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Your smile is my most favorite thing in this world | lofi hip hop

  • Published on Jan 5, 2018
  • artwork by : 정효천 Jeong Hyocheon

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    00:00 ROOK1e-Grape Soda
    01:36 Future James- Pure imagination
    06:03 Jinsang -Summer's day V2
    09:02 Elijah who- I still get butterflies
    11:09 Elijah who-when you're near me
    13:06 ROOK1E-if only
    14:14 hentaidesu- i'm fine

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  • cribblingdepression
    cribblingdepression  Year ago +1112

    Hello guys. How was your day today and what did you do?I hope all was good and if not then that's okay too. you have many days in front you that will be good to you so look forward to it and don't lose hope~
    edit: y'all so cute in the comments mdhdkfhr
    00:00 ROOK1e-Grape Soda ( the intro is from this video at 03:25
    01:36 Future Jmaes- Pure imagination.
    06:03 Jinsang -Summer's day V2
    09:02 Elijah who- I still get butterflies
    11:09 Elijah who-when you're near me
    13:06 ROOK1E-if only
    14:14 hentaidesu- i'm fine

    • Babylove Dominique
      Babylove Dominique Month ago

      Lovely! 💞💎

    • aquariol
      aquariol 3 months ago

      Hello, your playlists make my day, thank you, i adore your channel

    • Alkaella
      Alkaella 5 months ago

      cribblingdepression 1

    • Delron
      Delron 6 months ago +1

      Girlfriend upset about something she couldnt control and its been effecting her alot i just hope that i get to see her smile again soon

    • Hwan Kim
      Hwan Kim 9 months ago


  • DADAMON 99
    DADAMON 99 17 hours ago

  • DADAMON 99
    DADAMON 99 17 hours ago

    Nice :)

  • Dxrespectx
    Dxrespectx Day ago

    Smiling is not just for pictures its pretty much for everything.

  • Jhøangel
    Jhøangel 2 days ago

    The first lo-fi that I heard. :)

  • 3ARTHQU4K3
    3ARTHQU4K3 2 days ago

    Im almost sure that nobody will read this but anyway it’s cool to talk. It’s almost will be a year that Im in a new school. I had some crushes from the start of the school. Before the end of the first semester I realized that I liked this tall boy with curly hair. He’s always with his friends so I don’t talk to him a lot. Im super shy and the only times I’m with him it’s when the teachers put us in the same groups. Anyway, I don’t know how to talk to him and I don’t think he loves me. Maybe should I give up? I don’t know

    • 3ARTHQU4K3
      3ARTHQU4K3 14 hours ago

      ru Thanks i’ll try :)
      Man this afternoon the teachers just told us that next year some students won’t be in the same class anymore... and this boy won’t be in my class ;(

    • ru
      ru 15 hours ago

      Don't give up.
      Start by being friends. Just say a casual hi whenever u walk past him. Let him know you're interested.
      Cuz if u don't , he might never will.
      Also even if he doesn't end up liking you back u won't regret it cuz u tried :)

  • majesticshrimp
    majesticshrimp 2 days ago

    I'm in love with this boy and I'm pretty sure he returns the feelings but
    a lot of girls like him
    that are my friends
    I don't wanna hurt yall
    they don't know
    I haven't told them YET
    I'm gonna confess to him
    sorry gals

  • Mr. What?
    Mr. What? 4 days ago

    If only i can forgive myself so i can start a journey of finding love

  • Claudio C.R Rizzonelli

    ⁣⛅ ☁ ☁  ☁  🚁   ✈
    🏢🏤_🏬_ / |_\🏫🏢🌳🌳
    🏡⁣🏥🏦  /   |🚖\ 🏠🌳🏡
    🏡🏡🏪 /    | 🚘\ 🏪🏨
    💒 🏨 /     |    \ 🏡🏩

  • toxicneymar12 Forza horizon 4

    This music helps me chill out 😀

  • bitchesfixedhearts
    bitchesfixedhearts 5 days ago +1

    1:01 this is for me.

  • şevval
    şevval 5 days ago

    i do not love anyone. i have no crush. i just love listening this lol

  • Eric Huggins
    Eric Huggins 6 days ago

    I like this one.

