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  • Published on Dec 30, 2018
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    100 People Tell Us a Joke | Keep it 100 | Cut
    #Cut #KeepIt100 #Challenge
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Comments • 4 876

  • Martina Rosa
    Martina Rosa 2 hours ago

    3:02 that's Italian
    The joke is 'd u know where Philadelphia is?' 'in the fridge'
    Referring to Philadelphia the cheese

  • Kermit
    Kermit 4 hours ago +1

    Why did the boy drop his ice-cream?

    *because he got hit by a truck*

    • Kermit
      Kermit 4 hours ago

      Wtf i didnt watch the whole video she stole my joke

  • Da Farrow
    Da Farrow 5 hours ago

    3:32 is fuckin wrong on so many levels especially with that stoic kind of tone

  • Oscar
    Oscar 9 hours ago

    I’ve got a joke

    Read more

  • 10,000 subscribers with two videos?

    -guess what?

    -chickens butt

  • 10,000 subscribers with two videos?

    Ah Humpty Dumpty Ah fell on a wall

    DiD hE gET bAcK Up?

  • Ori Shoval
    Ori Shoval 12 hours ago

    How does a nut sneeze
    (I told this to myself and I legit laughed for 15 minutes)

  • Ethan Sutherland
    Ethan Sutherland 23 hours ago

    What do you call a cow two legs

    Your mom

  • N R K
    N R K Day ago

    2:33 Better joke of the video

  • Messer Gerald
    Messer Gerald Day ago +1

    Sai dov'è la Philadelphia?
    -in frigo

  • SiennaGz
    SiennaGz Day ago +1

    Tell me a joke

    Me: *my life*

  • simonthe homosapien

    How many babies does it take to paint a wall

    -depends on how-
    -hard you throw-

    -im sorry-

  • Misto evidence
    Misto evidence 2 days ago

    3:50 omg

  • bryan De Zeeuw
    bryan De Zeeuw 2 days ago +1

    A blind guy walks into a bar, and a chair...and a table.

  • puma
    puma 2 days ago

    Two blondes walk into a bar, you would think the second one would have noticed.

  • Nicholas Liu
    Nicholas Liu 2 days ago

    Lakers got LeBron but not LeBrains

  • Olivia Jasek
    Olivia Jasek 2 days ago +1

    Why did Timmy drop his ice cream joke?
    -because he got hit by a bus
    What do you call a dog without legs?
    -it doesn't matter what you call it, it isn't coming.

  • Pannari
    Pannari 2 days ago

    What did a handless boy get as a christmas present?

    We dont know he hasnt opened his present yet.

  • RizkyMariant
    RizkyMariant 2 days ago

    1:03 that _jesus christ_ is my whole mood while watching this video

  • Lin Kesler
    Lin Kesler 3 days ago +4

    What do you call a lesbian dinosaur?
    My favorite joke

  • Jasmine & Collin
    Jasmine & Collin 3 days ago

    The ant joke killed me 😂😭

  • Chastity W
    Chastity W 3 days ago

    i love watching these videos when i’m high. these people are so funny 😂

  • ᴄ-ɢᴀɴɢ AutoClickruhhh

    Why is 10 dead?

    Cuz it was in the middle of 9/11

  • Sharon Aiisido
    Sharon Aiisido 4 days ago

    Im asking the man behind the camera, do you fake laugh every time it's not funny?

  • JNS 2
    JNS 2 4 days ago +2

    Tell me a joke
    *My LIFE*

  • JNS 2
    JNS 2 4 days ago +2

    0:49..."I like to listen to jokes, but not to tell jokes because I don't remember them!"
    That's me, BRUH! But my unconscious antics make people laugh anyway...😂😂😂

  • notJoseGuzman
    notJoseGuzman 4 days ago +1

    Not mine but...
    1: Truth or Dare?
    2: Dare.
    1: I dare you to lose weight.

