THE PRODIGY (2019) Ending Explained

  • Published on Feb 25, 2019
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    In the supernatural thriller The Prodigy, a young hyper intelligent and gifted boy Miles (Jackson Robert Scott) is showing increasingly strange and violent behavior. As things escalate further, will his Mother (Taylor Schilling) find out the truth about her son in time to save him? Find out everything you need to know about Miles and his affliction as well as explaining the open ending.
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  • taylor lanae
    taylor lanae 3 hours ago

    It was sooo confusing at first but it was soooo gooodd i wanna see whats going on next hopefully there is a sequal

  • L0rD BiScUiT
    L0rD BiScUiT 13 hours ago

    I am writing this during a tornado god bless

  • Amplitude A
    Amplitude A 14 hours ago

    Young caustic

  • freakysample
    freakysample 2 days ago

    The antichrist has completely taken over in Hollywood.. evil directors, producers is mad story telling and stupid endings!! Save us God from this madness!

  • hina kobayashi
    hina kobayashi 3 days ago

    theres going to be a part 2 lol like the omen, the dad was trying to kill him but the cops got to the dad first because it looked so wrong for him to be trying to kill a child, same story

  • Pacific Signs
    Pacific Signs 3 days ago

    I hope there's a dam clip in class where miles loses or wins at Kahoot and pulls out a gun

  • BigRed
    BigRed 3 days ago

    I use this channel to know about horror movies that I'm to chicken to see

  • Leah Frazier
    Leah Frazier 4 days ago

    This movie is The Omen + Chucky = Prodigy

  • Arizbeth Corona
    Arizbeth Corona 4 days ago

    So the movie is kind of similar to the movie The Bad Seed ( most recent version with the little girl from the gifted movie) cause she also got away with all the stuff she died like killing people

  • Hazmatic
    Hazmatic 6 days ago

    *Chucky has left the chat*

  • KittyxDoll92
    KittyxDoll92 6 days ago

    What about the orphan? Or it doesn't count?

  • Anime Otaku
    Anime Otaku 6 days ago +1

    Im a lazy, laidback version of miles

  • Marcus Stevens
    Marcus Stevens 7 days ago

    Well, this is a first...
    No recommended videos after this. Literally just... video window and then comments section.

  • BendyTheGamingDevil
    BendyTheGamingDevil 7 days ago

    So basically child's play but chucky got andys body

  • Super meme
    Super meme 7 days ago

    I’d like to see this kid face against Brightburn

  • homhable
    homhable 7 days ago

    Anyone who watched that film with sound gets all of that just by watching it. But thanks anyway for explaining the obvious.

  • MotherOfDragonzz 123

    Yay! I’m too scared to watch this movie but I still wanted to know what happens so thanks Woop! I love this channel ♥️

  • thatguyjef
    thatguyjef 7 days ago

    Isnt this called like the "bomb under the table" thing where audience has information but the characters doesnt, only, dragged out for half of the movie

  • Andi Brain
    Andi Brain 7 days ago

    I really hate the sequel-ready ending in horror movies. I hate it so much that I stopped watching horror and thriller movies years ago. Of course other genres also employ the same tactic, but horror movies seem to be the biggest offender. Just give the audiences closure, and if the movie was successful enough to warrant a sequel, you can pick it back up from where you left off. No one will protest the lack of "sequel-ready ending", or whatever the official term is. It's completely unnecessary, IMO.

  • Joshua Askew
    Joshua Askew 8 days ago

    Only in a movie (or real life) can a white boy bash someone with a wrench and NOT get arrested

  • alissa dooley
    alissa dooley 8 days ago

    Children of the corn, those kids are scary

  • John Reeves
    John Reeves 8 days ago

    It’s so dumb where the evil child gets away with it. I mean screw the SJW community and shit. Kill that little bastard! He is evil!

