14 Period Questions You’re Too Shy to Ask Your Doctor

  • Published on Aug 5, 2018
  • Whether you’re a certified menstruator or you’re still waiting for the day to come, 🔴 you’ve probably got tons of questions about the infamous crimson wave. It can be a little awkward asking a friend, family member, or even your gynecologist, so hopefully we’ve got all the answers you’re seeking. And FYI, you really shouldn’t be afraid to ask your gyno anything; it’s their job to help you out in these matters! But still, here are 14 period questions a lot of us are too afraid to ask!
    Why do women menstruate anyway? 1:24
    Should I worry if my period isn’t like clockwork? 2:09
    Am I having my period or just spotting? 2:57
    What if I miss a period? 4:07
    Do I need to see a doctor if I bleed in between periods? 4:52
    How often should I change my tampon? 5:38
    Is there an alternative to tampons? 6:16
    What’s the whole thing with birth control pills and “fake” periods? 7:03
    Can I bleed if I’m pregnant? 7:37
    Can I play sports or swim while I’m on my period? 8:15
    What do I do if contact bleeding occurs? 8:36
    Why on Earth do menstrual cramps happen? 9:04
    Can I get pregnant before, during, or after my period? 9:55
    Does PMS weaken as you get older? 10:40
    -The bleeding occurs when eggs were not fertilized during the menstrual cycle.
    -One menstrual cycle can last anywhere from 21 to 35 days. Also, a woman might notice changes in her own schedule: one month her period might come earlier, the next month, it’s late.
    -Spotting refers to very light brown discharge that occurs between menstrual periods. It happens because of a drop in estrogen, the female sex hormone.
    -You might miss your period if you’re really sick, on the pill or abruptly stopped taking it, stressed, or you’ve over-exercised. It can also be because of a hormonal problem or from being over- or underweight.
    -Irregular bleeding can be a sign that something’s wrong hormonally. It’s definitely not normal, especially if you’re not on the pill and you’re bleeding in between periods.
    -Doctors recommend changing your tampon every 4-8 hours depending on your flow.
    -There’s always sanitary pads. But what’s even better is reusable menstrual products, like reusable cloth pads, menstrual cups, or period panties.
    -“Fake periods” are shorter than a regular period, less painful, and bleeding isn’t that heavy. A regular period can occur only after a woman quits taking birth control. It takes from 6 to 12 months to restore a normal menstrual cycle.
    -If you’re pregnant, the amount can be really small, just a couple of drops, which is why it often goes unnoticed.
    -It’s perfectly fine to continue playing sports or swimming during your period.
    -Contact bleeding occurs during contact, like sexual intercourse or a gynecological exam. If the damage isn’t severe, contact bleeding doesn’t last long.
    -Menstrual cramping is super common, although the degree of pain can differ from one woman to another. Cramping happens due to hormone-like substances called prostaglandins.
    -If you’re trying to conceive, better not do it on your period. You’ll wanna wait for after your period because your chances of getting pregnant will be much higher.
    -PMS symptoms may get WORSE as you reach your late 30s or 40s and approach menopause. Over-the-counter and prescription pain relievers can help ease the pain.
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    BRIGHT SIDE  2 months ago +233

    Why do women menstruate anyway? 1:24
    Should I worry if my period isn’t like clockwork? 2:09
    Am I having my period or just spotting? 2:57
    What if I miss a period? 4:07
    Do I need to see a doctor if I bleed in between periods? 4:52
    How often should I change my tampon? 5:38
    Is there an alternative to tampons? 6:16
    What’s the whole thing with birth control pills and “fake” periods? 7:03
    Can I bleed if I’m pregnant? 7:37
    Can I play sports or swim while I’m on my period? 8:15
    What do I do if contact bleeding occurs? 8:36
    Why on Earth do menstrual cramps happen? 9:04
    Can I get pregnant before, during, or after my period? 9:55
    Does PMS weaken as you get older? 10:40

    • Ashley Bradley
      Ashley Bradley Day ago

      +flatfoot floogie60 thanks for understanding.

    • flatfoot floogie60
      flatfoot floogie60 Day ago

      +Ashley Bradley I understand completely!! It can be very, very nerve wracking!!
      I used to dread my period coming, since I got horrible, debilitating cramps, heavy bleeding, I couldn't go anywhere or do anything, for about the first three days of my cycle!!
      As I said earlier, I am in my late fifties now, and I can honestly say that I have never been so glad to see something go away in my entire life!!
      God bless you, and I hope everything goes well for you!!😊✝️⚜️

    • Ashley Bradley
      Ashley Bradley 2 days ago

      +flatfoot floogie60 I understand but it makes me very nervous.

