idk why

  • RypSlayer Gaming
    RypSlayer Gaming Month ago

    that first car was the car i have

  • Role
    Role 2 months ago

    watermelons as replacement for blood and brain parts - interesting

  • jnl7790
    jnl7790 2 months ago +1

    Imagine that melon being someone's head


    Cast on cast off, then cast back on. Anyone else notice how his cast disappeared then reapeared


    Should have shown his arm breaking in SLOW MOTION

    • mustardsfire22
      mustardsfire22 Month ago

      They did. It's in the video "Dan had an accident"

  • Chloe Bates
    Chloe Bates 2 months ago


  • Fam Star
    Fam Star 2 months ago +2

    Dan has a cast 0:05
    Dan has no cast 0:40
    And guess what it is back again 7:08

  • Steph Thomas
    Steph Thomas 2 months ago

    Did anyone else see dans cast disappear half way through ?? 1:49 off 4:39 on again ??

  • 2PRO JAR 100
    2PRO JAR 100 2 months ago

    Put it at 0.25x

  • Christopher Almonte
    Christopher Almonte 2 months ago

    usclip.net/video/_lhibYD39Gs/video.html Moment of Truth

  • Ramiz Rahat
    Ramiz Rahat 2 months ago

    How did Dan hurt his arm

    • mustardsfire22
      mustardsfire22 Month ago

      He fell trying to do a skateboard stunt. It's in their video "Dan had an accident"

  • Earth Man
    Earth Man 2 months ago

    Nope, not 100 mph. Same as 50 mph into a brick wall.

  • Robert Barrios
    Robert Barrios 2 months ago

    so what happened to dams arm???

  • Sam Carruthers
    Sam Carruthers 2 months ago

    5:31 The GoPro shot with the paint looks like someone's been spilt apart in the back.

  • Sathya Senthil
    Sathya Senthil 2 months ago +1

    Next time add flamethrowers to the front and fill the fender bender with gasoline.

  • Myelle Culicchia
    Myelle Culicchia 2 months ago +2

    Almost got in a head on collision because one guy was driving on the wrong side of the road just to get to Mc Donald's

  • Jasik Loving
    Jasik Loving 2 months ago

    Where's the box truck roof ripping 😡

  • Concn23
    Concn23 2 months ago

    Did the second car take 7 years

  • Leslie Ries
    Leslie Ries 2 months ago

    The car impact is not going 100 mph

  • Vlogger/Gamer Guy
    Vlogger/Gamer Guy 2 months ago

    I don't know why the moving concrete is a problem

    DUN LETS GO 2 months ago

    I saw watermelon explode

  • Кучерямба Я
    Кучерямба Я 2 months ago

    извините я нечай но пожаловался у меня телефон залагал

  • N T
    N T 2 months ago

    The concrete wasn't heavy enough... well yeah, geniuses

  • Roblox Gamer162
    Roblox Gamer162 2 months ago

    try a drone and a remote control plane crash to see what well happen to it???

  • Jacob Munson
    Jacob Munson 2 months ago

    You don’t drive? Why?

  • STND
    STND 2 months ago

    an 85 corolla vs a mid 2000's well engineered saloon, *nice*

  • Maverick Diouf
    Maverick Diouf 3 months ago

    With those melons popped, it's like a .50 cal gun or GAU-8 Avenger hit that car with some occupants XX)))))))
    A real massacre

  • Shrilakshmi Mt
    Shrilakshmi Mt 3 months ago

    Beesly really ? 1:27

  • • IAILWZC •
    • IAILWZC • 3 months ago

    Imagine having the money to buy four cars with the intention to crash them ;;;;

  • Canopus Wolph
    Canopus Wolph 3 months ago +1

    Camry!! No!

  • skyway100
    skyway100 3 months ago

    Really interesting video well done you never fail to deliver!

  • JesseC Mohrbacher
    JesseC Mohrbacher 3 months ago

    Wow, just wow, this is so crazy

  • Noah Wilson
    Noah Wilson 3 months ago

    I want the old radio

  • William Cartner
    William Cartner 3 months ago

    Dan's the guy in the math problem

  • The Cando Railfan
    The Cando Railfan 3 months ago

    You guys are rich, I think you can afford some cheap junky cars for under a grand.

  • Mrdood
    Mrdood 3 months ago

    5:38 a animal?

  • Traceable
    Traceable 3 months ago


  • Khaleel Muhammad
    Khaleel Muhammad 3 months ago

    Are you kidding me? That's a Honda Accord! That's a classic gem! And you destroyed it?

  • MarioGamer 210
    MarioGamer 210 3 months ago

    Im not satisfied. I want to see a car drive 120mph into a solid concrete wall.

  • Chris Rimbey
    Chris Rimbey 3 months ago

    What’s amazing is the survivability of that crash.

  • Watermelon Warlord
    Watermelon Warlord 3 months ago

    My advise is to put the playback speed on 0.25

  • Georgi Gonzalez
    Georgi Gonzalez 3 months ago


  • Ethan Hasselbring
    Ethan Hasselbring 3 months ago

    Put a magnet under a window then have another one and stick it to the one that’s under

  • Katie Barrett
    Katie Barrett 3 months ago

    *gavin buys car* *gavin buys a second car* *gavin drives no cars* after this I think I want a slow mo of gavin driving and freaking out cuz he just absolutely can’t 😂

  • Megan Schultz
    Megan Schultz 3 months ago

    don't worry it's just a scratch

  • Ringsofearth
    Ringsofearth 3 months ago

    Why ruin a perfect Camry.

  • Gr8 m8
    Gr8 m8 4 months ago +1

    Watch the crash at 0.25 speed and its kinda scary!

  • anthonyhnj69
    anthonyhnj69 4 months ago +1

    @5:36 some sort of lizard runs from behind the cars

  • TheJonesChannel11
    TheJonesChannel11 4 months ago

    Aww, you destroyed a pontiac.

  • Numariq Khan
    Numariq Khan 4 months ago +1

    can you slow mo my teacher so that i can cheat

  • Demon Destroyer
    Demon Destroyer 4 months ago

    u could have just put a brick on the gas.

  • Luca Bosi
    Luca Bosi 4 months ago

    BeamNG in real life

  • ArktossGaming
    ArktossGaming 4 months ago

    Well. The damage if two cars with 50m/h hit each other is the same if you would drive with 50m/h into a wall. It's not like your driving with 100m/h into a wall. Why not? Well, the Mythbusters explained it in one of there episodes. If I'm correctly it was in S01 or S02... But I can't remember wich episode directly. The impact with 100m/h is much more impressive.

  • Dimas cahyo.s
    Dimas cahyo.s 4 months ago

    rip watermelon :v

  • Rfbu
    Rfbu 4 months ago

    that was smashing

  • Ângelo Corá Buso
    Ângelo Corá Buso 4 months ago

    did this dude just literally smashed an AER86? ;-;

  • James
    James 4 months ago

    Am I the only one who noticed the sudden appearance of a cast on Dan's arm or what?

  • mycroft16
    mycroft16 4 months ago

    And that, boys and girls, is what we call conservation of momentum.

  • Isa Fenrir
    Isa Fenrir 4 months ago

    Mythbusters, anyone? Mythbusters...? Ok.