School Lockdown Stories 2 Animated


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  • Solin Mohamad Obaid

    The last sentence he said made me shiver😓 omg he's so brave, I mean I would've cried and prayed and I don't know! Panicked!

  • a ryan
    a ryan 15 hours ago


  • 471ll4 BG
    471ll4 BG 17 hours ago

    0:20 is there a Uganda knuckles behind some boxes?

    Edit:also at 2:10

  • Da BlueBird
    Da BlueBird 21 hour ago

    The ending.

  • Da BlueBird
    Da BlueBird 21 hour ago

    Anyone watching this at night?

  • Anna Kitty
    Anna Kitty 22 hours ago


  • Gina Tsikouras
    Gina Tsikouras Day ago

    it was freddy kruger

  • Roblox Gamer Fan

    I was kinda creeped out

  • The anonymous writer 756

    0.22 uganda

  • Kenji Trinh
    Kenji Trinh Day ago +1

    I would never leave my phone on on the bright and not so high right

  • Oscar Wilson
    Oscar Wilson 2 days ago

    0:15 did anyone else see the Ugandan knuckles on the shelf

  • Potatoes 19
    Potatoes 19 2 days ago

    During a lockdown we had two teachers, we were not expecting it but when it happened everyone got up, I went to my friends. I also helped some kids move the desks towards the door. After all of that we all got into the corner of the room. After a couple of minutes one of our teachers was receiving texts from her daughter? (I’m not sure but she got texts) and her phone started FLASHING! It was easy to see a light in a pitch black classroom. Some kids told her to cover it/turn it off. She tried and finally turned it off. WE SURVIVEDDDDDD (I don’t remember WHY we had that lockdown)

  • Mjv 28
    Mjv 28 2 days ago

    Why the fudge is there a door that's$#@! & stupid I don't &$&#know what the#&#@! +#+(# sorry I got into hater mode

  • Nicole Orkiszewska
    Nicole Orkiszewska 2 days ago

    The first ones scarier but this one's more dangerous

  • Jokes On You
    Jokes On You 2 days ago

    Is it weird that i would pay somone a 100$ a hour to tell me stories till i fall asleep? 🤔

  • Danari2x
    Danari2x 2 days ago

    He’s a storm trooper

  • Solvei Kitsune
    Solvei Kitsune 2 days ago

    0:26 How do you open that fridge ? Won’t the door have to smash against the desk ?

  • Jeremey Leung
    Jeremey Leung 3 days ago +1

    I had a lockdown today and is not a dill someone sayed open the door but no one know who sayed that even my teacher thank god I am saved

  • Ruben Duarte
    Ruben Duarte 3 days ago

    I saw uganda knukles look. Down and try to see him\her

  • Debbie X
    Debbie X 3 days ago

    clever men

  • BlakDogtionz Z
    BlakDogtionz Z 3 days ago

    0:16 hey look knuckles

  • Emily Xxx
    Emily Xxx 3 days ago +1

    the shooter came in the room and then...

    ...i gave him a snickers because you’re not you when you’re hungry

  • Noah Bailey
    Noah Bailey 3 days ago

    4:57 ded

  • Noah Bailey
    Noah Bailey 3 days ago

    I saw a weird man running to the school but i realized that running man was the main character

  • Bunny Banzai
    Bunny Banzai 3 days ago


  • Death_ Steel
    Death_ Steel 3 days ago


  • mohamad jawish
    mohamad jawish 4 days ago

    0:21 did u see Uganda knuckles in boxes

  • Giovanni Godinez
    Giovanni Godinez 4 days ago

    I saw guide knuckles XD

  • Sarah Arlia
    Sarah Arlia 4 days ago

    0:18 nukels

  • EgTheBlizzardBeast
    EgTheBlizzardBeast 4 days ago

    If there was a basement exit, why didn't you take it...


  • EgTheBlizzardBeast
    EgTheBlizzardBeast 4 days ago

    If you don't silence your phone during a lockdown, you suffer from *REDARD ATION*

  • Silver Wolf
    Silver Wolf 5 days ago

    Did anyone saw that ugandan knuckles 0:20

  • Sabreena Merrill
    Sabreena Merrill 5 days ago

    Is this the story from Mr.nightmare

  • Viktor Hill
    Viktor Hill 5 days ago

    You don't know Mr. Buckly that well

  • Emily Xxx
    Emily Xxx 5 days ago

    why did i get a fortnite advert 😭

  • HopperTV
    HopperTV 5 days ago

    Ugandan Knuckles on the shelves at the start LMAO

  • Alexzandrea Trowbridge

    who else laughed when he came from under the desk begging hin not to kill him

  • thejiddy
    thejiddy 6 days ago

    These videos aren't really horror stories but more like miracle stories. And I love them !