  • Jah Reeno
    Jah Reeno 6 days ago

    Pray for KD

  • Mohammad Mehrabuzzaman

    I used to bop my head to this...

    Now, im just crying to her memories..

  • yoymoonstar
    yoymoonstar 8 days ago

    음악에심취중 🥰비오는 월욜새벽 ... 아침아 오지마

  • MO Castro
    MO Castro 8 days ago

    This mix just has me.. Soo Beautiful ♥️ thank you soo much you have no idea how this heals me 🙂

  • MO Castro
    MO Castro 8 days ago

    Man this mix has me.. Soo Beautiful ♥️

  • MO Castro
    MO Castro 8 days ago

    Man this mix has me.. Soo Beautiful ♥️

  • Hayme Allarse
    Hayme Allarse 8 days ago

    can i use this with my page? sir?

  • -Depression-
    -Depression- 8 days ago +1

    This song is just

    • luis γ
      luis γ 8 days ago

      -Depression- mexicoooo

  • •KaïtoFox •
    •KaïtoFox • 9 days ago

    Hey everybody, I know you might not see this but, I just want To tell you that you're cute. And i wanted To talk about my story with my girl friend.. i'm gay and it's hard for me To hide it. I dont want my sis To know it cuz i know that she would just say that its weird for me To be in love with a girl.
    I remember, i was talking a lot with my friend (who became my gf) and.. I just kind fell in love with her.... I dont live in the same country as her But.. I wish i could hug her..
    She's the kindest person i've ever met and i love Her so much. She was always here for me even when i tried To look normal que knew something wasn't right. Even yesterday, I thought of buying drugs, and we were talking for hours about that... I just wanted To end my life cuz its been a while my life has no sense anymore...
    But she helped me To Feel better, made my heart beat again, made it be alive, and... I just love Her so much...So i just wanted To say if she sees this...

    Thank you, so much...

  • Corazon _thecactus
    Corazon _thecactus 9 days ago

    When I heard this , I want fall in love 😍❤️

  • Vía Láctea
    Vía Láctea 9 days ago

    this comment section is so heart fluttering and positive! it's so nice to be in this part of youtube

  • himiyii
    himiyii 10 days ago

    maybe i thought we were in love maybe i was wrong . i loved him but he left me .

  • Hæčkën Čøstå
    Hæčkën Čøstå 11 days ago

    I'm Mr. Lonely

  • Roger DizZz
    Roger DizZz 11 days ago

    Me and my girlfriend driving to the beach 😍

  • Theroseboy11
    Theroseboy11 11 days ago

    L O V E
    I S
    T H E
    C U R E

  • Mo Barnes
    Mo Barnes 12 days ago

    "First love does not mean best love."
    These are some lyrics from a song called Welcome to Castle Irwell by Crywank.
    I want you all to remember that it's possible to fall in love again after a break up with someone you loved deeply.
    I broke up with someone I was SO in love with. I was so messed up for SIX months. (I usually move on quickly cause I'm cold hearted)
    But then I met my current bf. He treats me so much better and I'm even more in love with him.
    So try not to feel like you'll never fall in love again or that they were the one because even if you thought the relationship was perfect, someone else will show you how even more perfect it can be.
    Thank you for coming to my Ted talk
    Sincerely, a 20 year old dude on the internet.

  • Isaac Chavez
    Isaac Chavez 12 days ago +1

    Just graduated from high school last time i will see my crush from middle school i loved her from the beginning her smile and her hair her kind nature i saw her loose her self got more lonely and more antisocial as we grew i wish I could of said something but all I could of done was watch her brake even more by every year last time i saw her was last Friday graduation day I just wish i can tell how i feel ......... I just wish 💫

  • Rico Gros
    Rico Gros 13 days ago

    why does 7:38 remind me so much of soviet anthem

  • SarcastiCat
    SarcastiCat 13 days ago

    Everyone out here talking about their crush well this is how I feel about my dog.

  • Gery Anggoro
    Gery Anggoro 14 days ago

    Anyone know? What's the anime or manga in the background?

