Hellboy (2019 Movie) New Trailer “Red Band” - David Harbour, Milla Jovovich, Ian McShane

  • Published on Mar 1, 2019
  • Hellboy - Now playing! Starring David Harbour, Milla Jovovich, and Ian McShane, Sasha Lane, Penelope Mitchell, with Daniel Dae Kim.
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    Based on the graphic novels by Mike Mignola, Hellboy, caught between the worlds of the supernatural and human, battles an ancient sorceress bent on revenge.
    Lionsgate and Millennium Films present, a Lawrence Gordon/Lloyd Levin production, in association with Dark Horse Entertainment, a Nu Boyana production, in association with Campbell Grobman Films.
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  • wrennie
    wrennie 8 hours ago

    did it get delayed? it sure didnt come out in april

  • K. A.
    K. A. 10 hours ago

    New Hellboy sucks!

  • Angelo Moroso
    Angelo Moroso Day ago +1


  • Dean P. Wells
    Dean P. Wells Day ago

    It looks really bad! When will it be shown on Nickelodeon and do you really expect to make decent profit from this?! The original was great, this is NOT! Even the FX are second class. Lionsgate used to be good, what happened?

  • Ainul yaqin
    Ainul yaqin Day ago

    Hellboy can awakening like Charlotte katakuri ...

  • Vijay C
    Vijay C 3 days ago +1

    Nice movie

  • the great one
    the great one 3 days ago

    Super movie

  • Ramiro Navarro
    Ramiro Navarro 3 days ago

    Una decepción .. nada que ver con las otras peliculas de Hellboy .. cambia totalmente el relato es una pelicula de cuarta mala.

  • SeeJay X
    SeeJay X 4 days ago +3

    I've Heard That This Hellboy (2019) Failed But Hear Me Out

    Would an Extended Cut Help and be Better

  • MS
    MS 4 days ago

    Caramba a maquiagem é tão ruim que a boca do maluco nem mexe direito. Depois de tantos anos, os primeiros filmes ainda são muito melhores.

  • Emmet Brickowski
    Emmet Brickowski 5 days ago +1

    This Is Way Way Way Way Way Way Way Way Way Way Better Than The Green Band Trailer!

  • Bender Anglesmith
    Bender Anglesmith 5 days ago

    This has quite a different vibe from the last hellboy movies. It's like it's become like deadpool with hippie di hop going around saying punchlines. Not the same dark, grim and stealthy vibe from last movies. From logan type of personality to merry go round dwane johnson personality.

  • Anupom Ghose
    Anupom Ghose 5 days ago

    Box office is killing me

  • graziela christina nicolaevsky

    is that hawl`s moving castle? 1:51

  • Maddoxx x
    Maddoxx x 6 days ago +2

    Saw the movie and it was good... too bad the release timing is fucked up.. should've waited until end game is finished

  • Shaoni Saha
    Shaoni Saha 7 days ago +1

    This trailer is dope. It looks badass. Previous one's will always be remembered. But this looks really amazing. Can't wait to see it!!

  • paulyn delan
    paulyn delan 7 days ago

    I miss the old hellboy
    who eats chocolates and 500 pancakes a day

  • محمد الفحام

    GUYS I AM LOOKING FOR AFILM I HAVE WATCHED BUT I CANNOT REMEMBER ITS NAME IT IS ABOUT a man who isnot evil and came out from hell and wanted to learn how to be evil
    and his friend is a dog

    • محمد الفحام
      محمد الفحام 6 days ago

      CABAL 313 I mean yes thank you 😊 very much

    • محمد الفحام
      محمد الفحام 6 days ago


    • CABAL 313
      CABAL 313 8 days ago

      I believe that's "Little Nicky" with Adam Sandler. I've never seen it, but I think that's what it's about and there's a dog on the poster.

