$80 Tattoo Vs. $875 Tattoo

  • Published on Jan 8, 2017
  • “I’m not gonna be able to hide this from my grandma."
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    Skin and Bones
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    Lost And Broken
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    Speakeasy Tattoo
    Artist: Scott Glazier
    Instagram: speakeasy_tattoo_la
    Body Electric Tattoo
    Artist: Mike G
    Instagram - @mikegtattoo
    Tattoo Lounge:
    Artist: Patrick Thomas
    Instagram: @skullytattoos
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Comments • 12 016

  • Supreme Nation
    Supreme Nation 5 hours ago

    The last was some hollywood BS

  • Chloe Gachawolf
    Chloe Gachawolf 2 days ago

    Guys who is here in 2019 after the saddest tattoo I have ever seen

  • Double A Ron
    Double A Ron 2 days ago +1

    Lol my boi as a tattoo related to his brother’s BestFriend, but not his girlfriend

  • Anthony T
    Anthony T 3 days ago

    Overpriced and terrible tattoos

  • rumpleforeskin73
    rumpleforeskin73 4 days ago

    Dude does nice work. ...if you can deal with his hippy dippy "I'm an artist who's like totally into artistry and it's all about the art and the artist's artistic endeavor for the love of art" way about him for long enough to get it done.

  • Taiko Beats
    Taiko Beats 8 days ago

    Damn really look at that $875 tattoo though... I would have been disappointed. Look at those lines and look at those gear teeth... There all uneven and different... Dunning Kruger effect allowed this tattoo to cost that much.

  • Dawn Collinson
    Dawn Collinson 8 days ago +3

    Speakeasy tattoo experience with so much passion and you auntie's beautiful eyes just won my heart xxx

  • Pandoras policebox
    Pandoras policebox 8 days ago

    $875 for 6 hours is actually not expensive at all...there are local artists near me with 300-400$ hourly minimums. Could have done better research.

  • Tino Tse
    Tino Tse 8 days ago +3

    With 3 Tattoos coming roughly $ 1355.00. It was well worth the pay

  • Donjet Farizi
    Donjet Farizi 9 days ago

    They Were All the same it was just the time and the size

  • Chefs backyard
    Chefs backyard 9 days ago

    Speakeasy art piece was amazing!

  • Skinner Viral TV
    Skinner Viral TV 10 days ago


  • Lezrleia
    Lezrleia 10 days ago

    Tbh given the sizes of these tattoos it doesn’t feel like the price is changing that much. The $400 tattoo was easily 4x as big as the $100 one

  • moist moist moist
    moist moist moist 10 days ago +10

    the attitude that radiates from the last artist was not good i couldn’t imagine listening to that cockiness for 6 hours saying how he added unplanned additions like no sir

  • Bri Perez
    Bri Perez 10 days ago +1

    the last one was nice

  • Todd Garrett
    Todd Garrett 10 days ago

    Those tattoos were terrible

  • Cristina Arregui Fernandez

    Both tattoos were terrible

  • King Trash Can
    King Trash Can 12 days ago

    If you were going to get a tattoo what would you get

  • GamerGirl X
    GamerGirl X 12 days ago

    My tattoo artist charges $150 per hour. I only get big pieces so $800+ is norm then I always tip generously because she pours a lot of thought and effort into the piece. To this day, 9 pieces later, I am still in love with every single piece. If it's going to be on your body forever, you need to find a good artist and be willing to invest in it. (The longest session I've had is 13 hours with 2 10 minutes break in between)

  • Kalashnikov Inc.
    Kalashnikov Inc. 12 days ago

    *$80 cocaine vs. $875 cocaine*

  • Hayden Jordan
    Hayden Jordan 13 days ago

    Daaayuumm that ain't worth $400hahaha

  • Positively Ellie
    Positively Ellie 14 days ago

    It big; it’s baddass; it’s Ben 😁

  • Pablo Cejas
    Pablo Cejas 14 days ago

    I wonder if he actually knows how to take care of a tattoo jeez

  • Jamie Jump
    Jamie Jump 14 days ago

    I round that 875 up to 1k with tip. That’s right about right for quality of work & time.

  • Davie Dawg
    Davie Dawg 14 days ago

    total of his tattoo all together.. 1,355

  • Big Jax
    Big Jax 14 days ago +1

    That last tattoo was/is a masterpiece.

  • happyharrywallace
    happyharrywallace 14 days ago

    Audio guys daughter is named flyin?

  • Huncho Nick
    Huncho Nick 14 days ago

    The last tattoo honestly isn’t that bad as y’all making it seem. All that matters is that he likes it and it’s unique.

