$80 Tattoo Vs. $875 Tattoo

  • Published on Jan 8, 2017
  • “I’m not gonna be able to hide this from my grandma."
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    Skin and Bones
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    Lost And Broken
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    Speakeasy Tattoo
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    Body Electric Tattoo
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    Artist: Patrick Thomas
    Instagram: @skullytattoos
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  • evo 8
    evo 8 4 hours ago

    Dude you got ripped off on the 400$ that doesn't look like it'd be worth it lol

  • gottabump
    gottabump 7 hours ago

    look up niki norberg on ig niki23gtr, incredible work & also obviously nikki hurtado

  • Zay and Jay
    Zay and Jay Day ago

    I live in Spokane and I have a speakeasy in the mall😂

  • Tahtahme Xero
    Tahtahme Xero Day ago

    The $800 artist was so professional and amazing, I cried when he opened the email, the artist really is amazing!

  • 1Americanatlarge
    1Americanatlarge 2 days ago


  • Randombooknerd
    Randombooknerd 3 days ago

    why does Ben have a missing poster of his face by his desk?

  • Loretta Bes
    Loretta Bes 3 days ago

    I dislike the comments from this video so much. I understand why people are saying it but honestly I thought these look pretty cool.
    Of course, I know nothing of tattoos but I love art. These were pretty cool and it's fine as long as Ben is happy with them.
    (you never know, they could look better healed. Which is often the case when all the blood is gone and the ink has dried ect.)

  • Mark Blease
    Mark Blease 3 days ago

    i doubt that any average person walking in would pay those prices..these places know that their work is going to be seen by millions, i can very easily see them lowering the cost for the publicity.

  • Karla Santiago
    Karla Santiago 3 days ago

    I loved this tattoo so much!! The way it all came to together. Amazing

  • Junk rat main Nerf this jeff

    Does it hurt when you get a tattoo

  • Joygernaut M
    Joygernaut M 3 days ago

    Don’t skimp people.

  • Mario Verro
    Mario Verro 3 days ago

    I am gonna collect money and get Akali's tattoo one day....

    Yes I am a weeaboo

    WAR CRIME 4 days ago

    He should have gone with color..space theme with no color looks wack

  • Joe Cogan
    Joe Cogan 4 days ago

    the gayest thing ive ever watched

  • Ellie Greenleaf
    Ellie Greenleaf 5 days ago

    I have multiple quotes from Lord of the rings that are very meaningful to me. Also on my left thigh I have the writing on the ring looping around my thigh in elvish.

  • Gabriel Gregorio
    Gabriel Gregorio 5 days ago

    For me tattoos become beautiful when there is a meaning and originality.

  • Emily Torres
    Emily Torres 5 days ago

    Got my tats 10$ and up to 200 no more from personal friends and shops all my tats is not bad it depends on ur skin !! I live in Philadelphia you can’t trust everyone tho

  • Steeq TDW
    Steeq TDW 5 days ago

    She looks like she is being held, hostage 7:57

  • Lewis Blackwood
    Lewis Blackwood 6 days ago

    Now when he's having sex his ant will always be watching him

  • natalie c
    natalie c 6 days ago

    the $400 was sick

  • LonelyWolf
    LonelyWolf 7 days ago

    How many did pass away for you dude? Im sorry on your ways if you see this

  • Codi
    Codi 7 days ago

    "Its like my inside feelings are on the outside of my body" I love that. Love the art of tattoo

  • Ido 0104
    Ido 0104 8 days ago


  • Rogue Status
    Rogue Status 8 days ago

    FYI: If you can go into a tattoo shop and get a tattoo immediately, TWICE, then I'd be a little worried.

  • Lia Nowicki
    Lia Nowicki 8 days ago

    Did he get the black all around his arm!? I hope not,

  • M C
    M C 8 days ago

    they should have done the tardis

  • hisvorpalsword
    hisvorpalsword 8 days ago

    Someone needs to tell these young men tatts aren't cool anymore.

  • FSUA Airsoft Team
    FSUA Airsoft Team 9 days ago

    Why didn't they wrap up that new tattoo

  • Danneka Zeremes
    Danneka Zeremes 9 days ago

    My grandma was there when you were swearing guys really haha I’m dead

  • cara 24
    cara 24 9 days ago

    I feel like this would have been better if you got the same tattoo 3 times in the same size just at different price points. Would be a better comparison

  • 1992Animallover
    1992Animallover 9 days ago

    his moon tattoo is niiiiiice

  • Green Element
    Green Element 10 days ago

    Honestly those tats are fucking gay

  • persona
    persona 10 days ago

    His daughter's name IS Flynn? I mean you do you its 2019

  • Herreguda
    Herreguda 11 days ago

    I had some bad news today and this video helped cheer me up a bit. Thanks!

