The Mind Blowing ROG Gaming Smartphone


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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  6 months ago +5956

    What do you guys think? Is the ASUS ROG Smartphone the future of gaming phones?

    • Jose Frias
      Jose Frias Month ago

      i think this should be the future of a day by day phone, this really worth 1K nor an Iphone, Galaxy, Pixel, etc.

    • Sheldon Biggart
      Sheldon Biggart 3 months ago

      Asus is amazing and I have no doubt that the ROG Phone will be doing big things, and once they announce the official price I will make it my goal to get it. Time to join the Republic of Gamers.

    • Ashim Banerjee
      Ashim Banerjee 3 months ago

      can you give the link to buy it in india

    • Swarnav Sarkar
      Swarnav Sarkar 3 months ago

      Btw, what version of pubg mobile was that?

    • Antallity
      Antallity 6 months ago

      Unbox Therapy it is a beast so it means yes

  • Graham SPOONMAN Mason

    It does everything, "and more", I've been hoping for in the growing mobile game market. I've preferred mobile gaming since the beginning. Now I'm just waiting to see the big boys response, bye bye emulators.... Awesome video as always keep up the great work fellas.

  • Tristin DeHart
    Tristin DeHart 15 hours ago +1

    Who needs gaming PC's its 2018😂 we have smartphones that can do it!

  • skrree
    skrree 22 hours ago

    its like im watching this shit from future and lough. just like old ads

  • aj flores
    aj flores Day ago

    Can i have that?

  • Felix Nurwahid
    Felix Nurwahid Day ago


  • Nirmal Kumar
    Nirmal Kumar 2 days ago

    After unboxing does that phone belongs to you?....

  • Rex Damn
    Rex Damn 2 days ago

    Can u give me that as a present for Xmas

  • Jake Bowman
    Jake Bowman 2 days ago

    That keyboard set will be useful when the new mobile Diablo game comes out.

  • ShadoWolf
    ShadoWolf 3 days ago

    Now make it affordable and its a deal.
    Honestly, they can make more money from its accessories than the actual phone itself.
    Selling them individually or as a bundle.

  • Michel Ghazal albr
    Michel Ghazal albr 3 days ago

    Get me one gaming smartphone please?

  • Saeed Kassem
    Saeed Kassem 4 days ago

    This thing is the best thing I have ever seen

  • Thomas Hughes
    Thomas Hughes 4 days ago

    If I have to tap it to the mandatory microchip embedded under my skull to get it to power up I'm gonna start praying for the end of the world.

  • LightMoon Gaming Channel

    Damn....I need to get myself one of those

  • chitownchapin cas
    chitownchapin cas 5 days ago

    I stopped you at 5:10 .. And i have to say .. Is not there yet ... How ever money is giving you ... Mmm needs work

  • The Chaser
    The Chaser 6 days ago

    Awesome but Mobile gaming still sucks lol

  • Sudipta Samanta
    Sudipta Samanta 7 days ago

    How do you like them apples?

  • Sprx 77
    Sprx 77 7 days ago +1

    Who else is viewing after release

  • Kyle Clark
    Kyle Clark 7 days ago

    Basically an android nintendo switch lol....for $400+ more

  • Tech Addict Guy
    Tech Addict Guy 8 days ago

    OMG .. 😍 .. This is a beast !! Coolest phone ever i see till now 😅

  • DrAgOn_LeGeNd_66
    DrAgOn_LeGeNd_66 9 days ago

    Phone is already out now, and I bought it, bro in Austria new tech comes soooo late and expensive due to the high taxes, holy crap, finally found a shop from where i ordered it. Cost me about 900€, Unluckily Europe is expensive.

  • Achyut Bajpai
    Achyut Bajpai 10 days ago

    This phone is super smart it can change to a desktop in just 1.5 laks

  • Nold brav's
    Nold brav's 10 days ago

    Sir can i have that rog phone plsss if you aill notice me i only have samsung duos and its soo low on gaming plss if you'll notice me im your number 1 fan pls notice me

    • Juu Iltaa Vaan
      Juu Iltaa Vaan 7 days ago

      Shut the fuck up nobody gives a single fuck about you

  • JC Vitasa
    JC Vitasa 10 days ago

    Hey what about the camera? *ducks *

  • Bisam Sapkota
    Bisam Sapkota 11 days ago

    1000 Plus phone for candy crush, flappy bird and angry birds? IDK what are some true mobile games are. Controls are often horrible and not to mention the controller that comes with are usually not comfortable, take Nintendo controller for a better design for stick level. Nintendo like games, Psvita like games And redesign of old school PC games has to be done for mobile with better control design. Who'll take responsiblity? .. Or Consols and systems are just what they are but no revolutionary stuff in mobile gaming even though they try, I for one am just playing the same swipe games like subway surfers, lara croft and some spend $100s of dollars for that kindda crap to boost their level.

