BOE Flexible Phone, 8K, 5644PPI micro-display (17x Retina), Printed OLED, QLED and more

  • Published on Jun 1, 2018
  • BOE presents their latest flexible AMOLED display solutions for the future of smartphones that can be bent, folded, and rolled and even flap in the wind. BOE's flexible displays is demonstrated for robots with touch control, smart loudspeakers, an S-shaped in-car flexible AMOLED display. 8K displays, micro displays, QLED displays and other IoT solutions such as their TFT based AMOLED fingerprint recognition system that works in any spot of the display area
    The foldable all-screen WQHD AMOLED display launched by BOE can achieve minimum dynamic bending with a radius of only 1mm. It can be bent more than 100,000 times and has an NTSC color gamut up to 118%. BOE is exhibiting a 5.99" FHD+ 2160x1080 Flexible AMOLED foldable mobile phone and a 7.56" foldable tablet. The display can be used for mobile phones when it is folded up and for tablets or monitors when it unfolds.
    As one of the upcoming possibly revolutionizing OLED technical directions, BOE demonstrates their OLED printing technology to possibly just print the future of Smartphone displays showing their 5.5" FHD (1920×1080) printing flexible OLED display.
    UHD has become a keyword of SID 2018 for material and equipment suppliers and device manufacturers, signaling the advent of the 8K era. In addition to the 110-inch 8K, 75-inch 8K, and 65-inch 8K glasses-free 3D displays, BOE also presents 13.3-inch 8K display products, promoting the development of small and medium-sized 8K products.
    BOE has gathered speed in building an 8K ecosystem ever since it launched the "8425 strategy" which means "promoting 8K, popularizing 4K, replacing 2K and making good use of 5G". BOE has recently launched the 8K solution that incorporates BOE's 4K/8K image service cloud, 8K decoder player, and 8K display device, making it possible to shoot, edit, transmit and broadcast 8K content. This helps to solve problems like the costliness and massive size of traditional decoder players, as well as the lack of 8K content, thus promoting the faster popularization of 8K.
    Among several micro displays at BOE's booth is a silicon-based OLED AR product which features monocrystalline silicon as the active drive backplane as well as high resolution, high level of integration, low power consumption, small size, and light weight. The AR product is backed by a 0.39-inch silicon-based OLED which has the world's leading pixel density of 5644PPI, 17 times that of a Retina display, and a contrast ratio over 10000:1, which enables the overlapping and interaction between virtual 3D images and real scenes. All these secure an ultimate experience for users as well as bright prospect in the field of education and training, video games, home decoration, etc.
    Moreover, BOE shows its cutting-edge technologies and products such as QLED, mini-LED displays, a number of new applications and products including curved in-car display instruments and BOE iGallery.
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  • LCD Mall
    LCD Mall 3 days ago

    oh my poor the Chinese English sales.

  • Enzo JL
    Enzo JL 4 days ago

    Hello, follow ya since 2012

  • Tech Peeyoos
    Tech Peeyoos 11 days ago

    I'm gonna buy that 75 inch 8k display and gonna watch 144p USclip on it 😂😂😂

  • Sam McClintock
    Sam McClintock 14 days ago

    I want the paper one

  • daniel Sartor
    daniel Sartor 18 days ago

    Why see 8k products on no 8k screen like my cel

    WGACA 18 days ago

    BOE is Samsung rip off company buying Samsung tech secrets from spies. Disgusting.

  • guochu sang
    guochu sang 20 days ago

    BOE is a screen supplier,it produce screens for Huawei Mate X.It's none of borken galaxy fold's business.

    • WGACA
      WGACA 18 days ago

      Read the ficking rest. There's only two Chinese screen manufacturers that make foldable screens, BOE and Royole. 1+1 = 2

    • guochu sang
      guochu sang 18 days ago

      +WGACA reddit can become your evidence? Show me the indictment in the second article, korean indicting someone in korea cannot be your evidence.

    • WGACA
      WGACA 18 days ago

      +guochu sang
      Now eat humble pie Chinaman

    • guochu sang
      guochu sang 18 days ago

      +WGACA so where's your evidence

    • WGACA
      WGACA 18 days ago

      +guochu sang No, they didn't Chinaman

  • JadeBob TV
    JadeBob TV 21 day ago

    Galaxy fold?

