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  • Published on Jun 10, 2013
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    Watch how to make an easy, super-moist, and rich chocolate cake that takes almost no time to prepare. It all comes together in just one bowl, so it's also a breeze to clean up.
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  • Fortnite Fanatics
    Fortnite Fanatics 21 hour ago

    thank you for the tips and it's a great help for me i made a cake for my girlfriend and she loved it, i follow your steps and now i made a video on how to bake a cake for beginners like me here the link

  • Menna beauty tv
    Menna beauty tv 4 days ago

    This is the worst cake I have ever made... simply don't try it !! 💔

  • Nidhi Ladiwal
    Nidhi Ladiwal 8 days ago

    Watch CA CS foundation students

  • Juhanah Maruhom
    Juhanah Maruhom 15 days ago +1

    Can you tell me the measurement of all ingredients? Please!

  • Jei Han
    Jei Han 16 days ago

    Thank you so is useful recipe

  • vidya Chinna
    vidya Chinna 17 days ago

    I have tried many other recipes like a billion times and this is the first cake that my whole family loved !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,!!!!,!! Best cake ever!

  • stewards xavi
    stewards xavi 18 days ago

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  • Dad man
    Dad man 19 days ago

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  • Omnia Hassan
    Omnia Hassan 20 days ago

    Do you HAVE to use an electric mixer???

  • Harshini Reddy
    Harshini Reddy 21 day ago

    I really hate this channel

  • Kyra Newman
    Kyra Newman 22 days ago

    This cake recipe is easy and awesome

  • Tahmina akter
    Tahmina akter 23 days ago

    This cake is better with yoghurt

  • Ali Arsenal
    Ali Arsenal Month ago

    I need measurement in gram

  • pineapple princess tina

    Can I used melted butter instead of oil???

  • lipstickprincess1
    lipstickprincess1 Month ago

    Please go back to doing videos in this format!!!!

  • queenzz
    queenzz Month ago

    What frosting did u use?

  • queenzz
    queenzz Month ago +1

    I just realised I have no Co Coa powder. Guess what I'm not gonna be a lazy bum today and actually go out and get it... For the first time

  • S. M.
    S. M. Month ago

    Before finding this video I decided to try a difficult recipe. Needless to say it was a fail....

  • cutiewithapurpose20

    Omg finally thank you so much my cake came out moist and delicious 👍

  • Sean Saji
    Sean Saji 2 months ago

    This recipe is rad like machelangeno

  • Savannah L
    Savannah L 2 months ago

    Can I use this recipe to make cupcakes?

  • Andrea Major
    Andrea Major 2 months ago

    Please if i wanna make this as a vanilla cake what can replace the coco powder?More flour?

  • • !Someone! •
    • !Someone! • 2 months ago


  • Kenola Glasgow
    Kenola Glasgow 3 months ago

    I made this and OMG it's amazing

  • Luckylovebae
    Luckylovebae 3 months ago +1

    Wtf is one cup of this one cup of that? One tablespoon?!? Give the proper exact measurements

  • Circular Square
    Circular Square 3 months ago

    Is it possible to cut the recipe in half for just one cake? I don’t need a 2 layer cake and my oven is really small.

  • heavydirtysøul
    heavydirtysøul 3 months ago

    We leave the oven on 350°??

  • Rosegold
    Rosegold 3 months ago

    Can I use hot chocolate powder instead of coco powder?

  • Andrew Hillyard
    Andrew Hillyard 3 months ago

    Hi Allrecipes,
    What kind of milk did you use for this? Is it skim, 1%, 2%, or whole?

  • Julling Amoah
    Julling Amoah 3 months ago

    Stop talking u are wasting my time

  • Maricar Rojas
    Maricar Rojas 4 months ago

    I tried this today and it was soooo good ❤😍

  • mahira khalid
    mahira khalid 4 months ago

    If i dont have baking soda

  • Kendra Boyd
    Kendra Boyd 4 months ago

    I finally made a cake! I’m only 12, and I single handedly made a cake!!!! It is delicious!

  • Zaid Azzam
    Zaid Azzam 4 months ago

    four eggs not tow

  • 姐妹Gc
    姐妹Gc 4 months ago

    Do you need baking soda and vanilla extract?

