Warm Bodies (2013 Movie) Official Trailer - Teresa Palmer, Nicholas Hoult, John Malkovich

  • Published on Oct 5, 2018
  • He's still dead but he's getting warmer. Warm Bodies, starring Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, John Malkovich and Analeigh Tipton.
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    A funny new twist on a classic love story, WARM BODIES is a poignant tale about the power of human connection. After a zombie epidemic, R (a highly unusual zombie) encounters Julie (a human survivor), and rescues her from a zombie attack. Julie sees that R is different from the other zombies, and as the two form a special relationship in their struggle for survival, R becomes increasingly more human - setting off an exciting, romantic, and often comical chain of events that begins to transform the other zombies and maybe even the whole lifeless world.
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Comments • 11

  • Steven Mora
    Steven Mora 8 months ago

    I hated this movies when I was child because it’s so trash

  • Aventator
    Aventator 8 months ago


  • StonefieldOfHearts
    StonefieldOfHearts 8 months ago +1

    Why did they re release a trailer for a 5 year old movie?

  • Nightmare Gaming
    Nightmare Gaming 8 months ago

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  • chalupa supreme
    chalupa supreme 8 months ago +1

    Rom Zom, romantic zomedy

  • Nameless
    Nameless 8 months ago

    Somebody forgot the rest?

  • The Ghost of Winterfell
    The Ghost of Winterfell 8 months ago +1

    Who gives a shit about this movie?! Give us the Hellboy trailer!

  • Duke Damage
    Duke Damage 8 months ago +7

    Why does it just cut short like it glitches at the end?! Lol

  • Story Of life
    Story Of life 8 months ago +5

    Why the hell os the trailer reuoloaded

    VIRAL VIDEOS 8 months ago +1

    It's very scary 😂😂😱😱

  • Wb Mof
    Wb Mof 8 months ago