    • guochu sang
      guochu sang 20 days ago

      BOE doesn't supply screen for samsung,but for Huawei Mate X

  • 白利胜
    白利胜 21 day ago

    Best Of the earth ,加油,BOE, 加油,京东方!

  • LoryItaly Developer

    4:47 Great to see that girl touching over the home button and doing it for seconds

  • AhYaOkRgT
    AhYaOkRgT Month ago

    Less than 1 year later already looks out of date. funny

  • Psych Gaming
    Psych Gaming Month ago +3

    When touch phones came out I felt the urge to use it but I don't know why ,I don't feel the urge of Using these phones , btw I liked huawai's mate X , that's killer and better than Samsung's fold.

  • copy paste
    copy paste Month ago

    8k on a 13 inch. What is this a cinema for ants?

  • muss los
    muss los Month ago

    is she mentally disabled?

  • JP V
    JP V Month ago

    Haha keep on grinding them employees with the questions !!! Great vid. Thanks man

  • Ryan Grant
    Ryan Grant Month ago

    Huawei and Samsung be theiiiiiiives

  • 욕심새우탕
    욕심새우탕 Month ago

    아이고야 중국아 누가 사용하니 ? 기술흠쳐 갔으면 똑바로 만들던가 그게뭐냐 ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

  • Michael Gallardo
    Michael Gallardo Month ago

    Igual se la ganaron a Samsung y huawei Apple

  • Michael Gallardo
    Michael Gallardo Month ago

    @josetecnofanatico mira

  • Netkiller3714
    Netkiller3714 Month ago

    Yo. That folding tablet is shitty. Look at that huge bulge in the center lol

  • Tounsi Behi
    Tounsi Behi Month ago

    cringy video brilliant girl.

  • Momo Tektube
    Momo Tektube Month ago

    Go fuck yourself with jour fucking royole !
    We have the galaxy fold and the mate x 🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • CornyBoi
    CornyBoi Month ago +2

    Thanks, USclip recommendations, but you're a little late

  • Simon Ho
    Simon Ho Month ago

    京東方, it is the company that rumored to have stolen samsung's technology. It is the screen the supplier for huawei mate x

    • David White
      David White Month ago

      SAMBOMB IN 2016
      SAMBREAK IN 2019
      Samsung's fold phone is too cheap and easy to break

  • Todaro
    Todaro Month ago

    Ahahah now there are Samsung folds breaking

  • yung spaceship
    yung spaceship Month ago

    that shit looks like shit

  • Sahil gangwar
    Sahil gangwar Month ago

    Huawei mate X !! N galaxy gold

  • Tidian Coulibaly
    Tidian Coulibaly Month ago

    Huawei mate x ??? Mdrr

  • Muhammad Jameel
    Muhammad Jameel Month ago

    Jones phone law

  • 509g1
    509g1 Month ago

    Somebody bring me a Gillette shaver and toothbrush whitening kit 😂

  • Joey Gylytiuk
    Joey Gylytiuk Month ago

    2019: hold my beer

  • yoonki kim
    yoonki kim Month ago

    ah..... aha ah......huha aha ahu uhu ahu aha kkkkkkkkkk lol plz washing your hair. He look so dirty.

  • Adventure Time
    Adventure Time Month ago

    Samsung Galaxy Fold Origin. :O
    Or it's was race.
    Speaker and paper phone are not released yet by Samsung.
    Who have a folding mobile display pattern?

  • E A S E
    E A S E Month ago

    Is this Wakanda...

  • Gerwin Soriano
    Gerwin Soriano Month ago

    Samsung: Not anymore

  • Aditya Mhatre
    Aditya Mhatre Month ago

    why flexible screen not coming in market

  • Nibil Thomas
    Nibil Thomas Month ago

    The future is china

  • Jan Teleki jr.
    Jan Teleki jr. Month ago

    katastrofa🤦🏻‍♂️ 🌊

  • Abdul rauf Khan
    Abdul rauf Khan Month ago

    Can see the bend in middle

  • ms KIM
    ms KIM Month ago

    She is so cute in talking

  • TN_AU
    TN_AU Month ago

    Which came first? the chicken or the egg or should I say Samsung or BOE?
    Also this journalist is piss poor in his journalism skills. Go back to journalism school.