  • Virtual Visualizer
    Virtual Visualizer 8 days ago

    Hellboy is ruined

  • Sreeram Shaju
    Sreeram Shaju 9 days ago +3

    How do you think about HEAVEN boy VS HELL boy

  • Dragon Tamer576
    Dragon Tamer576 9 days ago +2

    ...am I the only who SORTA likes the movie??? 😐

    • CABAL 313
      CABAL 313 8 days ago

      I loved it. Not as good as the original, but a lot more fun than The Golden Army and nowhere near the level of boredom of Avengers : Endgame. It's the most fun I've had at the movies this year, so far.

  • sarif saidirkhan
    sarif saidirkhan 9 days ago

    I hate seing hellboy triler,
    Couse hes head is too big

  • Gurpreet Singh
    Gurpreet Singh 10 days ago

    Wtf is happening with hellboy. Old one was much much better than this. This is total crap.

  • Mr Legend32
    Mr Legend32 11 days ago

    hellboy looks like a crack head

    • Frank Medina
      Frank Medina 10 days ago

      I never knew crack heads look like the Devil. Wow you jusr blew my mind.

  • Brad White
    Brad White 11 days ago

    Wheres mah fuckimg violin

  • Doc Expire
    Doc Expire 11 days ago

    chinese kids kill everyone for holy after coup detat ?

  • KiraTheUsagii's Workshop
    KiraTheUsagii's Workshop 12 days ago +2

    I mean, the movie looks exciting but I'm still not sold on the new Hellboy actor. cx

  • Wade
    Wade 12 days ago

    Was that Nazi wearing 3d glasses?

  • Alessia Summercobbler
    Alessia Summercobbler 12 days ago +1

    I went to see the movie and there was no time at 2:03. Does anyone know if this moment is at the end or another moment of the film ? I went to see the movie in french ^^ Je suis allée voir le film et il n'y avais pas le moment à 2:03. Est ce quelqu'un sait si ce moment est à la fin ou à un autre moment du film ? Je suis allée voir le film en français ^^

  • أحمد يوسف
    أحمد يوسف 12 days ago

    Who is waitting hellboy to come to the real world burn it and kill every one 😈😈😈

  • Lilx Riku
    Lilx Riku 12 days ago +1

    New hell boy is David Harbour from stranger things guys. I would watch it for him. Although.... does this mean he liked the upside down? 😁

  • high jinx77
    high jinx77 12 days ago


  • hanh nguyen
    hanh nguyen 13 days ago

    chờ lâu lắm rồi !!!!!

  • YaBoiCheezIt K
    YaBoiCheezIt K 13 days ago


  • jOsHSpACeWiZaRd 666
    jOsHSpACeWiZaRd 666 14 days ago

    Smoke on the water anyone?

  • Suicide Man gaming
    Suicide Man gaming 14 days ago

    ive never seen a Hellboy movie, so why does he have a metal arm and a normal arm?

    • Frank Medina
      Frank Medina 10 days ago

      @Suicide Man gaming you pretty much summed it up lol

    • Suicide Man gaming
      Suicide Man gaming 10 days ago

      @Frank Medina no I mean one looks bigger and harder than the other

      thats what she said lol

    • Frank Medina
      Frank Medina 10 days ago

      There's no metal arm. Its a comic book character why do most super heroes/villains have what they have?

  • the legend
    the legend 14 days ago

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  • Mohit Upadhyay
    Mohit Upadhyay 15 days ago


  • rocknrollkid90
    rocknrollkid90 15 days ago +1

    It’s sad that it flopped at the box office. This second trailer could’ve been more, promising. 😔

    • rocknrollkid90
      rocknrollkid90 7 days ago

      I hope that Neil Marshall’s, director’s cut of the movie might come out on Blu-ray, next month.

  • Jeffrey Lieberman
    Jeffrey Lieberman 15 days ago

    I've never even seen one commercial for this movie

  • Pidi.
    Pidi. 15 days ago

    This mei and WHERE IS THE FILM FUCK!