  • Rico Gros
    Rico Gros 14 days ago

    Lofi community is so beautiful omg

  • Italia Allen
    Italia Allen 14 days ago +2

    All these people in the comments in love or loved someone and I'm just here listening to music eating pizza in love with food n the music

    It's so peaceful here though

  • lohnuh
    lohnuh 14 days ago

    im doing covers on my channel ✨ i just started and i would really appreciate it if you guys checked them out 🖤

  • Tommy Acedillo
    Tommy Acedillo 14 days ago

    Can’t believe this was over a year ago, I used to listen to this while texting my crush this brings back some memories

    KIZA RED 15 days ago

    My lover passed away and now I'm all alone.

  • Zeeque
    Zeeque 16 days ago

    *Y'all are actually precious.*

  • Ricardo Medina
    Ricardo Medina 17 days ago

    Quisiera abrazarte...
    Mirarte a los ojos y lentamente hacer que el reloj vuelva a marcar las horas, quisiera sólo regalarte una sonrisa y mediante cuidados y caricias convencer a tu corazón de latir nuevamente. En mi mente hay un desastre y los sabes, una infinidad de variables inesperadas pero a pesar de cada cosa solo hay una constante, Tu. Y esa forma de convertir cada suspiro en un momento de felicidad que se graba en mi alma como un tatuaje...
    Una sonata que por medio de tu sonrisa y de esa mirada color vida llenan mis noches de estrellas blancas, de nuevas ilusiones y de aquel perfume tan peculiar que me recuerda a ti cada vez que cierro los ojos para dejar de pensar...

  • Melly_
    Melly_ 17 days ago +1

    I recall a date I went on with a girl I was talking too. I was broke at the time so she paid for lunch,I was quite angry with my self because I felt like a liability. Anyways we ate burritos,smoked and then we made out. Was a great time. After that she left to college and now I rarely speak to her. I owe her 20$ and a thank you.

  • clicheclouds
    clicheclouds 17 days ago

    s t o r y t i m e
    so let's name that person french fry.
    i was at a band performance at school. this person is one of my classmates lol. and i hated them.
    here are copied text messages i sent to my friend: (note that this was happening at @ at night)
    after the concert was done, most ppl left and french fry n i was still there. it was extremely cold and windy. french fry n i was laughing n being dumb. french fry asked me to play the piano for them. then i played a song. french fry was very surprised and they acted cocky and said 'i can play better you're trash'. french fry failed lol. next, french fry n i walked outside in the cold. we stood there and french fry's grandma and my parents s t i l l didn't come to pick us up yet. we waited and talked.
    then i asked french fry if they wanted to walk to the blacktop. french fry said 'heck yeah' we walked to the big open area. i stared up and saw a really nice sunset, and sadly i didn't have my phone w me to take a picture. french fry stood on top of a bench and stared at the sunset. the a gust of wind came lol. french fry was surprisingly nice and less cocky around me when we talked over there. (when we're alone). and the water sprinklers decide to open. the wind came and his hair went flying as he stared at people walking around the track field. there were some random skaters and basketball players far away. i stared at the water sprinklers and said: 'wanna run through those sprinklers?' french fry said: 'hell no, you do it.' (no fun >:(() i said 'bet' and began walking. welp yk the gender now lol. i walked quickly as french fry followed me. 'are you for real?' he said. i nodded as i turned around to face him. i yelled 'which one?'. and he said nothing as he looked at me. i js decided to run towards a random one. and when i ran, it actually felt nice, like i was free or something. anyways, he laughed and yelled 'don't do that'. i asked 'why?' and ran back again. he said 'because it's mf cold and the water is going to make you even more cold'. i smirked as i walked back to him. and i can't believe that happened. and the words he told me throughout the day- he was a whole different person.
    so i stuffed a bill in his instrument. bc yeah lol, n french fry didn't give it back but i rlly didn't care. he laughed and took the instrument out of the case and began to play. i yanked off the part where the money was at and walked away laughing (idk y). french fry said 'hey no no no'. he caught up to me then he grabbed it. taking my hand bc i didn't release it and oh m-
    his hands tf he held mine he's nononononooo. when i realized this, i released it. and then i had to walk him out to his grandma's car, and damn tbh, even if he seems like a bad person, he's actually a rlly good person.

    i hope im not falling, i just wanna smack him :))

  • Cecelia Esquibel
    Cecelia Esquibel 21 day ago

    Im in the mood for love😍💋Classic

  • Nobody Special
    Nobody Special 21 day ago +1

    For the boy with freckles on the cruise, wherever you may be. I listen to this for you.

