The Mind Blowing ROG Gaming Smartphone


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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  8 months ago +6129

    What do you guys think? Is the ASUS ROG Smartphone the future of gaming phones?

    • Jose Frias
      Jose Frias 3 months ago

      i think this should be the future of a day by day phone, this really worth 1K nor an Iphone, Galaxy, Pixel, etc.

    • Sheldon Biggart
      Sheldon Biggart 5 months ago

      Asus is amazing and I have no doubt that the ROG Phone will be doing big things, and once they announce the official price I will make it my goal to get it. Time to join the Republic of Gamers.

    • Ashim Banerjee
      Ashim Banerjee 5 months ago

      can you give the link to buy it in india

    • Swarnav Sarkar
      Swarnav Sarkar 5 months ago

      Btw, what version of pubg mobile was that?

    • Antallity
      Antallity 8 months ago

      Unbox Therapy it is a beast so it means yes

  • prank boy
    prank boy 10 hours ago

    my galaxy note edge exploded and told me that we cant stay together

  • Miranda Bañares
    Miranda Bañares 23 hours ago

    But this phone cant run Space Impact

  • Paulo Rayos
    Paulo Rayos 2 days ago

    Omg i want that too 😳

  • Nate Silvers
    Nate Silvers 3 days ago

    But can it play Crysis

  • Don't mind me
    Don't mind me 3 days ago

    Okay but has anybody actually bought this? I want to know buyer's opinions. This honestly looks amazing but what is the price and is it really as good as it seems?

  • veera durai
    veera durai 4 days ago

    Dude Can u offer me this mobile please..

  • Cake.playZ _
    Cake.playZ _ 4 days ago

    Is that like two phones

  • Andrew Raymond
    Andrew Raymond 5 days ago

    it is

  • Lil Gaetan
    Lil Gaetan 6 days ago

    How can i buy one with all the accessories

  • Muhammad Farhan
    Muhammad Farhan 6 days ago

    I'm disappointed in you because you downloaded freefire on a ROG phone

  • Muhammad Farhan
    Muhammad Farhan 6 days ago

    I swear every hardcore gamer will get a boner from this

  • Naraa Munaa
    Naraa Munaa 7 days ago


  • Bradlexx ramos
    Bradlexx ramos 7 days ago

    wish have that phone😔😔

  • Kevin Gaming
    Kevin Gaming 8 days ago

    When I play the game it is very difficult to play games

  • Kevin Gaming
    Kevin Gaming 8 days ago

    I regretted buying this phone rogphone no good 😬😬😬

  • Emil Lugovoy
    Emil Lugovoy 10 days ago

    This phone is 799$ and the latest iphone is 1599$

  • HD SM
    HD SM 10 days ago

    so this is the first video with no glasses ?

  • Joe Kin
    Joe Kin 10 days ago

    The pubg powerhouse :o

  • H2o Gaming
    H2o Gaming 10 days ago

    I really want that asus rog smartphone....😭😭

  • QualitySound1993
    QualitySound1993 10 days ago

    This is sick.

  • Warren Miller
    Warren Miller 11 days ago

    Nintendo look out

  • Warren Miller
    Warren Miller 11 days ago

    When dose it come out??? Need it asap

  • Sandesh Thapa
    Sandesh Thapa 13 days ago +1

    Can it run snake game 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂???

  • Curry House
    Curry House 13 days ago


  • Schizophrenic Queen
    Schizophrenic Queen 13 days ago

    So which phone would you recommend? I plan to get one but I didn’t know which to get, I wanted to get Razer 2 at first..