    • flatfoot floogie60
      flatfoot floogie60 2 days ago

      +Ashley Bradley No, not at all, it's just a perfectly natural process that occurs every month at the same time, usually!!
      Some get horrible cramps.
      I have finished my period forever, I keep thinkingf

    • flatfoot floogie60
      flatfoot floogie60 2 days ago

      +Pretty Face Oh good Lord, how disgusting!!
      You have got to be a troll!!😒😒✝️⚜️

  • Kennedy Knott
    Kennedy Knott 59 minutes ago

    so once,mine used to skip a month

  • Kennedy Knott
    Kennedy Knott Hour ago

    mine used to last 9 days sometines

  • carlexer finny
    carlexer finny 7 hours ago

    ok...what if your in class and have it then its heavy and you mess up and your teacher is calling you to do a sum on the board....

  • Emma White
    Emma White 12 hours ago

    It’s coming in three days and i can’t deal with that right now

  • Urvi Patil
    Urvi Patil Day ago

    I bleed for 8 days😫

  • Ramie
    Ramie Day ago

    My period doesn't hurt it means I'm abnormal right?

  • Nyakairu Kihumba
    Nyakairu Kihumba 2 days ago

    I learnt this in sch when I was 10...for some 12

  • Pacific Rim
    Pacific Rim 3 days ago

    I have missed periods for 3months bt I don't wanna go to doctors as m too shy... I don't even wanna have it as long as m not dead lol... I jst hope it's a hormonal prb n nothing else

  • Karly Nolan
    Karly Nolan 3 days ago

    How old are you when you get your period

  • Kira Schmidt
    Kira Schmidt 4 days ago

    To calm cramps....... Just eat a lot of chocolate

  • Blessing Adetuberu
    Blessing Adetuberu 4 days ago +1


  • Kookie's Cookie
    Kookie's Cookie 5 days ago

    Don't you love it when you get punished every month for not getting pregnant!

  • Holo Trash
    Holo Trash 5 days ago

    Replace the Word Women with people because If you don't then why do I get periods

  • Pranjal Bhole
    Pranjal Bhole 5 days ago

    Wich body type hess less pain in cramp

  • Maria Prevost
    Maria Prevost 7 days ago

    I have no problem talking to my doctor,I am very open about any health problems or pain,cause I am from the islands and we don't feel bad talking about that it is all natural where I come from.

  • Priyal Panjwani
    Priyal Panjwani 7 days ago

    Is it ok to take medicines if your having period cramps????

  • Amanpreet kour
    Amanpreet kour 9 days ago

    Can v take medicine during periods cramps

  • Ankul Kushwah
    Ankul Kushwah 9 days ago

    I am too slim I want to start period then period start I became a fit girl 😢

  • Honey Boo
    Honey Boo 9 days ago

    I neve get cramps on my period. I always get back pains. Is that normal?

  • Elizabeth Lange
    Elizabeth Lange 9 days ago

    So it is a necessary part of the process to have cramps what if you do not have cramps should you get checked out?

  • Lindsey Brandon
    Lindsey Brandon 9 days ago

    For a little while I had my period every other month

  • Cierra Anglin
    Cierra Anglin 9 days ago

    1:24 Because Eve sinned and know we've got periods and labor pains.

  • Dilini Rathnayake
    Dilini Rathnayake 9 days ago

    Ice cream cures my pain in period. That's the best solution.

  • PP
    PP 9 days ago

    Hi. I usually get blood clots rather than a regular flow however I get my periods always on time. Is this normal or alarming?

  • Ilovesimsfreeplay16
    Ilovesimsfreeplay16 10 days ago

    I am a certified period goer.

  • cupcake zionwanga
    cupcake zionwanga 10 days ago

    How do they reduce cramps

  • cupcake zionwanga
    cupcake zionwanga 10 days ago

    Wait rash where

  • Giulia M
    Giulia M 10 days ago

    I've only had 2 periods but I didn't get any cramps... is it normal? Maybe I should just wait more... It wouldn't mind if there were no cramps😂😂😂

  • Luckyrainbow230
    Luckyrainbow230 11 days ago

    How I take care of my cramps which are super horrible is I get in my huge hoodie, curl up in a ball and lay on my bed for a couple minutes. while my friends suffer with their ways it goes away very fast. So just curl up and get warn is how I do it.

  • Kuchiruma - Gachaverse!

