Kitchen Nightmares US S06E03 PDTV x264 2HD

  • Published on Mar 22, 2014

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  • Rapid Ralph
    Rapid Ralph 14 hours ago

    Just wow.

  • polly c
    polly c 17 hours ago

    Gordon: *gets a plant and tips the water from it all over him self*
    other dude: *laughs* i think it’s karma

    who is here in october 2019 🤘

  • do you know the way

    Its foking raww

  • jasper rester
    jasper rester Day ago

    at least the owner is honest and can take responsibility, unlike so many others on the show

  • Noor Abdulkhalek
    Noor Abdulkhalek 2 days ago +2

    Why am I only hearing of this show 7 years later ?!

  • Bogdan Florin
    Bogdan Florin 2 days ago

    The guy has incompetent staff

  • X _
    X _ 2 days ago +1

    13:50 yo, dude just assaulted his staff😂😂😂poor girl got hit with pizza box's

  • Activemotionpictures

    I felt the 22:00 odor. Almost fell out of the chair.

  • hamza almosoweh
    hamza almosoweh 3 days ago

    What's up with Italy 🇮🇹

  • EZ
    EZ 3 days ago

    The lil girl who fell off the chair 💀

  • J FF
    J FF 4 days ago

    At least we didn't see a filthy kitchen for a change. This place is still open, thanks to Gordon.

  • pay me some alimony or do some time

    Is this restaurant still open? I hope it does.

  • pay me some alimony or do some time

    That waitress is hot.

  • Nine Mabz
    Nine Mabz 4 days ago

    Good job in the last part

  • Nine Mabz
    Nine Mabz 4 days ago


  • おれおMusicHeadset

    Fabio: that’s what i call karma *does a proud smile*

    Karma my Azz. You’re the wrong one here Mr.Fabio .^.

  • Sarah Aurora Karish
    Sarah Aurora Karish 4 days ago

    Wow, did he just say that it's karma for Gordon? Seriously? That guy is stupid.

  • Sidney Shaw
    Sidney Shaw 4 days ago

    what was he trying to do with the pizza boxes?!


    13:52 that poor girl 😂😂😂

  • Veil Break
    Veil Break 5 days ago

    That fella who got sick...I think Ive seen him on tv before. Maybe as an extra? I think that scene was scripted. It could hve happened with that that stinking food, but I think they just made the scene for tv.

  • Neuron-BASSboss
    Neuron-BASSboss 5 days ago +2

    "Hey, dont throw it at me"

    • Poki Doki :3
      Poki Doki :3 3 days ago +1

      Those meat balls looks like the rocks I used to throw at my classmates

  • Callum Evans
    Callum Evans 5 days ago +1

    John Despacito :)

  • The Storm Count
    The Storm Count 5 days ago

    Does John still own this?

  • SerenitysCall
    SerenitysCall 5 days ago

    tbh the Chef is a great guy... super honest and vocal about his feelings and opinion... you need guys like him in basically every workplace

  • 1337iEpic
    1337iEpic 5 days ago

    40:53 the girl in the back, where the fuck has she been? That ass is fatttt

  • Random Dogface
    Random Dogface 5 days ago +1

    The fuck... he (Gordon) was trying to explain that serving mold to costumers is the worst thing you can do and he is pretending that Gordon insulted him...
    Is he kinda dumb?😂

  • Brooke L.
    Brooke L. 6 days ago

    My heart breaks for this guy! Truly feel for him being so stuck in his parents old ways & too stuck & scared to change. His parents making him stop schooling at 10yrs old to work broke me. He's obviously a great dad. Wish him well!

  • Brooke L.
    Brooke L. 6 days ago

    Its 'fresh frozen' wtf? It's easier to make smaller batches of meatballs fresh daily, i dont understand. That's pure laziness not to mention unedible!

  • Shabana Hardyal
    Shabana Hardyal 6 days ago

    Oh omg I feel so sorry for him 😅

  • Himanshu Gupta
    Himanshu Gupta 6 days ago +1

    What a disgusting owner serving veg sauce which had pork in ethics this person must say goodbye to the restaurant business right away way disappointing :(

  • Septimus ii
    Septimus ii 6 days ago

    At 13:51 did he just throw those boxes on that girl? That's pretty mild as physical abuse goes, but it's definitely still physical abuse

  • Ciku Sithole
    Ciku Sithole 7 days ago

    Here I am thinking what if the vegetarian lady was Muslim...? Can you imagine how bad she would have felt?