  • Racem Sethom
    Racem Sethom 13 days ago

    😎🤪Play PUBG mobile with phone 🎮🏅
    👉Gamepad For Mobile Phone Game Controller Shooter Trigger Fire Button Joystick
    Price : $5.86

  • Dominik Ibarra
    Dominik Ibarra 14 days ago

    Where did you find that double screen controller accessory

  • David Clark
    David Clark 14 days ago

    Seems cool

  • B Nasty
    B Nasty 14 days ago

    I don't even want to watch this because I want it so bad

  • Drama Drum !
    Drama Drum ! 14 days ago

    Gayming phone

  • Austux •
    Austux • 14 days ago

    Just imagine graphics on this 🤤

  • Lord_ Death
    Lord_ Death 15 days ago

    this guy tries to be funny he has some really bad jokes

  • The video lab !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry you actually said that should probably shut up until end of video

  • The video lab !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That smaller box is the fan it's an external fan to keep it cooled....

  • SamualROS
    SamualROS 15 days ago +1


  • ツREN
    ツREN 17 days ago

    I want it 😍😍🍃

  • Tilak Mehrotra
    Tilak Mehrotra 18 days ago

    can it run minecraft

  • mighty flea
    mighty flea 19 days ago

    this monstrosity disgusts me

  • Alexandros Ktistis
    Alexandros Ktistis 21 day ago

    Not fortnite though

  • ali mohammad
    ali mohammad 21 day ago

    seriously I want it today before anyone else

  • ali mohammad
    ali mohammad 21 day ago

    I wanna one piece

  • ali mohammad
    ali mohammad 21 day ago

    yes is it going to destroy all smartphone

  • ali mohammad
    ali mohammad 21 day ago

    I need there contact bro

  • ali mohammad
    ali mohammad 21 day ago

    can you help me to order it plssss

  • ali mohammad
    ali mohammad 21 day ago

    where can I order pls..

  • Darko Dajko
    Darko Dajko 21 day ago

    This is 2 big and 2 much for meai :P

  • Amirreza Misaghian
    Amirreza Misaghian 22 days ago

    Are mobile gamers real gamers?

  • Alexander Kvitrovn
    Alexander Kvitrovn 24 days ago

    Does it beat the razor 2?

  • gstboost30
    gstboost30 24 days ago

    Turns on, 3 seconds later, Find power source lol. But dam that thing is bad ass

  • Deborah Semidey
    Deborah Semidey 24 days ago

    Apple releases the iPhone Xs, Xr, And Xs max
    ASUS: Hold my beer...

  • x8in_finity
    x8in_finity 25 days ago +10

    Watching this on an rog gaming smartphone

  • Usd Bogdan
    Usd Bogdan 25 days ago

    If it could support a virtual machine with windows on it , oh my , when phone android, when desktop windows :D

  • Dark Warrior
    Dark Warrior 25 days ago

    Apple is so dominated by asus rog.....well done by the republic of gamers.....they have shown the power of a phone

  • enes ozturk
    enes ozturk 26 days ago

    Hell yes

  • Little Crack
    Little Crack 27 days ago

    The Re2public

  • Harvey Oroceo
    Harvey Oroceo 27 days ago

    Watching this on my ROG phone. Simply epic. No regrets.

  • Paul ulrich
    Paul ulrich 28 days ago

    Nintendo ds

    ZIVO PLAYZ G0d 28 days ago +1

    How do i buy this

  • jarrod finnegan
    jarrod finnegan 28 days ago

    All for the small price of only $2500

  • Fem Mancao
    Fem Mancao 28 days ago

    Yeah,,thats my coolest phone i ever know,,but i just look because I can't afford to buy it here in the philippines hehe,,worth of 41,990 pesos...

  • KidXGaming
    KidXGaming 29 days ago

    Asus going all out

  • Dennis Mwangi
    Dennis Mwangi 29 days ago

    this blew my teenage mind

  • Razvan Radulescu
    Razvan Radulescu Month ago

    Apple should learn from ROG ;)

  • Ssj5 Limit
    Ssj5 Limit Month ago

    What the song at 6:05?? anyone know?? it's very nice.

