We Tried To Not Leak On Our Period For A Week • Ladylike

  • Published on Jul 15, 2017
  • It’s not the end of the world if you leak a little bit.
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Comments • 8 010

  • spaceebubble
    spaceebubble 10 hours ago

    lmao i tried this and failed miserably on the 2nd day :,)

  • Miyah Franker
    Miyah Franker Day ago

    When she said "twist it "I got sick to my stomach
    I dont evan know but the thats scary😭😱

  • BTS-Park-Jimin°°••○○●●

    My period stops in the water. Its really weird

    JACK ILLER 3 days ago

    Do you still fuck on a period?

  • Megan McCallum
    Megan McCallum 3 days ago

    I have had it leak free. But only if i use a pad and a tampon at the same time

  • Kpop BTS EXO GOT7 SUJU SHINee trash

    I just change my pad/pantyliners from time to time to try to prevent leaking

    It pretty much works most of the time🤷‍♀️

    Plus I have irregular periods so usually I don’t have to worry about it too much most of the time

  • RøśëGīrł Ñīghtčörē

    *Wakes up*

  • ciara reid
    ciara reid 5 days ago

    Periods r just great aren't they 🙃

  • Jente V
    Jente V 6 days ago

    I never leak. I have leaked two times in 3 years.

  • okay den
    okay den 7 days ago

    2:29 😂

  • Sofia Harris
    Sofia Harris 7 days ago +1

    my first ever period was leak free 😂😂

  • PandaBlossom _
    PandaBlossom _ 8 days ago

    I have faith that I won’t leak this time because i have been fine every time except for the beginning but this time i caught it immediately and didn’t leak

  • Jin’s Children
    Jin’s Children 9 days ago

    I can’t go to sleep without waking up on the Japanese flag

  • Kay
    Kay 9 days ago

    I am so glad I’m not the only girl with blood on basically every pair of underwear I own

  • ivory ella
    ivory ella 9 days ago

    Mine stops in the water.... I think😬😬😬

  • Chloee H
    Chloee H 9 days ago

    I’ve gotten through my period like once. It was my last one and it was the lightest one. There wasn’t any cramps or anything so that’s good

  • Johanna Xo
    Johanna Xo 10 days ago

    Chantel don’t show us ur pad😭😭that’s nasty girl

  • Britt Ocean
    Britt Ocean 11 days ago +1

    “Not pregnant thank you very much” 😂🤣 OOF

    • Britt Ocean
      Britt Ocean 11 days ago +1

      “And period poops” wow 😂😂😂 just in the background screaming that

  • Sarah Murrin
    Sarah Murrin 11 days ago

    How do you get the diva cup out without making a mess???

  • Aliza Lara
    Aliza Lara 11 days ago

    who else hasn’t gotten their period yet but still watches videos about it and learns more?

  • Madyson Reed
    Madyson Reed 12 days ago

    I’ve leaked onto a chair in my college rec room

  • GachaVerseClaws C
    GachaVerseClaws C 15 days ago

    I’m kinda scared to get my period cause it’s ether going to hurt or going to RUIN MY LIFE

  • Dani Grumbles
    Dani Grumbles 16 days ago

    Black underwear uterus having peeps!!!!!

  • Amber Heart
    Amber Heart 16 days ago

    When you go in water, your period doesnt actually stop or even pause for a while. It just becomes so diluted by the water that you cant see any blood anymore, altho it's still flowing.

  • Sarah villar
    Sarah villar 17 days ago

    I mean when I go swimming nothing comes out

  • Macey Weaver
    Macey Weaver 19 days ago

    ME TOO CHANTEL! I bleed in my swim suite all the time!

  • 3lla
    3lla 19 days ago

    I never leak but it comes to the point where I should be leaking but I caught it right on time and changed the pad.

  • Elizabeth Mangen
    Elizabeth Mangen 20 days ago +1

    I’ve only leaked three times and it was my first three😂 Only one was really traumatic though😂

    I was at my dance camp and it was my second period and I didn’t know when it would start so it started during class and got all over my tights, fun😬

  • Cheyanne Kay
    Cheyanne Kay 20 days ago

    I don’t know how people leak I never leak the only time I “leaked” is if I started in the middle of the day and I didn’t know that I started.

  • Abby Baird
    Abby Baird 20 days ago

    How old was every body when they got there period

    • z
      z 17 days ago

      13 hbu

  • Beautiful Beast
    Beautiful Beast 22 days ago

    i love watching period videos on my period... 👍🏼

  • Social Media
    Social Media 23 days ago

    I dont think I've leaked since I was like 12. I feel really lucky now.

