14 Period Questions You’re Too Shy to Ask Your Doctor

  • Published on Aug 5, 2018
  • Whether you’re a certified menstruator or you’re still waiting for the day to come, 🔴 you’ve probably got tons of questions about the infamous crimson wave. It can be a little awkward asking a friend, family member, or even your gynecologist, so hopefully we’ve got all the answers you’re seeking. And FYI, you really shouldn’t be afraid to ask your gyno anything; it’s their job to help you out in these matters! But still, here are 14 period questions a lot of us are too afraid to ask!
    Why do women menstruate anyway? 1:24
    Should I worry if my period isn’t like clockwork? 2:09
    Am I having my period or just spotting? 2:57
    What if I miss a period? 4:07
    Do I need to see a doctor if I bleed in between periods? 4:52
    How often should I change my tampon? 5:38
    Is there an alternative to tampons? 6:16
    What’s the whole thing with birth control pills and “fake” periods? 7:03
    Can I bleed if I’m pregnant? 7:37
    Can I play sports or swim while I’m on my period? 8:15
    What do I do if contact bleeding occurs? 8:36
    Why on Earth do menstrual cramps happen? 9:04
    Can I get pregnant before, during, or after my period? 9:55
    Does PMS weaken as you get older? 10:40
    -The bleeding occurs when eggs were not fertilized during the menstrual cycle.
    -One menstrual cycle can last anywhere from 21 to 35 days. Also, a woman might notice changes in her own schedule: one month her period might come earlier, the next month, it’s late.
    -Spotting refers to very light brown discharge that occurs between menstrual periods. It happens because of a drop in estrogen, the female sex hormone.
    -You might miss your period if you’re really sick, on the pill or abruptly stopped taking it, stressed, or you’ve over-exercised. It can also be because of a hormonal problem or from being over- or underweight.
    -Irregular bleeding can be a sign that something’s wrong hormonally. It’s definitely not normal, especially if you’re not on the pill and you’re bleeding in between periods.
    -Doctors recommend changing your tampon every 4-8 hours depending on your flow.
    -There’s always sanitary pads. But what’s even better is reusable menstrual products, like reusable cloth pads, menstrual cups, or period panties.
    -“Fake periods” are shorter than a regular period, less painful, and bleeding isn’t that heavy. A regular period can occur only after a woman quits taking birth control. It takes from 6 to 12 months to restore a normal menstrual cycle.
    -If you’re pregnant, the amount can be really small, just a couple of drops, which is why it often goes unnoticed.
    -It’s perfectly fine to continue playing sports or swimming during your period.
    -Contact bleeding occurs during contact, like sexual intercourse or a gynecological exam. If the damage isn’t severe, contact bleeding doesn’t last long.
    -Menstrual cramping is super common, although the degree of pain can differ from one woman to another. Cramping happens due to hormone-like substances called prostaglandins.
    -If you’re trying to conceive, better not do it on your period. You’ll wanna wait for after your period because your chances of getting pregnant will be much higher.
    -PMS symptoms may get WORSE as you reach your late 30s or 40s and approach menopause. Over-the-counter and prescription pain relievers can help ease the pain.
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    BRIGHT SIDE  4 months ago +277

    Why do women menstruate anyway? 1:24
    Should I worry if my period isn’t like clockwork? 2:09
    Am I having my period or just spotting? 2:57
    What if I miss a period? 4:07
    Do I need to see a doctor if I bleed in between periods? 4:52
    How often should I change my tampon? 5:38
    Is there an alternative to tampons? 6:16
    What’s the whole thing with birth control pills and “fake” periods? 7:03
    Can I bleed if I’m pregnant? 7:37
    Can I play sports or swim while I’m on my period? 8:15
    What do I do if contact bleeding occurs? 8:36
    Why on Earth do menstrual cramps happen? 9:04
    Can I get pregnant before, during, or after my period? 9:55
    Does PMS weaken as you get older? 10:40

    • Jorie Boateng
      Jorie Boateng Day ago

      Thanks for the video...my periods start really heavy on day 1 and get lighter as the days pass, and my doctor said it's normal😁 I'll be turning 21 on the 28th December 2018😍🤗🍻...one question: is it normal to have food cravings when you're on your periods and what causes them?🤔

    • Ran Nia
      Ran Nia Month ago

      My period some times it last for just 2 days is that normal plz answer me 😩😩

    • Ashley Bradley
      Ashley Bradley 2 months ago

      +flatfoot floogie60 thanks for understanding.

