We Tried Makeup Dupes • Ladylike

  • Published on Jan 5, 2019
  • "One looks like airbrushed, one looks like sneezed on."
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Comments • 1 653

  • Kendall Clodfelter
    Kendall Clodfelter 21 hour ago

    Is it just me or is nyx pronounced n y x or nix

  • mykiqwuosqy boo
    mykiqwuosqy boo Day ago

    Well they don't know that the dupe has dupe too in othe countries xD

  • Claud’sVids
    Claud’sVids Day ago +1

    $49-$9=$30 difference
    Good job Devin 😂😂😂❤❤❤

  • Pineapple Life!!!
    Pineapple Life!!! 2 days ago

    If ladylike sees this please turn off comments I have had over 5 hate comments on my comment for saying my opinion of liking the left side of the thumbnail than the right! This is my own opinion and I’m allowed to state my own opinion.

  • Lizzie Wing
    Lizzie Wing 4 days ago

    Love how the makeup that I have are the cheap ones😎😎

  • Emily Kelly
    Emily Kelly 7 days ago

    Listen I wanna know where you bought the Essence Brow Gel at for $10 because I get it at Ulta for $3...

  • Macy the acrobat
    Macy the acrobat 7 days ago

    Ok, why is everyone freaking about this video? Basically these girls took *dupe* as one is quality one isnt. Stop hating and go find somewhere else to be negative. All yall are being so petty rn so stop. @Hannahsaquing @Bubbles_as18

  • Juju Ped
    Juju Ped 10 days ago

    I love the way the cheap blush fell on the table and then Kristen gets her brush and grabs the blush from the table😂😂😂

  • Ava Gee
    Ava Gee 15 days ago

    3:08 Bahhaha i can’ttt lmao look at Kristen’s face 😂😂

  • Caroline Watts
    Caroline Watts 17 days ago

    Mud lipsticks are amazing

  • BlackenSoul
    BlackenSoul 17 days ago

    Just saying but L’Oreal is not a dupe. It’s the smarter brand of make up because why the fuck would anyone spend an obscene amount of money on a product that is exactly the same as drug store make up anyway? It’s just a brand, that’s it.

  • Livin’ On The Dance Floor

    The experience side looks way more natural on these ladies.

  • Victoria S.
    Victoria S. 20 days ago +1

    It’s driving me insane that they didn’t put mascara on. Seriously, put mascara on if you’re wearing makeup! You look like a crack head without!!!

  • mae Suchland
    mae Suchland 23 days ago

    The essence one cost in German 2$ wow

  • ظاهريههـ - عيناويههـ

    This is 49 dollars??!😂😂😂

  • Bee Dalton
    Bee Dalton 26 days ago

    I love wet and wild liner

  • Ellie Claire Warren
    Ellie Claire Warren 27 days ago

    This has disappointed me only in 1 way: (loved the video BTW ❤️) I have found that essence make me brow, when used correctly, can be much more than worth it's *$2.99* cost.

  • Scarlet Cosplay
    Scarlet Cosplay 28 days ago

    Essence is so expensive there omg.. The brow gel is like 3 euros here

  • Rain / Slytherin Queen

    I wish you guys had done mascara lmao 😂 but this is very informative haha, maybe now I can get proper makeup

  • Christy ToK
    Christy ToK 29 days ago

    Hey, I love you guys.. and I wanna continue watching you guys... but i really want better content!

  • 264aub
    264aub 29 days ago

    I’m surprised about the essence brow, I’ve heard excellent things about it

    SORI STAN 29 days ago

    my favorite couple 💓

  • Amanda Gard Makeup
    Amanda Gard Makeup Month ago

    love the video idea, but none of those were really great dupes, loreal pro glow would have been a better one for the nars foundation, wet n wild pearlescent pink blush is an almost exact match for nars orgasm, and essence makes a much better felt tip eyeliner for the same price, and im not familiar w benefits brow gel but the tattoo brow gel from maybelline is booomb! maybe do a take 2?

  • Pineapple Life!!!
    Pineapple Life!!! Month ago

    When I looked at the thumbnail I actually like my left side better!

  • Alyssa Poppers
    Alyssa Poppers Month ago +4

    “You have very nice skin... and I...have skin”


  • Emma Drew
    Emma Drew Month ago

    Wait hold up it’s not pronounced “nicks”

    Hanii ERRORCODE Month ago

    iM a doObY dOoBeR 😂 idk the song suddenly came to my mind when devin said im a duper

  • Michelle Wright
    Michelle Wright Month ago

    Why are they calling it N Y X when everyone else says Nyx? 🙄

  • Daniela Š.
    Daniela Š. Month ago +2

    I use Essence eyebrow gel, it works for me.