  • Wilder Whitten
    Wilder Whitten 14 days ago

    my name is wilder just like gene wilder

  • • nerdynurse
    • nerdynurse 15 days ago

    Well as long as he's happy with it right? (:

  • El Gio
    El Gio 16 days ago +1

    Back in the day you would earn tattoo for putting in work in hood. Now grown men get peter pan tattoos shm.

    • wtf is up k y l e
      wtf is up k y l e 11 days ago

      El Gio Now men don’t base their tattoos around how masculine that they are, this guy makes thousands of dollars doing videos like this and all you can do is sit here and be jealous😂

  • Marshall hansen
    Marshall hansen 16 days ago +14

    The artist who did the $80 tattoo, would probably give you the best $800 piece you have ever seen. But, the dude from speakeasy tattoo actually puts a lot of thought into it. And I like how the consultation works. Pausing the video however, and studying his work, I believe that even though the 80 dollar tattoo was the most simple, it was also executed the best. $80 FTW

  • TheBestMovieAlive
    TheBestMovieAlive 19 days ago

    All these tattoos sucked.

  • Vanduraa sr
    Vanduraa sr 19 days ago

    800 seems pretty cheap considering what you get.

  • Jacob Alvarado
    Jacob Alvarado 20 days ago

    He is more worried about hiding he’s new tattoos from he’s grandma lmao 😂

  • Genghis Khan
    Genghis Khan 20 days ago

    I find a persons skinned tattoos sew on garments nicely.

  • Eric Troutman
    Eric Troutman 20 days ago

    Where is the other MILF guy?

  • Owen Burns
    Owen Burns 21 day ago

    dude that elevator tat is gonna look dated in 10 years bro, whereas the little stars at the start will always be cool.

  • Dennis LeRoy
    Dennis LeRoy 22 days ago

    I would like to get a tatto done by Scott

  • Andres Esparza
    Andres Esparza 23 days ago

    These were all terrible and I mean that in the most positive way

  • T FP
    T FP 25 days ago

    congrats on 3 great tattoos

  • FreezingOrange Productions

    3:26 It’s a Wonkavator

  • Mr. Jordan
    Mr. Jordan 26 days ago

    the 875 tattoo was really good...the galaxy for 400 dollars was HORRIBLE!

  • Mr. Jordan
    Mr. Jordan 26 days ago

    the galaxy doesnt look very good at all

  • The Random video expert
    The Random video expert 26 days ago +1

    Who else saw the missing photo of himself ? Lmao ok just me.

  • No Man's Son
    No Man's Son 26 days ago

    I could draw that...

  • David Kasprzak
    David Kasprzak 26 days ago

    You paid $80 for that tattoo wow

  • kaleb Yonemoto
    kaleb Yonemoto 27 days ago

    7:58 lmao

  • Kev D
    Kev D 27 days ago

    All 3 tattoos were absolutley pony

  • Camerin Molina
    Camerin Molina 27 days ago

    okay but i he has GREAT skin for tats bc he doesn’t swell up or bleed like wow. i need that type of skin.

  • * Jace *
    * Jace * 28 days ago

    Grandma has entered the chat

  • YN4L Trey
    YN4L Trey 28 days ago

    His story bout made me tear up ngl

  • Thot Patrol
    Thot Patrol 29 days ago +2

    Oh no that $875 tattoo was a horrible idea😂

  • madi cat
    madi cat Month ago

    Speak easy did the best

  • nicola shaw
    nicola shaw Month ago +1

    Personally I think the $400 piece didn’t flow well at all with the rest of the 1/2 sleeve. The stars were perfect & the final piece was a masterpiece!! $875 was worth it!!

  • comandosespeciales
    comandosespeciales Month ago +3

    I feel like the last guy is a really good artist, but his tattooing skills are not on par with his drawing or painting skills. His designs and the paintings in his studio are amazing, but the lines in that tattoo were kind of wobbly. I think it'd be better if he designed the tattoos and had someone else transfer them into the skin until his tattooing is more confident.

  • how many subs can this baby chicken get?

    2:17 why does the tattoo artist look like such a cool dude to hang out with 😂

  • Train LeChoo
    Train LeChoo Month ago

    Imagine waiting a year and getting turned away, I hope they do the meeting sooner

  • wabash
    wabash Month ago

    5:11 they played the camera guy laughing again in reverse.

  • Dough boy
    Dough boy Month ago


  • R3V3NG3
    R3V3NG3 Month ago

    I want to tattoo something naughty on my pube.

  • Steven Almendral
    Steven Almendral Month ago

    My name is steven

  • hippyable
    hippyable Month ago


  • Nate Helman
    Nate Helman Month ago +1

    I think the 80$ tattoo guy would have done alot better for the 400

  • HestonG
    HestonG Month ago

    $300 tattoos are $875 in L.A.

  • Simply Shanalee
    Simply Shanalee Month ago +1

    Oof tht $400 one is soo bad tho, what is that shading? 😰🤭

  • Dangerfield
    Dangerfield Month ago

    Buzzfeed is jank. A reflection of an empty generation.