  • Puck Rogier
    Puck Rogier 11 days ago


  • Jaren Mok
    Jaren Mok 11 days ago +4

    I got deja vü seeing the final tattoo

  • Joys of Julie
    Joys of Julie 11 days ago

    I had a Korean tattoo artist quote me $600 an hour for a tattoo about the size of the 875 tatt.... she’s based in Australia now. Crazy but I love her work . Everything here is overpriced

  • Andrew Choi
    Andrew Choi 11 days ago

    Haha let all the junkies die muahaha

  • Raptus
    Raptus 11 days ago

    imagine paying almost $900 for a tattoo and getting a scratchy, unsaturated and just overall weak tattoo.... literally struggling to find any clean shading in the entire piece.

  • NeezyF Baby
    NeezyF Baby 11 days ago

    So not worth 850 lmao

  • gdog moknockoutlightslam

    That’s a nice tattoo and decent price 👌

  • Sidele Anyang
    Sidele Anyang 11 days ago

    @3:43 something was on his arm and then it disappeared

  • Madison H
    Madison H 12 days ago

    Yo I’ve always thought about going to skully, I live near him so this convinced me

  • Max McElroy
    Max McElroy 12 days ago

    amagin getting your daughters ame then they change it lmao

  • Sam Lindauer
    Sam Lindauer 12 days ago

    I love how my main hoe romeo lacoste wasn't here

    SWIFTIE FOREVER 12 days ago

    The little star looked crook it lmfao

  • Redheart Girly
    Redheart Girly 12 days ago

    My student teacher had a few tattoos and he loved to tell my best guy friend about his experiences when he got them. I don’t know why I wrote this comment but just go with it.

  • UghhApolonia
    UghhApolonia 12 days ago

    The last tattoo was so badass !

  • Diana Cordero
    Diana Cordero 12 days ago

    The last tattoo was beautiful!

  • Brandi Munguia
    Brandi Munguia 12 days ago

    If your bicep hurt, I can’t imagine how you would do getting your back, chest or hands done. I have all three including my knuckles and my chest, by far, hurt the most. It was even worse than my head and my feet, which I didn’t even feel.

  • Brandi Munguia
    Brandi Munguia 12 days ago

    I’m so blessed to have a best friend who is an award winning tattoo artist. I get all my tattoos for free!

  • Adam V.
    Adam V. 12 days ago

    People are hating SOOO much on these tats like they’re all fuckin tattoo artists like wtf lmfao YT comments are so petty

  • Busa Nut
    Busa Nut 12 days ago

    80 $ for two little stars is a scam

    YOCH TWINA 13 days ago +16

    Who else came here from part 2?

  • Ally Santoro
    Ally Santoro 13 days ago

    What’s Ben’s name on Instagram?

  • Dena
    Dena 13 days ago

    Love that Jared got his daughters name tattooed on him out of nowhere

  • ren high
    ren high 13 days ago

    Nah to be real these are my favorite videos yall have ever put out!!!

  • Carprincess
    Carprincess 13 days ago

    I can’t believe that there is a place called Speakeasy tattoo that actually is kinda like a speakeasy

  • Ladream Mallory
    Ladream Mallory 13 days ago

    when he said a eyes with a clock in it i thought of Ciel Phantomhive but with a watch in his eye

  • crazyaces unkown
    crazyaces unkown 13 days ago

    Re upload?

  • Jean From BeautyShopPH

    So the 875 is technically 145 per hour since it was 6hrs?

  • Cassi Dawson
    Cassi Dawson 13 days ago

    Damn 400 for that piece was so worth it honestly, I just spent $430 for a fucking tea cup with a small alien head that says not everyones cup of tea ☕️ on it and it is wayyyy smaller like smaller then the palm of your hand 😂😂 ima have to go to the place you went next time since I’m out in Cali lol

  • Solax
    Solax 13 days ago

    I feel bad for the dude... He has to live with that now

  • Mason Jones
    Mason Jones 13 days ago

    He’s really happy with his tattoos that’s all that matters

  • Alexandra Seinvada
    Alexandra Seinvada 14 days ago

    Why weren’t any of the tattoos wrapped up... like did they take it off so you could see it or...?

