• Published on Apr 14, 2019
  • Someone has awakened the darkness.
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  • kun levi
    kun levi 2 hours ago


  • UI sonic
    UI sonic 8 hours ago

    This cant be

  • Ok
    Ok 12 hours ago

    The meatly and Joey drew studios: *releases the new bendy game*
    Matpat: *ah shit here we go again*

  • Kevin Goodman
    Kevin Goodman 13 hours ago

    Henry: "Aw, sh*t here we go again"

  • Woomy Toons
    Woomy Toons 16 hours ago +1

    0:57 Oh that instrument returns! Music to my ears!

  • Devon TheHedgehog
    Devon TheHedgehog 16 hours ago

    But why chapters I’d rather wait for the full game to come out

  • Bob Derpy
    Bob Derpy 16 hours ago +1

    Please make a good ending where you can save Alice and at the end will be a sing That says ,,you saved her,, wich would mean That Alice in the real batim would be fake one

  • Susie The Dino
    Susie The Dino 17 hours ago


  • 『 HorrorFreak 』
    『 HorrorFreak 』 18 hours ago


  • Star Lord?
    Star Lord? 19 hours ago

    If i would be Henry, I would say "NOPE"

  • Daiana Marina
    Daiana Marina 19 hours ago

    666 views....seems legit..

  • xXWndashinhoXx ABS
    xXWndashinhoXx ABS 19 hours ago

    666 visualizations....

  • Logan Pettit
    Logan Pettit 19 hours ago


  • Nonoon X
    Nonoon X 19 hours ago

    666 666 views 😑

  • Jidai Ongaku
    Jidai Ongaku 19 hours ago


  • Влад Холодков

    Bendy return is new form

  • ImSoR
    ImSoR 20 hours ago

    **i can already hear matpat furiously typing**

  • Colin Dimensions
    Colin Dimensions 20 hours ago

    0:53 long time no see

  • Galaxy master
    Galaxy master 20 hours ago

    I thought this was all over but that I knew there had to be a part two

  • Naomy's drawings
    Naomy's drawings 21 hour ago

    Dark deception:exist*
    Bendy:sup wanna join?
    Dark deception:mmmm why not?

  • sains sjsbdbdbd
    sains sjsbdbdbd 21 hour ago

    Is because the 2th ink machine?

  • Manuel Avila
    Manuel Avila 21 hour ago

    The meatly is it going to be on ps4

  • StabbedMedicine
    StabbedMedicine 22 hours ago

    Are we gonna get to make decisions in the game?!?

  • MizoMeme
    MizoMeme 22 hours ago

    Me:So, There is a New Bendy Game Coming?, When?

    TheMeatly: *Yes*

  • harry gaming
    harry gaming 23 hours ago

    Ok,ok but,what the hell is that game i really wanna play it what is the date of the chapter 1 upload?!📖🕯🕯🔍😈😈

  • Jesus Manuel Granados Frescas

    What:o bendy and the dark revival

    INK BENDY Day ago

    I can not wait to see the beautiful trailer of this new delivery of bendy ;)

  • 日地下一展
    日地下一展 Day ago

    4/14 ? ouo

  • Bendy The dancing demon

    Trailer today? That’s what I saw on instagram

  • Tim Tam YT
    Tim Tam YT Day ago


  • Thegoldte FanfLover


  • Xxwolfie ツ
    Xxwolfie ツ Day ago +1

    Henry beating chapter 5:thank god is over
    Themeatly:*release,s bendy and the dark revival*
    Henry:welp here we go again

  • Asia Gay
    Asia Gay Day ago

    Hey does Jack know about this or did he a hint about it?

  • Flavio Aparecudo Damaceno

    ;-----; fool and horror fear

  • WindowsXP2005
    WindowsXP2005 Day ago

    This is like opposite of Undertale, Where the first game had you make choices, and in Deltarune your choices don't matter. In Bendy its switched around. I'm so hyped for The Dark Revival!! I can't wait!!

  • lord of Ink games
    lord of Ink games Day ago +4
    New BATDR trailer. Press the blue words!