    3:32-3:56 Thank god its normal. I thought it was serious.

  • Dragon Queen
    Dragon Queen 11 days ago

    as for the pain in my soul...
    I don't have one.

  • Dragon Queen
    Dragon Queen 11 days ago

    please help. I'm dying. does anyone want my period?

  • Toni Williams
    Toni Williams 12 days ago

    I have severe cramps that had me in bed for 3days straight. The less I moved the better. I drank warm only and ate nothing. This was how I dealt with my cramps from 10yrs old to 18yrs old. I learned that my cramps would be significantly worse if I ate a lot of sugar that month. So I tried to cut back on sugar when it got close to my period starting. Once my period started I could not have ANY source of sugar. I took ibuprofen (I use to take 5 pills every 6hrs.) but it never seemed to work if I took the pills after I started feeling the pain. I had to take the painkillers before the pain started for them to work. The pain usually lasted for 8hrs then off and on for 3days. It has been almost a year since I’ve had to feel the severe pain during my period. I’m 25 yrs old now. What mainly helped me with my severe cramps was taking fish oil and magnesium. I pill of each a few days before my period starts. I had an irregular period schedule so I only knew when my period was coming when I got my pre-cramps. I started using the Nuva ring birth control a year ago and it has helped regulate my period so much. Thanks to the nuva ring I know when my period will start so I take the fish oil and magnesium pills once a day. Then once my period starts I take one of each in the morning with aleve and one of each at night. This has helped me so much. I try to drink lots of water on and off my period. Drinking lots of water during your period helps to slow down the flow thus less pain. I also do a lot of leg spreading stretches. Though it has been almost a year since I felt severe cramps, I will always remember it. It was traumatizing..I would not wish that pain on my worse enemy. I hope this helps someone who also gets severe cramps. I recently started taking flaxseed oil along with the fish oil and magnesium. I have had very little to no cramps at all.

  • crimson kiten
    crimson kiten 12 days ago

    I started late due to poor health. (Severe hydrocephalus and a tumor {both}in my brain.)

  • monika sharma
    monika sharma 12 days ago

    I think we can tell about it to anyone because it's not our mistake and we can't control it

  • Alyzza Bonaobra
    Alyzza Bonaobra 13 days ago

    My period usually lasts 3-4 days and it changes to 1-2 days only. Is that normal? I'm scared

  • siri chandana
    siri chandana 13 days ago

    what if periods last for only 2 or 3 dasy ..is it realy a problem which is to ke taken care about and consult a doctor??

  • Frozen Melody
    Frozen Melody 13 days ago

    6:07 this is why I don't use tampons!

  • songpoetry1
    songpoetry1 13 days ago

    I used to get my pain to barely manageable by taking painkillers. Now i drink rooibos tea and it helps so much better!

  • Esther Edet
    Esther Edet 13 days ago

    Please when do women normally get pregnant, cuz I'm pregnant and I don't know when it starts. Pls help me! thanks

  • Charlie Pie
    Charlie Pie 13 days ago

    Hey 👋🏻!!! If you’re curious about Biology I posted a video explaining what is biology and introduction to living organisms.

  • bruhitz_ ume
    bruhitz_ ume 14 days ago

    When #14 came and it said its u have ur period to get ready for a possible pregnancy....u was NO! not gonna get pregnant anytime soon so we can stop the bleedin now that we have cleared that up😂😣

  • Danella Moses
    Danella Moses 14 days ago

    Why do i have sever pain when my period comes ,and my period dose come in the beining of the moth?😢😠😭💔👍👏👍✌

  • lil cookie
    lil cookie 14 days ago

    Idk why but I cry when I watch about periods,even tho I'm not yet on my period;^;

  • Madisyn J. Hall
    Madisyn J. Hall 15 days ago

    Eating bananas can make cramps lessen. I forgot what's in them that does it, but I eat like 1 or 2 bananas a day b4 my period, and I usually don't cramp (bearly at all)

  • Queenie Kaye Austria
    Queenie Kaye Austria 16 days ago

    im bleeding time to time..
    i even bleed in 2 weeks..
    whats the reason of this??

  • Avinash Ng
    Avinash Ng 17 days ago

    why do period stops in 2 days and start again before one month

  • Salve Mendoza
    Salve Mendoza 17 days ago

    i have a piriod but i was one day...then it like brown discharge

  • Salve Mendoza
    Salve Mendoza 17 days ago

    i have a piriod but i was one day...then it like brown discharge

  • Fallout4Gamer 749
    Fallout4Gamer 749 17 days ago

    *slowly walks away*

  • kleine uk
    kleine uk 17 days ago

    Mine syclus was 39 days is that normal?