  • Sierra Jade
    Sierra Jade 14 days ago

    I'm sorry, but I wouldn't pay nearly $900 for that, and I'm one that believes in spending money for quality work.

  • Armin Thapa
    Armin Thapa 14 days ago

    I’ve got Rs 35000 worth of full sleeves tattoo which is around usd 320 so its kinda cheap tatto I got in compared to US but m happy with my tatto. N it does not look cheap love the art in my hand. And here is the thing. If you work at a min wages that is around 15k a month in my country🤣 that means I had to spent almost 3 months salary for my tattoo. Damn it was pain full but worth it.

  • Jose Velasco
    Jose Velasco 15 days ago

    875 for a 6 hour session is not a bad deal at all!

  • Itz Buggy
    Itz Buggy 15 days ago

    Is it just me who thinks those tattoos aren’t the best

  • paleshogun13
    paleshogun13 16 days ago

    Like with all tattoos, you get what you pay for.

  • Lets JustJ
    Lets JustJ 16 days ago

    How do I get my job to pay for my really expensive tattoos? 😐😐

  • lordvaltrosic
    lordvaltrosic 17 days ago +1

    4 out of ten millennials have tattoos. The rest of them are too pathetic to get anough money to buy one

  • Onii- Chan . exe
    Onii- Chan . exe 18 days ago

    $80 is still not that cheap

  • Samed
    Samed 18 days ago

    80$ for 2 little stars??

  • Ramyar
    Ramyar 18 days ago

    4:46 space kinda looks like a stail oreo

  • Cyc0Dud3
    Cyc0Dud3 19 days ago

    super cool; what a great experience.

  • Ghostgeek
    Ghostgeek 20 days ago

    They all kinda sucked tbh

  • esben terp
    esben terp 21 day ago

    80$ bucks for Two Stars

  • Eazy E
    Eazy E 21 day ago

    Appreciate the input

  • OfficialBoonks
    OfficialBoonks 21 day ago

    5:15 *just* *to* *suffer*

  • Shon Newton
    Shon Newton 22 days ago

    I pay $65.00 tattoos and free one I have 480 tattoos

  • Randy N
    Randy N 22 days ago

    Oh so that’s what space is ...

  • Donavan Johnson
    Donavan Johnson 23 days ago

    400 dollars for that what the hell🤦🏾‍♀️ and 80 dollars for those little stars wow

  • Mexii
    Mexii 24 days ago

    The only one that looks good is the 800$ one

  • Tank 6295
    Tank 6295 24 days ago

    Who remembers Video Game High School

  • Annika
    Annika 26 days ago

    I don't know if I'm just really spoiled from the quality of the German tattoo scene, but those tattoos aren't worth their money AT ALL. I paid 450€ (a bit over $500) on a colored tattoo the size of this guy's $400 tattoo in a waaaay better quality, so I'm a bit surprised the artists are getting advertized by BuzzFeed ...

  • John Ramirez
    John Ramirez 26 days ago

    8:56 ✋ WAIT

  • tyler mcalpine
    tyler mcalpine 26 days ago

    All your tattoos are gay so they suit you perfect

  • Jackpot Jameson Krueger

    Honestly I think that the space elevator tattoo was...
    What’s the word for it permanent forever and ever😬

  • Joshua Persad
    Joshua Persad 27 days ago

    In my opinion the $400 was the best one

  • Mario Sinambela
    Mario Sinambela 27 days ago

    5:03 after you got a girlfriend

  • Kitchen Redo
    Kitchen Redo 27 days ago

    What pointless sad people behind this channel i wish you to find some meaning in your life and to those who watch this i feel even sadder

  • FweyboyLJ
    FweyboyLJ 28 days ago

    Wow..this guys really n idiot

  • Gregory Neysmith Chang

    the last tattoo artist seemed the best

  • Occifer FigPucker
    Occifer FigPucker 29 days ago

    Lmao. For a guy that charges so much for ink, he sure has a nice Wal-Mart T.V. dinner tray.

  • ReeganTheFish
    ReeganTheFish 29 days ago

    The last spot looks like binging with babish.

  • Squeeps Williams
    Squeeps Williams Month ago


  • Uriel fruitwala
    Uriel fruitwala Month ago

    I think they should do more episodes with Jared cause he seems pretty cool

  • Mordecai Couch
    Mordecai Couch Month ago

    Should have got MJ dunking the moon

  • MarbleGray
    MarbleGray Month ago

    Hey! Tattoo lounge is literally down the street from my house! That's fun..