Still No Apology From Kelly Sadler or White House On Comment About Sen. McCain | The View

  • Published on May 14, 2018

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  • Latrice Cardwell
    Latrice Cardwell 2 days ago

    Meghan McCain is a hypocrite to the most ...she sitting there eatin it up right now ......but at the end of the day she sticks up for Trump his family n the administration n they cared nothing about her dad n even less about her ....those politicians come on the view n say aww we loved ur dad out of respect ✊ but don’t .....makes her feel good n the more they say that the more she defend the republicans......dumb blonde 👱🏼‍♀️

  • Danny Rodriguez
    Danny Rodriguez 3 months ago

    She sounds like an Auto Annie machine 🔌📠🤖

  • Lori Parsley
    Lori Parsley 6 months ago

    Stuff leaks from meetings. If you can’t be proud of your comments and stand by it, don’t say it.

  • Abrana Standley
    Abrana Standley 6 months ago

    Whoopi you said who does this?? Someone comes to mind: Hillary Clinton!!! WHAT DIFFERENTS DOES IT MAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tiffany Monique
    Tiffany Monique 7 months ago

    Everyone needs a friend like Whoopi Goldberg.

  • Patricia Mamani
    Patricia Mamani 7 months ago

    Nothing good is going to come out of the White House when the President is a bully himself

  • vince taylor
    vince taylor 7 months ago

    McCain was a traitor and a libtard rino .screwed vets every time he had a chance. The world is a better place without him

  • Ruthie C.
    Ruthie C. 7 months ago

    Maybe Kelly’s breast will shrivel up and fall off!!

  • Nettie Watkins
    Nettie Watkins 7 months ago

    Megan, two words: law school

  • Nettie Watkins
    Nettie Watkins 7 months ago

    No wide stripes Sarah honey. No wide stripes.

  • Facts and Science Matter

    Sarah Sanders is a lying miserable twit, just like the rest of this administration. Zero class.

  • Ronald Bouvette
    Ronald Bouvette 7 months ago

    Sadler is only there (White House) for eye candy.To think that a person like this has anything valuable to bring to the table is ridiculous.Where is the honor and decency at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave?

  • Cookie E
    Cookie E 7 months ago

    He's working hard,you mean his mouth is working hard.

  • soonersdevil
    soonersdevil 7 months ago

    A leak ? Let's keep our b.s. to ourselves

  • cordaro johnson
    cordaro johnson 7 months ago

    RIP John McCain

  • C. A. PhiferRowe
    C. A. PhiferRowe 7 months ago

    Fire her please.

  • Kalynn
    Kalynn 8 months ago

    I'm a conservative, but I agree with what they're saying. The comment was inappropriate, hurtful, and unnecessary. I saw a segment where Sarah said something like "you don't want to become what you are fighting against". It's so true.

  • Mercy godinez
    Mercy godinez 8 months ago

    Say what you want to say but dont hit below the belt, Sadler is a moron

  • Ebony Ebony
    Ebony Ebony 9 months ago

    GREAT JOB Kelly!!!!
    John McCain is a POS!!!!
    He is not a Republican...he is a Liberal POS RINO!!!!

  • Lynda Land
    Lynda Land 10 months ago

    That remark was reprehensible. Sickening. Your dad is a bit of a hero of mine for speaking up and correcting that racist lady in his crowd who started spewing hateful(and made up) things about Obama. He gave that thumbs down that made me cheer out loud, and I'll never forget that. We may not see eye to eye on every issue, but a person of integrity is a person I can respect. I can't muster any respect for someone who is a hate-monger, a liar, a cheater, or purposefully dishonest, and especially those who don't seem to have an iota of decorum or civility, such as that woman who spoke such vile words that she cant even summon the courage to apologize. I imagine that what she reaps, she will sow. Keep your head up, Meghan, we've got your back. (Yes, I'm a "liberal" and proud to be, but I'm a person first. You and your family would have a place in my storm shelter if a tornado was coming at us! We can discuss and even argue over stuff later. First, we have to all have more integrity than this administration has, keep our priorities strait, and keep being that change we'd like to see in the world. And love each other like we're supposed to! :)

  • Bucky Brown
    Bucky Brown 10 months ago

    Hey, everyone - get a life! Who cares????

  • Indyan Monkey
    Indyan Monkey 10 months ago

    Why apology for telling a fact?

  • atube4view
    atube4view 10 months ago +1


  • B Smith
    B Smith 10 months ago


  • Juno Bean
    Juno Bean 10 months ago


  • Smith Ed
    Smith Ed 10 months ago

    It's halarious how are president is doing amazing work every day with all the great things happening in the world with all the policy changes that have happened and this is all they have lmfao

  • Flying Cloud
    Flying Cloud 10 months ago

    Trump making this country better????? Twisted!