  • Cinnamon Bun
    Cinnamon Bun 21 day ago

    i feel so homesick for a place i dont know, and miss the people i have never met.

  • Esther Schlitzkus
    Esther Schlitzkus 21 day ago

    hey dayton...... i just wanted to say...


  • Esther Schlitzkus
    Esther Schlitzkus 21 day ago

    i replay this song everyday

  • unknown
    unknown 22 days ago

    Oh my godd. I've been looking for this mix for months. So glad i found it

  • Giselle De Jesus
    Giselle De Jesus 22 days ago

    idk if anyone will read this, but one time in 7th grade I had a really big crush on this kid and one day I told him how I felt and that I really liked him and he felt the same way about me. Since we both had feelings for each other we started dating, but that didn’t last long. I remember I would be so excited to go to school just to see him and I’d hold his hand and we talk and talk during lunch. I was the most happy I’ve ever been, I finally had a boyfriend, my first love. But that all changed one day when he told me that he still had feelings for his ex. Not only that, but our relationship wasn’t working out so we decided to end it. I was so hurt and heartbroken I couldn’t bear seeing him again at school or hearing his voice during class. And listening to this is bringing me back to the good old days when we were together even though it didn’t last long.
    If you’re reading this thank you for taking the time to read my sappy love story. I really appreciate it

  • Rosalinda Pineda
    Rosalinda Pineda 23 days ago

    me talking about love stories:
    someone: gOt anY lOvE sToRIes?1!!?
    me: Yep.
    me again: It does not exist.

  • sakurisu
    sakurisu 23 days ago

    i also want to be in love, like everyone in the comments. but i can’t find the right person... and sometimes i feel like i’ll never find someone. i just hope i find him soon.

  • Default
    Default 24 days ago

    All these stories sound majestic as fuck! I want something like that! Something nostalgic, something I'll remember for the rest of my life. Something truly unforgettable, holding the person I love most in my arms in the glistening moonlight.

  • aikoomei
    aikoomei 24 days ago

    lmao everyone talking about their amazing first kisses and im here with my first kiss being a dare from a game of truth and dare with my old bf sksksksk

  • Some Dude
    Some Dude 24 days ago

    I'm 20, been openly gay since I was 12, i have a crush, thing is, she's a woman, I feel this connection with her and we aren't even dating but the thought of potentially have her is making me get my life together. We met lesd than a week ago. We're in a play together, she's gonna be my wife in the play and there's a lot of kissing. I don't know how to feel about it, but I think she likes me too. It's way too early to say how either of us really feels. But I'm gonna play it by ear. I really like her.

  • aikoomei
    aikoomei 25 days ago

    i listened to this like everyday in the start of the school year.. this somehow feels nostalgic since school ends in a couple of weeks

  • Jayda Aster
    Jayda Aster 25 days ago

    All these single people in the comments need to hit each other up already. You all would be cute.

