Gordon Ramsay Served The Smallest Portion Of Mussels He's Ever Seen | Kitchen Nightmares


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  • 17teacmrocks
    17teacmrocks Day ago

    that does make sense. if you see a restaurant with a giant menu, unless they have nonstop customers, there's likely to be a lot of old inventory

  • L O N E L Y H E L P

    Nino would have finished that plate

  • L BF11
    L BF11 Day ago

    all these poor restaurant owners trigger me

  • XbillabongjohnX
    XbillabongjohnX Day ago

    Meth. Keep your waitress alert while your business is failing.

  • Carina Adams
    Carina Adams Day ago

    The manager bowing to Gordon 5:58 😂

  • Chairman Meow
    Chairman Meow Day ago

    Nicole scares me.

  • Cynthia Elyssia Lane

    I feel like the server with the flowers on her head sounds like she just smoked a blunt lmfao

  • Wolverine200097
    Wolverine200097 Day ago

    Why does it seems like people never watch this show or any episodes so they have this genius idea!
    Owner: Hey guys how about we watch the episodes and fix up the place......
    Nah let’s just call him in here so we can be insulted even though we should always clean the kitchen and sh*t!

  • Joao Oliveira
    Joao Oliveira Day ago

    "you disagree with the flavour?" AHAHAHA

  • Zieria
    Zieria Day ago

    The serving size of muscles, that's about the average size for any meals in any place in australia, stingy and expensive here.

  • sean ahmed
    sean ahmed Day ago

    the editors on gordon ramsey's shows should get an "excellence in being a smartass" award! 1:26

  • Tom
    Tom Day ago

    It's not a 5 star... wtf..

  • Mario Playz
    Mario Playz Day ago +1

    *N I N O*

  • ThatGuyLuca
    ThatGuyLuca Day ago

    Most used words by Gordon:

  • Executor Arktanis

    6:00 he has got a point

  • Mike Zigi
    Mike Zigi Day ago

    All that BS about fresh and the asshole serves frozen in some of his locations

  • J Nuy
    J Nuy Day ago

    People theses days, am I right? XD

  • stuart kane
    stuart kane Day ago

    Gordan serves the smallest portions for the maximum price in his restaurants

  • miklos alice
    miklos alice Day ago

    Sister it's your fucking restaurant don't fucken be disrespectful and a bitched like that I would so bitched slapped you verbally not Physically learn to have class and Manners and some brains and don't keep acting like a dumb fool with an attitude.

  • John 3.16
    John 3.16 Day ago

    Why go tight ass on the mussels with gorden ramsey????? WTF... MORON CHEF.

  • Dale De Morgan
    Dale De Morgan Day ago

    Why, in all these vids, do so many of the women, (particularly) have such unkemp hair?

  • moo cow
    moo cow Day ago

    i hate unknowingly ending up in places like this ! these types of people deserve to be unemployed !!

  • v0d3r
    v0d3r Day ago



    Gordon comes to visit my house
    Me: Would you like the temperature on hot or medium rare😭

  • Victor Franca
    Victor Franca Day ago

    Which episode and season is this from? I want to watch the whole thing

  • Nils Nyberg
    Nils Nyberg 2 days ago

    "The flavor is not bad"
    "I disagree"
    "You disagree with the flavor"
    These people are fucking retarded

  • Sirius Raycraft
    Sirius Raycraft 2 days ago

    Gordon reading that thing at the start was like yep I strongly doubt that

  • Slighty Stoopid
    Slighty Stoopid 2 days ago

    She's a fat little stubborn shit no wonder her restaurant is closed

  • MMaya
    MMaya 2 days ago

    Nicole looks like the hippiest hippie I've ever seen, she also looks like she eats acid for dinner every night...

  • Михајло Милошев

    lazar ate this at the restauraurauraunt

  • Big Jims Shed
    Big Jims Shed 2 days ago

    Eat that shit you don't pay for it eat it

  • Big Jims Shed
    Big Jims Shed 2 days ago

    Gorden eat that shit

  • sofdrink
    sofdrink 2 days ago

    "I'll remove it"
    F in the chat


    Love his Breitling

  • bopp9
    bopp9 2 days ago

    You should let us know from which episodes these clips are from

  • Kenneth  Carpenter
    Kenneth Carpenter 2 days ago

    Please come help my restaurant says he doesn't like it owner ur crazy that's it's made.

