Can You REALLY Kick Out a Car Windshield?

  • Published on Feb 9, 2019
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    Have you ever wondered how you would escape from a locked car? Today we're testing several different methods for breaking through car windows- which one will work the best?
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Comments • 4 340

  • Miran Anwar
    Miran Anwar Day ago

    Calli is being super unsafe. It's not even funny

  • Miran Anwar
    Miran Anwar Day ago

    You don't just leave an axe midway in a swing

  • დემეplays

    i think kamehameha will work

  • splatoon nour
    splatoon nour Day ago

    Where is nate

  • Daniel Gacutan
    Daniel Gacutan Day ago

    I really ship them together who agrees

    IV F4TAL VI Day ago

    Or just do the window down

  • Luke Bijl
    Luke Bijl Day ago

    this chick ruins it and annoys me

  • Svetlana Mikheyeva

    Says: Im Scared Of People Hacking Into my Account *Shows Private Information*

  • Andrew Vancil
    Andrew Vancil Day ago

    Modern car has stronger glass

  • Skylatian
    Skylatian Day ago

    Flite test merch! Nice! I sense a collab?

  • Drecol4000
    Drecol4000 Day ago

    When someone finds out your pass word to dashlane

  • Nathan Chew
    Nathan Chew Day ago

    nick didn't eat the glass

  • Shion Takashima
    Shion Takashima Day ago

    I yawned and i felt like glass was going through my throat

  • Bestofthewest Sajan

    Put the weele down than brake glass

  • Hunter Malone
    Hunter Malone Day ago

    U would of bin dead if u were under water

  • Sean M
    Sean M Day ago

    This guy is weaker than the girl. Lol

  • Matt Nobrega
    Matt Nobrega Day ago

    You could also carry a pocket knife that has a glass breaker tip on the end of the handle. But looks like a hole punch works better. So I guess always carry a hole punch on you or in your car.

  • Matt Nobrega
    Matt Nobrega Day ago

    If you try dropping the stearing wheel it might help.

  • Surendo Lafertin

    Car windows dont cut

  • Plubby 2222
    Plubby 2222 Day ago

    Can u test a data com punch down tool

  • Rebecca Maud
    Rebecca Maud Day ago

    So lower the steering wheel

  • jenny Trabert
    jenny Trabert Day ago

    The side windows won't crack, they will shatter

  • Rod Renteria
    Rod Renteria Day ago

    How to get into someone’s car thief edition

  • Fast Fletcher
    Fast Fletcher 2 days ago


  • mickel houser
    mickel houser 2 days ago +1

    No glass was hurt in the making of this video lol! Not!

  • Jacob L.
    Jacob L. 2 days ago

    Anyone else see that ONE frame?

  • Lil Squishy
    Lil Squishy 2 days ago

    Very disappointed u didn’t try to break it using the metal sticks in the headrest

  • Tdogg Fortnite
    Tdogg Fortnite 2 days ago

    Open the Fking door

  • Samantha Dominguez
    Samantha Dominguez 2 days ago

    Is it true that you can break a window with a hat

  • Uber Cena
    Uber Cena 2 days ago

    Just roll down the windows.

  • Hinshitsoo_gamer
    Hinshitsoo_gamer 2 days ago

    Car glass actually does not cut you

  • Filip Olofsson
    Filip Olofsson 2 days ago

    Why the helmets

  • Jim Porter
    Jim Porter 2 days ago


  • Mystix ??
    Mystix ?? 2 days ago

    try kicking the window, that will work best :/

  • Mystix ??
    Mystix ?? 2 days ago

    did you know that people are buying stuff from your card right now because you didn't even blur it out

  • Rangerwolf's Fishing

    Kick the rear view mirror.

  • Adam Hugh
    Adam Hugh 2 days ago

    Let’s get as many dislikes on my comment

  • Laurenz Bunk
    Laurenz Bunk 2 days ago

    Where is the other guy???

  • PuppyMan
    PuppyMan 2 days ago

    why doesnt the other king of random guy make any videos

  • StitchYYT
    StitchYYT 2 days ago

    When theres a bug in tbe car 6:32

  • Bouttogo HAMM
    Bouttogo HAMM 2 days ago

    I watched a buddy of mine headbutt his windshield and it spider webbed in a 1 foot radius lol. Its possible to punch windows out too but I've never seen it firsthand.

  • The Box Of Chicago
    The Box Of Chicago 2 days ago

    1:27 this again. cheeky haha

  • yoo kypo
    yoo kypo 2 days ago

    Man!!! The dude has less strength then the girl.... just waw. :\

  • Milo Timmis
    Milo Timmis 2 days ago

    It’s called go to the shop and buy a glass breaker

  • Finlay Packwood
    Finlay Packwood 2 days ago

    Why is kallie in all the videos now and the other guy isn’t

  • Smitten Chimp
    Smitten Chimp 2 days ago


  • Tyler Baker
    Tyler Baker 2 days ago

    what are those numbers and letters popping up?

  • Khimavath Hemanth
    Khimavath Hemanth 2 days ago

    What if i didnt wear shoes?

  • Ian Ric
    Ian Ric 2 days ago

    When ur car is rolled over ur seatbelt doesn't unlock

  • Ronin Shogun
    Ronin Shogun 2 days ago

    Try dropping the steering wheel?