  • Los Alvarado
    Los Alvarado 8 days ago

    If i was the dude that hipnotized him i woulda tell him to come on with it n once the kid tries to kill me i woulda rushed his ass n fucked him up

  • Los Alvarado
    Los Alvarado 8 days ago

    Idk why ppl be scared of the kids in these type of movies i woulda fucked the kid up with a quick 3 piece

  • u wot m8
    u wot m8 8 days ago

    1.46 its called dramatic irony

  • Joseph Bonadia
    Joseph Bonadia 9 days ago

    That's the plan from child's play with one less step

  • B Laize
    B Laize 9 days ago


    SSJX FATE 9 days ago

    So serial killer gets a happy ending? What a shit end.

  • Mark Rudis
    Mark Rudis 9 days ago

    Sooooo... It’s exactly like Child’s Play minus the doll

  • amazing_dude
    amazing_dude 10 days ago +2

    Rare footage of Thanos 4yr old

  • Spencer Curtiss
    Spencer Curtiss 10 days ago

    Actually when I saw the movie I said couldn’t figure out what the heck was happening to the kid into more parts the movie was showing me he was possessed by the killer we just saw like two minutes ago

  • Sketchy wants to die I'm not joking

    Holy shit the home alone kid is always evil

  • Crazy
    Crazy 10 days ago

    Wow his mom didn't even consider that her child might have the soul of serial killer in him??? How stupid...

  • Tianna Spence
    Tianna Spence 10 days ago

    Orphan ending explained?

  • Andruis
    Andruis 10 days ago

    That shirt is tripping me out.

  • elaiza
    elaiza 11 days ago

    So we got a supermanXgoku and chucky origins knockoffs this year....goody goody

  • super star 64
    super star 64 11 days ago +2

    i would love for this kid to meet brandon from brightbrun

  • Why Not
    Why Not 12 days ago

    So child's play skipping the doll phase

  • gamer guy
    gamer guy 12 days ago

    Mate im a slav beileve me a lot of children like paprika

  • Pig Da Coolest
    Pig Da Coolest 12 days ago

    In the sequel the mom might be reincarnated

  • Laufield
    Laufield 12 days ago

    Mom still alive and she went to prison orange is the new black

  • Panos CHEF
    Panos CHEF 13 days ago

    I swear there was a movie like this made a while ago if anyone knows let me know

  • Elio Loves Oliver
    Elio Loves Oliver 13 days ago

    Sounds there could be a sequel for this movie.

  • jeremiah lester
    jeremiah lester 13 days ago

    There should be a part two and the ending is sooooo good

  • AshuraB
    AshuraB 13 days ago

    child's play but with one less step, that's so original

  • voodoo king
    voodoo king 13 days ago

    No one else realized this is the entire plot of child’s play, only if actually works out

  • David Lewis
    David Lewis 13 days ago

    I seen this and i want to unseen this.

  • plush universe
    plush universe 14 days ago

    So miles is sarkas 2nd life

  • plush universe
    plush universe 14 days ago

    Waiting for the dead meet kill count

  • ladedade23
    ladedade23 14 days ago +1

    Where you when i wasted 12 bucks on bright burn the last 20 minutes was the best the last 5 minutes should of been the premiss of the whole movie

  • Via Wong
    Via Wong 14 days ago +186

    Miles: is born
    Serial Killer: *it’s free real estate*

  • Chad Riggs
    Chad Riggs 14 days ago

    The mom was kind of dumb, did she seriously expert the serial killer to just leave after killer the one who got away?

  • deadcobra93
    deadcobra93 14 days ago +8

    He should be the evil batman for brightburn

  • EmilyNeverGreen
    EmilyNeverGreen 14 days ago

    There’s a word for this in my language, a Baalax is what we call them. When a young child reminds us of a passed love one a lot we call them Baalax.

  • Natasha Tapia
    Natasha Tapia 15 days ago

    Eh the movie was ok

  • 7g0d_
    7g0d_ 16 days ago

    It’s nothing but a chucky movie but instead he’s in human form👎🏽

  • Joseph Lind
    Joseph Lind 17 days ago

    I felt like this was a movie that took the concept of child's play and used a real boy instead of a doll

  • cirro stratus
    cirro stratus 18 days ago

    "Breath the Pressure"...