  • christi taylor
    christi taylor 2 days ago

    I hear veal I'm automatically going to give it a thumbs down

  • Kenneth  Carpenter
    Kenneth Carpenter 2 days ago

    Please come help my restaurant says he doesn't like it owner ur crazy that's it's made.

  • randolph patterson
    randolph patterson 2 days ago

    She tries her best, it's just that she has serious issues with her methabolism.

  • Plague of Sharks
    Plague of Sharks 2 days ago

    I think that its so hilarious that he just insult the fuck out of everyone and they just say “thank you, Chef” XD

  • Stefan Koni
    Stefan Koni 2 days ago

    A dealer at service?! PERFEKT!

  • v montclair
    v montclair 2 days ago

    Gotta b high to deal with Gordon Ramsay shit if it was my choice it b alcohol and zanax ust in case I get yelled at I'll n like , @hhhhh who cares I didn't cook the salad chef it was Bob I'll get him for u after I nod out

  • striumph666
    striumph666 2 days ago +1

    Nicole looks like she's tripping on acid lmao look at those pupils

  • Pxtals
    Pxtals 2 days ago

    If gordon does not like it, i wont either!

  • SaralisaL
    SaralisaL 2 days ago

    3:40 the dude just turned into Jim from the office with that look lmao

  • Hastre
    Hastre 2 days ago

    Waitress looks like she came back from Woodstock

  • Muhammad Maaz
    Muhammad Maaz 2 days ago

    *B A B Y V O M I T*

  • qwertiedota
    qwertiedota 2 days ago

    My microwave food look better than these... I should start a restaurant too.

  • reiwell del
    reiwell del 2 days ago

    1:02, when she was talked about the staff name calling. Gordons reaction is gold because he would do that himself.

  • unixmonk
    unixmonk 2 days ago

    Who would serve day old pasta at a restaurant? There's nothing Italian about this at all. Gross

  • Onion 1745
    Onion 1745 2 days ago

    i also do some vids

  • Prithviraj Maity
    Prithviraj Maity 2 days ago

    The owner doesn't deserve any help from anyone

  • Adrian Blair
    Adrian Blair 2 days ago

    Lmao... "Nicole is a moron". I love it.

  • JanyvKING718 venema
    JanyvKING718 venema 2 days ago

    His taste buds are probably dissolved of how many bad things he’s eaten.

  • Haku Yuki
    Haku Yuki 2 days ago


  • Sean Conlan
    Sean Conlan 2 days ago +1


  • ZombieMod
    ZombieMod 2 days ago

    That owner is a stuck up bitch, her own waiter asked how much is a dish clearly indicating she doesnt know enough to know the price and yet the owner tells her to findout on her own like seriously the owner is a bitch. Fuck the fake tears she has attitude and is a straight bitch thats why her store is up in smoke because no respect

  • izac ._
    izac ._ 2 days ago

    The more I watched these the more I realise most of the waiter and waitress knows what the fck is going on.

  • JustGrape
    JustGrape 2 days ago

    4:39 DIO JOTARO!!

  • Giigzi
    Giigzi 2 days ago

    I cant tell if the food is actually nasty or if Gordan Ramsay is just very picky

  • altros
    altros 2 days ago

    tha tha tha tha that's gunge

  • SoulCalibur Pheonix
    SoulCalibur Pheonix 2 days ago

    ramsey: this tastes bad
    rosaria(owner): this is how its made deal with it
    -i also suspect they cooks arent simply deciding to serve day old pasta, being told to
    0:54 she is right hahahahaha

  • Somebody Random
    Somebody Random 2 days ago

    People: Calls Gordon*
    Gordon: tells them where they are going wrong
    People: I don’t care
    Gordon: why call me?!

  • Gavin Wagner
    Gavin Wagner 2 days ago

    You ate a piece of garlic don't even 5:54

  • Tim Lowe
    Tim Lowe 2 days ago

    I know they are making a tv show, but almost everyone that has him in their restaurant acts like super douche bags. It sucks to here your food sucks I guess

  • Dominus Ghaul
    Dominus Ghaul 2 days ago

    At least Rosaria has some nice big titties.

  • B Sheppard
    B Sheppard 2 days ago

    He said "Are we short?"