  • Sun
    Sun 4 months ago

    Hi everyone
    Beautiful recipe
    But I want to know on how much temperature do I bake it for 30 min???
    Please HELP I’m a beginner in baking 😞

  • Grammar Nazi
    Grammar Nazi 4 months ago

    Video begins at 0:26

  • Julie Adriano
    Julie Adriano 4 months ago

    What are the exact measurements of the ingredients? Because I can't understand her

  • Manza Rashid
    Manza Rashid 4 months ago

    Nice yummy 😋 😋 😋 😋 😋 😋 😋, company

  • Annah Kapungu
    Annah Kapungu 5 months ago

    The best chocolate cake recipe ever!!!. Yummy

  • Kay Ochiagha
    Kay Ochiagha 5 months ago

    Ummm excuse me where is yo butter and oil

  • manish singh
    manish singh 5 months ago

    Please explain without eggs and easy cake make in home

  • Infires man!!
    Infires man!! 5 months ago

    0:51 Don't we have to seive it first??

  • Mohammad Ruhul Amin
    Mohammad Ruhul Amin 5 months ago

    this going to be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo graet

  • Roshni Elvin
    Roshni Elvin 5 months ago

    I just made this cake for my daughter’s birthday today and it was delicious...everyone loved it❤️

  • Never beg for likes
    Never beg for likes 5 months ago +1

    There is no difference between the boxed chocolate cake and the homemade one. The boxed one is like: "oh we just mixed the dry ingredients for you, you can mix the other ones." And the homemade one is: "oh let me just mix the cocoa powder and this and that one by one." ITS ALL THE SAME PEOPLE!!

    • PublicusPatriot
      PublicusPatriot 3 months ago

      The box cake mix has a lot of chemicals, which many bakers prefer to avoid.

  • Innocent Heart
    Innocent Heart 5 months ago

    V nice

  • Abrar
    Abrar 5 months ago

    swap the veggie oil with cannabutter and voila

  • dianwsm
    dianwsm 6 months ago

    what's in gram for the size of ur cup? 2 cups of sugar..for exampel. thnx..

  • Jerry Danganan
    Jerry Danganan 6 months ago

    How many degree celcius is needed? thanks for answering

  • Diana Cameron
    Diana Cameron 6 months ago

    Can I ask, is it self raising powder?

  • Khadeejah Hussain
    Khadeejah Hussain 6 months ago

    Just made this recipe and OH MY its deleciious and the frosting too!

  • Rajrita Ghosh
    Rajrita Ghosh 6 months ago

    i didnt get the flour quantity ...can u repeat how much flour to add?

  • Ayesha Taha
    Ayesha Taha 6 months ago

    I have tried this recipe twice and everyone loves it! It is a perfect one. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  • torres czarina
    torres czarina 6 months ago

    What of I don't have baking powder, but I have baking soda and flour is it OK.?

  • Tinku bintu
    Tinku bintu 6 months ago


  • Dhanu Studios
    Dhanu Studios 6 months ago

    I tried but succeeded dddddd

  • MalarkeyMan
    MalarkeyMan 6 months ago

    Do I have to add the boiling water?

  • bilal ahmad mir
    bilal ahmad mir 7 months ago

    Very very easy and nice

  • Farida's Cook Book
    Farida's Cook Book 7 months ago

    Best chocolate cake.

  • A K
    A K 7 months ago

    Can u give the recipe.pls? written ones

  • Shahbina Labib
    Shahbina Labib 7 months ago

    How to make the frost

  • Simone Adams
    Simone Adams 7 months ago

    May i have the recipe please

  • Husna A
    Husna A 7 months ago

    This recipe is so delicious

  • Loseni Kromah
    Loseni Kromah 7 months ago

    It didn't make a lot of batter tho, barely reached half the pans

  • tzu chan
    tzu chan 7 months ago

    I tried it.. but I used chocolate chips instead of cocoa powder and now my cake isn't solid.. it's very liquidy

  • soothegrimreaper
    soothegrimreaper 7 months ago +1

    i don't want to use vegetable oil, can i use melted butter instead?

  • Rahooba Bengouma
    Rahooba Bengouma 7 months ago

    I have a baking competition in school and by reading the comments there's not a single negative comment about this cake so I think this is the one I should go for 👌
    Like if u think I should !!!!!