  • Just a Typical Guy
    Just a Typical Guy 26 days ago

    I love you, Nich

  • C. Y.
    C. Y. 26 days ago

    Wazzup peopleee, peeps or whatever, Ima tell u mah story, so yes I am a girl and I promised you won’t regret reading this.. so the first one was I had a crush on this guy for about 3 yrs. let’s call him Jordan (not his real name) Jordan and my cousin were classmates, one day I tell my cousin that I have a crush on Jordan, so my annoying cousin tell to Jordan that I have a crush on Jordan, my cousin asked Jordan if he likes me and he said he doesn’t.. And one day I stalked Jordan on Facebook and I saw that she had another crush and of course like every girl would react I was sad.. not that only time though, Jordan had another crush and she was very beautiful, I chatted her and we became friends until now she was very kind, Actually Jordan is courting a beautiful girl rn
    Second one is Carl (not also his real name), I had a crush on Carl for 6 months, he looked like Jordan😂 but a little taller, Honestly he looks at me very carefully and when I pass by him with his friends Carl’s friends are like staring at me as I walked by, my classmates did know that I have a crush on Carl so one day they literally shout my name when he was passing by me and my friends it was so embarrassing, I really thought he liked me but boy was I wrong, I chatted him and confessed my feelings and had the brave in me, but he really didn’t say anything that he liked me back.. right now Carl has a girlfriend and againnn the girl was beautiful and I am happy for them, I guess I got rejected..
    The last one was Miles (not his real name) miles has some pretty weird haircut, but he looked cool and played basketball with Carl sometimes.. they are not bestfriends tho, I really didn’t want to confessed my feelings cause I am donee😂 he doesn’t have a girlfriend, and the way miles dresses is sooooo cool, he looked cuteeee..
    So what did I learned from my story it’s okay to be rejected actually, you don’t have to be so sad and broken but yes you can but just for a day cause gurlll there’s a lot of bae there somewhere and we all know that in the right time they will come loving and making you special, so the three guys right there taught me a good lesson, that you don’t have to be so crazy about your crush, yeah but sometimes I do but the secret is why I am not broken.. I really don’t get too attached to them so if somewhat I get rejected I will be moving on quickly and be happy for the life that God gave me ya know.. get this to 300 likes if you want me to confess to Miles😂, HAVE A GOOD DAY EVERYONEEE, THANKS FOR READING, LOVE YAAA AND LOVE YAHSELF GURLLL

  • john titor
    john titor 26 days ago

    I just recently moved to another country. Ive been a little lonely since its just me, my mom and younger sister but I was ok for a while. I had recently gotten out of a super toxic relationship with someone and I was feeling better. Life was going well. I was able to get a puppy and I love him so much. But even with all my life goals coming true, I had emptiness inside of me. Then, I met her. I first thought, "who the hell is this chick?" Then she smiled at me. Instantly, my heart jumped and I fell in love with her. Its been 3 months and I'm headed back to the US for a while, but I was able to spend a good while with her before I left. I hope things won't change between us when I get back, and maybe, ill have the courage to tell her I like her.

  • Kre_amz
    Kre_amz 27 days ago

    mahgad am i the only one in this comment section who is single?

  • ゆなゆななゆなゆ


  • puff grae
    puff grae Month ago +2

    Well heres my story

    Im single and IM GLAD IM LONELY

  • Opal
    Opal Month ago

    Do online relations work out?

  • Katsutoshii_Maeda
    Katsutoshii_Maeda Month ago +1

    Well I will share my love story , btw I am 12 but I already been in real love believe or not .. anyways I am in 6th grade and I moved to a new school this year, since the first day when I got in the classroom the FIRST person that i saw was this cute guy , he seemed asian ( I am asian too ) few weeks has passed and I starting being friend friends with his ex gf and in the end I told her in the end she told him... he said I was cute and he would think about dating me but I was just so nervous I got his number and told him it was a prank but that I would like to be friends and he said sure , he never texted me neither I.. we would barely talk in school, and this was all in the 2 months of school, after a while we became friends , then bff .. he told me that I was his girl and I was his ... but I would laugh and btw he already knew my feelings cause I told him but we never dated , he was a weird guy bc he sometimes would ignore me then talk to me again, but after 5 months of school year we switched seats and we didn’t sit close to each other then he staring ignoring me again but this time for along time 3 months passed and nothing then one of my friends which is also the most popular girl of the class ( she is nice tho) told me that she started having feelings for him and she was gonna confess BRUH she started liking him a few days before and was already confessing like tf but ofc I encouraged her .. in the end he accepted her and they started dating , but everyone knew was gonna move out of the school in April and when he left they broke up , I finally got snap and added him and I asked him if it was true that he never liked me ( the girls told me that he told them that) and he said it was true ... I felt so heartbroken i removed him and it’s been a few months and I can’t get over it and Ik it’s because it was true love , my first love was an asshole ... wow

  • johox
    johox Month ago

    06:03 best fucking lofisisation of a studio ghibli song omg i didn't know it was even possible.