  • lxndr19 yup
    lxndr19 yup 2 days ago

    Nicole is uh.....yea

  • Jonathan Tsafalas
    Jonathan Tsafalas 3 days ago

    Nicole seems high

  • PanicSAnimations
    PanicSAnimations 3 days ago

    "Thank you, m'darling."
    "Y e s c h e f . "

  • JacksonOMG
    JacksonOMG 3 days ago

    Nicole is a moron. Poor Nicole

  • Ansel Sowah
    Ansel Sowah 3 days ago

    Someplace u cant beat the heart attack restaurant and if u cant eat your food 👏👏👏🤕u get beat

  • Daniel Stensen
    Daniel Stensen 3 days ago

    this aint new episodes!?!?

  • Joshua Faustini
    Joshua Faustini 3 days ago

    Chef: I did not overcook it boss.
    Gordon: This is so overcooked it's extraordinary

  • Cylon
    Cylon 3 days ago

    that manager calling the waitress a moron and then every time he asks her questions she give the dumbest non-answers.

  • Swap Trash
    Swap Trash 3 days ago

    The owner is a dumbass

  • Susan's Videos, Edits and Animations

    The muscles look good though I'm hungry as hell lol

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah 3 days ago

    Nicole looks like the type of chick to do poop porn.

  • Ana Mart
    Ana Mart 3 days ago

    I think I would be so scared to serve Gordon ANYTHING
    A cup of water
    "ITS D I S G U S T I N G"

  • Roy Valbuena
    Roy Valbuena 3 days ago

    At least the chefs are honest. Have you ever heard of a cook in this series that ever said they had fresh items?

  • Spooki Man Person
    Spooki Man Person 3 days ago

    When the cook said Dio

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  • Danielle
    Danielle 3 days ago

    Too much lobster. Now too little oysters 😂

  • klobasa007007
    klobasa007007 3 days ago

    So you're telling me you are not gonna change the food, when the guy who litellary made gazilion pounds coocking food told you to....oky then....i swear to god some f*cking ppl are pissing me off so much....BE HAPPY THAT HE EVEN CAME TO YOUR SH*TTY PLACE AND TRYING TO TEACH YOU SOMETHING AND TALKS TO YOU, YOU UNGATEFUL B*TCH!!

  • Ryan Roach
    Ryan Roach 3 days ago

    The sad thing is nowadays everywhere you go the management is complete shit They spend majority of the time with their hands in their pockets not knowing what's going on so can't answer questions

  • Bob Thenob
    Bob Thenob 3 days ago

    "That's how its made, I'm not going to change that"
    WOW, fuckin really?
    Good luck losing business then

  • A-Chan
    A-Chan 3 days ago

    Their hair is out n all over the place in the kitchen. Gross

  • jediflip
    jediflip 3 days ago

    I think that waitress was on heroin

  • The England Fan 1966

    Rosaria is fit and her tits are massive😍

  • Eric Almaguer
    Eric Almaguer 3 days ago

    This guy is a douchebag

  • mgkpraesi
    mgkpraesi 3 days ago

    Yes Chef, ok Chef, i will Chef, Chef Chef Chef.

  • Ashema Bahumat
    Ashema Bahumat 3 days ago

    I usually only eat 5 so :/ Then again it's usually at a relatively cheap buffet, and they're steamed

  • fukris
    fukris 3 days ago

    Hey, at least the chef understands that having a big ass menu means you'll have a hard time serving fresh food and not frozen.

  • Link Spets
    Link Spets 3 days ago +1

    It's small but it is not from the U.S.S.R

  • Lew Ashby
    Lew Ashby 3 days ago

    I dId NoT oVeRcOoK iT

  • Vinny DiGregorio
    Vinny DiGregorio 3 days ago

    The Owner freakin’ aggravates me.. He didn’t say he doesn’t like the Veal, he said it’s not cooked properly.. “You’re not gonna change that?”

  • Mika Miro Kazassoglou

    Nicole is high

  • Sarah Ainscough
    Sarah Ainscough 3 days ago

    Who in their right mind would serve frozen muscles ffs! Fancy some frozen chips with em too?😂😂😂😂

  • boostamante64
    boostamante64 3 days ago

    Waitress:There’s a lot of name calling in the kitchen
    Gordon Ramsey: really?!

  • aDaM pK
    aDaM pK 3 days ago

    The owner sounds like cardi b lol 2:53