  • Melvin Moncales
    Melvin Moncales 19 days ago

    The movie was so nice and great but I'm so disappointed in the end of the movie because the soul of the bad guy was still inside in the body of Miles...😬

  • Hoa Sam
    Hoa Sam 19 days ago +6

    I can see good son,damien,the prodigy son hanging out together in school's and having the bullies scared of them.

  • Léo Jamadi
    Léo Jamadi 19 days ago +23

    Miles is the Batman of brightburn we need a crossover

    • S. Wright
      S. Wright 6 days ago

      How do you associate this kid with the evil batman? I dont see the correlation even in a crossover.

      PIZACLATON DDD 14 days ago


  • Mario Gardin
    Mario Gardin 22 days ago +99

    brightburn is superman
    prodigy is batman
    guys we have an evil justice league coming

    • rocky 362
      rocky 362 3 days ago

      That idea is really good

    • Bleach Bottle
      Bleach Bottle 11 days ago +5

      DC would Like to:
      Know your location

  • Jin Zhi tan
    Jin Zhi tan 22 days ago

    Brightburn please

    COBRA VORTEX 23 days ago

    Do brightburn

  • James mocks trailers
    James mocks trailers 23 days ago

    Good to know my soul to take is still getting usef

  • LilNateTV
    LilNateTV 25 days ago

    I hate the ending

  • Helena Schreibman
    Helena Schreibman 25 days ago

    can u do bright burn please

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo 26 days ago

    Better than watching the movie

  • L
    L 26 days ago

    Maybe miles is just one person just a violent little shit

  • L
    L 26 days ago

    Put his ass down like a dog

  • Chloe_ Singz
    Chloe_ Singz 26 days ago

    I’m too much of a pussy to watch these on my own so this makes it seem like I’ve actually seen the movies sooo #lifehack

  • ian favors
    ian favors 28 days ago

    So miles is chucky

  • Jimin's booty is bigger than your Future

    This movie reminds me of the "Orphan"

    HERPY DERPEDY 29 days ago

    What's wrong with miles?
    Well his name was based on the imperial system I would be pissed too if I wasn't named kilometers.

  • Stephanie Lane
    Stephanie Lane Month ago

    i see a prodogy 2 in the future while some might not like the ending i thought it was good i liked it i also liked how miles won and the mom lost in a tipical child killer movie the the parents win and the bad kid losses but this time its diffrent

  • Dec. gyrrl
    Dec. gyrrl Month ago

    I started 2 watch it, but changed my mind, because I thought it would b stupid. The way u described it, it sounds like many flicks I've seen over the yrs. Glad he killed that bug.....I hate bugs😎🐜🕷

  • Gustavo Ruiz
    Gustavo Ruiz Month ago

    Looks like hidan from naruto

  • Amanda Mullins
    Amanda Mullins Month ago

    The little girl in The Bad Seed was named Rhoda, not Rhonda. Just me being picky hehe.

  • SkullGurl 123
    SkullGurl 123 Month ago +1

    This movie wasn't that good honestly and was kinda boring in my opinion. Also the whole movie they talk about the husbands dad abusing him, it seems like its going to go somewhere but it just ends after what? He yells at Miles in his class because he's not listening it's pretty dumb

    BLO0DY SMILES Month ago

    I hate movie endings like this when the main character is stopped and killed at the last second becuase of some stranger that has nothing to do with anything it's one thing if the other person knows and is working with or cant being themselves to do it. But when it's just sone guy passing by or a cop that was called in (by the hero by the way) and kills the hero it's just like really? It's so stupid and not clever and has no weight to anything just leaving you pissed off that this outsider came out of nowhere I didnt come to the movie to watch a preson who didnt even have screen time come in and stop everything I want the evil person or the good person to win.