  • juukkelis puukkelis pruu

    How many babies do you need to paint a house

    It depends on how hard you throw

  • Adamcflurry
    Adamcflurry 5 days ago

    3:01 someone wanna translate this shit

  • Salomé Venema
    Salomé Venema 5 days ago +3

    Ask me if i’m a carrot
    ‘Are you a carrot?’
    No i’m not

  • Quavo Huncho
    Quavo Huncho 5 days ago

    Whats worse than 10 kids in a trashcan

    One kid in 10 trashcans

  • Sharps 10’s
    Sharps 10’s 5 days ago

    1:15 the laugh sounds like that part in the Aladdin song

  • Sukh Gill
    Sukh Gill 5 days ago +2

    What did the police say to his belly?

    YoUr UnDeR a VeSt

  • Amir Walker
    Amir Walker 5 days ago

    Bruh so many fucking unorgininal jokes

  • Fatima Ortega
    Fatima Ortega 5 days ago

    the last guy has a point

  • A Vegetable
    A Vegetable 6 days ago

    What do you call a lesbian with long fingernails?


  • FanGirl110
    FanGirl110 6 days ago

    Well i'm an idiot I don't get the first one about the canary... could someone please explain it

  • mike61499
    mike61499 6 days ago +2

    why do guys with small penises have anger issues?
    -because they have a "short fuse"

  • mike61499
    mike61499 6 days ago

    why do guys with small penises have anger issues?
    -because they have a "short fuse"

  • Kamille Rasmussen
    Kamille Rasmussen 6 days ago +14

    How did Harry Potter get down the hill?
    Jk rolling

  • Kamille Rasmussen
    Kamille Rasmussen 6 days ago +4

    What do you call a blind deer?
    No idea...

  • Evan Merino
    Evan Merino 6 days ago

    What’s the worst thing about being a pedofile trana fit in

  • BAR budget airsoft reveiw

    What did the gps say to the gay guy
    Go straight

    • Quan Anh
      Quan Anh 6 days ago

      Well gps is a homo son of a bitch

  • michelle gg
    michelle gg 6 days ago

    What did the sheet say when it fell of the bed
    Oh sheet

  • Ayeetsha
    Ayeetsha 6 days ago

    2:42 w-whats ligma?

  • Abri Bazemore
    Abri Bazemore 6 days ago

    "knock Knock...
    whos there?
    ...Yo mama..." LMBO I dont know why that was so funny

  • Juwairia Quraishi
    Juwairia Quraishi 6 days ago

    My life is a joke

  • Samuel Bulletproof
    Samuel Bulletproof 6 days ago

    Okay okay, I got one "why didn' the chicken cross the road? Cause the chicken had no guts"

  • Tony Adamec
    Tony Adamec 7 days ago +1

    5:05 I crying xdddddddd

  • Sasongko Prabasworo Anindyojati

    4:16 who is she?

  • Acacia
    Acacia 7 days ago +8

    Bill and Ken walk in a bar
    Bill orders H2O
    Ken orders H2O too
    Ken dies

    • Ender
      Ender 19 hours ago

      nice chemistry joke xD

  • Syd Haldeman
    Syd Haldeman 7 days ago +1

    I’m laughing from cringe

  • Karl Byron Bagsic
    Karl Byron Bagsic 7 days ago

    5:42 i laughed and i feel the judging look of my guardian angel from heaven radiating to me

  • JCCT Productions
    JCCT Productions 8 days ago

    3:08 I don’t get it
    Can someone explain it to me

  • Lucas Steen
    Lucas Steen 8 days ago +5

    Amy got no arms.
    Knock Knock
    - whos there?
    Not Amy.

  • IdAn Entertainment
    IdAn Entertainment 8 days ago +1


  • cartésienne
    cartésienne 8 days ago

    I laughed at almost all of these 💀💀

  • Stagerz
    Stagerz 8 days ago +27

    How did I escape from Iraq?

  • Rohan Khubchandani
    Rohan Khubchandani 8 days ago

    What does a bee wear when it’s cold?

    A yellow jacket

  • I freaking love my Chihuahua

    2:57 that was ADORABLEEE

  • Acedia
    Acedia 8 days ago

    Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was outstanding in his field.

