We Tried To Not Leak On Our Period For A Week • Ladylike


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  • Snuggly Panda
    Snuggly Panda 13 seconds ago

    Ohhhhohohoho I can't even begin to describe my first period and the pair of UNDIES I ruined and the NICE AQUA/TURQUOISE PAIR OF PANTS THAT WERE RUINED BY THIS HORRID BLOOD BATH........ R.I.P to those two pieces of clothes

  • bby m
    bby m 20 hours ago

    My period almost always comes in the middle of the night while I’m sleeping if I’m lucky it doesn’t leak out until I get up to pee but sometimes I’m not so lucky

  • piece of kpop trash uwu

    So when I’m on my period I try to clean the blood off my underwear and it takes, ngl, HOURS. I wash it with dove soap and warm water it takes so long dndndndndnd

  • Diamond Darkwood

    Ever since I've been on birth control I haven't leaked because there's almost nothing to leak 😂

  • Meggles 93
    Meggles 93 Day ago

    I used to leak a little when I was younger but now I don't leak at all. I am on the pill so maybe because I know when it is coming I can just wear a good pad and not Leak.

  • Sophie3the Queen
    Sophie3the Queen 2 days ago +2

    I live in ohio

  • Jess Mitchell
    Jess Mitchell 2 days ago

    *trying to to period on our leak for a week*

  • Isabella Sindon
    Isabella Sindon 2 days ago

    I have never leaked 😂

  • purplecatlover1825 randompizza

    I would wear a tampon, maxi pad, and period underwear and still leak😂

  • Ella_Potato _12
    Ella_Potato _12 3 days ago

    Who else wears ALL BLACK when your on your period, I know I do, my friends LEGIT think I’m going Emo Lol

  • Alyssa Ruvalcaba
    Alyssa Ruvalcaba 3 days ago +1

    The real challenge right here

  • Oddballs! !
    Oddballs! ! 4 days ago

    Chantelle and Devin look beautiful with out makeup!

  • Kaitlyn ROCKS!!!
    Kaitlyn ROCKS!!! 5 days ago

    I saw the title and LAUGHED

  • Alexxx
    Alexxx 5 days ago +1

    Hahaha I love Ladylike so much!

  • Alexxx
    Alexxx 5 days ago


  • Chloey.slays
    Chloey.slays 5 days ago

    I’m 12.. my period skipped 2 months, I’m going to die😭

  • Breanna Dunn
    Breanna Dunn 6 days ago

    I had the same exact situation with the plane thing 😭 it was horribly heavy too

  • Cherry Taylor
    Cherry Taylor 6 days ago

    I have never leaked on my period just me?

  • Kailee Matthews
    Kailee Matthews 6 days ago

    I have not leaked on my period once

  • Maddie Sullivan
    Maddie Sullivan 7 days ago

    Oh my god buzzfeed, move on from periods. And yes I am female before anyone jumps on me. I'm over the period videos though. The one where they painted still makes me want to throw up.

  • Kermit dah Frog
    Kermit dah Frog 8 days ago

    I’m on my period and just leaked onto my 300 dollar sheets. Anyone know if there is a way to remove it?

  • Audrie Schmitt
    Audrie Schmitt 8 days ago +1

    For my middle school we have swimming for a month and I was in the locker room and I got my period!

  • Lil YouTube
    Lil YouTube 8 days ago

    In my last period I did it.

  • Mimi  The Mimi Squad!
    Mimi The Mimi Squad! 8 days ago +1

    I don’t think this is a challenge because I think everyone tries not to leak 😂

  • c h
    c h 9 days ago


  • Coe Michaud
    Coe Michaud 9 days ago

    I never leak with tampons and the diva cup.

  • Sara N
    Sara N 9 days ago

    What happened to the painting with our periods clip??

  • kieralouise 83
    kieralouise 83 9 days ago +2

    I've gone through like 8 periods without leaking on anything.
    Only took me 6 years of practice

  • Mia Mcmanus
    Mia Mcmanus 9 days ago

    this video is kind of gross

  • Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson 10 days ago

    Don't you just live it when you put a pad on last night and then wake up and see that blood is all over your bed? No? Ok....

  • Rainbownorth75
    Rainbownorth75 10 days ago

    FRANK! The dog chantel fostered!

  • Iggle- Ish
    Iggle- Ish 12 days ago +1

    The video starts at 2:02

  • Unicorn Gamer
    Unicorn Gamer 12 days ago +1

    Period virgin
    What am I doing what my life?

  • RC A
    RC A 12 days ago

    I'm male, so I couldn't even BEGIN to imagine how hard that would be, I'm SO sorry!

  • Cockatoode
    Cockatoode 13 days ago +1

    When I first started, I need through my pants constantly. I'm not talking a small splotch, my entire butt was COVERED in blood. Started wearing overnight pads all the time, wearing boyshorts to ensure coverage. I guess I have super heavy periods lol

  • 321TripleS
    321TripleS 15 days ago

    I got it right after it ended! 😢😢😢

  • KenzieHurlock
    KenzieHurlock 15 days ago

    I discovered that oxiclean spray works wonders for panty stains. I was spotting when I first started on birth control and I didn't have panty liners and most of my panties got stained and the oxi clean spray took 90% of the stains out.