  • Enviuxx
    Enviuxx 6 days ago


    it’s uganda knuckles

  • ayam bali
    ayam bali 6 days ago

    2:08 Who saw Uganda Knuckles

  • Kermit the frog gaming

    0:17 Ugandan knuckles: “I draw big pepe”

  • Zachary little
    Zachary little 6 days ago +1

    I hope I never have a lockdown but they call it at my school code red which means lockdown .

    • Zachary little
      Zachary little 6 days ago +1

      why would he even go under his desk to convince the shooter not to kill him .

  • KrisHimasPH 74
    KrisHimasPH 74 6 days ago

    How tf can they have aircon if theres no door?

  • persephonez
    persephonez 6 days ago

    1:47 ME in a school lockdown
    3:17 why would you believe him

  • Kurt Koster
    Kurt Koster 6 days ago

    I see da wey guy

  • Noah Blessing
    Noah Blessing 6 days ago

    Barry and larry

  • Anime Fangirl101
    Anime Fangirl101 6 days ago +1

    I have never had a real lock down thankfully

    • Gaming with lalo!
      Gaming with lalo! Day ago

      Anime Fangirl101 I did

    • Anime Fangirl101
      Anime Fangirl101 5 days ago

      Suga Sweet Mochi did anyone get hurt

    • Anime Fangirl101
      Anime Fangirl101 5 days ago

      Suga Sweet Mochi did ur school every practice school lock down cause my school did and we still continue just fire drills and one time they was a real fire drill

    • Suga Sweet Mochi
      Suga Sweet Mochi 5 days ago

      +Anime Fangirl101 Yeah the guy got in jail, from what I heard he was in jail for a long time.

    • Anime Fangirl101
      Anime Fangirl101 5 days ago

      Suga Sweet Mochi aww thx but did they guy get caught

  • Areen Usman
    Areen Usman 7 days ago

    Do u know da waye

  • Techdailyblog
    Techdailyblog 7 days ago

    2 stupid things playing games during lockdown and phone not on vibrate with the brightness turned down.

  • Candace Howard
    Candace Howard 8 days ago

    Did the man get shot at the end of the video

  • Sikers LalaTMVEVO
    Sikers LalaTMVEVO 8 days ago

    0:19 why do I see Knuckels down there ?

  • Aryan kabi
    Aryan kabi 10 days ago

    Ugandan knuckles on the bottom shelf of the basement

  • Ashkip
    Ashkip 10 days ago

    My school has the worst school shooter plan we line up on the hardcoart in our form groups

    Doesn’t that make me a sitting duck on toast

  • aw 2009
    aw 2009 10 days ago

    Princble: the killer wearing blue jeans and red cloth and a black hat and his Name is Jeff
    Me: again i hate this meme
    Jeff: so die You mother f**ker
    Spartan: this is spartaaaaa
    Jeff: wasted
    R.I.P Jeff
    Me: thanks you
    Spartan: what can i say ecsept your wolcem
    Me: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Presley Yong
    Presley Yong 10 days ago

    School lockdown. Playing Fortnite #2018

  • LPS unicorn12
    LPS unicorn12 10 days ago

    Omg love your videos soooo scary

  • bosgotnojams
    bosgotnojams 11 days ago

    glad my phone's always on airplane mode

    IM LAZY AND BORD 11 days ago +1

    I like how chill the shooter was like wow

  • LfoCvO Games'n'Music
    LfoCvO Games'n'Music 12 days ago

    Too spoopy

  • kiernmike 153
    kiernmike 153 12 days ago

    Look ugandan knuckles in 0:22

  • egon degroot
    egon degroot 12 days ago

    1:14 thats not a sandwich :(

  • Zach Kabara
    Zach Kabara 12 days ago

    I was part of this lockdown. No joke

  • Kid Ryuji
    Kid Ryuji 12 days ago

    Anyone else notice at 0:22 on the shelf rack thingy theirs a do you know de wae doll

  • Foxhunter 0132
    Foxhunter 0132 12 days ago


  • itsAngie
    itsAngie 12 days ago

    I found the same voice and the same story with the same sound effects maybe is just a better vid from llamaArts

  • yaboitiago
    yaboitiago 12 days ago

    0:21 Uganda knuckles

  • Кẏḉькά [AL]
    Кẏḉькά [AL] 13 days ago


    MJ_D_ LEGEND 13 days ago

    Click my icon

  • Jeffrey Barkdull
    Jeffrey Barkdull 13 days ago

    Do you take requests?

