Robin Hood (2018 Movie) Official Clip “Training” - Taron Egerton, Jamie Foxx, Jamie Dornan

  • Published on Oct 18, 2018
  • Robin Hood - In theaters November 21, 2018. Starring Taron Egerton, Jamie Foxx, Ben Mendelsohn, Eve Hewson, Tim Minchin, and Jamie Dornan.
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    Robin of Loxley (Taron Egerton) a war-hardened Crusader and his Moorish commander (Jamie Foxx) mount an audacious revolt against the corrupt English crown in a thrilling action-adventure packed with gritty battlefield exploits, mind-blowing fight choreography, and a timeless romance.
    Summit Entertainment presents, an Appian Way production, a Safehouse Pictures production, in association with Thunder Roads Films.
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Comments • 47

  • Aakash Naskar
    Aakash Naskar 6 months ago

    bgm is wonderful

  • Pure_ Void
    Pure_ Void 6 months ago +1

    “Again.. to slow” my favorite quote of the movie

  • Bob Townsend
    Bob Townsend 6 months ago

    God, Jamie Foxx is a douchebag.

  • Sabrina Jaine
    Sabrina Jaine 8 months ago

    Does this scene remind anyone else of Will Scarlet O’Hara? (From Robin Hood: Men in Tights)

  • fancy O
    fancy O 9 months ago

    this looks great

  • Juan Carlos Segade Canosa
    Juan Carlos Segade Canosa 9 months ago +6

    The way he is drawing the last arrow (the one that Jamie Foxx breaks)...

  • Derek Bartlett
    Derek Bartlett 9 months ago

    See that right there is the speed i'm trying to work up to by using Lajos Kassai's method (he holds his arrows in his bow hand, fletching on the right, and threads an arrow through so it rests on the left side; WAY fast you should look him up)

  • Theman977
    Theman977 9 months ago +11

    In my opinion, this was an awesome movie.

  • Awuondo L.
    Awuondo L. 9 months ago

    Too slow

  • Sabrina Jaine
    Sabrina Jaine 10 months ago +11

    Is this film basically just Jamie Foxx shouting at Taron Egerton for two hours

  • vincent chuang
    vincent chuang 10 months ago +2

    amazing Robin Hood 🏹👍🏻

  • Ariel fangirl Mendez
    Ariel fangirl Mendez 10 months ago

    He looks like he benchpressed

  • Ghulam Hassnain
    Ghulam Hassnain 10 months ago +3


  • TJJ
    TJJ 10 months ago +1

    I never knew they made arrows out of balsa wood, who would have thought arrows designed to kill game or piece armour could be broken with one hand.
    Remember folks this is "historically accurate archery" according to the Director.

    • Awuondo L.
      Awuondo L. 9 months ago

      I generally enjoy smart people, but some nerds can be annoying and suck the joy out of everything with their "facts"

    • TJJ
      TJJ 10 months ago

      David Stephens what research is that, I hope it didn’t come from Lars Anderson, because he helped on this movie, and his statements are questionable at best. When they claim to be able to dodge arrows, the demonstration they use is a very light bow, with an arrow with a very large rubber/foam arrow head, there is no way this would be travelling the same speed as an arrow designed to kill people.
      I don’t know if you do archery, but I do, and I use between 30-50lb bows, and I can guarantee you aren’t dodging the arrows. Bare in mind it wasn’t uncommon for English archers to use anywhere between 80-120lb bows. Do you really think if dodging arrows was so easy, that they would have been used so extensively in war throughout time? Some people will claim that they are easy to dodge but in war thousands are shot in short time making dodging difficult, this completely ignores horseback archers who didn’t always shoot in an artillery bombardment style, rather they ran up shot at individual targets then escaped. If this was so easy to dodge, how did the mongols capture so much of the world with the bow?
      There is actually a lot of footage of this movie on USclip, and to someone who shoots bows a lot of it looks rubbish and “Hollywood”, nothing historical about it, and nothing that would kill in the way thus film pretends.
      Ineffective half drawing of the bow which gives terrible shot power and penetration. The film director claims the archery is historically accurate, but the bows used are designed to have very long draw lengths, not super short draws as seen in he film. For reference the standard draw in western archery today is 28”, where as the asiatic bows used in the films are designed to be drawn 31” or more, it might not sound like a big difference, but in archery it is, so when this Robin draws his bow to something like 26” it means the bow is massively underperforming.
      Archery wise this movie is bollocks.