  • Kaitlyn smith
    Kaitlyn smith 9 days ago

    I have a really important story (read the whole thing you wont regret)
    Once upon a time in a place called cheerioland, there was a regular old cheerio. Unfortunately for this little cheerio, regular cheerios were at the bottom of the cheerio land caste system. They could only get jobs like being a janitor or a garbage man, so it's not the most rewarding life to be a regular cheerio. One day the cheerio decided that he was done living a life of shame. He wanted something more for himself. So he decided to go to a tattoo parlor, and he asked the artist to tattoo him to look like a honey nut cheerio. The tattoo artist asked, are you sure? And the cheerio said, yes theres nothing I want more. So the cheerio walked out looking like a brand new honey nut cheerio. As a honey just cheerio, he had a slightly better options. He could get a job as a cashier or a waiter or be an assistant of some sort. But the cheerio decided that being a honey nut cheerio wasnt enough. So he went back to the tattoo parlor and asked the tattoo artist to make him an apple cinnamon cheerio. The artist asked, are you sure? The now honey nut cheerio said, yes. Theres nothing I want more. So a little while later he walked out as an apple cinnamon cheerio. Life as an apple cinnamon cheerio was a pretty good life. As an apple cinnamon cheerio you could get a job as a secretary or a teacher. But life as an apple cinnamon cheerio still wasnt enough. So the cheerio went back to the tattoo parlor and asked if the tattoo artist could make him a maple cheerio. The tattoo artist asked, are you sure? And the now apple cinnamon cheerio said yes, theres nothing I want more. So a few hours later, the apple cinnamon cheerio walks out as a maple cheerio. Life as a maple cheerio was an above average life. As a maple cheerio, you are well respected and can get a job as a mid rank manager or as a superintendent of a school district. But still, life as a maple cheerio wasnt enough. So the maple cheerio went to the tattoo shop and asked if he could be a frosted cheerio. The tattoo artist asked, are you sure? And the maple cheerio said yes, theres nothing I want more. So a few hours later, the maple cheerio was now a frosted cheerio. Life as a frosted cheerio was amazing. Frosted cheerios were the upper class and were highly respected. As a frosted cheerio you could get a job as a CEO or a doctor or almost any job for that matter. But this life still wasnt enough. So the frosted cheerio decided to go back to the tattoo shop and he asked the tattoo artist to make him a chocolate cheerio. The tattoo artist asked the him, are you sure? And the frosted cheerio said yes, theres nothing I've wanted more. So a couple hours later, he is now a chocolate cheerio. As a chocolate cheerio, you had the world at your fingertips. Chocolate cheerios are the celebrities and presidents. Chocolate cheerios are this top notch club most cheerios will never get into. But, since our friend was a chocolate cheerio now, he was invited into this club and to an exclusive party for only chocolate cheerios. This party the most extravagant party ever. There were tables full of food. There was a chocolate fountain. The most important cheerios in society were all at this party. Everything was exquisite. And then there was the beverages. There was lines for all of the drinks. There was a water line, a soda line, a coffee line, and a tea line, but there was no punchline.
    Thank you for allowing me to waste your time ;)

  • simplysimple
    simplysimple 9 days ago +1

    - Do you want to play the rape game?
    - No.
    - That's the spirit

  • Sicao is dead
    Sicao is dead 9 days ago

    get in the car robin.

  • Hugh Blaisdell
    Hugh Blaisdell 9 days ago

    Have you ever had Somalian food? ... Neither have they.

  • Senad Kaliman
    Senad Kaliman 10 days ago

    first joke made me click off

  • Laura Espinoza Moreno
    Laura Espinoza Moreno 10 days ago +2

    4:10 this makes me laugh every time

  • Robert E.O Speedwagon
    Robert E.O Speedwagon 10 days ago +6

    I got one: Game of thrones... season 8.... episodes 1-6

  • XxUliboneZxX
    XxUliboneZxX 10 days ago

    2:55 GORGEOUS

  • Sylvie the whalien
    Sylvie the whalien 10 days ago +30

    What does a giraffe and a toaster have in common?

    They both have a long neck except for the toaster

    • Back_to_thefuture
      Back_to_thefuture Day ago

      I swear these are the best jokes

    • Cutie.queenx .3
      Cutie.queenx .3 6 days ago +2


  • You could never
    You could never 10 days ago +27

    Why did Lil Wayne need an inhaler....?