  • Yasssin Kootbb
    Yasssin Kootbb Day ago

    Meatly:*makes batdr trailer*
    Henry:aww shit here we go again

  • Issy GachaLife
    Issy GachaLife Day ago

    What the fuck i’ve needed this😭

  • Black And Yellow Gamer

    Wait shouldn't Bendy be calld the bacon soup demon?

  • Black And Yellow Gamer

    Objective:EAT THAT SOUP!

  • Black And Yellow Gamer

    Next year:bendy sees the BATDR trailer
    Henry:got a text
    Text:bendy:i live bich

  • [GD] Jᴏʜᴀɴ0101

    See you tomorrow...

  • JKeira Henry
    JKeira Henry Day ago


  • Thiago 186
    Thiago 186 Day ago

    Bendy 6 plasse

  • SuperSonicXD :
    SuperSonicXD : 2 days ago

    The little devil darling won't give up his war effort

  • A M
    A M 2 days ago

    I like the music the best

  • Naman yadav
    Naman yadav 2 days ago

    Please make it Android version also like you did with batim

    JAKEBLOX30011 PRO 2 days ago


  • Zunete Noronha
    Zunete Noronha 2 days ago

    Okay but is long time is not published one trailer or cartoon i know is busy but we want see something new

  • Petrovo SCP Foundation.

    100% Unity.

  • Jhoel Cruz
    Jhoel Cruz 2 days ago

    Hola yo soy un gran fan de bendy y cuando saldrá el nuevo juego de bendy estoy perdiendo la pansiensia 😭😭😭😭

  • Your Boi Vince Gaming
    Your Boi Vince Gaming 2 days ago +1

    Bendy and the dark revival: **exists**
    Henry: You are invading my personal space

  • HongoGD ツ
    HongoGD ツ 2 days ago +1

    New game, new Bendy

  • Movies for a Nickel
    Movies for a Nickel 2 days ago

    OMG Awesome!

    CARLOS ALARCON 2 days ago

    Ooooooo Yes, New Game Bendy

  • Karen Alcala
    Karen Alcala 2 days ago


  • TheSovietFlag&AnthemGuy 234

    Chapter one: The Next Reel

  • Night Black
    Night Black 2 days ago

    *HOLY SHI-*

  • Bendy Ink
    Bendy Ink 3 days ago


    lease date pls

  • maria amor esguerra
    maria amor esguerra 3 days ago


  • leFarfelu
    leFarfelu 3 days ago

    MEATLY !!!! I LOVE U !!! x"""

  • Ashlynn Flure
    Ashlynn Flure 3 days ago

    Oh god, I can't wait!!! Finally, I got to play the first one now. I am so ready to play the second!!

  • Logan Salas
    Logan Salas 3 days ago +1

    Oh and what is the monster on 0:52

    • lord of Ink games
      lord of Ink games 22 hours ago

      @Bendy Ink actually it's the piper, you can tell by the boot, head shape, way it strikes, hair, long mouth, and ears.

    • Bendy Ink
      Bendy Ink 3 days ago

      it's bendy but shrouded in darkness and moving really fast so you can't tell

  • Logan Salas
    Logan Salas 3 days ago +3

    Can you make a Bendy and the Ink Machine Movie?

  • Brittaney Azzalina
    Brittaney Azzalina 3 days ago

    Me when I beat chapter 5: HELL YEAH. Me when I see the trailer for the new game: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK

  • Cass_ Luv_5446
    Cass_ Luv_5446 3 days ago


  • The Elite Ink Demon
    The Elite Ink Demon 3 days ago

    In like July can u tell when it’s gonna release

    • lord of Ink games
      lord of Ink games Day ago

      Here's the release date

  • ツkinagaaruhシン
    ツkinagaaruhシン 3 days ago +2

    bendy and the ink machine i fan! joey the game mobile free!!