  • Rahooba Bengouma
    Rahooba Bengouma 7 months ago

    Did any one make a 3 layer with this recipe

  • Sandy Falcon
    Sandy Falcon 7 months ago +1

    Put a like if you think this cake is really delicious.😍😍😍😍😍
    I really love it its my favorite chocolate 🎂

    • Sun
      Sun 4 months ago

      Sandy Falcon hi how much temperature we have to bake them???

  • Jasmin Marion Porh
    Jasmin Marion Porh 7 months ago

    Made it ........ family loved the cake
    Awesome recipe

  • Ruth Dowridge
    Ruth Dowridge 7 months ago

    This cake is the best thing ever...easy ..very easy... My husband an kids love it an so does myself...y'all have to try it ...2018

  • San Leng
    San Leng 7 months ago

    what degree do i preheat it at?

  • Kerry Chaney
    Kerry Chaney 7 months ago

    How do you make strawberry sponge

  • That Awkward Person On Youtube

    SO easy! Imma do this!

  • Iza's Film Studio
    Iza's Film Studio 8 months ago

    Just came out of the oven. My daughter's 1st cake. Sorry to say but no. There are so many better recipes out there. For one there is too much salt in it.

  • Rifat Ahmed
    Rifat Ahmed 8 months ago

    I baked a cake using this recipe (excluding the 1 cup of boiling water) and it turned out great.

  • Hassiba Bela
    Hassiba Bela 8 months ago

    Can it be less than 240 degrees

  • RufRufDogster
    RufRufDogster 8 months ago

    Who watching in 2018

    RABO XX 8 months ago

    Damn you Kelly B...

  • Marjorie Ann Labrador
    Marjorie Ann Labrador 8 months ago

    is this sweetened cocoa powder?

  • Shruti Vaidya
    Shruti Vaidya 8 months ago

    Best receipe.... I just bakes cupcakes. I baked 30 small size cupcakes with this measurements. They are very fluffy & Yummy!!!

  • Crazy Craftz
    Crazy Craftz 8 months ago

    How did you make the frosting?!!??

  • My LOVE
    My LOVE 8 months ago

    Y hot water?

  • Varsha Racha
    Varsha Racha 8 months ago

    This is the best chocolate cake I have ever made! I was thinking can I make a regular sponge cake by replacing the cocoa powder with flour and see how it works? If anyone already tried please do let me know. Thank you

  • eight Hot
    eight Hot 8 months ago

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  • Pia
    Pia 8 months ago

    I only have one it ok if i just put the whole mix into it? Or do i have to seperate it?

  • Sanam Chartursing
    Sanam Chartursing 9 months ago

    Hi there!! I tried to make that chocolate cake and it came out perfectly well!! My kids loved it.!! Thanks!!..😃😃

  • Julie Fayers
    Julie Fayers 9 months ago


  • shammi's indian kitchen

    tooo.... yumm and delicious🎂

  • life with ayaaff
    life with ayaaff 9 months ago

    Can i make it in pressure cooker?

  • arshad zaheer
    arshad zaheer 9 months ago

    It is yummy not frosting

  • Ana Mumtaz
    Ana Mumtaz 9 months ago

    good recipe

  • Yogendra Gupta
    Yogendra Gupta 9 months ago

    Anshu y Gupta

  • Sophia Bossert
    Sophia Bossert 9 months ago

    Delicious Recipe of chocolate cake.

  • Thabisile Malinga
    Thabisile Malinga 9 months ago

    This is exactly the kind of recipe i was ooking for, I cant wait to get all the ingredients and start baking. Thank you for the tutorial.

  • Tooba Zahid
    Tooba Zahid 9 months ago

    What type of sugar and flour?

  • Daniella Khalifeh
    Daniella Khalifeh 9 months ago

    My husband loved my cake.Thank you for this recipe.💖

  • Kotchakorn Esesssi
    Kotchakorn Esesssi 10 months ago

    love this😍😍😋😋big t😍😍

  • rampage Muzaffar Iqbal
    rampage Muzaffar Iqbal 10 months ago

    It was horrible. I have tried it and my only advise is not waste your stuff on this garbage