Timed Mile in P.E. | Hannah Stocking & Anwar Jibawi


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  • Potato Chip
    Potato Chip 14 hours ago


  • jess tv
    jess tv 16 hours ago

    they make me do 2 miles in under 45 minutes omg

    BACKPACK PLAYZES 18 hours ago

    We need to do ours under 10 minutes...

  • Nelva De Leon
    Nelva De Leon 20 hours ago

    A maile is 6 Laos...

  • Loner 4life
    Loner 4life 20 hours ago +1

    I told my P. E teacher if your making us run the mile why don't you run it with us to see how we suffer *suspended

  • cortes alondra
    cortes alondra 22 hours ago +1

    Puking is fake

  • Bridget Waight
    Bridget Waight Day ago

    The end was so funny

  • Leo_does_Gaming Jennings

    The puke was fake

  • Gabriel Nersessian

    Boy we have to go under 12 to not fail and under 8 for A+

  • Roblox Caffeine
    Roblox Caffeine Day ago

    At the end when she puke in bin it was not coming from her mouth.
    Like if u saw the same

  • Maria del cisne
    Maria del cisne Day ago

    4: 22 that is a true friend

  • GJT
    GJT Day ago

    I like how 15 minutes is 2-3 miles for a person that runs on a daily basis

  • Itza Galván
    Itza Galván Day ago

    Hanna is help foll

  • rock dogz
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  • Victor Manuel
    Victor Manuel Day ago


  • Mohammed Kamal
    Mohammed Kamal Day ago

    Meeeee in gym hahaha😂😂😅😅


    I run a mile every Wednesday in school 😫🙁

  • Lauren850
    Lauren850 Day ago

    ido 1 mile everyday in pe under 8 min

  • Leyan Wang
    Leyan Wang 2 days ago


  • Haami Asunmo
    Haami Asunmo 2 days ago

    That throa up was fake

  • Kendell Cook
    Kendell Cook 2 days ago

    It was obvious in the end it wasn't even in the right part of the mouth😉😃😂🤔

  • Maisy-Rose Darrington

    Day before my birthday

  • Emma C.
    Emma C. 3 days ago

    Omg every two months I had to run a mile IN THR FIFTH GRADE! and my best score was 8 minutes and 50 seconds

  • Nathan Griffin
    Nathan Griffin 3 days ago

    That’s how unathletic people feel when they run a mile

  • Life with Zoey
    Life with Zoey 3 days ago


  • Kawaii Kitties
    Kawaii Kitties 3 days ago


  • Unicornlover 8181
    Unicornlover 8181 3 days ago

    I’m running the mile tomorrow 😣

  • Jailbreak Modz
    Jailbreak Modz 3 days ago

    Hannah I love you your the best❤️❤️

  • Gta5
    Gta5 3 days ago +2

    1 mile is two minutes

  • Carmen De Corral
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  • Jaimerie Jenkins
    Jaimerie Jenkins 4 days ago

    This shows that teamwork is good and even if you don’t like them still help

  • Katie Louise
    Katie Louise 4 days ago

    In my school we do a daily mile

  • The Illusionist
    The Illusionist 4 days ago

    Fastest mile like 40 something he there’s no way that kid come on 302 and then do another

  • Mayana Nayana
    Mayana Nayana 4 days ago

    The power of friendship.

  • Avery Barr
    Avery Barr 4 days ago

    When we had ours we only had 12 minutes to run 4 laps around the track

  • Spooky Cactus
    Spooky Cactus 4 days ago

    Fake vomit, Hannah is holding some spray next to he face (look at her right hand)

  • Cry baby cry baby
    Cry baby cry baby 4 days ago


  • Jenny Mao - Castle Oaks PS (1496)


  • Rio Vlogs 78
    Rio Vlogs 78 5 days ago

    Who came here from Danny Gonzales

  • Earnise Morris
    Earnise Morris 5 days ago

    omg i hate that i ran mile 2 weeks ago and have to run 2 lap every other day😢😢

  • Green Apple
    Green Apple 5 days ago

    I do mile walks at school. I H A T E I T

  • aysha yousaf
    aysha yousaf 5 days ago

    if I got in a car accident I wouldn’t even come to school literally

  • Sailor Mercury
    Sailor Mercury 6 days ago

    I just did my 1 Mile run today and it was way harder than this and I'm in 6th grade

  • Grace Delaney
    Grace Delaney 6 days ago

    Did anyone else notice that chaz's(I think I got the name wrong) letterman jacket says Hannah Stocking on it?(0:34 - 1:21)

  • Sushi Rolls
    Sushi Rolls 6 days ago +2

    I LITERALLY am Hannah in this 😂

  • Lovvermakypr0 GuCcI
    Lovvermakypr0 GuCcI 6 days ago

    I’m writing this without seeing anything lol

  • Joana Rodriguez
    Joana Rodriguez 6 days ago

    the girl that is eating is me😂😂😂😂😂I am literally eating talkis right now

  • Han Nguyen
    Han Nguyen 6 days ago

    Awesome video

  • Art4 Ever
    Art4 Ever 6 days ago

    We have to run the mile 3 times a week and we’re only in 6th grade🙁😣

  • Pinky Borja
    Pinky Borja 7 days ago

    Ew oh my god hannah is so discousting

  • Leo -
    Leo - 7 days ago


  • gamerboy jay
    gamerboy jay 7 days ago +1

    Dawn who's that black girl with tha red heir

  • sky pa
    sky pa 7 days ago

    9 minutes is my normal time for a mile

  • Fluffy Narwhal
    Fluffy Narwhal 7 days ago

    Can’t relate... cross country turned me into a fuckin running BEAST!!!!!!!