  • Daisy Correa
    Daisy Correa 13 days ago

    This guy really knows how to creep the crap out of me with these stories.

  • MrRobotGuyHD
    MrRobotGuyHD 13 days ago

    2:09 do you know da wey

  • Mega Tuber Ex
    Mega Tuber Ex 13 days ago

    I saw knuckles in 1:24

  • Bui Bui
    Bui Bui 13 days ago


  • Dizzy Wyatt117
    Dizzy Wyatt117 13 days ago

    Really scary!

    KOTAKBAS :D 13 days ago

    ҚТО от Эрики

  • Faith Zacarias
    Faith Zacarias 13 days ago

    I'm like trying to take these Seriously but the animation reminds me of Family guy 😂

  • Noor Farooq
    Noor Farooq 13 days ago


  • Danila
    Danila 14 days ago

    кто от эрики?

  • Rose Step
    Rose Step 14 days ago

    the wae is dead

    H8RSAPPRECIATE 14 days ago +1

    So were are just going to ignore Mr Buckly eyes at the end 😂

  • лена петрова

    The girl stole a video and posted this on your channel

  • jayashankar Mswamy
    jayashankar Mswamy 15 days ago


    PRANK MASTERS 15 days ago

    I live alone, so THANK GOD the hot Brazilian cleaning ladies are here. I don’t have to watch this win the most depressing time of day all alone in my bland suburban house.

  • Jarrod3588
    Jarrod3588 15 days ago

    lol americans

  • BTS army frog
    BTS army frog 15 days ago

    Tips to life
    Always charge your phone and .... don’t watch these at night!

    РОБОТ БОБОТ 15 days ago


  • SquiffedArdvark
    SquiffedArdvark 15 days ago

    "possible schools shooter" eh flappy bird seems a good way to spend my time

  • Infinity Cat Glazer Radha

    Theres a lockdown in our school... my classmates are arguing. ;-; I locked up our door, turn off the lights. And our window... me and my best friend dont know what to do to the window, we just put our cabinet (we help each other). Our classmates still arguing, and some of them are crying. My bestfriend's cellphone texted our teacher, but it dont replied. I wrote something on the blackboard that says "REMAIN SILENCE!" I heard the man is near to our classroom, my classmates still arguing. I tell my classmates to be quiet, and yes, they remain silence. The man said "OPEN UP! OPEN THE DOOR!!" I tell them to be quiet.The man cannot stop shouting, I was thinking if the man need something to us. He's been there for 5mins. Me and my classmates need to pee and eat (some others want to deficate). But the man was on the classroom beside us. I have water and biscuit, but its only few. My bff was crying, she said this could be the end of our lives. I said "dont worry, the man was on the classroom beside us, dont panic!" I borrowed a cellphone from our class escort. I saw he have his dad's phone number (his dad was a police). I ring it. Our class escort talk to his dad. His dad and all the police are ready. A police said "open the door! Then go outside quickly but quiet." We go outside quickly but quiet, other students too.

  • Greferplayz ang / REDSTONE

    Do u know the way?

  • Clostrium
    Clostrium 16 days ago

    Do you kno da way?

  • TheoristDude
    TheoristDude 16 days ago

    When you are trying to hide while holding your iphone but suddenly the school shooter said "hey Siri"

  • TheoristDude
    TheoristDude 16 days ago

    2:49 XD

  • Alberts Stuff
    Alberts Stuff 16 days ago

    I saw the Ugandan knuckles ;)

  • - E
    - E 16 days ago


  • Demi.Roblox
    Demi.Roblox 16 days ago

    What if the front desk lady forgot to tell him...

  • OneGamerGuy YT
    OneGamerGuy YT 17 days ago

    Sounds like an action movie to me 🍿

  • Don’t Trip
    Don’t Trip 17 days ago +1

    OMG ITS FREDDY COUGAR 🤯🤯🤯😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • ICouldntThinkOf AGoodName


  • DragonGamingYT NIDI
    DragonGamingYT NIDI 17 days ago

    0:21 do u know da wae

  • Hamzol
    Hamzol 18 days ago

    a uganda knuckles XD