  • the rooster
    the rooster 11 months ago

    How an apology for the surfaced photos of John meeting with the leaders of ISIS. Sounds like treason to the average person

  • lincoln Apache
    lincoln Apache 11 months ago


  • Monica Violette
    Monica Violette 11 months ago

    Love and prayers to you and your family meghan

  • Watchman JanBee
    Watchman JanBee 11 months ago

    The person who leaked a staff meeting should be the one apologizing.

  • Pastor Glock
    Pastor Glock 11 months ago

    I wouldn't apologize he's dying. So what we all will. Your dad isn't special. Your dad hasn't done any good in years. His time has long past.

  • TheGravygun
    TheGravygun 11 months ago

    Overgrown infants.

  • nae nae
    nae nae 11 months ago

    just makes me wonder what is said that is not leaked 😒😒 pretty sure its much worse

  • Ratchet Central
    Ratchet Central 11 months ago

    Sarah is gonna kill her self. After this Administration

  • MyChilepepper
    MyChilepepper 11 months ago

    What do you expect from someone who serves the draft dodger. Lol

  • z delany
    z delany 11 months ago

    why does the size of her family matter ???

  • Cassie T
    Cassie T 11 months ago

    I don’t feel bad at all for Meghan mccain...its like what now your upset? You can only get angry at insults if they are directed at your family. “How dare they insult my father”, like seriously you didn’t care when thousand of other families were insulted.

  • KD Walden
    KD Walden 11 months ago

    New rule.... NOBODY can act disgusted or shocked by anything that anyone associated with trump or trump himself does, such a joke when these people act surprised

  • sandra oss
    sandra oss 11 months ago

    there is no need for an apology. He is dying. What she said was not derogatory this is more B.S. by fake news. McCain is a traitor a liar and not a hero

  • Kendra Patterson
    Kendra Patterson 11 months ago

    Brain cancer took my dad in 2016. It sucks! If someone said this about my dad I wouldn't just say they have to live with their words. Mocking and hate speech isn't acceptable. 😕

  • tikab
    tikab 11 months ago

    what do you expect from that orange turd in the white house? he won't apologize because he's too insecure. it's sad to watch him destroy our country.

  • Travelin Thru
    Travelin Thru 11 months ago

    She's just mad because her daddy didn't win president

    MR MONSTER 11 months ago

    McCain is an American Traitor. Good riddance to him.

  • Samir Saweras
    Samir Saweras 11 months ago

    They'll never apologize because Trump has said worse and in his eye's saying your sorry is possibly the worst thing you can do. The man has no empathy or morality and is probably hoping that this will just go away if there is no White House comment BUT he's dead wrong. America will never forget and he's only shooting himself in the foot, which is Rudy Giuliani's job why else would Trump hire him as his lawyer. BTW Rudy was fired from his law firm because of his TV appearances.

  • michael murratti
    michael murratti 11 months ago

    For a PARDONED TRAITOR? ...Good Luck with that!

  • cyc7lops
    cyc7lops 11 months ago +1

    John McCain can't die soon enough.

  • Team Zoe Life
    Team Zoe Life 11 months ago

    did she just say "gray lives matter"? wow!

  • KJ H
    KJ H 11 months ago

    Her words (press Secretary sanders)are so empty and shallow. Saying anything at this point is saying less than nothing.

  • KJ H
    KJ H 11 months ago

    Meghan I’m sorry your dad is ill I’m sorry for the cowardice that Keeps the apology impossible for those like these people to make. It’s very sad

  • CJCryer Buzz
    CJCryer Buzz 11 months ago

    Grey lives matter. WTF ? 👽

  • Val R
    Val R 11 months ago


  • Bruce Katsumata
    Bruce Katsumata 11 months ago +1

    It's so nice to see finally a topic or issue that the left and the right can come together and agree, White House you should have apologized but it's too late now

  • Carmencita Anton
    Carmencita Anton 11 months ago

    Joy Behar is so beautiful but her neck does not help. She needs to fix it. She is great and intelligent

  • Jeffrey Hirsch
    Jeffrey Hirsch 11 months ago

    The Trump administration doesn't apologize to anybody no matter if they are right or wrong or else it will make them feel weak especially with their fragile egos.

  • Dallas Altizer
    Dallas Altizer 11 months ago

    Whoopie and Sonny - both of you are nothing but a couple of ignorant so called humans.

  • Catalina Ortoljo
    Catalina Ortoljo 11 months ago


  • kim
    kim 11 months ago

    Because they are all a bunch of drips leaking everything and everyhwere! Lord, help us--we need you RIGHT NOW!