  • asmr on a budget
    asmr on a budget Month ago

    devins foundation colors were so different sksk😭

  • Tatiana Thielens
    Tatiana Thielens Month ago +1

    Essence is SO MUCH cheaper here! The brow gel costs like 3 Euros

  • Céline. mzk
    Céline. mzk Month ago +2

    TF the essence make me brow thing is less then 3€ in Germany 😂😂😂

  • IceHockeyGirl126
    IceHockeyGirl126 Month ago

    Please do more

  • Rain / Slytherin Queen

    Finally getting foundation advice lmao.
    Now to figure out my color... 🤔

  • Ilovecats 88
    Ilovecats 88 Month ago

    Milanis luminoso blush is so friggin good it's not as shiny as it looks in the pan

  • Lana DeMars
    Lana DeMars Month ago

    Damn I’ve been duped by sales people at Sephora 😩😩 and ulta... and just about everywhere else I buy things it seems

  • Sophia Gott
    Sophia Gott Month ago

    "I have skin" -Kristen

  • Lilli Johnson
    Lilli Johnson Month ago

    I only use B.B cream and mascara. For B.B cream I use Revlon or Covergirl. For mascara I ALWAYS use Maybelline.

  • Marisa Enza
    Marisa Enza 2 months ago

    The milani blush dolce pink is the proper dupe for nars orgasim

  • Ponier 3000
    Ponier 3000 2 months ago

    the cheaper foundation shade matched devin better than the more expensive

  • Emily C
    Emily C 2 months ago

    you can't dupe products that are meant to look different. Matte vs dewy (foundation), matte vs shimmer (blush) and matte vs cream (lipstick) aren't comparable so this video doesn't really make sense

  • S Kenzig
    S Kenzig 2 months ago

    Does it bother anyone else when people say N.Y.X. versus Nyx (nicks)

  • scum rat
    scum rat 2 months ago

    the essence make me brow is actually a 1.92 not 10.92 🙄

  • Alysha Lee
    Alysha Lee 2 months ago

    anyone else bothers thar they say n y x and not nyx (nix)

  • Isabella Olvera
    Isabella Olvera 2 months ago

    A really great dupe for Katie von d that lasts longer and is cheaper is the Cover Girl liquid lipsticks. That stuff is wonderful and last forever and is really lightweight!

  • ciciad2010
    ciciad2010 2 months ago

    The Nars adlw foundation is def not similar to the loreal pro matte..

  • Halie Franceschina
    Halie Franceschina 2 months ago

    I feel like if you’re going to review makeup you should have people who actually know how to do makeup. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • J * M
    J * M 2 months ago

    Anyone know a good foundation/ bb cream for really dry skin?? 😩

  • Dus M. K.
    Dus M. K. 2 months ago

    Wow when I saw video I thought that Devin looks like one of these beautiful sophisticated Polish women

  • Ashlynn Medlin
    Ashlynn Medlin 2 months ago

    Wait...am I the only one that thought this would be like knockoffs of expensive brands? I though that’s what dupe meant or am I just wrong?

  • niamh
    niamh 2 months ago

    Theres so much stuff you missed like compact powder, concealer,eyeshadow,contour stick/bronzer,highlighter,lipliner,brow gel and setting spray. You didnt take full advantage of this idea.

  • Miss Cam
    Miss Cam 2 months ago

    I use that L’Oréal infallible paint and the only problem is it dries more as the day goes on and creases.

  • alijosha gustin
    alijosha gustin 2 months ago

    In Switzerland the brow gel costs 4 dollars😂

  • Ella Mascariña Channel

    My foundation cost $3 hehehe

  • Eline Drinkenburg
    Eline Drinkenburg 2 months ago

    Omg essence is so expensive in America 😲

  • Babie Millan
    Babie Millan 2 months ago

    3:56 lol

  • _lílÿ.vãê_
    _lílÿ.vãê_ 2 months ago

    5:13 omg I own that lol I love it

  • Chris Wallace
    Chris Wallace 2 months ago

    This video sucked 🤢!

  • Slimey Ceebs
    Slimey Ceebs 2 months ago

    You should have just said expensive vs cheaper not dupe. Nars is a water base and L’Oréal is a creamier type. For the lipsticks one was a liquid and one was a stick like an actual hard in tact one . This video is very messy

  • Charly DeCuir
    Charly DeCuir 2 months ago

    Wait I’m so confused right now is it “N, Y, X” or “NYX”(nex)

  • Theturtleowl
    Theturtleowl 2 months ago

    Essence of $10.27?!

  • Kiara Amaro
    Kiara Amaro 2 months ago

    Camera's crooked

  • Jillian Crane
    Jillian Crane 2 months ago

    It’s pronounced NIX not

  • Amber Liversidge
    Amber Liversidge 2 months ago

    Although the dupes are cheaper the more expensive makeup is better for your skin

  • DG
    DG 2 months ago

    WHAT ESSENCE COST 10 DOLLARS ?! In germany its only like 2 oder 3 Euros 😧

    MALONNIE SMALL 2 months ago

    Oof my name is Malonnie

  • lifeasbeth
    lifeasbeth 3 months ago

    Essence is not $10 it’s literally $3 at ulta 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Kitten Heels
    Kitten Heels 3 months ago

    Who's here for Kristin - she's my favourite from ladylike xD her humour is on point! hahaha

  • Amy
    Amy 3 months ago

    Right, the inaccuracies of this video have been pointed out by many people. But I'd also like to point out that essence make me brow is WAY better than the review they gave it. I use it all the time and know several others who do too. It's not sticky or clumpy and the only thing I can assume that made it that way for these people is by applying FAR too much.