  • Teen Angst
    Teen Angst Month ago

    i am so lucky to have my boyfriend

  • wait what
    wait what Month ago

    I've never been in love and no girl has been in love with me. But this song lit

  • Conor H
    Conor H Month ago +1

    Everyone's sharing their happy story's around, I don't have one but I'm willing to share what I'm going through right now.

    I was going through some shit in my life, I lost all my friends, hadn't socialised in months, and then I made a friend, Let's call him Bob.
    Bob is still my friend and he's just so nice as a friend, but one bad thing is, all my old friends are still friends with him and want him to go out to them but they hate me.
    Anyways me and Bob hang out for a few weeks and then one day we decide to go swimming and his older brother is their, he is friends with a girl called Kerry, and I instantly fall for her. She is just so perfect, we hadn't really talked but we had some small chats.
    So I tell Joe I'm really into her and he agrees saying she is really nice and I decide let's go swimming again and then again and again and each time I get a little closer to this girl kerry, and then one day we are walking and talking and I get her Snapchat and we start talking
    I'm getting really close to her and she is getting really close to me and I had this feeling in my heart, a feeling that ive had before, I had hope.
    Two weeks later we become really good friends and I was going to tell her that I liked her, becase I felt she liked me aswell and we got on so well and she was just perfect.
    That week I was going to tell her, she texts me out of know where that this boy that she likes asked her out, I don't know thing guy and she says yes..
    I want to act happy for her but inside it hurts me so bad, I can't belive I tryed so hard, false hope in a relationship that I shouldve knew was never going to work.
    A week later, me and my friends go drinking and kerry is their aswell, her boyfriend isnt since he lives 2 hours away. And I had money for drink and so did she and so did a different friend.
    Me and kerry get really fucking drunk and, we start kissing, and we had such a good time. But I don't know if its because we were drunk or not.
    It's one week later, and she keeps on telling me she is so In love with this guy and I'm just stuck in this position.
    I don't know what to do
    Im stuck

  • Lenie Stockhammer
    Lenie Stockhammer Month ago

    8,42 am
    getting high on the balcony. i’ve only had 4 hours of sleep. this is gonna be a slow day :)

  • Wendy GravityFangirl
    Wendy GravityFangirl Month ago +1

    I've been with my boyfriend for five months now,,, he's so loving and a real gentleman,,, the only bad thing he has is that he doesn't speak that much,,, he's a quiet one. I'm not a quiet one, I tend to talk way too much with friends exc... so lately I'm starting to feel kinda strange that we talk that little during the week?? I mean, he's my boyfriend... idk

  • Nguyên Lê
    Nguyên Lê Month ago


  • Justin Jeez
    Justin Jeez Month ago

    i wish i can lie down with her and listen this song :(

  • Dusk The Wolf
    Dusk The Wolf Month ago +1

    There are a few people who share their love story so here is mine (it’s a bit different i think)
    I am in love with one of my best friends and he already knows, and 2 days ago he asked me how deep he was in my friend zone. So I answered with: ‘As deep as possible’. I don’t don’t know what he said cuz i forgot, but he answered like he didn’t wanna be in my friendzone. So I’m a bit confused with everything now TwT

  • Free asf
    Free asf Month ago +3

    Since everyone is sharing they're love story heres mine:
    So theres this boy in my Algebra class that i always catch staring at me. I think "ok weird" but it keeps happening and happening. So i decided to look at him this time then he decides to look away SUPPA FAST. So then im like "*ahem* sir i have caught you staring at me multiple times" But of course not to him just in my head. My friends have also caught him staring at me. So i came to a conclusion "ok this fella right here definitely likes me" I thought it was cute. So you know, overtime i grew feelings for this fellow but i barely know him and because of that, my feeling for him are very vague and they fade quickly. But because of this im more motivated than ever to start a friendship with him.
    Im not sure how im gonna accomplish this but i think ima let my friend just slide me into one they're conversations and maybe then, he would know that i at least acknowledge his existence.
    Wish me luck strangers of youtube

  • Michelle Castillo
    Michelle Castillo Month ago

    I fr just can’t relate to anyone in the comments I am in love but the person I love doesn’t feel the same way or at least I think.I can’t talk to him because when others boys say they like me and I say no (because most of the boys that ask me out I don’t know)they say “oh it was a joke/dare” so now if anyone asks me out I don’t know if it’s a joke or if it’s true.Im afraid I’ll stay alone forever because I can’t trust no one.This was the only platform I felt comfortable saying this in.Thank you for whoever actually read this all :).