  • KenzieHurlock
    KenzieHurlock 15 days ago

    I don't ever flow when I'm in the shower. I don't swim when on my period so don't know about that one.

  • Margaret Velto
    Margaret Velto 17 days ago

    I have another horrible place to have your period. Had my period start on a tour bus without a bathroom on a four hour trip between cities in China, and we couldn’t stop the trip because of our schedule. Learned how to discreetly put a tampon in without taking clothes off (bless linen shorts and sweatshirts).

  • Charlotte Shanagher
    Charlotte Shanagher 17 days ago

    How many saw 2 seconds of this and thought "good luck." Even my husband and son knows what period panties are.

  • kyrstyn yocum
    kyrstyn yocum 17 days ago

    It might be different for people because I been in water while on period and it stopped but started back up 1 sec after I left the water😑

  • Olivia Shaji
    Olivia Shaji 17 days ago

    Literally I only have like a pair of pants, that I’ve leaked on. I wear those pants first and second night. Lately I haven’t leaked in 4 months... yay me?

  • Teh BELover5342
    Teh BELover5342 18 days ago

    Anyone else just sit up sleeping?

  • Taryn Casey
    Taryn Casey 18 days ago

    I started my very first time on a plane. Wich I am currently on. With no pads 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️. HELP

  • RoseGirl Nightcore
    RoseGirl Nightcore 18 days ago

    I had one time where I never leaked and I said, “heaven has arrived!!!”

  • Saad El
    Saad El 18 days ago

    this is nasty as fuck

  • Les bonbons
    Les bonbons 18 days ago

    I got a thinx leak free underwear

  • Maria Vazquez
    Maria Vazquez 19 days ago

    I a on my period now

  • Icy Fury
    Icy Fury 21 day ago

    It's kinda of impossible to not leak cause the first time you get your period your like:I'M DYING!!!!1!1111!!

  • Sandra Molteni
    Sandra Molteni 22 days ago

    About sneezing, are you able to do it without leaking? I mean having a bladder leak.

  • Charley Beth Chaney
    Charley Beth Chaney 23 days ago

    I hate flying with my period

  • Lisa M
    Lisa M 23 days ago

    Who travels without supplies??? And blood doesn't have to stain. Duh.

  • Jasmine 123
    Jasmine 123 24 days ago

    While watching this I got my Period.....

  • norma morales
    norma morales 24 days ago +1

    I think they deleted the video painting with their period blood
    *faith restored in humanity*

  • norma morales
    norma morales 24 days ago

    wE aRe PAinTinG whIT OUr PeRiod BLoOd AgaIN

    *deletes the video painting with their period blood*

  • Meadow And Mylee’s Vlogs

    And I got a period underwear commercial before this😂😂

  • Taylor Clayson
    Taylor Clayson 25 days ago

    Um... You aren't always trying to not leak?

  • wakateruuu
    wakateruuu 26 days ago

    Man as a dude i'm terribly grateful i dont get periods, and also would hate that noone talks about it. I'd freak the f out

  • Weirdo World
    Weirdo World 26 days ago +3

    I remember when I was in fifth grade and it was my first year of having my period. Of course, I knew almost nothing about periods. So, it was a very active day for me and I noticed that I had just gotten my period but I was wearing two pads because our elementary didn't really have like some place to change. When lunch came around, practically the whole fifth grade saw saw me. And the fact that I was wearing a khaki skirt did not help whatsoever. After lunch we were in line and I was the first person while the boy who had a crush on me was right behind me and the teacher had to personally pull me out of the line and ask me if I was on my period. She sent me to the nurse and it turned out that like half the back of my skirt was covered in red blood. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!

  • Maddie Fish
    Maddie Fish 26 days ago

    I never bleed on anything

  • Blaire Alexandra
    Blaire Alexandra 28 days ago

    I can’t remember the last time I leaked while on my period, I’m a witch. I don’t leak.

    BBIBBI - IU 28 days ago +1

    Am I not human for not getting my period leaked on my clothes for at least 1.2 or 3 times?

  • Hannah Spam
    Hannah Spam 29 days ago

    Today I went out for my b day and I was watching a movie with my sis (Robbin hood I highly suggest it I love it ) and I got my period and I ran to the bathroom

  • DarleneCurl Richard

    love that

  • Im JaeBum
    Im JaeBum Month ago

    Is going leak free really that hard? I don’t usually leak.

  • Ava Boyce
    Ava Boyce Month ago

    your blood with stop because your bodys cold I mean it usually works for me Idk about others though

  • Ilovesimsfreeplay16
    Ilovesimsfreeplay16 Month ago +1


  • Eomma Jin's baby army
    Eomma Jin's baby army Month ago +1

    It's fun to start your period while doing a split.