    • flatfoot floogie60
      flatfoot floogie60 2 months ago

      +Ashley Bradley I understand completely!! It can be very, very nerve wracking!!
      I used to dread my period coming, since I got horrible, debilitating cramps, heavy bleeding, I couldn't go anywhere or do anything, for about the first three days of my cycle!!
      As I said earlier, I am in my late fifties now, and I can honestly say that I have never been so glad to see something go away in my entire life!!
      God bless you, and I hope everything goes well for you!!😊✝️⚜️

    • Ashley Bradley
      Ashley Bradley 2 months ago

      +flatfoot floogie60 I understand but it makes me very nervous.

  • Mr. Quiet
    Mr. Quiet 19 hours ago

    I'm a 16 year old dude and i have no idea what period is about and i honestly wanna know more cause i know someday i'll have a girlfriend and she'll obviously have periods so this is actually very helpful omg thank you, now im not completely clueless anymore

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    i missed a month of period

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    kmp sukanya 2 days ago

    Hi I'm Sukanya recently i got a period two months late,so is it PCOD problem.

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    Gaimei Gangmei 3 days ago

    Back pain cramp sleep less night headache niple lils. I tested the results negative. M I pregnant? Any suggestions

  • Adriana Sanchez
    Adriana Sanchez 5 days ago +1

    Icky? Really? If your trying to teach people how about you be empowering and mature instead of relevant.

  • k j
    k j 7 days ago +1

    i had my periods on 25th nov n today its 12th n on 8th December i saw bleeding drops started den after 3 days it is 4 to 5 spoon now on every next day .. n the blood smells too bad pls help wt should i do

  • Harriet Nakitto
    Harriet Nakitto 9 days ago

    Always my periods changes what causes that

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    cc splat 9 days ago +1

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  • Bellcamp Jean
    Bellcamp Jean 10 days ago

    I don't have pain when I'm on my period

  • Bellcamp Jean
    Bellcamp Jean 10 days ago

    I don't have pain when I'm on my period

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      Chloe Belle 5 days ago

      Bellcamp Jean that's normal. 😋

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    Sumi Siya 13 days ago

    l had a baby 5 month yrs old
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  • Batlady
    Batlady 14 days ago

    So, is it normal for a 10 year old to get her period? Or any other age?

    • Chloe Belle
      Chloe Belle 5 days ago

      Yes some get it at eight.

    • Batlady
      Batlady 13 days ago

      OK thank you

    • Wolf Girl
      Wolf Girl 14 days ago

      yes its normal at 10 but 11 to 16 is the age most girls get their period

  • Senpaikleyrr
    Senpaikleyrr 15 days ago

    What is the use of tampons?

  • Hyria Wolf
    Hyria Wolf 16 days ago

    Naps and it can help if you drink hot teas

  • Alima Djibo
    Alima Djibo 16 days ago

    Ok listen up for those who didn’t get their period cuz imma tell you about it right now. At first your not gonna believe it and it’s gonna be a shock. Even if you prepared yourself your still not gonna know your next steps. I suggest you talk to your mom or a trusted friend about it right away. Also, don’t be afraid to ask another female for help. And don’t be afraid of the nurse she is their to help you. And if you have a male nurse that’s tuff. One last thing, a lot of people say your first period is gonna be light but that’s not the case for everyone believe me

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    ok i need some help idk if i got my first period today cuz there was some blood but it was a rlly small amount, i rlly dont know what to do. Any advice???

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    Fatina Sabrin 23 days ago

    I'm so confused because I've never had any cramps or pain before

  • Sophie Breedon
    Sophie Breedon 25 days ago

    Bright Side thanks for sheading a bit of love light on this horrid subject. One way to help with stomach cramps is to curl up with an animal or something warm. It actually has helped most people that I've given this advice to.

  • Hannah Norton
    Hannah Norton 25 days ago

    now i want chocolate.