  • Gavin Campbell
    Gavin Campbell Month ago

    None of my relationships have worked out, and I'm probably the problem. I've been diagnosed with lots of psych junk. Not much i can do about it. Im just cognitively different than most. I still smile about past loves, failed relationships. One night stands i dropped my heart into. It ususlly ends ugly. But none of them were all bad. And a few of them started innocently enough that i relate. And that's okay.

  • M Writes
    M Writes Month ago

    Hi. I miss you. I don't even know you, really. I have no real reason to miss you. And yet, I do. I just kind of wish you were right here next to me, soft and warm, and holding my hand. Neither of us talking, both of us listening. Maybe sharing a coffee over a crossword in old age, arguing over the papers or who unloaded the dishwasher. Maybe younger, in a car, on a journey, going somewhere but not really anywhere. Maybe a little bit older. Maybe sitting in a park just long enough to see the whole city walk by. Maybe watching the sunset over an old box of pizza, or watching the sunrise with your head on my shoulder as I play a song and softly sing to you. I know though, most of all, that I miss you. I miss you so much. And I've never even met you.

  • disphuggin flip
    disphuggin flip Month ago

    I like this girl whom I never talked to before. She works out at my gym at 3:30a every morning and at this point we've seen each other so many times and not had a single interaction, me talking to her now is awkward af. So I just fucking sit here and listen to lofi and feel sad for myself instead of doing something proactive to help with my social autism.

  • kidou ._.
    kidou ._. Month ago

    I really love the songs in this vidou 💕

  • Ninive Garcia
    Ninive Garcia Month ago

    He was my friend and I told him through my best friend how I felt. Our friendship has never recovered. It hit me really hard because I was already vulnerable by letting him know how I felt, but his distancing himself and being rude was like a punch to the stomach. I don't know if he's doing it to make me stop liking him or anything else but it really shattered the image that I had of him. I could've never predicted his reaction. Sometimes I really regret telling him but I feel like he's also letting the friendship die. I have apologized twice for acting distant but it didn't really make a difference. I have now realized that I have to take the time to take care of myself and be the best version of myself. it just really sucks because not only did i get rejected but i am losing a friendship in the process. however, i don't think this will make me stop loving. my heart is too caring and big for that.

  • Hasmen Mekonam
    Hasmen Mekonam Month ago

    Cant get enough from this melody I'm enjoying every single tone, it just make feel so good and high do any one share me the same mood !

  • Dankacy
    Dankacy Month ago

    Hey everyone, I make mixtapes for anyone who is feeling in love, happy, heartbroken, or sad. I really want to provide good music in order to help people out. Please take your time to check out and leave some feedback if you want to. Thanks :)

  • Natalie Boyko
    Natalie Boyko Month ago +1

    ah, to be young and in love for the first time. that shit gets all of us right in the core of our being.

  • Springbok Games
    Springbok Games Month ago

    06:03 is also Fantasy by Khai Dreams. Ohhh so nice...

  • Gia Zapanta
    Gia Zapanta Month ago

    the second i heard grape soda start to play i began to bop

  • Sushitrash
    Sushitrash Month ago +1

    It was the first day of senior year in a new school, the first class was English and I remember laughing and noticing this guy staring at me as if he was lost in his gaze, and I remember thinking “ what a fucking creep” but then I heard all the amazing nice things about you from our mutual friend and how you defended her and I thought oh he’s not that bad and then I saw you again after that my heart literally Jumped and that’s where it started but unfortunately you took way too long, said hi after a month and just got stuck there and now I’m here thinking if you even like me still

  • 박주은
    박주은 Month ago

    어쩜.. 진또배기 설레는 lofi만 모아놓으셨대..