  • Phoebe Powell
    Phoebe Powell 25 days ago

    This was uploaded on by birthday! Xxx

  • Justdoesn,t Work
    Justdoesn,t Work 25 days ago

    lol was at a hotel...ummmmmm lets just say it had white sheets

  • Adele Razor
    Adele Razor 26 days ago +1

    I was on my period when I had to go on a 8 hour flight to New York 😂😑😑😭😭

  • Rose Chan
    Rose Chan 26 days ago

    Oh gosh I’m
    Not even trying

  • LD bunny girl
    LD bunny girl 26 days ago


  • Ava Spencer
    Ava Spencer 26 days ago

    I do this every week....

  • Kristyna P
    Kristyna P Month ago

    Y'all r so lucky!!! Only 3 days of heavy bleeding?!?! I know many people myself included whos normal period is 10 days of bleeding with AT LEAST 7 of super heavy bleeding. Hydrogen peroxide has become my best friend with period stains.

  • Victoria H.
    Victoria H. Month ago

    You should test out different cups. Some are better for some vaginas, some work for others.

  • Taryn Sheedy
    Taryn Sheedy Month ago

    I have a very embarrassing first period
    So what happened was I was at fun fields look it up it’s really good. But I was with my friends and I went to the toilet, and I saw blood, period , blood. I had no supplies and neither did her mum, and I may have leaked through her mums car... soo yeeaah.

  • ATesia E
    ATesia E Month ago

    "Blood Armor"

  • rhi rae
    rhi rae Month ago

    the moment when you realize that you bled through bc your niece nephew and brother are telling you that you have sauce on your pants...........

  • Scarlett Blackthorn
    Scarlett Blackthorn Month ago +1

    I've been playing this game for the past 21 years....I'm only 29😭😭😭

  • nørsk kitty !!
    nørsk kitty !! Month ago +1

    Ya boi starting ovulation tomorrow--
    Please pray for me,,,,

    • z
      z 17 days ago

      lmao why ovulation is pain free

  • Charlie Mason
    Charlie Mason Month ago

    Menstrual cup. No leaks babyyyyy

  • IcyKookie MinYoongi
    IcyKookie MinYoongi Month ago +5

    Tampons and diva cups freak me out
    Im gonna stick with pads...

    • Izzy N
      Izzy N Month ago +1

      Same here...

  • It’s just Shane
    It’s just Shane Month ago

    I’ve never leaked

  • tamara ramnarine
    tamara ramnarine Month ago +1

    period blood could come out with cold water in the wash :)

  • tamara ramnarine
    tamara ramnarine Month ago +1


  • tamara ramnarine
    tamara ramnarine Month ago +1

    its salt water you have to go in then it will cut for about one hour

  • neverminditsjustme
    neverminditsjustme Month ago +1

    "it's not the end of the world if you leak a little bit."

    _a little bit? i dont understand_

  • Ptx_ Scotty
    Ptx_ Scotty Month ago

    6:26 this is weird but I have that SAME PAIR of underwear........welp

  • Galaxy_ wolf
    Galaxy_ wolf Month ago

    I have bled through my paint before because I didnt have and pad or tampons

  • Chloe Alexis
    Chloe Alexis Month ago

    I never really leak lol

  • Ariella Amir
    Ariella Amir Month ago

    I've never had a period WITH leaking lol. Things I have never done on my period: have cramps, cravings, mood swings, and leak. I always feel so guilty.

  • methri _ diae
    methri _ diae Month ago +1

    Me: *stumbles to bathroom in the middle of the night*
    Me: *looks down*
    Me: fuck you, period!

  • PureFantasy16
    PureFantasy16 Month ago

    one time i was on day three of my period-i had to go on an aeroplane and i changed my pad 3 times within 2 hours and leaked EvERy SiNgLE TiME

  • Kitty Cats
    Kitty Cats Month ago +1

    I do not leak I did once and it is so easy to get the blood out of clothing

  • Ji Kook
    Ji Kook Month ago +1

    *when you do sports and try not to leak with white pants especially Taekwondo and you can’t kick because you are too scared for a murder scene*

  • Mackensi Schneider
    Mackensi Schneider Month ago

    Isn’t that always the point.....

  • Sophia Berry
    Sophia Berry Month ago

    Late + pausing at 0:09 = Devin is scary so I cry

  • Anya Burniston
    Anya Burniston Month ago

    As soon as Devin said I’ve been sneezing and yawning a lot I yawned and sneezed like 3 times

  • Towney 15
    Towney 15 Month ago

    When I get my period I don’t even notice

  • Mila232 :3
    Mila232 :3 Month ago

    When you sleep a burgundy towel is your best friend!