    • David Stephens
      David Stephens 10 months ago

      TJJ well doing some research it is possible To break an arrow and dodge an arrow so Jamie breaking it and dodging it shouldn’t be hard to believe. Now with 1 hand not sure but it’s not hard. Whenever you hit with an arrow they break the shaft off first. Dodging one back then should also be easier then now. And this is just one scene of the movie. We haven’t seen other parts just as yet so we don’t know what else they have in store with the archery. Once I see the movie I’ll see.

    • TJJ
      TJJ 10 months ago

      David Stephens misread, my mistake. Wood is wood, we don’t have magical trees today that Robin wouldn’t have access to.
      If an arrow is strong enough to be shot from a bow strong enough to kill people, the arrow won’t be broken with one hand. I’ve shot cheap wooden arrows into solid wood (by accident), they didn’t break and they were a bugger to remove, they survived my pulling my hardest and wiggling them free.
      Arrows needed to kill animals and people back in those days, if anything they might be stronger than what we use today (at least wood wise), where we focus more on smaller lighter arrows without much thought for stopping power.
      I’m pretty sure Robins band probably had its own fletcher, or he was proficient at it himself. Primitive tribes people from isolated parts of the world can make killing arrows with no access to modern tools, even more primitive tools than medieval England, who had blacksmiths and forges.
      This movie is basically Lars Anderson the trickshot movie, but they are trying to claim some historical relevance off it while cashing in on the Robin Hood name.
      See this movie for cool looking trickshooting, but it’s historical aspects are the lies of the marketing department.

    • David Stephens
      David Stephens 10 months ago

      TJJ how I am suggesting he brought them. I’m saying he he had to make them himself. So of course they weren’t going to be as strong. Also if they movie takes place back then they won’t be as strong as they are made today. Most arrows were made of wood. So don’t know where you getting that that they would be strong that he couldn’t break them with his hand. Pretty sure he could. Yea the scene itself is a little far fetch but you say you know a lot about archery and arrows but it doesn’t seem you do.

  • MG Rogue
    MG Rogue 10 months ago

    God damn it! I'm gonna take this here arrow and shove it up your arsehole! >:O

  • Kirk Mo
    Kirk Mo 11 months ago +21

    Fox is a great actor and I can't wait to see this one. Their awesome together .

  • Jim Knight
    Jim Knight 11 months ago +3

    More Racist & Cultural misappropriation by the SJW, NPC's! So, sick of this crap, you can shove this racist bollocks where the sun don't shine

    • Awuondo L.
      Awuondo L. 9 months ago +2

      Do you have this same reaction when whites play historically black roles? Or you're just using "accuracy" to hide your already evident racism? lol

    • iEntertain
      iEntertain 10 months ago

      +Jim Knight

    • Don Elion
      Don Elion 10 months ago +2

      Humans we're localised creatures that is why we teleported into the various continents , no interaction at all for 1000 years , nadda non at all . Saracens can't be black or in England or black people being there at the time , Oh wait they did .

    • tommihommi1
      tommihommi1 10 months ago +1

      yo dawg, ever heard of the crusades

  • AwieKK80 cAwie
    AwieKK80 cAwie 11 months ago +1

    Great!Absolutely Amazing..can't wait for this..greetings from KK Sabah🇲🇾✌🇲🇾

  • Mylar
    Mylar 11 months ago +37

    Out of all the crappy trailers they've released for this thing, this is by far the most entertaining bit I've seen yet

  • R. Parameswaran
    R. Parameswaran 11 months ago +3

    Awesome 👌💥

  • Moka TM
    Moka TM 11 months ago +1

    can't wait for this!♡

    PWR GRL 11 months ago +4

    AWESOME 👏🏽

    • hargka02
      hargka02 11 months ago

      She is a beautiful young lady in Jesus sweet na me

    VIRAL VIDEOS 11 months ago +3

    Amazing 🔥🔥👍👍

  • Maru
    Maru 11 months ago +2

    AMAZING ♥♥

  • Omar Oujil Sahara
    Omar Oujil Sahara 11 months ago +1

    I like this one Robinson Crusoe

  • Wistful HERBz
    Wistful HERBz 11 months ago +1

    I smell a turd.

  • komfortliinumb
    komfortliinumb 11 months ago +9


    • A B
      A B 10 months ago

      Just stoppp!!!

    • tomeks41
      tomeks41 11 months ago +1

      Maybe your

    • tomeks41
      tomeks41 11 months ago +1

      I couldn't agree more

    • A M
      A M 11 months ago +1

      lol yourmomgay

  • Davi Macedo
    Davi Macedo 11 months ago +17