  • Miguel Escobedo
    Miguel Escobedo 19 days ago

    Umm.. I don't get cramps at all
    Is that bad?

  • Summer Sky  Sky
    Summer Sky Sky 19 days ago

    My blue eyed charmer, I know drive him nuts , I sometimes wonder if he's guy time because he's driving me nuts. Wait a minute this my time pass the chocolate and hot wings. He does on purpose.

  • Kaylee Skelton
    Kaylee Skelton 19 days ago

    That's something I worried about

  • Ash Waves
    Ash Waves 20 days ago


  • SheepPlayz Gaming
    SheepPlayz Gaming 20 days ago

    This is our lesson today in science...

  • Emily Norris
    Emily Norris 21 day ago

    Menopause seems so good right now

  • Thicc Nuggettt
    Thicc Nuggettt 21 day ago

    Like if ur on ur period

  • Thicc Nuggettt
    Thicc Nuggettt 21 day ago +1

    I flipping wish my period lasted 3 days. For anyone that’s period does u r lucky 😩

  • Urvashi Parche
    Urvashi Parche 21 day ago

    My periods its normal.but 2-3 tym its not normal for me.
    There many up & down.
    I go to the dctr .he say.its nomal u r weak .thats way

  • Tweet Chirp
    Tweet Chirp 21 day ago

    From personal experience, it's better to avoid taking anti-pain meds during cramping to avoid cramping in ur next period and so on. Those meds make cramping a mainstay in future periods,as long as it's consumed. Otherwise cramping might be rare..

  • Ayushi Raj
    Ayushi Raj 21 day ago +1

    I think I'm the luckiest girl bcoz I have periods only 3. Days..there is no pain during my periods.. everything is just normal..no mood swings 😀

  • Chamomile Rose
    Chamomile Rose 22 days ago

    Period pain is mostly down to a magnesium deficiency. Studies have been done in girls with and without dysmenorrhoea (period pain) and shows that girls who experience intense cramps have a magnesium deficiency, which is a mineral that helps to relax smooth muscles, easing the contraction during periods, and therefore reducing pain.

  • JAZZYBEAUTYXOXO haha love you

    i don't get cramps...i guess im lucky

  • Katerina Kara
    Katerina Kara 22 days ago

    Interesting. I always had pain 2 time I had to go to A&E no peals could help me,I've mentioned to my gynaecologist about the pain,he said its all normal,never ask again about why is so painful, was hoping by getting older the pain will ease down... But as you said " NOPE ".

  • Katherine _52004
    Katherine _52004 22 days ago

    So is there a problem if I never get cramps and am usually happy on my period?

  • A Z
    A Z 22 days ago

    A lot of these when It comes to bleeding and cramps are much worse and often get worse and last up to 10 days for me but not because of some crazy life threatening illness it's because I have a genetic bleeding problem called Von willebrand's Disease or VWD for short like I said it's genetic and it means my blood doesn't clot properly depending on which of the 3 types you have the severity of the bleeding differs I'm lucky and have the mild type not the severe type being type 3 where you can possibly have bleeding in your muscles and joints at one point I had a period that happened twice where I had my first one then it got super light towards the end then after 2 days got super heavy again I don't know why but it's never happened again but then to it was a hard part of my life a lot going on so I'm wondering if it affected it and that's why anyways things like this differ for me and some life changes have to be made to help avoid complications with my VWD but it's not life threatening nor is there a cure but it is treatable and you can live a normal life with a few changes to how you do things if you want to know more there are sites that you can get information from the best options and the most reliable ends in .gov or .org and it is fairly common to my knowledge

  • Hira Iqrar
    Hira Iqrar 23 days ago

    What if you get your period on 36th day every month? is it normal?

  • Yoke p
    Yoke p 23 days ago

    Waaaaaait does that me boys r pregnant because they don't have periods aaaaaaaaa boys r pregnant but the baby doesn't show

  • shadowcat63
    shadowcat63 23 days ago

    personally for me i found if i knows roughly when my period will happen i try to avoid sugar for a few days before and during after that its fine

  • Galaxiaas
    Galaxiaas 24 days ago

    periods. Are the worrrrrsssstt.

