Timed Mile in P.E. | Hannah Stocking & Anwar Jibawi


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  • rocio gonzalez
    rocio gonzalez Hour ago

    im having the mile this friday and i m sad

  • Princess Winter
    Princess Winter Hour ago

    I only have 12 minutes and I'm only 11

  • ImmortalGamer Mo
    ImmortalGamer Mo Hour ago

    Anwar still running fast lmao

  • Haris Hice
    Haris Hice 2 hours ago

    So true

  • Curlyheaded_ Nylah
    Curlyheaded_ Nylah 2 hours ago

    The girl with the pink leggings is so mmmmmeeee

  • Sama Raza
    Sama Raza 2 hours ago


  • Steve Muñiz
    Steve Muñiz 2 hours ago

    Hey I just got home 🏠 is that a time for us to go get some pizza 🍕I love you babe and I’m going back to work I love you baby 🍼

  • Blazin Asians
    Blazin Asians 3 hours ago

    wanna know something weird? This wasn’t funny and stupid

  • DIY Melon
    DIY Melon 3 hours ago

    Some people from the vid she posting saying”I want my 5 minutes back”and the same people doing that,Y’all just come to hate bc y’all bored,how would u like if something be said that in ur video?Atleast be thankful she put effort in this video.

  • Ivana Garcia
    Ivana Garcia 3 hours ago

    Pore guy

  • madison lockhart
    madison lockhart 3 hours ago

    They had 15 minutes to do we! We have to it in 8

  • Shay Shay
    Shay Shay 3 hours ago

    Hannah that s exactly what I feel like!

  • Enkhzul Erdeneshoo
    Enkhzul Erdeneshoo 3 hours ago

    Me on field day

  • Jo3_
    Jo3_ 3 hours ago

    Most relatable shit I’ve ever seen 😂

  • Kait Murphy
    Kait Murphy 4 hours ago

    That’s me in the begining

  • Kamila Torres
    Kamila Torres 4 hours ago

    When I ran my mile we only had 12 minutes to finish

  • Sammy Rivera
    Sammy Rivera 4 hours ago

    I had to do it in under 10 min

  • Mariana Almazana
    Mariana Almazana 5 hours ago

    #relatable -------did I even spell it right ok

  • Laylay Islit
    Laylay Islit 5 hours ago

    I had to run 3 mile

  • Noemi Mesa
    Noemi Mesa 7 hours ago +1

    That is the number one thing I HATE

  • Maiaya
    Maiaya 7 hours ago

    My fastest mile time is 7:40

  • Karyme Delgado
    Karyme Delgado 9 hours ago

    Totally true when you are hurt and they ask for a doctors note

  • ella harrod
    ella harrod 9 hours ago

    Everyday I do a mile no joke

  • Us As peeps To
    Us As peeps To 11 hours ago

    2:59 he touched the butt lol

  • FunwithSofia
    FunwithSofia 11 hours ago

    5:22 sooo fake

  • Charley 82
    Charley 82 12 hours ago

    God this just shows me today but we did 800

  • The Artful-Dodger
    The Artful-Dodger 13 hours ago

    I would love to do a race in crutches on a proper track instead of a muddy field 😂

  • The Artful-Dodger
    The Artful-Dodger 13 hours ago

    I could do that, I did it in 11 minutes

  • Patrick Rademackers
    Patrick Rademackers 14 hours ago

    Yep i’m Hannah in This video 💋

  • Danh Nguyen
    Danh Nguyen 15 hours ago

    I have to run 1mile in 5 minuets

  • fijib b23
    fijib b23 15 hours ago

    What is with the arabic tune 😂

  • Frosty_28
    Frosty_28 21 hour ago

    I am in 7th grade and when have to run 1 mile every week

  • Ilovespotatoes! !
    Ilovespotatoes! ! 21 hour ago

    Hannah is so relatable i hate pe so much

  • jennifer Thompson

    1:49 wen jog-a-thon ends dis be me

  • Kay & Flavia
    Kay & Flavia Day ago

    2:11 me everyday at pe

  • Amona Aljbory
    Amona Aljbory Day ago

    My crush in the first day of the gym was so happy 8 was l8ke Nono let me he I ou

  • Oliver_B
    Oliver_B Day ago

    Some old ass people tone in highschool

  • Jessica Franco
    Jessica Franco Day ago

    In my school we actually had to do the mile test but we had to do it in less than 10 minutes And WE'RE JUST 7TH GRADES,WHAAATT!!!!

    • Alxkzmrz
      Alxkzmrz 23 hours ago

      Jessica Franco damn I can barely get under 10 minutes

  • Danny Danny
    Danny Danny Day ago

    I wish Hannah was MY Running Partner :-D

  • AK crazytime
    AK crazytime Day ago

    I would walk or crawl the mile 😅😅😅😅

  • the infinity kids

    My P.E teacher makes us do this with same rules p.s PE stants for pointless exesersise

  • Chicken Nuget
    Chicken Nuget Day ago

    5:20 yea sooo coming out of her mouth

  • Popular ILH _101

    1:40 that’s so me... Just run out of there. Like if you agree

  • Hannah Patel
    Hannah Patel Day ago

    i get 6 minutes school miles aha

  • Aisha Guerrero
    Aisha Guerrero Day ago

    Your not funny Hannah stocking

  • Tina Tina
    Tina Tina Day ago

    3:18 Me when I'm​ bored in class

  • Ellejaygee
    Ellejaygee Day ago

    I do a mile every Thursday in 10 Minutes

  • Angel Craylow
    Angel Craylow Day ago


  • Mark Zheng
    Mark Zheng Day ago

    What’s y’all mike time? Mines 6:30. 12 years old.