  • Yoda stitch Tv
    Yoda stitch Tv 7 days ago


  • Alicia Collen
    Alicia Collen 7 days ago

    At 5:32 that was the worst part it’s so fake that throw up is fake

  • Eswaggers
    Eswaggers 7 days ago

    The mile is not that bad everyone in my middle school atleast runs it in 6 min

  • Katie Gibson
    Katie Gibson 8 days ago +1

    Go Perry

  • Emma Wolf
    Emma Wolf 8 days ago

    I played a soccer game at that field and I can’t believe she was there

  • Mynameishi Hello
    Mynameishi Hello 8 days ago

    5:20 Me when I have to delete Fortnite
    5:20 Me when I hate to do homework
    5:20 Me when tomorrow is school
    Like if that’s you

  • lol Idk
    lol Idk 8 days ago

    we have to do 6 miles

  • Howling Wolf
    Howling Wolf 8 days ago

    Yah are school makes us do 10 miles a day.

  • Savage_PandaCorn
    Savage_PandaCorn 8 days ago

    That's like my school, people try to get sick and kinda hurt themselves so they don't need to.

  • MyNeonate
    MyNeonate 9 days ago

    My grandson was first in the mile

  • Jimena Cruz
    Jimena Cruz 9 days ago

    You guys know that when she threw up it was fake am I right

  • ALIM3131
    ALIM3131 9 days ago

    They only ran 1 mile?🤨 Bro where I'm from, we run 5 miles every day before and after school.

  • Sophia Poulsen
    Sophia Poulsen 9 days ago

    But a mile is 6 laps...

  • Chelsea Luna
    Chelsea Luna 9 days ago

    you are so mean couch👿👿👿👿

  • Charlene Lyons
    Charlene Lyons 10 days ago +1

    I’m running I mile 4 times around a big track Dx please 1 like = 1 prayer so I won’t DIE

  • Milda Ūkelė
    Milda Ūkelė 10 days ago

    4:06 me

  • Unknown Player
    Unknown Player 10 days ago

    We run a mile every Thursday so I don’t know the point of this video

  • unicorn yasi
    unicorn yasi 10 days ago

    I feel you Hannah 😂 I have to also do 4 laps around, that’s a mile and we have to do it under 13 minutes:( my time is 12:11 😂

  • Foxythebestboss
    Foxythebestboss 10 days ago

    I run 2 miles a day smh

  • Manal Mahamoud
    Manal Mahamoud 10 days ago

    At the end Hannah wasn't actually puking I saw something on her side of the Lol I should try it out so I can skip school

  • IM A croissant
    IM A croissant 10 days ago

    I had to do a mile run at school today it was 10 laps around my whole school

    GAEL CAMPOS 10 days ago

    So true

  • LPS Pizza Girl
    LPS Pizza Girl 10 days ago

    Perry you ruin everything

  • Saransh Rai
    Saransh Rai 11 days ago

    I can run one mile with ease and im only 9

  • Yolyon Cano
    Yolyon Cano 11 days ago +1

    This is the same exact thing we did today for P.E. today 😂

  • Llama Toast
    Llama Toast 11 days ago

    I nearly passed out when I ran a mile

  • Iced Over
    Iced Over 11 days ago

    In the June we have to run 16

  • Iced Over
    Iced Over 11 days ago

    We have to run 5

  • our justice
    our justice 11 days ago

    i about to run a mile in p.e

  • Clara LaMoy
    Clara LaMoy 12 days ago

    That toilet paper finish line tho

  • Tatiana Ji
    Tatiana Ji 12 days ago

    y'now.. its just a mile run.. lol

  • Lara Khoudair
    Lara Khoudair 12 days ago


  • jaime joshua
    jaime joshua 12 days ago


  • HH Gurl
    HH Gurl 12 days ago

    Why don't P.E teachers run it with us ;-;

  • Gabby Yww
    Gabby Yww 12 days ago

    That girl who brought food I literally I wanna be like her, Lol

  • Aaliyah Wesley
    Aaliyah Wesley 12 days ago

    I run cross country 4 to 6 miles 6 days w week.. Try me...

  • Gold dragon When fat pigs fly

    She didn’t Evan throw up!

  • Isabella Barrera
    Isabella Barrera 12 days ago

    5:21 you could tell she had something behind her throwing up

  • goonsy
    goonsy 12 days ago

    I have to run around a football and soccer field 4 times so, yeah it sucks..

  • Franco Del Salto
    Franco Del Salto 12 days ago


  • Roblox Build a Boat Glitchs

    who love Hunnah Stocking like my comment!

  • GammerYT 2008
    GammerYT 2008 13 days ago

    We run the miles at my school a lot and a lot of people are tired but I go to football (soccer) so it’s easy for me lol XD

  • Tizia Jakovljevic
    Tizia Jakovljevic 13 days ago

    I run one mile in 8 minutes and 24 seconds and i' m 12😂❤️

  • Eloisa Toral
    Eloisa Toral 13 days ago

    The video was great

  • Arwen Schaffrath
    Arwen Schaffrath 13 days ago +1

    That moment when your gym teacher has the power to expell you