  • Lyricc Master
    Lyricc Master Month ago

    Wait until he hears about the Galaxy Fold. LOL

    • Lyricc Master
      Lyricc Master Month ago

      +Thala Army It doesn't matter. If he was excited when they told him this tech maybe available for purchase in 2 or 3 years then he danm sure is now when it is available roughly 1.5 years later. SHERLOCK!!!! You thought you were smart for a moment there. LOL.

  • Glenn Bartusch
    Glenn Bartusch Month ago

    Why didn't they call store security on this guy?

  • sasa
    sasa Month ago

    Is it a toy?

  • Pajune
    Pajune Month ago

    What is the title of this video about? At 1:34 when you check the specs it clearly states 2048x1536 resolution for the screen with PPI 338.

    • Pajune
      Pajune Month ago

      Charbax Boy am I fool for not watching the whole thing through... Thank you!

    • Charbax
      Charbax  Month ago

      You can see the amazing 5644ppi display around 20:49 into this video..

  • violinvvv
    violinvvv Month ago


  • Muhammad Rushaan
    Muhammad Rushaan Month ago

    Who is here after the Samsung fold?

  • Simply Human
    Simply Human 2 months ago


  • 우상인
    우상인 2 months ago

    LED king is samsung
    LED queen is LG
    LED shit is made in china.

  • How Weird
    How Weird 2 months ago

    *This guy is impatient and behaves like a kid lol😂😂. Running around the whole place asking about things😂😂*

  • JH L
    JH L 2 months ago

    It's pretty suspicious when a company that no one has heard of or can't even Google about it to find out more about the company, comes with a foldable display to match Samsung (leading in display production and development)...

  • 하무동
    하무동 2 months ago +3

    the display wrinkled like a toilet tissue

  • xuebin huang
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  • eroll macola
    eroll macola 2 months ago

    eww< yakksss kuppe

  • Pandu T pandu
    Pandu T pandu 2 months ago

    Indian price how

  • pshycoterz NA
    pshycoterz NA 2 months ago

    Love this display

  • Chalion Stark
    Chalion Stark 2 months ago

    5644PPI is good,but too small,only 0.39-inch,not available for VR. The screen available for VR requires at least 3.5 inches due to FOV!This problem may be solved in the next 5 or even 10 years. For most people, the crystal-clear VR is still far away.

    • Charbax
      Charbax  2 months ago

      I think there's a huge market for microdisplays, for example for smart glasses but also for stuff like electronic viewfinders in cameras, people are hungry for always higher pixel density in those..

  • Nr amin
    Nr amin 2 months ago

    She lool so cute

  • pkh22011
    pkh22011 2 months ago

    copy and China

  • boddeda venkatesh
    boddeda venkatesh 2 months ago

    Products are extreme but made in China we cont trust them

  • light ranger
    light ranger 2 months ago +2

    Boe quality is rubbish

    • Audio 9999
      Audio 9999 2 months ago

      +light ranger
      From Samsung's side, it doesn't mention the company name, so why did you say that BOE stole ??

    • light ranger
      light ranger 2 months ago

      +Audio 9999 the sue is from suwon inquisitor and Seoul inquisitor. initial sue process. Inquisitor have not mention the name of other 3 companies to journalist. so for another 3, I also wait for the news from inquisitor

    • Audio 9999
      Audio 9999 2 months ago

      +light ranger
      So until now why did Samsung not sue the BOE???
      Sell to 4 chinese company?? What company??? Where your proof??

    • light ranger
      light ranger 2 months ago

      +Audio 9999 flexible screen tech come out at 2012 in Korea, those spy sold the screen technoloy to 4 Chinese company from 2015 to 2018. Korea inquisitor cannot arrest the spy in time so that caused so many issues.
      most Chinese really dont know what happened ouside.
      Why u say WTF? this is dirty term.