  • Dunja Milenkovic
    Dunja Milenkovic 3 months ago

    Essence brow gel is 2-3$ not 10😂

  • Maya Hernandez
    Maya Hernandez 3 months ago

    Oh my God I have the same NYX lipstick! It is awesome

  • Lana Larsen
    Lana Larsen 3 months ago +1

    Why are all of the comments hate or criticism. If your gonna comment it should suggestions or nice things😘

  • heather wilkerson
    heather wilkerson 3 months ago

    Yo that essence brow is $4 not $11

  • Tati Scribbles
    Tati Scribbles 3 months ago

    None of these were dupes what happened here? I'm genuinely confused

  • Sarah Chan
    Sarah Chan 3 months ago

    Yall what is this mess

  • Scarlet Cosplay
    Scarlet Cosplay 3 months ago

    Essence is so expensive in the usa! here in europe it's like 3-4 euros/dollars

  • Cheezy Cheese
    Cheezy Cheese 3 months ago

    for everyone saying the first ones aren't dupes, none of them really are, it's cheap vs expensive basically, it's not that hard to figure out

  • NaSaDaism
    NaSaDaism 3 months ago

    Here I was expecting the lipstick to be trying the 'dupe-ness' of wet n wilds liquid catsuit vs. jsc velour liquid lipstick or something like that. and it was a cream lip that never dries matte compared to kvd . . . .

  • Kathleen Bacon
    Kathleen Bacon 3 months ago

    NYX lipstick dries out my lips :(

  • Cameron Males
    Cameron Males 3 months ago

    the essence brow gel is under $3 lol not 10

  • JennaHasYoutube
    JennaHasYoutube 3 months ago

    All the comments are on how this video isn’t about dupes and the only thing I can focus on is that fact that Devin said N-Y-X, it’s pronounced NYX (NI-SKS)

  • JellyfishWizard
    JellyfishWizard 3 months ago

    i don't think y'all understand what a dupe is

  • Singing_with_zaina Xx
    Singing_with_zaina Xx 3 months ago

    It’s not N Y X u pronounce it like nix

  • Paula Bauer
    Paula Bauer 3 months ago

    in german the essence brow gel cost like up to 3 dollars

  • Loreena L
    Loreena L 3 months ago

    This essence product is more than 10$ in the US? Omg😲 it's a German brand and here it's like 2,45€ I think

  • Amber Rosch
    Amber Rosch 3 months ago

    umm the kat von d liquid lip is 20 not 27

  • kat13potter
    kat13potter 3 months ago

    You can get the wet n wild eyeliner for $1 at the dollar tree

  • Jenna Bachman
    Jenna Bachman 3 months ago

    girl that essence brow isn’t $10.27 it’s $3.50 on ulta

  • gracie sitter
    gracie sitter 3 months ago

    I really hope Kristen got to keep the Kay von d lip bc it looks so nice on her

  • aznfangrl612
    aznfangrl612 3 months ago

    I have both the nars and loreal foundation. The nars really has amazing coverage though

  • Raven De Sayles
    Raven De Sayles 3 months ago

    Oh noooo not kat von d

  • Alex'sBeautyBash
    Alex'sBeautyBash 3 months ago +1

    It’s pronounced nix😂😂. You aren’t supposed to say the letters😂

  • Shahir Sultan
    Shahir Sultan 3 months ago

    But for Australian L’Oreal is still $25 to $36

  • Susan OBrien
    Susan OBrien 3 months ago

    Wet and wild Mega glow Stick blush in Peach Bum is an EXACT dupe for NARs Orgasm blush!

  • pnut bro
    pnut bro 3 months ago

    "You have very nice skin....I...have skin

  • Dusia Sulikowska
    Dusia Sulikowska 3 months ago

    Essece make me brow is way better that benefit and its cruelty free

  • brightest star
    brightest star 3 months ago

    christen swapped sides I think. love the vid tho xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Meadow Jo
    Meadow Jo 3 months ago

    A great Instagram page to find dupes is dupe boss. They compared the nars foundation to the elf fountain. They got ripped of on the essence brows I got mine on at ulta for 3 dollars. Devins foundation is 2 different colors and it bugs me. IT IS NOT A DUPE IF THEY ARE DIFFERENT COLORS!!!

  • Sadie-Marie Lefebvre
    Sadie-Marie Lefebvre 3 months ago

    Nars blush and elf blush’s are dupes

  • Erika McNeill
    Erika McNeill 3 months ago

    Who decided that these where "dupe" products? This video should be 10 minutes longer, and in that time they do research, watch videos, and so on to explain these dupes. Maybe they also go to Sephora and get them to give a recommendation on some dupes. Idk, what happened here. Also, what happened to having all the Ladylike Women in every video...