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    I hv irregular periods.. sometime the gap is about 6 months 1year.. wat shall i do.

  • Tamilarasi Ramasamy
    Tamilarasi Ramasamy 26 days ago

    When i having my first period i was so much scared to see a blood that is coming out of my body and feel very uncomfortable to walk and sit with the menstrual pads. Periods day very stressful when i am having exams and practical classes standing for 3 hours with bleeding. Womens have so much strength and well power to face any situation

  • lilllybuggz
    lilllybuggz 26 days ago

    Lol on the first day I started mine I thought I was dieing but my mom told me and I ask why do only girls have it and she said I'm to young to know so I watched this :) so....now I'm more scared about my future

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    No. 12
    so it's normal?? god i thought i was sick

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    I am 40 years old and want to know what is the age of menopause?

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  • The weird ones 1
    The weird ones 1 Month ago +1

    My weird period story’s
    I once was in school having the worst cramps ever (like about to cry) and so I pertained to have a headache for obvious reasons and got to go home. I was happy 😃
    2nd story
    When I was younger I didn’t track my period and when I thought it was late I would freak out and think I was pregnant. I was 12 and ever done anything to get pregnant. Lol

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    I am a male and I came here to know about "safe days".

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    its been a year since i last got my period,what does it mean?

  • Galaxy Slime
    Galaxy Slime Month ago

    I'm scared because I'm 13 but hasn't gotten my period yet. Is that weird? WILL IT EVER COME? 😕😖

    • Galaxy Slime
      Galaxy Slime 16 days ago

      susu tysmmmm

    • susu
      susu Month ago

      it's totally normal if u don't have your period yet, every woman body is different and it comes differently depending in your system. don't worry ~~~ enjoy your free time without that 😂

  • imdonewithmylife69
    imdonewithmylife69 Month ago

    I had my period once and it was for 8 days. After these 8 fays i never had my period again... For 4 months. By the ways, im 12 and hit puberty 2 years ago... Anyone can explain why i never had my period again?

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    Im just going to say for question #11 if you just started your period and had it like 1, 2 or 3 times you should not worry it's just because your body is trying to get used to your "new life" 😂. So yeah don't worry if you just started.

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    Why is my face full of white spots during my period
    And after period it turns to black spot ?
    What is the remedy and is such reaction pls?
    Tanx in advance

  • Azucena Varin
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    So true that it gets worse I’m in my early 30s and symptoms are worse now than I ever remember ugh

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    Me : Ok then...well, I'm only 15 so it's gonna keep on preparing itself for a couple more years honey...

  • Katieboil Anegg
    Katieboil Anegg Month ago

    The 'gut wrenching pain' and 'terror' could scare young girls. Choose your words carefully! My periods are not painful and I do all sports while I am on. As long as I do a lot of sport before and during my period I am also not to emotional. Young girls out there - don't worry! 😘

  • Okonkwo Ijeoma J
    Okonkwo Ijeoma J Month ago

    Thank so much for putting me through now I Am have relax my mind

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    Okonkwo Ijeoma J Month ago

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    I thought It was personal problems
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    My period suddenly stopped running upto 4days rather it runs just one day, what do I do?

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    DaisyCake 110 Month ago

    All the girls that need someone to talk to dm me on my instagram: DaisyCake110
    I'll be glad to give you my number and we can talk ❤❤❤❤ love y'all gurls

  • DaisyCake 110
    DaisyCake 110 Month ago

    In my girl group, I'm the only one that has her period and now whenever a friend comes for a sleepover most of the things we talk about is my period and they ask all of the questions, my mom's an open book and now so am i! And I'm happy to say I LOVE HELPING PEOPLE!!!

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    Sometimes i missed my period for 2months and im irregular and i dont have that pain when i have a period

  • Denise Ebore
    Denise Ebore Month ago

    What if jelly like stuff fall off??? Like its like, idk, paste pr smth?? It comes in between my periods. they come in different sizes. Am i supposed to be worried???

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    As a biologist i alredy knew all of that

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    Eddit: oh and mine comes every 3 months last for 3 days

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    Blub Channel Daisy 2 months ago

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