100th Episode & 2K17 Music Artists, Posso - NBA 2KTV S3. Ep.26


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  • Mayssara Kiniouar

    trash servers

  • I love boyish girl

    I've seen many celebrities with a full pack of a** and b***. But Rachel is the one who makes my wooden filthy thing woke up. Makes me wondering "how".

  • Cubs Fan
    Cubs Fan Year ago

    Rachel in that red dress looks so sexsy and want to fuck

  • Sam Macchia
    Sam Macchia Year ago

    Y'all need better songs for 2k18

  • Xavier Walls
    Xavier Walls Year ago


  • GuspyYT
    GuspyYT Year ago


  • LifeRock'sWith Miyaaa

    we need a new hairstyle patch

  • Brian Atkins
    Brian Atkins Year ago

    I hate mycareer for the sole reason of that terrible song in the beginning.

  • vallysmoove
    vallysmoove Year ago


  • - 楽 Êxpvsé  Ω


  • Antwan Johnson
    Antwan Johnson Year ago

    2K can y'all please ditch the archetype system? That's honestly making the game worse. When you see an archetype doing something your attribute caps say they're not supposed to be doing, it pisses people off. Sharpshooters will slam on anybody and even make more layups than Slashers. Playmakers shoot just as good as Sharpshooters. Stretch Bigs can out rebound Glass Cleaners and Glass Cleaners can shoot 3s like crazy. Go back to the 'Play Style' approach and give everybody back their super high caps. There's nothing to be butt hurt and surprised about if everybody can do the same thing. Y'all had it right on 2K16, but I'd rather get a 2K14 type of MyPlayer. The game would be much better if everybody wasn't so limited. And scrap the whole "Play Park games for the rest of your upgrades" idea. No one wants to do that. To be honest, y'all should make the dribbling exactly how it was when the game first released because after y'all "fixed" it, the only way you can do good combos is if you cheese your ass off. Before 2K17 came out, we asked y'all for a mix between 2K15's offense, 2K16's defense, and 2K14's attribute upgrade system with custom jump shots. Y'all went waaaayyyy off the mark.

  • 田澤宸
    田澤宸 Year ago


  • 田澤宸
    田澤宸 Year ago

    The biggest drawback is that people can not be strong

  • 田澤宸
    田澤宸 Year ago

    People can not become strong

  • Faysal Ammisaid
    Faysal Ammisaid Year ago

    all this modes and songs are not so good I wish that 2k add many announcers like mike burn , relph Lawler

  • TJM Matthews29
    TJM Matthews29 Year ago +1

    Congrats on the 100th episode well deserved and many more successful days ahead

  • Brennan Tracy
    Brennan Tracy Year ago +1

    I'm Brennan ha ha

  • Ck Loo
    Ck Loo Year ago

    Trash nba 2k17

  • Wreckless/Faded Lv
    Wreckless/Faded Lv Year ago +5

    Rachael is beautiful

  • SJB
    SJB Year ago

    Ronnie please just kill yourself bitch

  • David Hill
    David Hill Year ago

    im davidelhill277 and i won the play of the week do i get anything for it

  • Stephen Curry30
    Stephen Curry30 Year ago

    alguém br?

  • JustinToo Saucy
    JustinToo Saucy Year ago +5

    Bro I accidentally chose A in the 2k tv quiz! I REALLY WANT THAT SHIRT help pls 😭💀

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith Year ago

    You guys suk. I played NBA 2k 2017 and I keep missing my open shot and my meter is good and my three pointer is all the way up on my career. You guys are shit as hell

  • Playboi
    Playboi Year ago

    I want the shirt and I got the answer wrong what do I do🙁

    • BigBlue2K
      BigBlue2K Year ago

      your welcome!

    • Playboi
      Playboi Year ago

      BigBlue2K okay thank you

    • BigBlue2K
      BigBlue2K Year ago

      Go to 2K TV and answer the questions again. Or download the app and awenser the questions there

    • Playboi
      Playboi Year ago

      BigBlue2K how?

    • BigBlue2K
      BigBlue2K Year ago

      Vlone Raul you can do it again that's what I did

  • LaVelle The Goat
    LaVelle The Goat Year ago

    Whats the answers ?

  • Janiboy -
    Janiboy - Year ago +1

    does any1 know the answers for this episode? i need that vc and so do others.

  • Amwsoccer Official
    Amwsoccer Official Year ago +1


  • Echo Lighting
    Echo Lighting Year ago

    I have that basketball

    L3X GALACTIC Year ago

    soooooooooooo mad i didnt get the shirt cuz i accidentally hit a

  • Milan Nauta
    Milan Nauta Year ago +1

    Coud you invite james harden and ask him why he os so good on offense but sucks on defense

  • Duke Mcgruder
    Duke Mcgruder Year ago

    Posso? seriously?

  • Duke Mcgruder
    Duke Mcgruder Year ago +1

    Oh look 3 skanks that sucked their way onto a video game tv show... not sure whats worst this or getting USclip famous...

  • Viper05 04
    Viper05 04 Year ago

    Rachel is hot
    2k is trash
    That's all there is to it

  • Erick Urquidi
    Erick Urquidi Year ago

    Why you guys putting episodes 2k games are

  • JamesBanco
    JamesBanco Year ago

    What's the park event?!