  • SODツXxAashxX
    SODツXxAashxX Month ago

    3:28 Anyone noticed anything in his PC.

    he was playing freefire

  • Nvr Jlyl Amyrvl
    Nvr Jlyl Amyrvl Month ago

    My phone got shy seeing this phone. It wont work properlahshsjananabsvdusoakkajuueowkqnbdb1r5gd

  • Jesus Martinez
    Jesus Martinez Month ago

    Ah, Nintendo, is that you?

  • Isshan Marwah
    Isshan Marwah Month ago

    Can we play fortnite on it

  • Sineth Lakshitha
    Sineth Lakshitha Month ago

    That's the best gaming phone I have ever seen

  • Ujjwal Gupta
    Ujjwal Gupta Month ago

    Yeah it's the coolest thing I've ever seen

  • Johann Rosales
    Johann Rosales Month ago

    Insane set up.

  • I'm no Gamer
    I'm no Gamer Month ago

    Y u so rich XD

  • Dru Schweigert
    Dru Schweigert Month ago

    How about doing a review of the AGM X3?

  • Five Nights at F**k Boy's

    can u send me a asus rog pls.Philippines adress 68Aragoza s.t.please i really need 1 i really need asus im crying...please give me asus rog

  • Keep It Real
    Keep It Real Month ago

    This is the beginning of what is to come. In another 100 year's the world will be like seregate that bruce Willis movie and every other space age movie. It's inevitable..

  • Syed Owais
    Syed Owais Month ago

    Will the all accessories cum with de phone

  • poppin mouse
    poppin mouse Month ago

    i am waiting for a sony ps to be released...

    JERRY IROGHE Month ago

    The phone is without earphone? Nobody has ever show the 👂 phone

  • mroad melhem
    mroad melhem Month ago

    you are a master in living !!

  • Manish Dangi
    Manish Dangi Month ago

    We can call someone from this phone. Right?

  • rizwan hapit riadi
    rizwan hapit riadi Month ago

    for me, that smartphone is perfect.. for a gamer.. and other spec isn't to bad btw.. i hope i can get one..

  • Nelson Cabico
    Nelson Cabico Month ago

    Pc gaming on a mobile device? Thats plain cheating.... Are you kidding me..?!?!

  • Crazy Videos
    Crazy Videos Month ago

    damn nice technology there

  • ahmed aziz
    ahmed aziz Month ago

    Gimme your watch haha

  • Maxadrove
    Maxadrove Month ago

    Annnnnnnnddd it will probably cost the same as buying a bmw

  • Alliya Diva
    Alliya Diva Month ago

    damn i need this

  • Alex Boricua
    Alex Boricua Month ago

    I want that phone ASAP!!! This phone is insane!!!!!!

  • ÝåŠir Åli
    ÝåŠir Åli Month ago

    this phone is incredibly insane one

    ĐÈŁTÁ-ÇØRÊ Month ago

    I don't even have a phone all I have is a 3310 nokia😭

    Ask me if how I commented I used my pc

  • bala venkateshwar Betha

    for whom ull vote?? asus rog or xiomi black shark??

  • Wild Screenagers
    Wild Screenagers Month ago


  • Rj Ahammed
    Rj Ahammed Month ago

    Please give me a phone sir

  • vigo vogi
    vigo vogi Month ago


    RUSHAN PLAYS Month ago

    Not as much as psvr ports

  • Colin Page
    Colin Page Month ago


  • revolver firefire
    revolver firefire Month ago

    i thin is too much why buy a stupid smartphone if can buy a laptop to play many other best games if android only have maybe 5 games ? with caracteristics higt or good games is lost money if they can make a cheap phone is good meanwhile is just lost money

  • Ultima
    Ultima Month ago

    «Grabs Switch» Yeah, sure, you can call that mobile and i'll call this gaming, «Loads Smash Bros» HF on that!

  • Lime Eirfan
    Lime Eirfan Month ago

    Show this to some PC gamers who think that mobile gaming is the worst:
    "I was wrong"
    -PC Gamers 2018