  • Louise Richardson
    Louise Richardson 16 days ago

    Hey friend! Enjoyed the video!

  • Luis Esquivel
    Luis Esquivel 16 days ago

    Del toro versión Is the Best. I dont like so much this versión.

  • mythicalm
    mythicalm 17 days ago +2

    The kind of movie adaption that gets made when they like the original's character designs but nothing else 😂

  • Claudia Araujo
    Claudia Araujo 17 days ago


  • Rahul Roy Bappi
    Rahul Roy Bappi 17 days ago


  • Kyd Kaide
    Kyd Kaide 17 days ago

    Milla Jovovich as the next Trinity.

  • Ravi Balaskar
    Ravi Balaskar 18 days ago

    Old look of hellboy is much better. This is bullshit. Not at all impressive.

  • depressed cat
    depressed cat 18 days ago


  • Freddy
    Freddy 18 days ago

    The CGI looks terrible haha.. want it to look real not cartoonish

  • Hamza Khan
    Hamza Khan 18 days ago

    Is that smoke on the water?

  • Kemba Ilham
    Kemba Ilham 18 days ago

    I thought on the second hellboy his girl found out she was pregnant? What happened to that? I’m sorry, but I’m use to Ron that hellboy looked waaayy more sexier and his voice😍. Now this hellboy looks ugly and out of place. Then they changed the girl😒 I already don’t like the 3rd one.

  • Adeum Deus
    Adeum Deus 18 days ago +9

    Don't care what anybody says: I loved this movie 🙂

    • CABAL 313
      CABAL 313 8 days ago

      @Mary Jameson González Apart from it NOT being Hellboy 3, how exactly is this movie terrible?

    • Mary Jameson González
      Mary Jameson González 11 days ago +1

      flies loves shit.

  • shadowboy innocent
    shadowboy innocent 19 days ago

    I HEAR 0-3-5

  • maria da Conceição macena dos reis


  • Thomas ortiz
    Thomas ortiz 19 days ago

    hellboy is now terminator

  • Yuri Guzman
    Yuri Guzman 20 days ago


  • lector
    lector 20 days ago

    too bad liongate, Guillermo del Toro could have made u a bigger profit with a better film

  • Sopish Tehran
    Sopish Tehran 20 days ago

    3° part of Underworld whitout Kate Beckinsale = FLOP ... 3° part of Hell Boy whitout Ron Perlman (& Guillermo del Toro)= ?!

  • DAVY X
    DAVY X 20 days ago +1


  • Spooking
    Spooking 20 days ago

    Damn DC, you're really upping up the gore factor

  • CABAL 313
    CABAL 313 21 day ago

    Movie was great. I usually don't like remakes, but this one was fun and just kept the momentum from start to finish. It's a different take on Hellboy. Put your love for the original series aside for 90 minutes and give it a chance. Don't miss the 2 after credit scenes, they're the icing on the cake!

  • elmayoneso 8890
    elmayoneso 8890 21 day ago

    joder que feo esta hellboy

  • topbadgun
    topbadgun 21 day ago +6

    Watched it, it's not good.
    All thing i feel is meh.

  • Rajat poddar
    Rajat poddar 21 day ago

    new hellboy looks like a joker to me..

  • Krixkrax
    Krixkrax 21 day ago +8

    It looks badass, but the marketing is really bad, didn't even know until this point, that it's out in the theaters...

    • G Channel
      G Channel 17 days ago +1

      Its already removed from theathers here in romania sadly

  • Greyr4X
    Greyr4X 21 day ago

    Well if anything was wrong in this movie, It was just hellboy's left arm being waay too small

  • eating sugar no papa
    eating sugar no papa 22 days ago

    39M worldwide. Congratulations

  • johnny bantaloni
    johnny bantaloni 22 days ago

    Wtf is wrong with his face and hair

  • joesurf27 a
    joesurf27 a 22 days ago

    lil spinosaurus than..