  • Tara Khoo
    Tara Khoo Month ago

    i dont have a crush on anyone, but this music makes me go back to this one person i used to like. i hate it but love it at the same time.
    i know for a fact that i just like him because hes nice and funny. hes also super smart and just a great person. and its all a fantasy to me.
    all the feelings i used to have for him are rushing back and its not ok. i feel just so overwhelmed and dazed at the same time.
    how do i handle this?
    he barely talks to me or even acknowledges me which is even worse. ughh i hate him but god damn i love him at the same time
    im filled with so many mixed emotions its slowly killing me
    all i can think about right now is that he stares at me, not in a creepy way. it just feels like hes analyzing me, or trying to figure out something about me. its hard to explain. i just get this sort of feeling you know?
    i dont want to like him. period. i dont want to get my hopes up for no reason but he keeps on sitting. in. my mind.
    how can i get over him?
    this man really knows how to toy with my heart

  • Lea Kramar
    Lea Kramar Month ago

    Me and my crush were laying in the graveyard. We were talking about our lives. She made me feel butterflies in my stomach wen she smiled. This playlist reminds me of that.

  • Drusi Eventing
    Drusi Eventing Month ago

    these comments show no matter what, everyone finds their true love.

  • Groovy Rollup
    Groovy Rollup Month ago

    Lmao I’m at work so i can’t share my story but maybe later, I’m trying to talk to my crush and get her to open up again and talk more, instead of those short dry sentences lol I’ll keep trying

  • love
    love Month ago

    @ jess

  • Alyssa Perez
    Alyssa Perez Month ago

    best..... story......... ever......

  • NoLifeCarry
    NoLifeCarry Month ago

    0:49 super smash bros bat sound effect? xD

  • wolfbabe
    wolfbabe Month ago

    Eyes so sexy
    Smile so sweet :)

  • Maria Alsy
    Maria Alsy Month ago +1

    Relax overload😊🙏🏻

  • Orangetastica
    Orangetastica Month ago +1

    Want a love story? Here

    Confessed to not *once*, Crushed more than *twice*, Rejected *thrice*.
    *Love is a cause becoming lost to me*

    • Joris v Gilst
      Joris v Gilst Month ago +2

      I would recommend getting into alan watts if your feeling shitty al the time

    • Joris v Gilst
      Joris v Gilst Month ago +1


  • Sam Hughes
    Sam Hughes Month ago +1

    i've been single for as long as i can remember, and at this point, im getting too lonely to even live. but i have a crush, and im hopelessly falling for him. he looks like an angel, and when the sun shines on him i just get this feeling in the depths of my heart. he makes me so happy. the thing is, im almost positive he isn't gay, and that breaks my heart. i dont know how to handle unreciprocated love, because if i try to move on, i fall into my bottomless pit of loneliness. so, i come here to pretend that i'm in love with this amazing boy because life sucks. hope this doesn't last forever.

  • becky
    becky Month ago +1

    Get someone to think of you like the first guy.

  • Heather Przybyla
    Heather Przybyla Month ago +1

    It was New Years Eve. I met this guy at a young singles dance. I saw him talking to an aquantance of mine. I walked over and introduced myself. He seemed harmless. We seperate amongst our own friends. I notice he is keeping an eye on me. A slow dance came on, I could tell he was looking for me from across the dance hall. I meander over to where I saw him. He was standing on his tip toes looking in the direction of where I was with my friends. I tap him on the shoulder. He had a look of surprise and relief and asked me to dance. It turns out we work on the same small industrial street in the same city. Three cities away. I mention we should have lunch together because we work so close together. I give him my number and he calls me the night before the work week begins. We agree to meet in public at a hotdog stand, around the corner for my work. I approached the stand and saw him waiting in line. He looked and me and quickly looked away. Was he ignoring me and pretending not to notice? I waited, heart crushed. He then walked towards me head down. Shyly, he looked up and said hi. He said I was a lot prettier then he remembered. We spent every free moment together after that day. By March we were engaged, July we were married. We now have 4 kids together. I love, adore, and respect him more, then when I first fell in love with him 15 years ago.