  • Jada Enendu
    Jada Enendu Month ago

    I got a period ad

  • Valerya Aragon
    Valerya Aragon Month ago +1

    Litterally I am just watching this and I am on day 3 or 4 idk of my period😂😂😂

  • Juwayriya Amjid
    Juwayriya Amjid Month ago

    Devin you are the best!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah Greene
    Sarah Greene Month ago



  • Elizabeth A
    Elizabeth A Month ago

    I want to share a laundry tip for when you bleed on your clothes or bedding. Hydrogen peroxide will get it out of your clothes if you apply it let it sit for a bit before washing. I've also been able to remove blood from a mattress with a cloth damp with cold water and hydrogen peroxide. Its better than any other product I"ve used and I've been doing this awhile. I learned this tip from an emergency room doctor and have been using it ever since.

  • Vinna Lee
    Vinna Lee Month ago

    How do u deal w/ this I can't comprehend
    Edit: earlier this week at school my period started during class and I had my pad on but I bled through my underwear anyway, and my perfectly good ones too plus I didn't even know I was leaking

  • Winchester _moo
    Winchester _moo Month ago +1

    Last night I leaked on the couch my underwear am then I changed my underwear and wound up leaking on that one then I went to sleep and woke up at five am to find I leaked on to my fluffy white pj pants

  • Jackass Camara
    Jackass Camara Month ago

    Am I the only one who has never leaked? Like maybe once or twice when I was young. Like the first couple periods. But never since?

  • Dimo
    Dimo Month ago

    I got my period today and it leaked does that count?

  • Marie Decreton
    Marie Decreton Month ago +1

    Isnt that wat You always do, trying not to leek?

  • 방탄  벨벳
    방탄 벨벳 Month ago

    It's awkward when your brother sees blood...(๏_๏)

  • YanYan Pat
    YanYan Pat Month ago +1

    Chug period blood every tume they say "Period".

  • Just A Huffleclaw
    Just A Huffleclaw Month ago

    You wanna know a FUN story???

    I went to summer camp, Sunday thru Saturday. Around Thursday, I go the bathroom. Blood everywhere! I didn't bring anything! Surviving on toilet paper! Guess what? Saturday was water games day! I couldn't do it and it sucked.
    But the one last week was great. Felt so normal, not different at all besides blood.

  • Miraculous:The Team

    So I’m on my first day and I already leaked lol

    Edit 4 mins later: god damn it I leaked

  • Taylor Lee
    Taylor Lee Month ago

    When I saw the title I was like "how is that possible"!?!!

  • Natalie Kendel
    Natalie Kendel Month ago +2

    Is it just me or does Chantel look so much better without makeup??!

  • Natalie Kendel
    Natalie Kendel Month ago +1

    Guys, if you're leaking every single time you have your period, you don't have good enough protection. You need to then look into other options/ look at bigger pads, etc.

  • E
    E Month ago

    *reads video title*
    Isn't that the whole goal every time? Lol

  • Calysta McGinnis
    Calysta McGinnis Month ago

    I actually have

  • Ian Contreras
    Ian Contreras Month ago +1

    I'm we rid when ever I'm on my period I watch these videos. Which sucks cuz I'm a trans man

  • Charlotte Wilson
    Charlotte Wilson Month ago +3

    I don't really leak when I'm on my period, undies only really get stained for me because I can't really tell when my period has started. I started my period just over a year and nine months ago

  • Asami Bosh
    Asami Bosh Month ago

    Is it only me?
    I use two of huge pad in one time, but it's leaking sometimes.

  • Snowy_kat_308 Lynn
    Snowy_kat_308 Lynn Month ago

    Omg so I was on day 4 of my period, day 3... yesterday i was almost done but today, day 4 I just bleed all over my clothes during school .... rip ;-; life lesson, never wear anything tight on ya period

  • Brianna Rhea
    Brianna Rhea Month ago +1

    Technically it’s impossible because your bleeding on your period products 😌😂😏

  • Brianna Rhea
    Brianna Rhea Month ago

    Technically it’s impossible because your bleeding on your period product 😌😂😏

  • Brianna Rhea
    Brianna Rhea Month ago

    Technically it’s impossible because your bleeding on your period product 😌😂😏

  • Mary Snook
    Mary Snook Month ago

    My periods aren't that heavy anymore because they come every month. I used to get really heavy periods. I was coming home from vacation and I leaked all over the train seat and had blood on my thighs and everything. Luckily now that my periods are regular I don't leak a lot.

  • Kk and Leah
    Kk and Leah Month ago

    I started my period on a plane i was my first period

  • sophie kate
    sophie kate Month ago

    4:36 shane?

  • Monroe Robbins
    Monroe Robbins Month ago

    I actually don’t leak that often. I guess I’m lucky, and the fact that I check it religiously, and keep very good track of things...yeah, I think I’m blessed.

  • Fifi Ocean
    Fifi Ocean Month ago +1

    I think that the whole “period stops in water” thing is different from person to person because mine stops in water but I’ve talked to lots of other people saying that theirs doesn’t.

  • This name is very Creative

    I wear tampons and at school I always leak meanwhile at church no matter what day it is I never ever leak!