  • Justin Winslow
    Justin Winslow Year ago +1


  • Nikola Ljuština
    Nikola Ljuština Year ago +12

    It's funny how an 87 overall "sharpshooter" can't hit a single open 3 with near perfect releases patch this bs

    • Big Sad
      Big Sad Year ago

      Glass cleaners always hit from deep, fix your shit 2k

    • KIRBoot II
      KIRBoot II Year ago

      nikola ljutina sharpshooters at broke

    • LaVelle The Goat
      LaVelle The Goat Year ago +1

      nikola ljutina my pointfoward hits them all day you can't shoot homie 😂😂

  • JTL
    JTL Year ago +2

    I love Rachel 😍😘💗

  • James Barakatt
    James Barakatt Year ago


  • Will Bartholomew
    Will Bartholomew Year ago

    Fuck 2k it's gameplay sucks

  • Ammar TwentyThree


  • Grimme1984
    Grimme1984 Year ago +3

    I'm here for Rachel! 😍😍😍

  • Michel Feltes
    Michel Feltes Year ago +1

    where can i find the 2ktv rap song??

  • Mr. Clean
    Mr. Clean Year ago +2

    servers trash
    songs in game are shit

  • XxApollo Diablozxx
    XxApollo Diablozxx Year ago +7

    Rachel 😻😻😻

  • RaghavB 23
    RaghavB 23 Year ago +11

    Rachel is sooo hot

  • DeMarco Bryant
    DeMarco Bryant Year ago +2

    Fix the game

  • Young Savage
    Young Savage Year ago +6

    Trash fucking pack opening.. I transferred from fifa to 2k and ive spent more than over 4mil vc to open pack and the best one i got is none... fix your odds wtf

    • Young Savage
      Young Savage Year ago +1

      JustinToo Saucy well ok.. thx.. i got carmelo the diamond yesterday so its all good now

    • JustinToo Saucy
      JustinToo Saucy Year ago +1

      King Gouchi no one plays on that feature they mostly focus on My Career or My park

  • I get Buckets22
    I get Buckets22 Year ago +2

    MAN fuck y'all 100th episode I'm still trying to reconnect to y'all shitty servers

  • Eikam Gaming
    Eikam Gaming Year ago

    Lineup d

  • Yeah I Collect
    Yeah I Collect Year ago +2

    Fix the servers please!

  • Jackhammer900
    Jackhammer900 Year ago +19

    Roses Are Red
    Violets Are Blue

    I Came Because Of The Thumbnail
    So Did You.

    • dutt tape
      dutt tape Year ago

      roses are red
      violets are blue

      you have a roblox picture,and im a noob

    LIKELY 2K Year ago +13


    • Repsfurdayz
      Repsfurdayz Year ago

      LIKELY 2K I like the music but the servers are FUCKING TRASH AS SHIT!

  • The Finesse Goat
    The Finesse Goat Year ago +1

    fix yo servers

  • Jonathan Goolsby
    Jonathan Goolsby Year ago

    song name??

  • RockStarsFinest
    RockStarsFinest Year ago +1

    2k 17 got so damn trash that i got friend that had to go back to 2k16

  • division100
    division100 Year ago +2

    This game wasn't ready to be released especially with all these patches

  • ItzTweety Stream
    ItzTweety Stream Year ago +93

    All the Comments Are Talking about Racheal's Sexyness Or How Trash 2k Is

  • Mr. Meeseeks
    Mr. Meeseeks Year ago +1

    hey rach was up? will you marry me?

  • MoneyGoodFred
    MoneyGoodFred Year ago


  • Tom Jiang
    Tom Jiang Year ago +41

    Rachel is the only reason I watch these videos lol

  • Foreseeny
    Foreseeny Year ago +9

    Rachel is so sexy

    GODSPEED 33 Year ago +7

    A yo 2k! Fix your fucking game, stop slowing us down on fast breaks. Stop warping players in front of me when I leave them thanks. Do that we cam talk about the rest.
    Lets go NBA Live 17 or 18 or whatever

  • Passing lanes In Park

    what's the right answers??

  • Jayfish5 the g.e
    Jayfish5 the g.e Year ago +4

    Legit all the comments I just read were about fixing 2k servs or piping the girls in this vid

  • Caleb Wong
    Caleb Wong Year ago +63

    Rachel looks so gorgeous

    • King Dami
      King Dami Year ago +1

      GanG Stoping Bronsexuals since 2016 June 19th GanG Stfu hypocrite corny ass nigga

    • GanG GanG
      GanG GanG Year ago +2

      Caleb Wong
      Simping like a mf

  • Freshboymir
    Freshboymir Year ago

    hit the sub button on my channel almost 600 sub trun on post nonfiction to never miss a upload

    • Head3D
      Head3D Year ago

      FreshBoyMir splash sub to me

    • Rvshwill VEVO
      Rvshwill VEVO Year ago

      FreshBoyMir splash sub to me

  • sonickiller segaxl
    sonickiller segaxl Year ago +2

    rip dat puss

  • JASE TANG - Hip Hop, Sneakers & Gaming

    Rachel fire af in that red dress

  • GanG GanG
    GanG GanG Year ago +85

    Rachel you tryna get the pipe👀

    • GanG GanG
      GanG GanG Year ago

      +NightCrawler 😂😂

    • ItzTweety Stream
      ItzTweety Stream Year ago

      GanG Stoping Bronsexuals since 2016 June 19th GanG 69 Likes ??😂😂

  • pontiacmade jr
    pontiacmade jr Year ago +49

    trash ass servers

    • Jonathan Goolsby
      Jonathan Goolsby Year ago +2

      pontiacmade jr true but as far as mycareer games and a play now games are good. What happened to nba live??

  • beatrice cappellari
    beatrice cappellari Year ago +1


  • Young Simba
    Young Simba Year ago +4

    fix your servers

    SOME GUY Year ago +1