  • Its GG Gamer
    Its GG Gamer Month ago +1

    I got my period while watching this... ironic

  • Ashley Nicole
    Ashley Nicole Month ago

    if i have a heavy flow i’ll wear one pad in the front and one in the back 😂

  • katy punoo
    katy punoo Month ago

    I got my first period today in school and of course my leggings were grey so it shows when there wet even tho it was only a little blood my bf saw it

  • MagikBlackCat
    MagikBlackCat Month ago +1

    i feel like people dont know the difference between the vagina and vulva

  • Food Person
    Food Person Month ago

    I feel like this story is common **tells myself that every waking second**
    But has anyone else had to use tissues and u just looked like u had a diaper on u? And also sneezed while the only thing stopping a blood explosion ate the tissues (Omfg hay fever is the worst on ur period like u already feel crappy enough-and crampy)

  • Erin Cater
    Erin Cater Month ago

    “Sard” brand “wonderbar” does amazing things for saving underwear.

  • Lily Valentine
    Lily Valentine Month ago +1

    I woke up in a pool of my own blood this morning. Is that how you want me to end yours?

  • Ella C.
    Ella C. Month ago

    Im sick and keep sneezing and I am SO GLAD that today I have not started and that the times I have sneezes the only things that have gushed out is white discharge Thank GoodNEss

  • dew flower
    dew flower Month ago +1

    I seen freddie barbie!!!

  • its. izaburr
    its. izaburr Month ago +1

    Im on my period as I watch this

  • valerie arias
    valerie arias Month ago

    Once i leaked and got period blood on my pants. AND U COULD SEE IT SO I HAD TO WEAR A JACKET AROUND MY WAIST THE WHOLE DAY.

  • Jocelyn Pettersen
    Jocelyn Pettersen Month ago

    I’ve only bleed through my pants while sleeping with my first period so yeah 👌👍

  • Miss Gnome
    Miss Gnome Month ago +2

    Im scared when i wake to the japan flag

  • Skylar Mackenzie
    Skylar Mackenzie Month ago

    I have this playlist that I watch whenever I'm on my period. This video is on it.

  • Daisy Lou
    Daisy Lou Month ago +1

    I got an ad after this video which was literally just a bunch of panties, no writing, no nothing, just panties being thrown onto a table

  • moondea
    moondea Month ago

    Girls.. Am I the only one who feels that the period is coming? I found out how my body works so I know my period is going to be there in 8-10 days. Something down there changes, my boobs hurt...

  • Miss Gacha Devil
    Miss Gacha Devil Month ago

    I'm 11 and my periods last 10 days.... 7 of those days are heavy😑

  • XxLowlymoonlightxX x-x

    I always wear super dark pants so if I ever leak no one will see

  • XxLowlymoonlightxX x-x

    I’ve only leaked once and I sleep on my knees when I’m on my period so I dont get it on my clothes

  • Melanie Ring
    Melanie Ring Month ago

    Period starts in the middle of the night
    Period: uh hello

  • Nora McNabb
    Nora McNabb Month ago

    Chantel, you are correct, your blood does not stop in water
    Blood will dilute in the water your swimming in, and the water would be much more than what ever you are bleeding

  • Blue_Angel
    Blue_Angel 2 months ago

    I make it often through without bleeding on anything except on my pads, am I a sorceress now?

  • Space Narwhal
    Space Narwhal 2 months ago

    If I get blood on my underwear don’t you just wash it out? Like you don’t need to be like “ oh, they’re dead now.”

  • BryceAbel
    BryceAbel 2 months ago

    Ladies If you wanna be lady like just never talk about anything to do with your period

  • Sarah Buchan
    Sarah Buchan 2 months ago

    Switched to a diva cup not to long ago, I have yet to have an issue.

  • Sophie Kewn
    Sophie Kewn 2 months ago

    I’ve only ever leaked twice tiny n I’ve had my period for about 2/3 years

    I LOVE WEBTOOM 2 months ago

    I'm screwed every time I'm on my period because my class does not have a bathroom!! Oh dear Lord help me😭

  • Hannah Mokros
    Hannah Mokros 2 months ago +1

    My grandparents names are both Frank and Linda! 😂😂😂

  • Rain / Slytherin Queen
    Rain / Slytherin Queen 2 months ago

    I just use a tampon and a pad cuz I leak through the tampon a l o t those first couple days lmao

  • Ellpineapple The watermelon

    I'm watching this for techniques

  • SilverFoxy 5394Xx
    SilverFoxy 5394Xx 2 months ago

    Devin : I've sneezed a lot on this period
    Me : EVERYONE, PRAY FOR HER! ( people say when you sneeze on your period is a disaster, I haven't gotten mine yet )

  • Davina Naylor
    Davina Naylor 2 months ago

    It's easy for me to not leak, I never leak i used to when I was like 15 but now I'm 21 and I use pads and never leak😂

  • Anvi L.
    Anvi L. 2 months ago

    *the guys entered the chat*
    * watch’s the first minute *
    *ALL the guys left the chat*
    All I see is girl comments about they’re . I got my . Yesterday

  • astrid
    astrid 2 months ago

    Y’all realize that airplane bathrooms have pads? Just open the drawer on the wall lol

  • astrid
    astrid 2 months ago +1

    I think Devin and Chantel are just perfectly synced up, like, moon sisters or something lmao