  • DarkRedman31
    DarkRedman31 7 days ago

    16:41 What a mess, I couldn't stop laughing! xD

  • Ariel Wine
    Ariel Wine 8 days ago +1

    *Gordan drinks water* "its too wet!"

  • ADH
    ADH 9 days ago

    Tortellini vomate

  • 6 guns
    6 guns 9 days ago

    Ramsey's forehead looks like a book case!

  • [CGM] Sleo
    [CGM] Sleo 10 days ago +1

    I started crying when he metions his story about his childhood

  • Ohm Thanakrit
    Ohm Thanakrit 10 days ago

    I thought I heard the owner's name was John Despacito

  • Stefano Dozzo
    Stefano Dozzo 10 days ago

    What Gordon said at the minute 32 is marvelous. I struggle with depression and I would really need to be someone like him in my life. Congratulations Chef

  • AlexandriaSubrosa
    AlexandriaSubrosa 10 days ago

    This is how many Gordon Ramsay say 'oh my god'

  • Park Jihyo
    Park Jihyo 10 days ago

    This is so touching

  • Mâdišøñ and Miçhâęl

    Why does the owner sound like Peter griffin

  • Casual_Veinz
    Casual_Veinz 10 days ago

    Oh man that chef's name... don't ask who he is though

  • PhenomeNol
    PhenomeNol 11 days ago

    Honestly I love Gordon, but if I was the one getting watered, I would've punched him ^^

  • Mike K u s h
    Mike K u s h 11 days ago +1

    19:11 me when i see your sister

  • kyle1m
    kyle1m 11 days ago +1

    I've had enough

  • Basetsana M
    Basetsana M 12 days ago +9

    Joe seems so educated and likeable. He clearly knows his stuff. He should totally open his own restaurant.

  • Ethan Thomas
    Ethan Thomas 12 days ago

    😂i love this show but id scare the shit out of gordon and leave

  • Shaun Kelly
    Shaun Kelly 12 days ago

    Dn’t believe him 42:17

  • X _
    X _ 13 days ago +3

    9:34 this dude fr asking for codeine😂

    • Mike K u s h
      Mike K u s h Day ago

      X _ no becuase tylonol with codein is a thing so it makes more sense

    • X _
      X _ 2 days ago +1

      Mike K u s h i could have sworn he said "do you have Tylenol or codeine?"

    • Mike K u s h
      Mike K u s h 11 days ago +1

      He said Tylenol with codeine lol

  • TJAS. M
    TJAS. M 14 days ago +16

    John: ,,CUT THE CAMERAS"
    Camerman: I'm gonna end this mans whole career

  • Mizz Knoxx
    Mizz Knoxx 14 days ago +6

    Gordon Ramsay: "It's 2012!"
    Petty me : " uhm. . . it's actually 2019. . ." 😁🙃

  • Cutting Edge
    Cutting Edge 14 days ago

    Lori is so hot!!! And so is Fran!!!

  • Swedish Uchiha
    Swedish Uchiha 14 days ago

    41:18 ....
    Also him : it was blew by the winds

  • spartacus
    spartacus 14 days ago

    I fucking love this!!

    MEME MAN 16 days ago +1

    Ramsay is more of a therapist than a chef in these series

  • PushBike Cam
    PushBike Cam 16 days ago

    John is a tit for serving a Vegetarian meat sauce. that goes against all culinary rules out there, not forgetting all health code violations he was going against especially not keeping an eye on the food and not caring about his establishment and the risk he put his customers through!!

  • Jolan Drovandi
    Jolan Drovandi 17 days ago +1

    John, it’s *TwO ThOuSaNd aNd FuCkiNg tWeLvE

  • Edrill Bilan
    Edrill Bilan 17 days ago

    Looks like the Central is being successful on shutting down "bad restaurants" not only all over japan but all over the world.

  • Wafflepudding
    Wafflepudding 17 days ago

    30:45 - And that's what Ramsey having the floor collapse under him looks like. Like he was ready to get into a shouting match and instead he went "Oh shit"