14 Period Questions You’re Too Shy to Ask Your Doctor

  • Published on Aug 5, 2018
  • Whether you’re a certified menstruator or you’re still waiting for the day to come, 🔴 you’ve probably got tons of questions about the infamous crimson wave. It can be a little awkward asking a friend, family member, or even your gynecologist, so hopefully we’ve got all the answers you’re seeking. And FYI, you really shouldn’t be afraid to ask your gyno anything; it’s their job to help you out in these matters! But still, here are 14 period questions a lot of us are too afraid to ask!
    Why do women menstruate anyway? 1:24
    Should I worry if my period isn’t like clockwork? 2:09
    Am I having my period or just spotting? 2:57
    What if I miss a period? 4:07
    Do I need to see a doctor if I bleed in between periods? 4:52
    How often should I change my tampon? 5:38
    Is there an alternative to tampons? 6:16
    What’s the whole thing with birth control pills and “fake” periods? 7:03
    Can I bleed if I’m pregnant? 7:37
    Can I play sports or swim while I’m on my period? 8:15
    What do I do if contact bleeding occurs? 8:36
    Why on Earth do menstrual cramps happen? 9:04
    Can I get pregnant before, during, or after my period? 9:55
    Does PMS weaken as you get older? 10:40
    -The bleeding occurs when eggs were not fertilized during the menstrual cycle.
    -One menstrual cycle can last anywhere from 21 to 35 days. Also, a woman might notice changes in her own schedule: one month her period might come earlier, the next month, it’s late.
    -Spotting refers to very light brown discharge that occurs between menstrual periods. It happens because of a drop in estrogen, the female sex hormone.
    -You might miss your period if you’re really sick, on the pill or abruptly stopped taking it, stressed, or you’ve over-exercised. It can also be because of a hormonal problem or from being over- or underweight.
    -Irregular bleeding can be a sign that something’s wrong hormonally. It’s definitely not normal, especially if you’re not on the pill and you’re bleeding in between periods.
    -Doctors recommend changing your tampon every 4-8 hours depending on your flow.
    -There’s always sanitary pads. But what’s even better is reusable menstrual products, like reusable cloth pads, menstrual cups, or period panties.
    -“Fake periods” are shorter than a regular period, less painful, and bleeding isn’t that heavy. A regular period can occur only after a woman quits taking birth control. It takes from 6 to 12 months to restore a normal menstrual cycle.
    -If you’re pregnant, the amount can be really small, just a couple of drops, which is why it often goes unnoticed.
    -It’s perfectly fine to continue playing sports or swimming during your period.
    -Contact bleeding occurs during contact, like sexual intercourse or a gynecological exam. If the damage isn’t severe, contact bleeding doesn’t last long.
    -Menstrual cramping is super common, although the degree of pain can differ from one woman to another. Cramping happens due to hormone-like substances called prostaglandins.
    -If you’re trying to conceive, better not do it on your period. You’ll wanna wait for after your period because your chances of getting pregnant will be much higher.
    -PMS symptoms may get WORSE as you reach your late 30s or 40s and approach menopause. Over-the-counter and prescription pain relievers can help ease the pain.
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    BRIGHT SIDE  6 months ago +319

    Why do women menstruate anyway? 1:24
    Should I worry if my period isn’t like clockwork? 2:09
    Am I having my period or just spotting? 2:57
    What if I miss a period? 4:07
    Do I need to see a doctor if I bleed in between periods? 4:52
    How often should I change my tampon? 5:38
    Is there an alternative to tampons? 6:16
    What’s the whole thing with birth control pills and “fake” periods? 7:03
    Can I bleed if I’m pregnant? 7:37
    Can I play sports or swim while I’m on my period? 8:15
    What do I do if contact bleeding occurs? 8:36
    Why on Earth do menstrual cramps happen? 9:04
    Can I get pregnant before, during, or after my period? 9:55
    Does PMS weaken as you get older? 10:40

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      Jorie Boateng 2 months ago

      Thanks for the video...my periods start really heavy on day 1 and get lighter as the days pass, and my doctor said it's normal😁 I'll be turning 21 on the 28th December 2018😍🤗🍻...one question: is it normal to have food cravings when you're on your periods and what causes them?🤔

    • Ran Nia
      Ran Nia 3 months ago

      My period some times it last for just 2 days is that normal plz answer me 😩😩

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    One time I had my period twice in a month the first one was normal the second one was 15 days long I only had my period for about a year. My mom contacted my doctor. She said don’t worry about it since my period was still becoming regular. I am fine now but those 15 days were awful

    GUNJAN SINGH 7 days ago

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    Hot water bladder pressed agains you tummy when you have menstrual cramps. It helps to relax the pain.

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    Leah Arroyo 13 days ago

    Drink a lot of cold water it helps and a hot bath as you drink the water trust me it works

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    He is how it goes for me
    First day: mad and frustrated
    Second day: super quiet and shy (I’m normally a louder and not shy person)
    3,4,5 day: love stage
    Last two days: hoping that it’s almost over am eating nothing but water an CHOCOLATE 🍫 all I need in life

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    edit: i forgot to mention, My blood right now is brown..

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    Period: I’m watching you😈 👹

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    I’m still waiting for that day to come but my mom had to take birth control and my sister still does because we have irregular periods and so when we get our period it gets more and more painful!! That’s the only thing I’m scared about! Because I don’t want to have to be on the pill all the time and then have fertility issues! The other thing I’m scared about is leaking in a public place (school, store, restaurant etc.)

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  • Nerina Blais
    Nerina Blais Month ago

    Is it normal for the menstrual cycle to be irregular since day 1 of puberty? I ask this question because I've been having my period since I was 11 years old and it started in December while I was at home back in 2003. Thankfully I was on the toilet when my cycle started, but here I am 15 years and 1 month later and my cycle is still irregular. It skipped the last month of 2018 just about, but I did have a little bleeding that literally lasted only 1 day and only appeared on the toilet paper instead of appearing on my sanitary napkin like it usually does. Because of my irregular periods, I also have no idea when I'm in my ovulation cycle.
    If it is normal for the menstrual cycle to be irregular for about 15 years straight, then am I at risk of infertility? I want kids of my own and I'm hoping that my irregular cycle isn't going to prevent me from getting pregnant. I plan on adopting either way, but adopting an infant won't be the same as giving birth to one, or so I've heard.
    Is it normal to only get cramps a couple of times a year at the most and only in the lower back? I didn't start getting cramps at all until I was 18 and in gym class. I was in walking for fitness when it happened, and at first I didn't understand what the pain was until I remembered that I had just started my period the night before.
    Is it normal that I don't get any bloating during my menstrual cycle? I don't get any bloating either, and I'm not sure if that's supposed to happen or not.
    Finally, is it normal that I don't get any signs that my period is about to start? I never get any signs that I'm about to get my period so it always comes as a surprise to me.

  • xWhite Wolfie
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    And i have a heavy blood flow at the start & not in the middle!

    • didora didi
      didora didi 4 days ago

      Stress and anxiety makes period extra painful ,I suffer from anxiety and my periods are much worse than before I became anxious

  • Cloe Quinnzel Smith

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    Feeling hungry,have a tummy ache well no worrys have some chocolate to cure all that
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  • Ms. Jerry
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    One very effective way to avoid the pains of menstrual cramps is to avoid eating processed food shift to plant based. For more than a year now, I haven't experienced any pain or that menstrual cramps... I don't even feel any pre menstrual signs or pains anymore. 😆😍

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      didora didi 4 days ago

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  • Bellcamp Jean
    Bellcamp Jean 2 months ago

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