  • Taivansaihan Gansukh
    Taivansaihan Gansukh 11 days ago

    This was i looking for your channel

  • Ham jirou
    Ham jirou 11 days ago

    5:39 whats the name of the device?

  • Eddy Van Antecristo
    Eddy Van Antecristo 11 days ago

    Still wishing...

  • Prajwal Pradhan
    Prajwal Pradhan 11 days ago

    I don't care about the devices.. I just love to listen to him

  • yuchen Lin
    yuchen Lin 12 days ago

    How to buy rog phone

  • Darell Borromeo
    Darell Borromeo 12 days ago

    I think that's the near future of Republic of Gamers product ❤



  • Taqiyuddin KZ
    Taqiyuddin KZ 12 days ago

    Wow this phone really insane

  • Nefryx - Mobile Legends

    rip credit card

  • md sarfraz alam
    md sarfraz alam 12 days ago

    Apple can never think of this kinda phone atleast a decade from now.

  • Garrett Giuffre
    Garrett Giuffre 12 days ago

    When phones like this becomes upgrade. Then then it will be amazing. Or if technology ever levels it's progression out.

  • Harucain Storme
    Harucain Storme 13 days ago

    Just a tip If you Have Phone Like This and want to the same game with different acc you can download Parallel world and Clone the game there and you can play Both samge game with diffirent acx

  • ninja ninja
    ninja ninja 13 days ago

    You can buy all that accessories and stuff.... Or, you can just buy a computer and run twitch and whatever you want on it.... Something to think about

  • うちはイタチUchiha Itach

    Rip Nintendo Switch

  • It's time to stop
    It's time to stop 13 days ago

    And the beauty and end all be all is that you can see they remodeled it and designed it to almost look like an Android. Apple. Your time has come.

  • Leo DaVinci
    Leo DaVinci 13 days ago

    That Mobilescreen has higher hZ than my monitor

  • Josh Noir
    Josh Noir 14 days ago

    This is like buying a gaming PC to play PS2 games. Even the best Android games out there can be played on a "high end gaming" Android like the Nvidia Shield Tablet for 200 bucks. All those bells and whistles don't matter when there are zero games that support it.

  • Chitranshu Harbola
    Chitranshu Harbola 14 days ago

    "Asus ROG Phone" - another name of heaven......😇

  • Rohit Battoo
    Rohit Battoo 14 days ago

    Damnnn ! I'm not that much into mobile gaming but yeah this thing has got my attention.
    lot of additional tech... really amazin'

  • Alex Eddie
    Alex Eddie 14 days ago

    But, pc games are much better than phone games. Hahaha

    • かつKATSU
      かつKATSU 11 days ago

      +かつKATSU put your pc*

    • かつKATSU
      かつKATSU 11 days ago

      ofc so much better but u can't your pc in your pocket right?

  • SHADOB Times
    SHADOB Times 15 days ago

    Yes it is the future

  • AKHAN Amu
    AKHAN Amu 15 days ago

    I want!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A Club Pro
    A Club Pro 15 days ago

    I think Asus can do better

  • sleepingmeat
    sleepingmeat 15 days ago

    I would just like to ask. Who the fuck wants to game on a phone? That's what computers and consoles are for.

  • rick jayson
    rick jayson 15 days ago

    i just got works very well :)

  • HEmanshu yadav
    HEmanshu yadav 16 days ago

    Yes buddy it is the coolest thing I've ever seen. . 😍😍😍😍

  • pro tt
    pro tt 16 days ago

    Now it's upto the gaming developers to furnish high visual works to raise the standard of a next gen gaming dimension.Let's hope it will pave a way to a brand new era of gaming on our mobile devices

  • Kid Buu
    Kid Buu 16 days ago

    Does it have cpu cooler?

  • Mansi Garg
    Mansi Garg 16 days ago

    Mind blowing!!! Yes, of course it will be a future gaming experience

  • shubham kumar
    shubham kumar 17 days ago

    will subway surfers run smoothly on this phone? :P

  • Mehrdad Mirshahi
    Mehrdad Mirshahi 17 days ago

    Holyyyyyyy Shit ... where are we going

  • Henry Wong
    Henry Wong 17 days ago

    5:02 the best gammmmmming(!) phone is made for......watching peppy pig

  • richmond reginio
    richmond reginio 18 days ago

    speed test in iphone XS max

  • Ashwin Kumar
    Ashwin Kumar 18 days ago

    But can it play Minecraft without lag?

  • denon powaz
    denon powaz 18 days ago

    Only for ultra rich people

  • FaZe Foggi
    FaZe Foggi 18 days ago

    So it’s basically a Nintendo DS...