  • Kathy F
    Kathy F 11 months ago

    I wonder why honey boo boo doesn't ask Jane Fonda for an apology? The aid said nothing wrong. He is almost dead. Why isn't Meghan by his side? Stupid.

  • Really 69
    Really 69 11 months ago +1

    Michelle Obama is NOT waiting on her apology for references to Meghan get over your racists republican self!! She's always whining about something just like Elizabeth H. off the show!!!

  • Bianca Hotca
    Bianca Hotca 11 months ago

    These women know exactly what they are doing and are just fumbling around, but real intelligent people don't waste their time watching this kind of trash- t.v. show. U cannot make anyone apologize. Kelly was right, he is dying anyways. Yes he is. He knows it. Everyone knows it. Unless there was a miracle, he would live, but Mccain is not a Republican. He's actually a traitor to the Repub. party. he was their to stir the pot and make trouble.

  • Carion Deville
    Carion Deville 11 months ago

    Why r u waiting 4 an apology. Its true.

  • Canuckmom1958
    Canuckmom1958 11 months ago

    I was going to ask what it would take for M. McC to denounce this group of bottom- feeders, but unfortunately, it appears she drank the Kool-Aid. How can she support Trump after what HE has said about her Father? Combined with everything else he and his sycophants and toadies have lied about, colluded with, and destroyed. It boggles the mind. And Matt Schlapp is a POS - a toaddie and a lying Trumptard.

  • Julie R
    Julie R 11 months ago

    Meghan McCain for president

  • Emma Burgess
    Emma Burgess 11 months ago

    This is accepted behavior because it is the epitome of her boss Donald Duck Trump!!

  • moonlily1
    moonlily1 11 months ago

    These are your people, Meghan. This is who you've thrown in with. They represent you. Are you proud?

  • Ned Thumberland
    Ned Thumberland 11 months ago

    When apology is too heaven of a burden, the integrity of the transgressor is immediately called into question.

  • Garry McDaniel
    Garry McDaniel 11 months ago

    McCain was a war hero and that's it. He isn't a saint so stop trying to make him out to be. It was a joke that was in bad taste at worst. Big deal.

  • jessica mcwilliams
    jessica mcwilliams 11 months ago

    John McCain is a war hero and a human with a family. He is still serving his country. No one should have said that about anyone someone should be fired for it. I identify as 3rd party so John McCain is not some one I would vote for but I wouldn't want him or anyone to be disrespected like that.

  • Nicki nurse
    Nicki nurse 11 months ago

    At The Anti-Trump rally in phoenix...My poster said ; We in AZ are sooo proud of John Mc Cain. (the other side said: No one is above the law not Trump not Arpaio) At that time McCain was not sick yet, he'd just cast his famous thumbs down vote to repeal Obama care.I was a private nurse to the McCain family & spent time talking with him often. he is a man of true character. trump is a criminal, a cult leader, a lying con man.

  • Heileen Gomez
    Heileen Gomez 11 months ago

    Back in 2008, Obama supporters will insult McCain many ways "he is too old to be president" he will not complete his term in office......Now all this hypocrisy!!!!!!!

  • John Fox
    John Fox 11 months ago

    The View love Chris Rock and they love Al Franken. BOTH have said that John McCain is not a war hero because he got captured as a joke. The View loves those guys and has never attacked them for those comments. Double standard.

  • John Fox
    John Fox 11 months ago

    It was a private comment and we are probably hearing the worst possible version of it. She personally called Meaghan to apologize. That's enough. The Trump admin isn't going to respond to a hostile media's call to apologize. 91% of the coverage on CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC etc is negative. They are viewed as the enemy.

  • Kelly Jackson
    Kelly Jackson 11 months ago

    These people on the view are fucking idiots

  • Roger Andersson
    Roger Andersson 11 months ago

    Kelly Sadler - hero

  • Ice Blue
    Ice Blue 11 months ago

    It's the fault of Senator McCain. Not everybody loves him.

  • Jamie Edwards
    Jamie Edwards 11 months ago

    I am still waiting on tRump to apologize for the Central Park 5, the housing discrimination issues, President Obama not being an American citizen, and a multitude of other things! Crickets!!! So do you really expect someone in his administration to apologize for their crass behavior? Tone at the Top, Tone at the Top!

  • Maggie M
    Maggie M 11 months ago

    Oh, please. Kelly Sadler didn't say anything that most true republicans have been thinking or saying in private. John McCain is the poorest excuse for Republican in the Senate. I've been hoping most of his nonsense of the past couple of years has been due to his illness.

  • Toni Millsap
    Toni Millsap 11 months ago

    Meghan and her family are handling this very well. Left or right, John McCain is an American hero and a HUMAN BEING. That’s just a horrible thing to say about a person period.