    • Audio 9999
      Audio 9999 2 months ago

      +light ranger
      BOE has shown a flexible screen in 2017.
      News of flexible screen technology from Samsung stolen by China only appeared at the end of 2018. WTF.!!!!!

  • TheVinayak09
    TheVinayak09 2 months ago

    And i was shame our indian English speaking ppls maybe we have faster processor thn wht i see

  • said super
    said super 2 months ago

    it's bad pffff

  • Áñgél Irissón
    Áñgél Irissón 2 months ago

    11:02 lmao

  • MINI jokes
    MINI jokes 2 months ago

    Harry potter's moving pictures

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    Poor girl u fuck her brain out 😁

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    Anyone from samsung fold 👍😕

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    가운데 접힌 부분이 ㅎ표시가 나네..억지로 접은것 같군..

  • Arty Bertter
    Arty Bertter 2 months ago

    ยังดูหนา และไม่เรียบเนียนเท่าไหร่

  • Arty Bertter
    Arty Bertter 2 months ago

    ยังดูหนา และไม่เรียบเนียนเท่าไหร่

  • Dwight Daven Retuya
    Dwight Daven Retuya 2 months ago

    That is amazing!

  • Strike Freedom
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  • Moonspot Nhan
    Moonspot Nhan 2 months ago

    Notebook = apple copy, cell phone = samsung copy... copy cat..nothing really better

    • Pan Centros
      Pan Centros 2 months ago

      It's a funny talking from a people of a country that can't make anything

  • Sajid B-TECH
    Sajid B-TECH 2 months ago

    The galaxy fold and mate X are better hahahaha

  • joe ham
    joe ham 2 months ago

    just work with older os . lollipop and lot with adds annoying

  • 黃Wesker
    黃Wesker 2 months ago


  • Rico g
    Rico g 2 months ago

    That's is too big when folded and it has more ripples than Lay's chips.

  • youba Dach
    youba Dach 2 months ago

    Sounds like porn movie in first time XD

  • Nick Nemiroff
    Nick Nemiroff 2 months ago

    You are trying to tell me that all Chinese in china are kind and gentle?

  • David Chabala
    David Chabala 2 months ago

    This guy was annoying 😁

  • deniz Oz
    deniz Oz 2 months ago

    in the world? dumb

  • Hyein Yang
    Hyein Yang 2 months ago

    Look at the crease at the middle lol Samsung invented that outfolding tech 4yrs ago alr..

  • Thunder Bird
    Thunder Bird 2 months ago

    K K K
    What a joke
    It’s piece of shit
    Chinese steal for many years from world and call this “” folder phone “””

    • just laugh
      just laugh 2 months ago

      tech is not wallet ,it‘s basicly in your mind, it's not just a drawing paper, can be stolen away easily; the korea which is chinese client state knows it very well

  • Huy Bomga
    Huy Bomga 3 months ago

    Всем привет, а у нас в России фонарик наконец-то собрали, сами

  • Flashxml Flashxml
    Flashxml Flashxml 3 months ago +1

    Very old tv ... only 8k. Where is 22k 😂

  • Curtis Newton
    Curtis Newton 3 months ago

    quiet useless considering the price and the stupid bump in the middle
    also how many time can you fod/unfold before it breaks pixels ?

  • Hassan Abrar
    Hassan Abrar 3 months ago

    Good invention, impressive

    DICK BUTT 3 months ago

    what terrible asians

  • Mai Kuraki
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  • 渣男训练营
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    Better than Samsung ha~🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳😝😝😝

    • Sajid B-TECH
      Sajid B-TECH 2 months ago

      But not high quality I'm sorry !!

  • Serge Sergio
    Serge Sergio 3 months ago

    La pliure se voit pas mal

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    Juegos Buenos 3 months ago

    Compre un condón que cambia de color lo vendo ya usado a 20mil

  • 윤성현
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    I am the only one who think all looks as trashy as Chinese class?

  • Neil Silveira
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    Who else here after the Samsung Galaxy Fold Released? ;)

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    And then Samsung just released the never seen foldable phone🤥, how fishy.

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    China NO.1