  • Kristi L.
    Kristi L. Month ago

    After watching this, I want to get another tattoo. Lol sleeve is my goal.

  • David perez
    David perez Month ago +17

    I've been tattooing for 12 years...that speakeasy tattoo was totally not worth $875...why? Because #1. The tattoo does not look anywhere near technically sound...the lines look shakey...the eye does not look realistic at all and #2 any shop could've created a a totally custom piece like that...theres no reason at all that u should go to a guy that "supposedly" has a year long waiting list (but was able to conveniently fit u in within 24 hours...classic tattoo artist gimmick) if I was doing that tattoo I could've created a better looking idea...a better looking "original" drawing and over all a better looking tattoo and the price range would've been $450

  • Angelina Nhep
    Angelina Nhep Month ago

    Ok but why did the last tattoo get me teary eyed. He said, "its like my insides are now visible on the outside of my body".

  • KzeB
    KzeB Month ago

    I'm 14 and I tattoo myself

  • Justin Johansen
    Justin Johansen Month ago

    Your aunt????

  • 100 000 subscribers with no video

    Who is here 2019

  • Jerrod Martin
    Jerrod Martin Month ago

    400 for that but that's the point of a tattoo it's all you

  • Jerrod Martin
    Jerrod Martin Month ago

    Tattoo really dont hurt

  • Donnie Brasco
    Donnie Brasco Month ago


  • Kiran Bhamra
    Kiran Bhamra Month ago

    Steven I cant

  • Michael Eitmanas
    Michael Eitmanas Month ago

    $1 heroin
    $1000 heroin

  • Sefu GT
    Sefu GT Month ago

    Imagen if the Asian sound guy in the back's daughter changed her name😂

  • rismm
    rismm Month ago

    damn that willy wonka tattoo is a mess

  • cheemeng Xiong
    cheemeng Xiong Month ago

    Last one is a winner for me

  • joe k
    joe k Month ago

    you can sell this guy anything and he'll.. . love it. love it. love it

  • cyralho
    cyralho Month ago

    bro those tats are legit trash.

  • FuCentauriel
    FuCentauriel Month ago

    "I feel kinda bad; this thing is on your arm for the rest of your life!"
    "Stop feeling bad or you're gonna make me doubt that it's cool!"
    "It is cool, it's just-- *what're you doing?*"
    "WHAT THE F-- It was YOUR IDEA!"
    "I know, but I didn't think you would go for it!"
    "What the F*CK am I doing here, then?"
    "I dunno, why are we here?!"

  • Logan Edward
    Logan Edward Month ago +1

    BODY ELECTRIC?? Bryan Thompson is amazing

  • Flutterby Angel
    Flutterby Angel Month ago

    If I ever get a tattoo, I want it to be my birds wonky feet, he broke his leg on his cage door 4 Months ago and it was a double break. His right leg is permanently shorter and crooked. He can still walk and is still a brat, but is more weary of things.
    He is a green Budgie with a beyond amazing personality.

  • Orlando Cabrera
    Orlando Cabrera Month ago

    The tatts dont go together at all lmao what an idiot.

  • Rosé and Shawn
    Rosé and Shawn Month ago +2

    $875 my dad is a tattoo artist and There are tattoos costing seven times the price

  • yungbloodsucca
    yungbloodsucca Month ago

    LMAO the 875 one was awful it was so bad

  • kristina kivisalo
    kristina kivisalo Month ago

    They didn’t let the other tattoos heal enough in between? And there was nothing to cover the fresh tattoos?? What

  • θελω γουιντ θελεις γουιντ?

    "its not we its me" if i was that chinese mothafucka i would kick him outta the car and tell him "then u r on your own"

  • LM10 Jr.
    LM10 Jr. Month ago

    "Hold on, this whole operation was your idea!"

  • Gav Tatu
    Gav Tatu Month ago

    10:30 .... gotta admit, i was expecting way better for that piece.

  • KingFenrir ROC
    KingFenrir ROC Month ago

    That last guys a great artist on paper, his skills dont translate to his tattooing though.

  • CurtisAlfeld
    CurtisAlfeld Month ago

    The moon looks like a fucking bruise.

  • Kaiden Nason
    Kaiden Nason Month ago

    Those are some fucking creepy eyes.

  • Jessica Vaughn
    Jessica Vaughn Month ago

    He could have charged 300 for that last one . It wasnt any bigger than the last one

  • popaOLA
    popaOLA Month ago

    Oh no the expensive one is fucking horribly done

  • Accomyx
    Accomyx Month ago

    That 400$ one looks like crap. Wtf was that tattooist thinking

  • Kendra Rhoads
    Kendra Rhoads Month ago

    That’s dope tho