  • francesco leggieri
    francesco leggieri 4 days ago


  • Hena Hanou
    Hena Hanou 4 days ago

    if there is a genuis in here reading my comment please use your brain to tell me the Month of the descent of the game

  • Sadia Delly
    Sadia Delly 4 days ago +1

    Guys did you see the jump scare in the end its like the old model of bendy i mean the beta bendy slaps the camera just look closley

  • yudi yehezkiel
    yudi yehezkiel 4 days ago

    When it released i wait this longer

  • SONIC and his crazy friends

    And is that a new character we see in the the trailer

  • SONIC and his crazy friends

    Is bending your mascot

  • Rhys Thomas Fortnite
    Rhys Thomas Fortnite 4 days ago +4

    The time has come! :) The Little Devil Darlin' is back to cause more trouble. :D Bendy and the Dark Revival

  • king creeper blue
    king creeper blue 4 days ago

    Can you do a batim texture pack for Minecraft please? For everyone that has played your games. And if some members that is helping designing bendy and the dark revival played Minecraft or have children that played Minecraft then it's the best thing for you and your development team to have a bendy and the ink machine texture pack.

  • Jaz Waz
    Jaz Waz 5 days ago +1

    Can’t wait 😃

  • Blaze_newage 1243
    Blaze_newage 1243 5 days ago +7

    Henry : kills bendy
    Bendy still alive
    Henry : aw shit here we go again

  • Al Connor
    Al Connor 5 days ago

    If you listen closely you can hear matpat screaming in happieness

  • Braden Desanzo
    Braden Desanzo 5 days ago

    i hope the plot is good

  • Cikgu Zul
    Cikgu Zul 5 days ago

    Man the first game was kinda EPIC.Now they added a more EPIC game.I cant wait for it to realease
    ( Oh yeah i dont have a pc :(

  • Im an egg
    Im an egg 5 days ago +6

    Henry: its over

    BATDR: yes but actually no

  • Bendy and friends
    Bendy and friends 5 days ago

    Me:The Video Donset Have Captions!
    (Really Press In The There Dots Thingy And You Will See Captions)

  • Kimmie H
    Kimmie H 5 days ago

    Is that a new game you are coming out with

  • Rainbow Bend
    Rainbow Bend 5 days ago


  • KIKILOTTA1 _batim_
    KIKILOTTA1 _batim_ 5 days ago +6

    BATIM: 5 chapter is end
    Fandom: No! Why!? *sniff*
    Joey drew studios: BENDY and the DARK revival
    Fandom: *loud screming*

  • Novian Cliff
    Novian Cliff 6 days ago

    Why did bendy killed cuphead

  • Felipe Andree Cuenca Gallardo

    I hope you get more trailers of bendy and the dark porphyry Revival

  • Kacchan Katsuki
    Kacchan Katsuki 6 days ago

    *my lord is coming back*

  • Paul Burks
    Paul Burks 6 days ago

    if Mike mood does see this please. Put something about my favorite character in to the new game. And sammy is my favorite character. The funny thing is the person that plays sammy has my name Landon. But I hope you guys at kindly beast . and joey drew studios good luck making your awesome horrer games

  • Zade 356
    Zade 356 6 days ago +4

    Ya saca otro video de BATDR(bendy and the dark revivan)

  • Orginal Ink Demon Gamer

    There getting involve 😨😨😨😨😈

  • sophie keefe
    sophie keefe 6 days ago

    Maybe I'll sound like a total retard...but I just gotta know

    When is the release date ÙwÚ?!

  • Landons Vlogs
    Landons Vlogs 6 days ago

    Spider what ever your name is it’s hello darkness smiled friend

  • Landons Vlogs
    Landons Vlogs 6 days ago


  • Junior Games
    Junior Games 6 days ago

    Cadê os vídeos de bendy and The ink machine

  • Bleak Bendy
    Bleak Bendy 6 days ago


  • MeKayla Bautista
    MeKayla Bautista 6 days ago

    Demons vs Angels I'm on team Angels

  • Elliking #2
    Elliking #2 6 days ago

    Dreams really do come true ✨✨🥳🤩 (I honestly was dreaming about a new game for bendy and wished it wouldn’t end )and it worked :D I’m so happy 😭🥳😂