10 English words that you pronounce INCORRECTLY | British English Pronunciation

  • Published on Sep 17, 2016
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    I always recommend 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time' (goo.gl/7vGLDY) as it is written in the first person from the point of view of an autistic teenager and it does not use very complicated language. Some of it is also based in London which I like.
    - Can you recommend a British TV Series for me to watch and improve my British English pronunciation?
    Absolutely! I highly recommend 'Broadchurch' (goo.gl/5qdWbJ) which is a FANTASTIC crime drama based in a small village in the South of England. The actors are brilliant and it has won lots of awards!

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  • English with Lucy
    English with Lucy  2 years ago +587

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    • alvin wijaya
      alvin wijaya 3 days ago

      Please,teach me how to pronounce the same sound word, such as she, c, see, sea

    • Shreyni Nirman
      Shreyni Nirman 6 days ago

      In India all know that

    • communistjesus
      communistjesus 7 days ago

      English with Lucy K...Can you pronounce properly these words???? Uxmal, Tenochtitlan, Xochimilco???????????

    • farouk memo
      farouk memo 10 days ago

      I like ur vidio thank u ...but I like short vidio between 4 and 6 minute

    • Misael Gomez
      Misael Gomez 19 days ago

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      You didn't know how to say then bet u just learned then words

  • saleh egury
    saleh egury 4 hours ago

    Tues means bastards in arabic

  • David Hamilton
    David Hamilton 4 hours ago

    I can't believe I've at last found a forum where I can straight up ask the American public, just why it is that they should pronounce the word process , as though it also contains in it's first syllable, the letter *S* , exactly like the word *PROStitute* does. Although in either the UK or Australia, we'll hear that as *prostiTOOT* , as in toot your horn.The correct pronunciation people is,.........wait for it,........ *PRO CESS* , two syllables, pro and cess. There is no *S* in the first, but two in the last. Also, we realise that English speaking countries know how the Americans pronunciation of other words, like new, they'll sound as, *NOO* , as in, NOO car, NOO York, etc., and other words where the letter *U* is included, like opportunity , sounding like , *opporTOONity* , or durable as *DOOrable* , reduce as *reDOOce* etc. At least the word carTOON sounds right. But here's the kicker, when they pronounce the word *computer* , they do so as we all agree the way it should be pronounced, so I'm left wondering why they didn't sound the letter *U* to sound like *POO* . Perhaps even they realised that to sound the word "computer" as, *COMPOOTER* , would sound *shitty* , even to their ears...

  • ღ• ꜱʜɪᴏ•ᴩʟᴀyᴢ •ღ

    When you watch the video with pride thinking *_"Hey, I pronounce all of them correctly!!"_* and then you remember you're British qwq

  • Top Fan
    Top Fan Day ago

    I don't know who the bloody hell would pronounce it that way. I think everyone knows how to pronounce those words correctly🙄

  • Zoha Razmara
    Zoha Razmara Day ago

    And wafers 😂😂😂 foreign people say waaffers and it sounds like waffles

  • Sup3r Ry4n
    Sup3r Ry4n Day ago

    Com-for-tuh-ble is technically the correct pronunciation.

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  • Peter Baligwa
    Peter Baligwa Day ago

    Very educative & simply said out--Can you please do a video on these too. 1).Appreciate,2).Tenant/Tenet,3).Eavesdrop,4).Often5).Cellular,6).Rendezvous, 7). Bon Appetite etc

  • Ahagse
    Ahagse 2 days ago

    I grew up with English and people who only speak English and have never heard anyone pronounce these this way

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    Khawla Bndm 2 days ago

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    mani engr 2 days ago

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  • mani engr
    mani engr 2 days ago

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  • trentinodoc
    trentinodoc 3 days ago

    In Italy a lot of people (and journalists too) pronounce uncorrectly the following words: bowling, walking, stalker, half, gasoline (even is AE), playmaker, dirty and generally all the surnames ending in -ey (for example George Clooney)

  • Unknown The Factory
    Unknown The Factory 3 days ago +1

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    I am much obliged for your videos
    But chaos is ancient Greek...so there's only one wright pronunciation: kàos
    And fun fact: it mean "empty" the kàos is the empty under the earth

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