What Language Am I Speaking? (Round 2) | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on Mar 5, 2019
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    Our #lineup guessers try to figure out what language these strangers are speaking to them
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    What Language Am I Speaking? (Round 2) | Lineup | Cut
    #Cut #Lineup #Challenge
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Comments • 40 646

  • Tsophia
    Tsophia 7 minutes ago

    the Hebrew one was soo wrong lmaoo but it's okay it's a tough language

  • Nadja Wust
    Nadja Wust 38 minutes ago

    12:07 this moment was great! Where my Dutchies at?

  • rare woman
    rare woman 2 hours ago


  • D'Artagnan Harris
    D'Artagnan Harris 2 hours ago

    Aye, Kansas gang. I dead ass have a friend that speaks Lingala, idk if I spelt that right.

  • Eveliene Breij
    Eveliene Breij 6 hours ago

    That what supposed to be Dutch, sounded bad as Dutch language and some words weren’t correct as well. Im Dutch and thought it was more like South African or so cause it was Dutch-ish but not exactly.

  • Die Milch
    Die Milch 6 hours ago

    Holy shiet the Russian speaking guy was really rough.

  • Noa Beeri
    Noa Beeri 6 hours ago

    The girl speaking in Hebrew was speaking with a very strong American accent and couldn’t even say I love you correctly lmaoo most basic ting

  • Yan Ben Yosef
    Yan Ben Yosef 21 hour ago

    Oh helllll no, the Hebrew "speaker" definitely hardly speaks Hebrew.
    A very foreign accent and many many mistakes in very basic sentences.

  • alex
    alex 22 hours ago

    *As someone who can speak Afrikaans, it was a lil trippy listening to the Flemish-Dutch conversation cause I was like "Oh! I can understand this"*

  • Bukkakeboy
    Bukkakeboy 23 hours ago

    Русскоязычный приятель говорит плоховато, акцент и ошибки выдают его((((

  • iris plass
    iris plass 23 hours ago

    i understood the last one because im dutch eyyyy

    • iris plass
      iris plass 23 hours ago

      i mean before the last one

  • Kritika Deshpande
    Kritika Deshpande Day ago +1

    Flemish is so easy !! And if u are guessing I live in Belgium 🇧🇪 and I am in a Dutch school I can prove it😊☺️

  • Queen B
    Queen B Day ago

    I wish i could participate in this how fun

  • maraphernalia
    maraphernalia Day ago

    An attractive black man angrily saying dirty things in russian into their ear? Those people were living a dream of mine that I didn't even know I had until today.

  • TheRealBaithoven

    Yall should get a swiss person to talk in one of your videos😂

  • Dmitrii Pukhov
    Dmitrii Pukhov Day ago

    There's no such thing as 'Flemish' language! Why the Belgian girl keeps insisting on that?

  • Dmitrii Pukhov
    Dmitrii Pukhov Day ago

    That black guy is so BAD in Russian...
    I'm offended to say the least.

  • Suzy Q
    Suzy Q Day ago +1

    You can hear the dutch girl is not really dutch, but she did her best!

  • 10,000 subscribers without any video and content

    language of mongolia interesting

  • Dennis Allen
    Dennis Allen Day ago

    "That's how Russian is"... no it's not. I'm American. I have a degree in Russian language, I am married to a native Russian speaker, I live in Moscow where I teach at Lomonosov University (in the Russian language), and my son speaks more Russian than he does English because Russian is the language we use most at home. This guy was straight up offensive. Yeah, Russian's curse, but no more than the Americans that I grew up with back home. And I've never heard anyone be that ridiculously vulgar in their speech in the 5 years I've lived in Russia and Ukraine. On top of that, his Russian was just bad. I mean, seriously bad. His accent is so strong, I would have picked up that he was not Russian within seconds, and he made several simple mistakes. They did this to simply get a reaction because he doesn't look like your typical Slavic Russian.
    However, I'm going to give a little cultural and linguistic lesson to everyone real quick. What does a Russian look like? That's a complicated question. There are two words in Russian to define a Russian. First, there is the word Русский (Russkiy), which denotes specific slavic ethnicity, and second, there is a word Руссианин (Russyanin), which does not denote slavic ethnicity, but rather belonging to the Russian state. In essence, you are a Russian citizen even if you aren't a Slavic Russian. Why would they have two words with these different meanings? The answer lies in the History of Russia. Russia since the very beginning has been situated on a "highway" called the Eurasian Steppe. A steppe is a geographical term which is equivalent to prairie. The Eurasian Steppe is a vast stretch of flat prairie (for the most part) that extends from Mongolia in the East, to Hungary in the West. Flat land allows for easy migration and a nomadic lifestyle. The movement of people across this zone for thousands of years has led the a multi-ethnic population in the region. Slavs, Turkic, Mongolic, Uralic, Inuit, etc... these are just a few of the different ethnic and linguistic families that exist in this large region and are spread out across modern day Russia. And they don't look Slavic, because they aren't Slavic. The Slavs were subjugated by the Mongols only to turn around and subjugate them right back 300 years later. As the Grand Duchy of Muscovy, then Russian Czardom, and eventually the Russian Empire grew, they incorporated populations from Siberia, the Caucasus, the Far East, and Central Asia. The result today is that those people still live in Russia. There is a reason Russia is a federation. It is a federation because Russia is divided up into many different administrative regions, 22 of which are Republics, semi-autonomous regions with special status in the country, designated for indigenous populations to have a certain level of self governance in terms of their language, culture, customs, judicial system and values.

  • Deszczu
    Deszczu 2 days ago

    10:20 Man, what the hell.