  • sokol berg
    sokol berg 2 days ago

    It doseint work

  • sokol berg
    sokol berg 2 days ago

    Did you see the credit card number

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget 2 days ago +2

    8:03 did she just put a card password? Well imma try if it even works,but I won’t buy something expensive as I am not that kind of hacker lol (I am not even a hacker I am just curious if it’s really a credit card)

  • Colin Booker
    Colin Booker 2 days ago

    You should have tried with a spark plug

  • Jerry Fuller
    Jerry Fuller 2 days ago

    Love the Flite Test Shirt!

  • Bella novia
    Bella novia 2 days ago

    Idk the question is if you just got into an accident I dont know if one could do that

  • Jodie Smart
    Jodie Smart 2 days ago

    Really cool video

  • Avi8or kid
    Avi8or kid 2 days ago

    Could you open your door with one hand????

  • Furyingfox
    Furyingfox 2 days ago

    Flite Test :)

  • I have a horse named Teddy

    I suggested in a different video that you should try and use a glass breaker to break a car window, a lot of cars come with it.

  • Connor Deemer
    Connor Deemer 2 days ago

    yea that open helmet is called a chingard open face is hafe helmet thy dint use them much en more just letting you know

  • gamerplayz2much forlife

    "I wanna secure all of my stuff" *shows credit card* XD you messed up

  • Droop Snoot
    Droop Snoot 2 days ago

    Another great option are some of the multi-tools available. Usually come with a hammer that is pointed and made of carbon steel, as well as a seat belt cutter.

  • Hampeblixt
    Hampeblixt 2 days ago

    Maybe you cant

  • i Shean
    i Shean 2 days ago +1

    Sponsored by DASHLANE....


  • Seki
    Seki 2 days ago

    8:03 when everyone steals the credit card

  • Tom Booru
    Tom Booru 2 days ago

    wow they do it so fast in the movies, sometimes even underwater! Where as in real life it is so hard to do you would likely be dead long before the cracks start apparently.

  • THE Gab - series
    THE Gab - series 2 days ago

    Use a car mobile charger please and try it once more

  • nick huxell
    nick huxell 2 days ago

    You know if you throw a tiny piece porcelain at the side windows it will shatter missed opportunity

  • Emilio Gaming
    Emilio Gaming 2 days ago

    You know that you can unlock the car door lol

  • True Clan
    True Clan 2 days ago

    For every hit somone should replace that sound with an oof

  • richard33333100
    richard33333100 2 days ago

    Can't you just open the car door?

  • WildCatHD
    WildCatHD 2 days ago

    When you remove the headrest the pointy side is for breaking glass FYI..

  • angela rabah
    angela rabah 2 days ago

    When you break a car door window your supposed to use the head rest metal prongs

  • Guess M.
    Guess M. 2 days ago

    You should try to make a freeze dryer using a vacume chamber and liquid nitrogen and then test it against your actual freeze dryer

  • Redneck Ricers
    Redneck Ricers 2 days ago

    Can't unbuckle after a crash, seatbelts lock

  • chea lambert
    chea lambert 2 days ago

    you might cover you were credit card number

  • Haden Kaneshiro
    Haden Kaneshiro 2 days ago

    You can also use the head rest if you pull it out all the way you can use the metal part of it and smash your way out

  • Ayden Mann
    Ayden Mann 2 days ago

    My brother punched out a windshield but broke his hand bc he was mad

  • Ghost__Grexen
    Ghost__Grexen 2 days ago

    7:58 for a free credit card.

  • Metalic Warrior
    Metalic Warrior 2 days ago

    well,know we know that if you need to break your car windshield, just call your girl friend Or any girl honestly

  • Mike Leatherdale
    Mike Leatherdale 2 days ago

    It would have helped if you had boots on

  • Jye Wallace
    Jye Wallace 2 days ago

    take the sit head out

  • Fats spanky
    Fats spanky 2 days ago

    Or just use your elbo

  • How2
    How2 2 days ago

    I might get a punch or whatever its called for my car so i can get out

  • Suzuki boy 11
    Suzuki boy 11 2 days ago

    The windows would be half way broken in a wreck tho

  • Jennifer Sturm
    Jennifer Sturm 2 days ago

    Let’s just notice their phone number puss it at 7:58 and you can see it lol

  • Quinten Hostetler
    Quinten Hostetler 2 days ago

    If the airbags went off the seatbelt will lock up so you can’t move it

  • dew
    dew 2 days ago

    Maybe lower the steering wheel first

  • Kasey Albert
    Kasey Albert 2 days ago

    Can ya'll see how many thing that you can melt in acid

  • fkn brapp 69
    fkn brapp 69 2 days ago

    U should of tried a cell phone I think it would work and every one has one

  • Tyler K
    Tyler K 2 days ago

    U need to throw a pice of a spark plug at the window

  • Dominc Damon
    Dominc Damon 2 days ago

    You could just write your passwords on a sticky note, and not let the sticky note be in a obvious place

  • sadd pear ;-;
    sadd pear ;-; 2 days ago

    *how to break into a car*

  • William S.
    William S. 2 days ago

    6:10 Just FYI even though this did work most newer cars have a system where the seatbelts lock after an accident.

  • Ryan
    Ryan 2 days ago

    @ 11:00 that is just a window punch for fire fighters

  • sir guardian gaming and vlogs

    But in gta you can break car windows with just an elbow

  • Terra Games
    Terra Games 2 days ago

    You should make a vid to get to know Catie ( if that is her name)

  • Bob Kavinski
    Bob Kavinski 2 days ago

    We’re here at the junkyard

  • Steve Wright
    Steve Wright 2 days ago

    the ceramic from a spark plug will also break the tempered glass windows