    Because he was a Lil Weezy😂

  • CATorresS9
    CATorresS9 10 days ago +1

    I like you 5:07 girl!! Gosh 😂

  • hayden shepherd
    hayden shepherd 10 days ago

    A gay mans husband just died, and he was figuring out what he should do with the ashes of his husband. So he decided to ask his friends, one of his friends said to bury it like normal and the husband said nah too casual, another one said to send to plant trees with his ashes he said too natural. So he decided what he was going to do and he told his friends hes going to put the ashes in beans so his husband can rip his ass up one last time. hehehehe

  • KangaWangas !!!
    KangaWangas !!! 10 days ago

    Why’d the chicken cross road.... cuz he had kfc on his side

  • Everything From Nothing
    Everything From Nothing 10 days ago +2

    you can find triple A batterys in warehouse double A in work shop and double Ds in bread wrap (factory joke)

  • hannah rlu
    hannah rlu 10 days ago

    Humpth dumpty fell off the wall and border patrol got him :(

  • danny K.
    danny K. 10 days ago

    Cut: tell me a joke ?
    100 people : .....
    Cut: Edits

  • Out here Boi
    Out here Boi 11 days ago

    I would of said
    My life

  • classicqrvntt
    classicqrvntt 11 days ago +6

    what did the hamburger say when he came back from a long break?

    *lettuce ketchup*

  • janet klops
    janet klops 11 days ago

    I died at the swan joke

  • Trevor Mwendwa
    Trevor Mwendwa 11 days ago

    Some of these were just 👌

  • Caroline
    Caroline 11 days ago

    Here’s my dad’s favorite to say to EVERYONE! It’s even worst that we live in Washington, so he loves to build it up, lol.
    What’s the difference between bigfoot and the intelligent man?

    Bigfoot was spotted.

  • Nicolaas DeYager
    Nicolaas DeYager 11 days ago +7

    what did one lawyer say to the other lawyer?

    "we're both lawyers"

  • Shay McKenna
    Shay McKenna 12 days ago +3

    Wat does Hitler and the Boston marathon runners have in common

    They couldn’t finish a race

  • Krystelle Gerzon
    Krystelle Gerzon 12 days ago


  • ForeverAlone
    ForeverAlone 12 days ago

    me-my life.

  • Oli Hoeye
    Oli Hoeye 12 days ago

    3:55 that shit is so funny oh my god I can’t stop crying

  • E S
    E S 12 days ago

    Knock knock

    Read more

  • Federico Cordova
    Federico Cordova 12 days ago

    What did the buffalo say to his son as he left for college? BISON

  • Dedwinx
    Dedwinx 12 days ago

    i fell in love at 5:06 have my heart babe

  • Carolyn Gainza
    Carolyn Gainza 12 days ago

    3:28 fucking hilarious

  • Hoepez
    Hoepez 13 days ago

    1: Whats the difference between a Feminist and a Suicide vest? One actually does something when triggered
    2: The other day I was going through a school zone the other day and I hit a speed bump, but then I realized there were no speed bumps
    3: What did Cinderella say when she got to the ball? oocghkk
    4: Hey! Say all you want about Pedophiles but at least they go slow through the school zones!
    5: What was the difference between Stephen Hawking and the computer he was hooked up too? The computer actually ran
    EDIT: I accidentally put Theater and not The other on joke 2

  • chioma olewuenyi
    chioma olewuenyi 13 days ago

    How does no one notice how pretty 2:56 is

  • Bird P Jacobs
    Bird P Jacobs 13 days ago

    Who's the girl at 5:07

  • nessers xo
    nessers xo 13 days ago

    I would have so many jokes for this ugh

  • Hope Good
    Hope Good 14 days ago +1

    Them:tell me a joke
    Me:my love life 🙃😢

  • Kartoffelriegel
    Kartoffelriegel 14 days ago

    3:48 is the best

  • Pick Up The Lantern
    Pick Up The Lantern 14 days ago

    How do you spot a vegan?

    he tells you

  • Laser
    Laser 14 days ago +51

    Cut:100 people tell us a joke

    70% of the people: *hmmmm*

  • Elly Green
    Elly Green 14 days ago

    All of my Jokes are dead baby jokes or very area specific