  • Day Jam
    Day Jam 22 days ago

    Smoke in the water .

  • Helder Oliveira
    Helder Oliveira 23 days ago +1

    this is gonna bomb

  • Ray Plays V2
    Ray Plays V2 23 days ago

    Is he’s from marvel or dc

  • Rory O'Donnell
    Rory O'Donnell 24 days ago +1

    I’ve watched it, and all I can honestly say, is that this Hellboy version is an insult to the other previous couple of Hellboy movies!!!! Full of unfunny jokes, shitty innuendos and 100% purely cringe from start to finish. Rating~~1/10... (AND THAT’S BEING GENEROUS)...

  • Afridi Rafi
    Afridi Rafi 24 days ago +1

    that CGI is....meh

  • Alexia Stuart
    Alexia Stuart 25 days ago +1

    This movie Is Absolutely Disappointing!!

  • Marco Cettani
    Marco Cettani 25 days ago


  • Wrathinside
    Wrathinside 25 days ago

    So that's basically Big Drunk Satanic Massacre?

  • Greyr4X
    Greyr4X 25 days ago

    they did put in a lot of effort so I am gonna have to take in the new looks of hellboy xD

  • Vicky M
    Vicky M 26 days ago +1

    The hell is gonna reach the world

  • jane chamroo
    jane chamroo 26 days ago

    I dont like this new face

  • XDarudBrotherX Yasuoo
    XDarudBrotherX Yasuoo 26 days ago

    Woowww *"Smoke on the wather"* makes the movie soo muchh beterr

  • FightFairLoseEasy
    FightFairLoseEasy 26 days ago

    Man this movie should have been named "How to ruin a character" and where are the cigars?

  • Smartstown
    Smartstown 27 days ago

    1:25 F in the chat for this fellow

  • aitchy4skin 99
    aitchy4skin 99 27 days ago

    Pfft what load of shit bring back the original characters at least they had better acting style

  • Roby Kurniawan
    Roby Kurniawan 27 days ago

    Ini film terlalu banyak potongan di bioskop Indonesia

  • nichol c
    nichol c 28 days ago +6

    Love it "I'm a capricorn and your f**King nuts" lol

  • ElBuenoDeJavier
    ElBuenoDeJavier 28 days ago

    viva dios amen.

  • J MN
    J MN 28 days ago

    Now I want to rewatch the first 2 films and not bother with this one

  • zap2002
    zap2002 29 days ago +2

    Without del Toro, they had to suspect that this was going to flop.

  • Miku
    Miku 29 days ago +1

    wtf does the new hellboy looks like an actual ghoul the old one was better ngl

  • Love Scars
    Love Scars 29 days ago

    I saw this movie and it was awesome

  • edl411
    edl411 29 days ago

    When more people have watched the trailer than the actual movie

  • İkİz KaRdEşLeR
    İkİz KaRdEşLeR Month ago +1

    Otopsi +18
    Vahşetin tanığı +18
    Kazıcılar (diggers) +13
    Dehşet treni +13
    Kanlı av +13
    Dehşet sokağı +13
    Ölümcül geçmiş +13
    İcerdeki şeytan +13
    Aklıma geldikçe yazarım :)

  • moez malik
    moez malik Month ago +2

    Put the characters like ghost riders hellboy and spwan like avengers and Godzilla do will be fantastic to watch in hell war

  • klein 785
    klein 785 Month ago

    Viejas disparando, un rey demoñio volando en otro demoñio, un nazi con lentes 3D, un Men que se transforma en guepardo..
    Acaso estoy drogado?

  • Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    I might Have Not been a smart man Jenny! But am far more Inteleget Now!!!!!!!!!!

  • Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar


  • Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    The Lawn mower man Knows how that feels. Hellboy.

  • Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    Well as you Chase a Dragon. Will you ever Chase Janice's Rabbit.