  • Ben Mullin
    Ben Mullin Day ago

    U could walk that

  • Christina Gutierrez

    In my gym I have to run 2 miles in 13 minutes but I made it in 9 minutes

  • Kpop Trash
    Kpop Trash Day ago

    3:19 HAHHAHAHA

  • Mia Bella
    Mia Bella Day ago

    4:06 I swear that's so me when people ask me to climb stairs

  • lorena ramos
    lorena ramos Day ago

    The the up was fake at the end

  • Dark Samus
    Dark Samus Day ago

    I can crawl a 15 minute mile.


    I did it in 9:16

  • Diamond girl queen lion girl

    My gym days are boning

  • Hanna Machuca
    Hanna Machuca Day ago

    OMG my name is Hanna and I do that stupid timed mile every Monday 😂😂

  • Kyliee Holder
    Kyliee Holder Day ago

    i had to do this last wensday

  • Kariary Hernandez
    Kariary Hernandez Day ago +1

    1:50 is me

  • Yesenia Barboza
    Yesenia Barboza Day ago

    A mile what this is so rude

  • Hend ALamer
    Hend ALamer Day ago

    3:19 so me when I’m in a gym dancing 🤣😂😂😂😂😂😭😭🤣🤣😅😅

  • Emma McDermott
    Emma McDermott Day ago

    You are kidding me right I had to run 6 laps and im in fourth grade

  • King SIGO
    King SIGO Day ago

    Best part is at 5:32

  • Abby M
    Abby M Day ago

    We don’t do this in gym but this is literally me when I did track

  • abbey williams
    abbey williams Day ago

    Bro in 5th grade the boys had to do the mile in under 8 min the girls under 9..... a bunch of 10 and 11 year olds ran it in under 8 and 9 min..... these people had to do it in 15?!?! ( pls note that I know that this is a skit but still)

  • Leanne Salvador
    Leanne Salvador Day ago

    Hannah stocking youmake me ang my brother laugh, so if u made my brother laugh it means this is the best video,best people and best youtuber

  • Leonardo Qwa
    Leonardo Qwa Day ago

    That toilet paper. 😂

  • Squid Boi
    Squid Boi Day ago

    The only way I would’ve ran would be the exit.

  • Minnie Hope
    Minnie Hope Day ago

    I thought a mile was 5 laps?

  • Artic Bone
    Artic Bone Day ago

    I’m lucky enough to not be in gym cause I take dance but it’s still brutal

  • Lily Rose Fisher

    Adid ahe puke?

  • Olivia Otite
    Olivia Otite Day ago

    How come sometimes in your videos you vomit but it doesn’t come out your mouth proply

    What’s the diffence
    Like if found

  • Wolf Er
    Wolf Er Day ago


  • kyle joines
    kyle joines Day ago

    Me when I have to do cross country I hate running 8 blocks

  • Jocelyn Martin
    Jocelyn Martin Day ago

    That vomit is not even real something is pushing you next see your face

  • Omar Ghneim
    Omar Ghneim Day ago

    2:54 that is like sadness Arabic music

  • Banwagn Griff
    Banwagn Griff Day ago +2

    This is so fucking retarded

  • Lily Laquerre
    Lily Laquerre Day ago

    We have to do this every week at my school but it has to be in under 9 min

  • tide pods for me


  • Georgia Barbarich

    The girl with the frappe chino is soo me

    Slowly realising that no one cares 😂😂

  • Leilani Mendoza
    Leilani Mendoza Day ago

    Lucky I am in 5 the grade. I run 4 lap in a big Field in under 12 mins

  • Sarahi Martinez
    Sarahi Martinez Day ago

    1:20 wtf the note is fake stupid jock. Poor anwar

  • glitter extreme
    glitter extreme Day ago +1

    so me n my friends 4 P.E.😂😂😂

  • Shanise Booker-Lowery

    The ending was so real😂😂

  • Baby Camila
    Baby Camila Day ago

    The coach ment 5 laps not 4

  • dino sambo
    dino sambo 2 days ago

    1:24 4kidsgaming anyone?

  • Destinies C Winters
    Destinies C Winters 2 days ago

    When she throwed up she was faking

  • Claudia Rokicianski
    Claudia Rokicianski 2 days ago

    Um... I finished the mile in exactly 7 minutes... boi this would be so easy for me, under 15 minutes, CMON FOR PETES SAKE IM ONLY IN 6TH GRADE

  • iiisofiasparkels
    iiisofiasparkels 2 days ago

    oh 3:16 and 3:20 i was laughing so much

  • Minty P A N D A S
    Minty P A N D A S 2 days ago

    I have too run 5 under 10 minutes.-.

  • Brooklyn Tulimaiau
    Brooklyn Tulimaiau 2 days ago

    1:20 Fake

  • M O O N L I T E L O N E R

    NOO😭😭 We do this every year at my school it’s boring asf😭😭😂💀

  • Asha Manojkumar
    Asha Manojkumar 2 days ago

    I had track and came 1st for everything

  • jessie buckley
    jessie buckley 2 days ago

    we gotta do four laps in eight minutes😩😩

  • Maitreyi Sapre
    Maitreyi Sapre 2 days ago

    Any Greg's here?

  • pecos honk
    pecos honk 2 days ago

    my time was 6:34 seconds

  • Dine Kamara
    Dine Kamara 2 days ago

    At the last it was gross because I was eating but this was great

  • Ashley Nguyen
    Ashley Nguyen 2 days ago

    4 laps trust me I have to do 6 laps 😭😭😭