  • susanne bradley
    susanne bradley Month ago

    I was reincarnated . I remember how I died .

  • MrRaGGooK1llA
    MrRaGGooK1llA Month ago

    this movie was GARBOW

  • Jacob Staten
    Jacob Staten Month ago

    So why was he so fixated on hands?

  • Jacob Staten
    Jacob Staten Month ago

    I guess they should have saved that opening scene for later on when the mom gets the information.

  • Emanuel F.
    Emanuel F. Month ago

    In the beginning I was thinking about the fallout new Vegas intro

  • Lois Pasion
    Lois Pasion Month ago

    Sarka was taking lessons from Kurama on trying to avoid death

  • Lois Pasion
    Lois Pasion Month ago +8

    antisocial or not, that boy has some rad sketching skills

  • level1 Doodle Dude
    level1 Doodle Dude Month ago

    0:17 brightburn wants to play

  • Lois Pasion
    Lois Pasion Month ago

    Death the Kid has been triggered

  • GCT10/31/1990
    GCT10/31/1990 Month ago

    Wh... What? Why would you're time of death matching with birth of life transfer a soul from one to the other? Regardless of if soul transfer is possible you shouldn't just be able to jump into one body simply because it's a baby, that baby was born with a soul too lol, what does buddy need the wifi password to get into the baby's body and kick out the original soul? Very stupid concept

  • Giant Penis head
    Giant Penis head Month ago

    1:14 voice crack

  • Tens
    Tens Month ago +3

    Cringey acting from the start. I stopped watching it after 10mins then USclipd the ending here. Thanks.

  • pahz place
    pahz place Month ago

    This is the perfect example of why one who doesn't understand the Who, what and why of certain things.....should not be listening and getting carried away with what strangers tell them! Doesn't matter if they're psychiatrist or psychologist that have whatever belief. As often times most professionals as such use cookie cut methods in an attempt to solve/decifer things and people their minds are not use addition to whatever "mystery" or that which their brain is not equipped to discern, recognize or handle! As each person and their case/situation is different. Listening to what she was told by the female professional and the male psychiatrist (that involved reincarnation and the pattern of such possession that her son was involved in) basically drove this mother insane, to the point that she didn't even think anything her reasoning was off. As if she was thinking straight, (being that she has recognized and already experienced first hand the odd and malevolent behavior of her son. She should have taken an approach that was sound in judgement for a more realist outcome. It's typical for most people to be drawn in and easily deceived. As most people will try to reason with someone/something that isn't interested in reasoning. I'm sure that there will be a prodigy 2. As his father won't be seeking a happy ending and more than likely when he becomes conscious (even if he can't remember everything in detail about what his son did to him) he will defensively not want any involvement when it comes to mining him. Because unlike his mother that felt she could fix things (thanks to the doctors "insight" and "guidance"..........believing that he knew and understood something he never experienced first hand, neither had control of. He gave her hope, leading her to believe something that wasn't even true.

  • jes pla
    jes pla Month ago +1

    Ugh disappointed with the ending but that's a horror

  • L RD
    L RD Month ago

    Where is the explanation? This video recreates the film, doesn't explain anything. I'm disappointed...

  • Jhope's Sunshine
    Jhope's Sunshine Month ago

    The human version of Chunky

  • Luke Montgomery
    Luke Montgomery Month ago

    It was so bad it's good. I think I laughed at a couple scenes that were ment to be scary...

  • Rich Dee
    Rich Dee Month ago

    Lifted from the craptastic My Soul To Take?

  • Ambuj Bansal
    Ambuj Bansal Month ago

    So how did the cops not get involved with a kid beating a kid with a wrench? I'm sure someone must have told also the dad stab? Lastly the random farmer. It sounds like he was just watching them the whole time.

  • ateez//block b
    ateez//block b Month ago

    its funny when not even a single cop appeared in this movie (except the very start where they killed edward) despite miles almost killing his father and bashing a classmate with a wrench