  • Matt Craig Music
    Matt Craig Music 11 months ago

    These ladies are so dumb they actually think this leak wasn’t planned and coordinated and purposeful which is why they reuse to apologize. These women shouldn’t be taking about politics. They know nothing. Wait til u guys hear the truth about McCain

  • james splinterpoof
    james splinterpoof 11 months ago

    cmon whoopie the press is a joke, why didnt any of the reporters present ask the WH press spokeswoman a simple question,
    " do you condemn these comments, made by the staffer please forget about your official role or are you not allowed, to have a personal point of view on any given subject '
    John MaCain may have been captured in Vietnam, but that was after he was ordered to bomb it, and having flat feet does not stop one from flying a war plane.
    .imagine that clown trump with the wind blowing back his ' HAIR ' yeah just the 1, chewing on his favorite gum WIGLEYS spearment ,?or is juicy fruit for him and her ?
    ARE YOU YOUNG LADY another chicken hawk cowardly ROBOT.
    with deference 5 fold donnie baby
    slugger o'tool junior the 111

  • Jordan Williams
    Jordan Williams 11 months ago

    If your one of those people who were so mad when the NFL players simply kneeled to protest police brutality but isn't mad when this comment was said with no apologies publicly, & she still has a job & when Trump disrespected McCain's service by saying he's not a war hero, he likes people that weren't captured. That shows EXACTLY why u were so mad at the black NFL players who used their 1st admendment right silently. Thank you for showing us what we already knew ...,=)

  • Linnette Mcneal
    Linnette Mcneal 11 months ago

    This woman Sanders such a liar. She looks like a complete idiot.

  • ollie stowers
    ollie stowers 11 months ago

    Why does Meghan McCain take up for Republicans when they bash her dad on a regular basis.

  • Naddeemma42
    Naddeemma42 11 months ago

    Yah sometimes Meghan McCain can be annoying, but she is no doubt , a classy well spoken, valued individual. It does speak to her upbringing and her parents

  • ND7652
    ND7652 11 months ago

    Trump = Eris Quod Sum

  • Miss Katz Life
    Miss Katz Life 11 months ago


  • benvw
    benvw 11 months ago

    Doesn't deserve an apology after what she's saying about the Palestinian casualty's and agrees with trump that it was a good move to put the American regimes embassy In the jew scums so called capital

  • Minnie Mouse
    Minnie Mouse 11 months ago

    Pomegranates and its juice, help cancer....nothing to loose but perhaps gain, for your dad. Do your research, its good.

  • Emily Merz
    Emily Merz 11 months ago

    I truly adore Meghan McCain, however, Senator McCain is simply the worst. If he had tried to go to almost any other state he would have never been voted back in over and over. Especially conservatives of my generation millennials, very few of us feel that he is a genuine person. He's really s*** the bed this last year.

  • Ben M
    Ben M 11 months ago

    Two years ago, the epically degenerate piece of putrid garbage named "trump" shat on Senator McCain's exceptional heroism on live internationally broadcast television. Since then, I've been surprised, sickened, and confused that no one in the media has raised awareness of what specifically Senator McCain did to become a beloved, respected, and admired war hero.
    What Senator McCain did as a prisoner of war was a mind blowing act of courage, strength, loyalty, humanity, and American decency at it's ultimate best.
    So why the silence? Why haven't people pointed out what Senator McCain did?
    So, it's not a typical bang-bang war hero template. So what? It's still an incredible and awe-inspiring historical event.
    All the better to publicize tje facts, if it shines a light on the Evil Coward that too many devastatingly gullible and deluded Americans voted for.

    CHERYLE FRIEDMAN 11 months ago

    What does Meghan care about insults from the White house....lots of horrible insults have been made about many HONORABLE people and Meghan never demanded an apology...

  • Scott Cook
    Scott Cook 11 months ago

    He's going to die any way. He's going to die any way. He's going to die any way. Cell Phone. Keep it away from your head.

  • Rosie bluee
    Rosie bluee 11 months ago

    There is empathy for her father. But Meghan is still the spoiled brat🧐. Why did she get the special privilege for reading the message?🧐

  • Telly Vin-a
    Telly Vin-a 11 months ago

    trump doesn't apologize for anything and neither do anybody who works for him. heck, republicans barely apologize period.

  • Sup Dude
    Sup Dude 11 months ago

    showing up to work everyday... as he should be!! wtf

  • kevinreedable
    kevinreedable 11 months ago

    Joy is right! There are people around Trump who don't like him and are probably there just for a paycheck.

  • Larry James
    Larry James 11 months ago

    Senator McCain, when running for president, stood up against lies made by audience members against Obama, attacking his religion, his patriotism and his decency. Thank you Senator McCain, for putting country above politics, and yourself.

  • rthebes1
    rthebes1 11 months ago

    nono no to the gray lives matter bull find your own