  • gab datugan
    gab datugan 19 days ago

    when your rog screen gets broken use your accessory for replacement

    DJ BLACK SHADOW 19 days ago

    God Phone

  • Arthur Mateman
    Arthur Mateman 20 days ago +1


  • sai krishna
    sai krishna 20 days ago

    just cool.

  • Carlo di donna
    Carlo di donna 20 days ago +1

    when will the phone make it to stores?

  • Nishimya san
    Nishimya san 20 days ago

    are all of the items in one box? when you buy the phone all of them are concluded?

  • Sergio Díaz Nila
    Sergio Díaz Nila 20 days ago

    for the Diablo youtubers that were wtf am i gonna do with Diablo Immortal.

  • DerpyDoom
    DerpyDoom 20 days ago

    Got the phone. Will never leave it!

  • Devansh Malhotra
    Devansh Malhotra 21 day ago +1

    A streaming setup

  • 4-UP
    4-UP 21 day ago

    Can it Emulate Playstation 2 Games? ...... Killzone: Liberation, look it up up 👍

    XXDEATH GR1PXX 21 day ago


  • Mazaribeiro
    Mazaribeiro 22 days ago

    OMG that's what I'm talking about! R.I.P my little old friend S8+

  • Matthew Cao
    Matthew Cao 22 days ago


  • Wolfie Gaming
    Wolfie Gaming 23 days ago

    Plsss gift me a rog phone for my birthday on dec 26 plsssssssssssssssssssss

  • Nate Turbo
    Nate Turbo 24 days ago

    Where can I get those rog phone accessories pls comment

  • Ricki Ray
    Ricki Ray 25 days ago

    It's great and all but what about the quality of the normal phone functions? Lol

  • Jota Mudo P
    Jota Mudo P 25 days ago

    In the end it's just gimmicky, you can buy a normal device and a controller and everything will be the same, a gamer phone is a phone made to play games, not a normal phone that needs a controller to be bought to play the fucking games. A new "Xperia play" is a gamer phone, not that shit right there that the s9 and the xs max probably outperform

    JISHNU GANESH 25 days ago

    You have the best life in the whole world.iam jealous

  • SoME RaNDoM BluE player

    Oml now this is a gaming phone something that should cost a lot now and that right there is something worth buying 😂👌

  • Danial Lee
    Danial Lee 26 days ago

    I'm gonna buy this soon because on Malaysia,it is already out

  • C C
    C C 26 days ago +1


  • xDTheEpicGamerDx
    xDTheEpicGamerDx 27 days ago

    When your Phone is expensive than your pc

  • Kelvin Lim
    Kelvin Lim 27 days ago

    rog phone Battery drains fast is normal ? or my battery has problem?

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 27 days ago

    Makes the switch look useless

  • tj sy
    tj sy 27 days ago

    how to play clash of clans in that thing? lol!

  • Infinite Gamer
    Infinite Gamer 28 days ago

    The gaming phone that will change everything......

  • daniel hoover
    daniel hoover 28 days ago


  • Raymund Pascua
    Raymund Pascua 28 days ago

    I like this gaming cp but it can be bought 😢😢😢😢😢

  • de.joshuac
    de.joshuac 28 days ago

    Damn this stuff has more ports and functions then 2 of my laptops combined😂😂😂. Powerful phone, but it looks pretty complex for a phone. Although it us worth $1k+, I wouldn't rlly buy it as it seems too much and complex just for a phone. But yea, i must say this could still be the most powerful and sexiest phone I've ever seen.

  • Pokamato
    Pokamato 29 days ago

    My phone is getting jealous...😂😂 It's getting hot... ;_;


    Wtf ....did he just played FREEFIRE in ROG(thumbnail)?????

  • Michel B
    Michel B 29 days ago

    Yes i just bought one should receive it next Tuesday by amazon, but i don t know where to find the accessories don t seem to be on amazon, why?

  • Zoey Rose
    Zoey Rose 29 days ago +3

    The Nintendo DS had a baby with a smartphone...

  • Original ?
    Original ? 29 days ago

    Cool but just like apple it only really serves its purpose if you buy multiple products.

  • Adam A
    Adam A Month ago

    Has anyone used old school emulators on it yet? Specifically with the additional controller accessory?(not sure if that's even released yet)

  • Justen Haberl
    Justen Haberl Month ago

    Can you please test this bad boy out and give it one of your infamous test drives for some time? I am dying for a detailed review of the camera, picture quality, and video quality.

  • Ekrama Mumtaz
    Ekrama Mumtaz Month ago

    I want it

  • Dipanwita Chatterjee

    are you serious????????😫😲😲😲😲

  • Ace Migs
    Ace Migs Month ago

    All this power just to play candycrush