  • Curls Edit
    Curls Edit 24 days ago

    I’m lowkey triggers that some little girls get excited to have their period like tf I’m 12 and I had a basketball game while on Ma period sis sit tf down 😂😂

  • 4D Alien
    4D Alien 24 days ago +1

    thank god my mom is gynecologist and I can ask her everything

  • Ambytata 83
    Ambytata 83 24 days ago +1

    Why do men get the miracle of ejaculation and women get blood flowing out of us and stabbing pains once a month -_- why god? Why?

  • Caroline_cat Bridges_kitty

    Sometimes my cramps are so bad they hold me back and I can’t do anything. 😳 I use a heating pad and take Advil every 6 hours.

  • Ferzana Akhtar
    Ferzana Akhtar 25 days ago

    To ease cramps give up fizzy drinks

  • nadecia smith
    nadecia smith 26 days ago

    What if I don't feel any cramps

  • margaret brayton
    margaret brayton 26 days ago

    Heating pad helps with cramps 😊

  • Artsy_Aries323
    Artsy_Aries323 26 days ago

    Menstrual cramp tip, pinapple banana smoothies and skull cap tea. Don't forget chocolate

  • janet hernandez
    janet hernandez 27 days ago +1

    Who else is watching this in period pain😭

  • Charisse Lambert
    Charisse Lambert 27 days ago

    How is menstrual cramping a necessary part of periods if I don't get them?
    I am a healthy woman, who has periods every 30 days and I know I can have children because I had one several months ago. Actually all of the women in my family are that way except my sister. She started cramping 3 years after starting her period. I wonder if there is a solution to reducing or stopping cramping because I honestly think that if what causes cramps is what they say then I should be getting them or not having periods.

  • Nasir Bilou
    Nasir Bilou 27 days ago

    Why are to period late

  • Dalia Issa
    Dalia Issa 28 days ago +1

    In my country, it's common to drink boiled anise, cinnamon or mint leaves to ease menstrual cramps. But of course it only works for moderate pain in case of high pain you should take painkillers.
    Also, boiled ginger or vitamin c can help speed the flow of blood and ease the pain of the first light days of the cycle.
    Hope this can help.

  • Enchanted Wolf
    Enchanted Wolf 28 days ago

    Pain relieved pills or if ur crafty fill a sock that became single because of laudry with rice tie the open end put it in the microwave for about a minute and put it on the place where it hurts you could also do this in other spots. This is also why there are heating pads. Fun fact about the rice sock things (might just be me that experiences this) if you leave it on your skin after a few seconds your skin feels smoother (temporarily) and I just like the smell of cooked rice XD

  • Dobo Joy
    Dobo Joy 28 days ago

    Along with Chocolate.. banana and almonds will help you..... Welcome

  • Dobo Joy
    Dobo Joy 28 days ago

    Who else hates period false alarms lol

  • Alva Andersmark
    Alva Andersmark 28 days ago

    It’s actually good to eat chocolate on your period because it contains something I can’t remember the name of that reduces cramps and you lose a lot of it when you’re on your period. Me and my friends actually did a presentation for school about periods😊

  • Vicnoma giagbe
    Vicnoma giagbe 28 days ago

    love this👍 that you

  • Azumi Chan
    Azumi Chan 29 days ago

    Oh gosh...My Science Teacher showed us this video...It gives me nightmares..

  • Arshiya Unnisa
    Arshiya Unnisa 29 days ago

    Hindi me boli na plz

  • Ryann Stauffer
    Ryann Stauffer 29 days ago

    Also am I the only person who is here that who`s girlfriend hasn`t gone through this but you have and you just feel sorry for them?!

  • Divya Jerry
    Divya Jerry 29 days ago

    Betel leaves with sea salt or fenugreek with water soaked r raw...can reduce the pain...

  • Des Cochran
    Des Cochran 29 days ago

    I am not comfortable with to boys/ men watching and commenting

  • Des Cochran
    Des Cochran 29 days ago

    You didn't answer one of my questions. I haven't started yet but what if it happens at school. Should I go to the clinic or back to the teacher then the clinic?

  • CocoaBae 86
    CocoaBae 86 29 days ago

    I'm in bed...eating a cupcake...on my period...watching this video. ☺

  • Amaresh K
    Amaresh K Month ago

    Just hang out with ur bff's all will be well 😊

  • Arrianna Sanguine
    Arrianna Sanguine Month ago

    My cramps went from making me physically ill, hot flashes, and cold flashes, and all sorts of things, to none when I’m taking my minerals.

  • girl with attitude27

    4:48 why would I go to the doctor for a miracle

  • Sadie Xx
    Sadie Xx Month ago

    The first few months I had my period, my cycle lasted for about 54 days 😂