  • war deisty
    war deisty 2 days ago

    definitely russian

  • Myra Yellub
    Myra Yellub 2 days ago

    The woman at 11:04 sounds like she's speaking the language or Sims 😂

  • roo thao
    roo thao 2 days ago

    WOW at the people in the comments making fun of these people who LEARNED another language that they didn't grow up speaking, just so they could speak it. It's sexy when people want and learn another language other than their own. Give them a break, geez.

  • Dojoguy365 - Trevor
    Dojoguy365 - Trevor 2 days ago

    Is no one gonna point out how beautiful the girl in the denim dress is?

  • Brian Maramis
    Brian Maramis 2 days ago

    I watch this casually, but i die laughing when she says klingon😂😂😂👏👏👏

  • shay eventov
    shay eventov 2 days ago

    9:23 I mean...she literally thought him a mistake😂
    It should be “ani ohev otcha/ani ohev otach”

  • shay eventov
    shay eventov 2 days ago

    8:40 as an Israeli girl, i got kinda annoyed by the fact u couldn’t bring one who actually knows how to speak Hebrew fluently and correctly:(

  • BeeBee Tee
    BeeBee Tee 2 days ago

    Yay Congo! She sounds good!

  • Humberto Gutiérrez
    Humberto Gutiérrez 2 days ago

    This video should be titled: people pretending to speak another language and failing.

    Im looking at you the guy who thought he could speak Russian.

  • Leonie vW
    Leonie vW 3 days ago

    The girl who spoke Dutch did a good job, for being in the Netherlands for just 7 years.

  • Lera Zhukova
    Lera Zhukova 3 days ago

    It's really dissapointing that russian language is represented by the man who doent even speak grammatically right, and he has a degree!!! It makes u think about ither languages, were they real and good?

  • Elena
    Elena 3 days ago

    Well. How else should sound russian? Of course we start the dialogue with "Hi, dirty bitch". Great work.
    Have a good day, comrades, I'll return to some stereotypical movie like "red sparrow".

  • PeachyVanilla
    PeachyVanilla 3 days ago

    Can they do armenian?

  • PeachyVanilla
    PeachyVanilla 3 days ago

    WHAT IS THAT? Klingon?

  • Strawberry Girl
    Strawberry Girl 3 days ago

    Err can we redo the Urdu please?? If that's ok 😁

  • PiousMoltar
    PiousMoltar 3 days ago

    Pfft, I've seen Russian black dudes, never watched any porn? Also this seems to be turning into a porn, first with that dude and now with the next woman's "Hello, you are very pretty"

  • Kylie Voi
    Kylie Voi 3 days ago

    Cambodia and khmer team!!!!!

  • verofern41
    verofern41 3 days ago

    the native american language is really cool and lowkey sounds like they’re speaking beatbox

  • smonk.
    smonk. 3 days ago

    that guy's hindi is sooo damn weird and western!!!

  • TRG
    TRG 3 days ago

    All of you guys are saying how the Russian was bad, but can we talk about the Urdu? He didn’t even know the difference in pronunciation of horse and white..

  • Tia Sanaa
    Tia Sanaa 3 days ago

    i swear i need to get out more i thought have of these was sim

  • Maikkeru Mitsuru
    Maikkeru Mitsuru 3 days ago

    The Mongol girl got ass!! Damn she fine!!

  • tamir lavi
    tamir lavi 3 days ago

    That Hebrew is not very good

  • Лариса Ильина

    6:51 то что нужно знать всем русским 👌🏻(не все же так ругаются)

  • k b
    k b 4 days ago +1

    6:51 lmfaoooooooooooooooo

  • LaynieKlawer
    LaynieKlawer 4 days ago

    The lady from the Congo is gorgeous!

  • 낮마Ntee
    낮마Ntee 4 days ago

    The Dutch is sooooo not good 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 10000 00
    10000 00 4 days ago +1

    The Hebrew one wasn't right!
    Why not taking a native Hebrew speaker? There are many Israeli immigrants in America.
    I love u is Ani Ohev/et Otha/Otah (based on the reference-are u a boy/girl speaking to who)🤦🏻‍♀️ It's not "at"
    And hello is Shalom, Ahalan is less used and it's more Arabian

  • morge bear
    morge bear 4 days ago

    wow, 12:05
    I can't believe no one else put this in the comments,
    girl #1: he doesn't have any hair.
    girl #2: no, he really doesn't have any hair.
    girl #1: absolutely no hair.
    girl #1: so ugly without his hair.
    still girl #1: well... and those glasses...
    girl #1: so ugly!

  • Sam Fragin
    Sam Fragin 4 days ago

    The Hebrew had hella mistakes

  • Khulan Undrakh-Erdene
    Khulan Undrakh-Erdene 4 days ago +1

    Omg I’m Mongolian and when I heard this I was so shocked because our population is very low.( I think compared to bigger countries) I’m so proud and lots of love from Mongolia❤️

  • Natasha Tepler
    Natasha Tepler 4 days ago

    Russian guy doesn’t sound russian at all!!

  • Freja Aud Dahl-Nielsen

    Try Danish!

  • Alma hayle
    Alma hayle 4 days ago

    I'm jewish and she didn't say that right😶 that so funny😂😂

  • Jackson Smith
    Jackson Smith 5 days ago +39

    did anyone else feel bad when she said “i’m so sorry” and the Mongolian girl said “it’s okay” like damn i wanted to give both them a hug

  • Sania Wajid
    Sania Wajid 5 days ago

    That urdu speaker was not speaking it very well..i have to say

  • Carlos Diaz
    Carlos Diaz 5 days ago

    6:51💀😂🤣he got scared then a mf

  • Bayalagmaa MM
    Bayalagmaa MM 5 days ago


  • Tayler Bowling
    Tayler Bowling 5 days ago

    The Native American guy was yummmmmmmmmmm